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Once you have come to terms will all of the above, then you need to understand that the following will be also be true:

And since they will need to be asking Mom all of the above, then one must be prepared for:

As much as we must find the humor in this vocation of motherhood, we also need to recognize the power and responsibility that comes with it.  Seriously, though.... who would voluntarily sign up for a job that requires dedication 24/7 for the absolute rest of one's life?  A job that isn't measured by bottom lines or spreadsheets of data, but in the well-being, success, and happiness of another individual's life. This job has no sick days, no retirement plan, no 20-year recognition watch, no employee of the month.  It does come with insurance of gray hair, wrinkles, sleepless nights, and a drained bank account.  So, why do so many aspire to become mothers?  Why do current mothers claim that motherhood is the best part of their lives?  I guess we must look to the children for the answers.

Putney Maternity Session 2021-7027Putney Maternity Session 2021-7027

My role as a portrait photographer has given me a unique perspective.  The view through my lens shows me the deep connections between mothers and their families.  The nature of these connections changes over time, but it can be felt; and, I get to capture it in portraits.  This is the greatest gift that I can give to my clients.  Doing my job means providing a permanent and lasting treasure that embodies and translates those emotional ties into a beautiful portrait.  The portrait that is taken this year will look and feel different than a portrait taken next year because of the growth that happens in the relationship.  It is such a beautiful thing for the eyes and the heart.

Baia Family-2021-5143Baia Family-2021-5143
Working with mothers and their new itty bitty little ones is so much fun.  There is excitement and everything is just adorable.  I become quite animated behind the camera with all of my "ooh's" and "ahh's" as I can't help but react to all of the adorableness happening on the other end of my lens.  I know how stressed and tired these moms have to be, yet they are all smiles because they are so appreciative of the treasured portraits we are creating.  Just look at these smiles!  These are genuine smiles that reflect the genuine beauty of their love.


When I get to work with moms and their older children, I still see genuine smiles, but they have a little different nuance.  These smiles show a sense of the pride that they feel from the success of raising such wonderful children.  The smiles are not trying so hard to hide insecurities or to stifle yawns.  They reflect the deeper connection that has been created through the years.  I particularly see that in the portraits of mothers with their daughters.  There is a kindred spirit and a sense of dependence on each other.  Their relationship has grown into a unique friendship with a level of trust like no other.  Notice how tightly they hold on, as if they understand this moment is priceless.


Portraits of mothers and their sons have a slightly different essence.  Again, I absolutely love the sincere smiles, but what I read behind them is special. The connectedness that warms my heart is one that has grown out of mutual respect.  I see sons who respect their devoted mothers, and mothers who respect the young men they have raised. I can feel the protective nature of the sons for their mothers and that stems from love and respect.  Taking these portraits usually involves some playful teasing as we set up the shot, but I can always sense the adoration that the young men have for their mothers. 


Another opportunity to capture the role of a mother is on wedding day.  My, do the emotions run deep on this day!  I think every mother looks to their child on their wedding day and relives every moment that has led up to this event.  It is such a significant rite of passage, that mothers feel the need to pass on all of life's lessons, knowing the significance of this big step.  These smiles are sometimes a result of laughter that is trying to mask the tears.  Nonetheless, these smiles reveal a heart that is bursting with love for all that they have had with their child, and for all that is to come.  Such is the cycle of life.

Kelli & Kevin Miday-2021-PreCeremony-8630Kelli & Kevin Miday-2021-PreCeremony-8630

It has all been fun and games so far, but now we get to the really good stuff.  We have seen how children can be the source of a smile on their mother's face, but that dulls in comparison to the smiles generated by grandchildren.  I'm not sure if it comes with the wisdom of experience, or if the lack of total responsibility is the cause, but grandmas see perpetual halos on their grandchildren and are not afraid to tell everyone about it.  So, getting portraits of this generation split is always a crowd-pleaser.  It makes me giddy knowing how much these portraits are treasured.


On a personal note, I must admit that I am blessed with some absolutely amazing women in my life.  My own mom is my absolute best friend, and I know that I rely on her guidance more than I should.  We are alike in so many ways, and I take that as the greatest compliment I could receive.  As a mother, myself, I have been gifted with two daughters who have the most beautiful hearts and make me proud and happy every day.



As a mother, I do have one regret.  I feel compelled to share this, as I am willing to bet that many other moms are guilty of the same.  Did you notice that I have no updated professional portraits of myself with my family?  The family portrait that you see above is from 2018, the last time we went on a vacation. Most pictures were most-likely taken with someone's phone, and there are very few, at that.  As they say, "the cobbler's children have no shoes."  I am always behind the camera, rather than in front of it.  Even if professional portrait photography was not my career, the situation would be the same.  


Why?  I never feel worthy of professional portraits.  I always think that I will get around to it after I lose 10 pounds.  I want to wait for summer when I have a tan.  I need for my bangs to grow out.  I want to get the flower beds done outside first so we can have a nice background.  Well, guess what.  The kids are grown and I have no nice portraits of myself with them to document every stage along the way.  I can't fix that.  It is too late.  However, I can help other people to avoid that mistake.  


So, Moms...... GET IN THE PICTURES WITH YOUR KIDS!  Time goes too fast.  You are beautiful.  Your smile makes you beautiful.  Your connections with your kids make you beautiful.  This stage in your life is beautiful because you were placed in this time and place for a purpose.  Let's document all of it because it matters.  You matter and you are worth it!

Hanson Family 2021-2-0608Hanson Family 2021-2-0608

Happy Mother's Day!

Love and Smiles,






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Meet Emily | Glenoak High School | Class of 2022 Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8072Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8072 Emily is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Glenoak High School and we held her September senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyards. Once we had a chance to meet in the parking lot and create our plan for the evening, I was chomping at the bit to get her in front of my camera. We started in the vineyard and moved to the pavilion where I knew her outfit would pop. We were immediately off to a fabulous start. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8107Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8107 Emily is absolutely as sweet as she looks in her portraits. Her friends describe her as very cheerful, happy and fun. She is also loving and caring towards others. These qualities are most certainly appreciated by the customers at Burger King where she works. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8220Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8220 Through our conversation, it became clear that Emily's involvement in band is very important to her. So, capturing portraits with her saxophone was a priority. I didn't want to provide her with the typical band portrait that she probably gets taken every year. I wanted some images that show the joy she experiences when playing her sax. I remember a lot of laughing during these portraits and I love the results.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8228Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8228 True to Emily's personality, she decided to pull her hair up for a few shots. Just like that, no brush or comb... up goes the hair and it looks fabulous.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8308Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8308 These pictures with her sax are some of her favorites. Some other favorites include pasta and pop/rap music. She also loves Vans shoes and American Eagle.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-4-8364Emily-Collins-GO-2022-4-8364 One thing that was so fun with Emily is that she could deliver a variety of expressions and they all created fabulous portraits. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8422Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8422 We moved on to Emily's third outfit and WOW, this is her color! This blue brings out her eyes and, as a complementary color, makes her hair pop. This is why she can be placed among these beautiful flowers and still command attention as the subject of the portrait. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8442Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8442 Emily's final outfit was saved for last for a reason. With this monochrome palette, she makes a beautiful statement in this predominantly black and white setting near the Still House. Some full-body shots were a must here because I was loving the boots!

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8462Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8462 Emily plans to attend the University of Akron to major in accounting. She is going to miss all of her underclassmen friends and the entire band, as they are like one big family. She is going to miss being with that family for all of the Friday night football games. She will be happy to leave behind the busy hallways and annoying people.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8507Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8507 What did Emily have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I liked all of the different poses and outfits I had. It was very creative and I loved it! I really liked the ones that I got to hold my sax in and the ones with my romper on. I would advise others to just be yourself and get ready to smile a lot! Laura is a very creative photographer and I enjoyed our session!"


Emily, I really enjoyed our session together, too! You were an absolute dream for me to work with. I am very excited for you to start this next chapter in your life and I wish all good things for you. You certainly have what it takes to make your dreams come true.

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Meet Emilee | Hoover High School | Class of 2022 Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1853Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1853 Emily is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Hoover High School and we held her October senior portrait session at Quail Hollow Park in Hartville. She and her bright and shiny personality met me in the parking lot to create our plan for the evening. She made some great color choices for this lovely October backdrop and we jumped in to start creating portraits. With that endearing smile and her easy-going demeanor, I knew this was going to be a fun session.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1894Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1894 It is no surprise that Emilee's friends describe her as kind-hearted, strong, independent, and active. As we moved on to Emilee's second outfit, I had to capture those shoes. So cute! I always love it when the wind cooperates and gives us a little movement in the right direction for a flattering frame to her face.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1935Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1935 That beautiful smile was coming so naturally in every shot. That made me happy because it meant that we had established a level of comfort that is conducive to authentic portraits. She stands out so beautifully in this lush arbor with a little backlighting.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1973Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1973 We moved on to Emilee's third outfit just in time for the perfect angle of light to be hitting the field where we planned to capture her in this soft flannel. I wanted to create an ethereal atmosphere as if she were enjoying a warm sun bath. This pose and her lovely soft smile completed the look. 

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2052Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2052 Some other fun details about Emilee are that her favorite show is Chicago PD and she likes shopping at Hollister. She likes to drink coffee and vacation in California.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2060Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2060 Emilee plans to attend Akron University where she will pursue her nursing degree. She says that she will not miss high school as she is ready to further her career as a nurse and take care of as many people as she can. She is ready to start a new chapter in her life and to live everyday to the fullest. That sounds like a fabulous plan!

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2070Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2070 We were ready to wind down our session, so Emilee changed into her final outfit. This blanket scarf is so beautiful. Not only is it incredibly soft, but it inspired lots of cute poses as we really had fun with it.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2095Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2095 What did Emilee have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I'm glad I chose Laura for the amazing locations and the fun experience. It was different in a good way. It truly showed the image of how I am. Laura was so kind and made me feel so good about myself. She picked the best outfits and really made my session unique to the image I wanted to show."

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2172Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2172 Emilee, you are an absolute delight! The nursing profession will be so fortunate to have you. You will be touching so many lives. That reassuring smile will be part of your healing touch. I wish you all the best as you embark on this next chapter and live everyday to its fullest.



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Meet Jane | Alliance High School | Class of 2022 Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2529-2Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2529-2 Jane is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Alliance High School and we held her August senior portrait session at the Canton Palace Theater, Glamorgan Castle, and the campus of the University of Mount Union. As you can see, Jane is an accomplished dancer. Anyone who dances at this level has dedicated countless hours and many years to developing this demanding art form. Jane is no exception. She has danced in the Canton Ballet Company every day after school and on the weekends and it shows. As we were in the planning stages of her session, this image above was one that I knew I had to capture. So, when we found each other and carried all of our gear into the Canton Palace Theater, we made this our first priority and captured it as our very first portrait.  I wanted something that would evoke some powerful memories for Jane. Using the vantage point that she can see from the stage helps to achieve that. The dramatic backlighting of the historic Palace Theater makes it extra special.

Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-B&W-1-2550Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-B&W-1-2550 Ballet is the epitome of elegance and I think that this image in black and white illustrates that. I chose the angle of lighting carefully to show her purposeful lines and the definition in her neck and shoulders. I also wanted the backlight to help create the shadow of her outline on the floor. It may look simple, but there was a lot going on to make this happen. I appreciated Jane's mom for being my "VAL" (voice-activated-light) so that I could perfect this two-light set-up. But, let's give credit where credit is due... Jane provided the inspiration.

Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2597Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2597 As we moved up stairs to another beautiful space, I wanted to play a little more with light. I thought the translucence of the tutu was a fun element to incorporate. Backlighting also brings emphasis to the outline and form which Jane has mastered.

Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2615Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2615 Behind all of these impeccable dance poses, is an amazing young lady who is described by friends as a leader, outgoing, funny and kind. In addition to her dedication to dance, Jane sings in an auditioned choir, the Choralaires. She is a National Honor Society member, the President of Alliance High School's Student Senate, and a class officer. 

Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2646Jane-Cook-Alliance-2022-1-2646 I was having so much fun playing with form and shadow, that I had another idea for a statement portrait. It involved using the ornate stairway at the Palace with a railing that conveniently served as a ballet bar. The cool tones of her tutu stand out perfectly against the warm tones of the wall and drapes. Again, kudos to Jane's mom for serving as my second light stand.


Our time at the Palace Theater had come to an end and we made our way to Glamorgan Castle for another set of dance portraits that were a little more casual and carefree in nature. Her black leotard against the grays and blues in the stone was a powerful combination. Capturing her elegant lines complemented by the organic forms in nature is so pleasing. 


Jane has many interests outside of dance. Her favorite music is anything by Taylor Swift, especially the song Cowboy Like Me. She also loves Broadway musical soundtracks. The movies Clue and A Quiet Place are high on her list, but they can't top The Sound of Music. She likes many books by Agatha Christie. More recently, she read and loved The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Another favorite is Julie Andrews' Memoirs; Home and Homework. Some vacations that she has particularly loved have been to Disney World and Austria. 


Because Jane is about so much more than dance, we moved on down the street to our final location, the campus of Mount Union, to capture some portraits of Jane being Jane. That lace dress was made for her! 


Jane's second outfit was such a great look for her casual side. Jane loves to write in her free time. She also loves watching movies and TV shows to learn about how they were made. Fittingly, Jane wants to major in creative writing in college and minor in dance. 


Jane knows that she is going to miss her friend groups from both school and dance. She will also miss some of the the teachers that she had for three or four years. She has gotten to know them really well over that period of time. The thing that she will not miss at all is the super early mornings. 


We moved on to Jane's final outfit which was such a fun look to capture. 

What did Jane have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I loved getting to take pictures at a few different places that really represent who I am at this time. I loved Laura's energy, creativity, and eagerness to find great spots and poses. I loved my pictures in my tutu at the Canton Palace Theatre because that is a special place to me. I loved all of the shots we got there. Particularly, the ones we took from the stage looking out with the lights in the background, and also the ones in the chair upstairs where I'm touching my ribbons or leaning with my chin on my hand. My session was very special and unique to me."


Jane, you are such a talented, ambitious, and sweet young lady. I am humbled by you and the opportunity to capture your senior portraits. I am quite certain that your future will expound on this foundation and I can't wait to watch you soar. Best wishes and enjoy the ride!

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Meet Zack | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Zack-Seaman-Lsvl-2022-1-2147Zack-Seaman-Lsvl-2022-1-2147

Zack is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Louisville High School and we held his August senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyards and the Louisville football stadium. Zack is full of life and full of fun and that is what we featured in his portraits. That smile that you see above is "so Zack" but we captured some serious expressions, too. Zack gets serious about his sports, and we will see that later in the session. 


When I met up with Zack and his mom in the parking lot of Gervasi and we went through his wardrobe choices, it became clear that our emphasis would be on sports. Nonetheless, we captured some fabulous portraits of great variety at Gervasi. The outfits that you see above and below have great colors and are casual enough to be appropriate for Zack's outgoing personality.


Zack's friends describe him as being a real people person. He is funny and athletic. So athletic, that he is very accomplished in sports of all seasons. He is an integral part of the football, basketball, and baseball teams and even excels at track.He also coaches a YMCA basketball team. How fitting that his favorite movie is Remember the Titans.


We finished our portraits at Gervasi and made our way to the Louisville Football Stadium where we planned to spend the rest of the session. While en route, the skies opened up and it started to rain. So, when we arrived, we made use of the locker room and the space under the bleachers to stay dry. It all worked out because we captured some fabulous portraits in these spaces. 


As I mentioned earlier, Zack is an all-around athlete and we wanted to show include all four sports, so we came up with the portrait that you see below.


The rain finally stopped and we were able to get out onto the field. Zack intends to play football in college, so capturing the football portraits was a priority. How fun to have the eyes of the leopard on the scoreboard glowing! Once Zack moves on to college, he is going to miss all of his friends.


Having the lights on in the stadium is always a real treat! I can use my lighting and camera settings to create some fun dramatic looks. I love how the low camera angle creates the larger-than-life feel in the portrait below. 


Zack was very open to all of my ideas and suggestions for portraits, but he did have one specific request. He wanted for us to create the "Bo Jackson" inspired portrait to show his versatility as both a talented football player and baseball player. There is a right way and a wrong way to properly light abs. I think we got it right!


What did Zack have to say about his senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she takes excellent photos. She was very nice and funny. I loved all of them, but especially the Bo Jackson photo."


Zack, you were so much fun! I love your intensity and dedication to your sports and I'm sure that will carry over into whatever you pursue. Thanks for trusting me with your portraits. I wish you all good things as you move on to your next chapter.

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Meet Peyton | West Branch High School | Class of 2022 Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9048Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9048 Peyton is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at West Branch High School. We held her fabulous July senior portrait session at Zoar Historic Village where we found absolutely perfect settings for her portraits. I met up with Peyton and her mom near the Zoar Hotel and her very real and sweet personality reflected in her outfit choices telling me that we were in for a fun evening. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9072Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9072 She arrived in this beautiful white dress and I knew that it would look fabulous against the sandstone of this building. I also realized how much I loved Peyton's genuine expressions and that winning smile. I'm sure that smile is appreciated by everyone at Copeland Oaks nursing home where she has worked for the past two years. Somehow, she manages to maintain a 3.9 GPA while taking college classes. That is dedication.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9138Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9138 Peyton's friends would describe her as someone who is outgoing and always willing to drop everything to help them. They would say that she is hard-working and driven. Apparently, this smile is always on her face which is manifested in her kindness and optimism. She will always try to make the best out of every situation.  

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9200Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9200 This second outfit worked perfectly in the rustic shed setting and it just matched her gorgeous eyes perfectly! I just love the color harmony in the image below. Those sparkling eyes seem to dance.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9160Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9160 Peyton's third outfit was another flattering dress and the colorful garden served at the ideal location. The image below is one of my all-time favorites! Peyton shared some of her favorites, including country music. She likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to travel, especially to Turks and Caicos. How fabulous that she even got her scuba diving license a few years ago! If not scuba diving on vacation, she loves to just sit on the beach and lay in the sun. Anything to do with the ocean and the sun makes her happy.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9227Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9227 After high school, Peyton is going to miss seeing her friends everyday. She will cherish the memories they have made and will keep them with her forever. She is also going to miss all of the sporting events, as her favorite part of high school was football season. They were blessed to have an extra long football season due to the the team making it far in the playoffs. Those were nights that she will never forget. She is also going to miss all of the dances where she would get all dressed up to dance the night away with her friends. She will be happy to leave behind all of the stress that comes with difficult classes. It was a small price to pay for all of the great memories that she made in high school.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9280Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9280 Peyton's fourth outfit was this more casual navy dress and the garden proved to be a lovely backdrop again. The texture of lavender is wonderful to make the lovely Peyton stand out. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9325Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9325 The Navy dress with these golden flowers seems fitting as Peyton plans to attend Kent State University's Salem branch to major in nursing. After that, she would like to continue her education to become an anesthesiologist. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9301Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9301 Petyton's final wrap dress was so adorable and the rich dark green color was great for the covered bridge location. We really did capture some great variety. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9447Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9447 What did Peyton have to say about her senior portrait session?

"Laura made this experience so much fun. From the location to making me feel confident and helping me have fun with the process. She has an eye for picking all the perfect spots for pictures. For example, there was an old shed that most people would walk right by, but she had a vision and I loved how it turned out. She really just helped me have fun and take a bunch of fun portraits that captured what I was looking for. I loved the portraits in the white dress. I felt elegant and it was a great start to our session. Laura made me feel beautiful and listened to what I wanted to do. She was constantly hyping me up and making me laugh. It truly was a fun experience with amazing results. I would tell other seniors to just tell her what you want out of your session. She is great at listening and making your session what you want it to be. And, have fun! You only get one senior portrait shoot, so make the most of it!"

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9421Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9421 Peyton, that is the sweetest description, ever! Your session was over-the-top fun for me because you are such a gem. You totally embraced the experience and brought so much life to every portrait. I have a feeling that is just your personality, which means that you are going to go far and have such a positive impact wherever you go. I wish you all the best and I can't wait to see how you share your gifts.


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Meet Katherine | Lake High School | Class of 2022 Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-7477Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-7477 Katherine is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Lake High School and we held her September Senior Portrait Session on the trails of Boettler Park. Meeting up with Katherine in the parking lot of the Twisted Olive was such a treat. She had a fabulous support team in her mom and best friend along for the experience. She came equipped with some absolutely fabulous outfits and even brought two stunning fresh bouquets of flowers in different tones. All of this served as inspiration to create the most amazing portraits ever! Our very first set of portraits take advantage of the lily pad background as you see above. This has such a Monet feel to it.

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-2-7559Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-2-7559 This little trail that we found above has a magical fairy tale feel to it and the addition of the flowers as a pop of color really adds interest and brings your attention to the beautiful subject that is Katherine. And what a wonderful subject, indeed. Katherine swims for Lake High School and also works at a campground and a boutique. 

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-2-7581Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-2-7581 Katherine's second outfit is this flattering sunny yellow top that worked great with contrasting backgrounds. Katherine took to each pose and her Mom and friend made creating the expressions really fun. Katherine's friends describe her as funny, kind and a good listener. I know that we could add lots of other positive attributes, but they are evident in her portraits.

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-2-7636Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-2-7636 Katherine loves the beach. She also enjoys fashion and shopping, which makes sense as we see her outfit choices. She also just loves to hang out with her friends.

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-3-7714Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-3-7714 As we moved on to Katherine's third outfit, we immediately loved how the other bouquet of flowers were the perfect complement. Anytime we can make a reflection shot happen, I consider it a win. These are so gorgeous!

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-3-7738Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-3-7738 Katherine's fourth outfit was this casual blue dress that offered such lovely variety. I was thrilled that our timing worked out perfectly to catch the lower angle of the sun in the gorgeous meadow. Flowy dresses with some movement are fabulous for walking portraits. I remember how much Katherine loved this one.

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7778Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7778 Katherine plans to attend Kent State to study nursing. She is going to miss her friends, but will not miss the daily high school schedule. 

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7874Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7874 I wanted to make Katherine's beautiful eyes a focal point, and bringing in the flowers for a close-up seemed like a great way to capture that. I love this entire series that we took here. The glow of the setting sun adds a shimmer that just warms up the portrait. After taking these, we turned around and caught sight of the sky that was behind me. Of course we had to make that the backdrop for our final portrait series!

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7916Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7916 What did Katherine have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I liked Laura's knowledge and expertise as well as her fun personality. The pictures in the field of wildflowers and the ones of me up close holding the flowers are my favorites. My advice for other seniors: Don't stress! If you are not sure what you want for locations or poses, Laura will help you!"

Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7978Katherine-Bridges-Lake-2022-4-7978 Katherine, you were an absolute delight! Thank you for trusting me with your senior portraits and for embracing the process. Best wishes to you as you pursue your dreams. I will be excited to cheer you on.

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Boettler Park Class of 2022 Lake High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Sun, 13 Feb 2022 21:02:15 GMT
Meet Caleb | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-1-4293Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-1-4293 Caleb is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Louisville High School. His May Senior Portrait Session was extra special for so many reasons. His session was my first session for the Class of 2022, so I was beyond thrilled to work with Caleb. Adding to my excitement was knowing what a class act of a young man I was featuring. We started our session on the campus of the University of Mount Union which proved to be the perfect location to capture the variety we wanted. Caleb's casual and relaxed look was so fitting and made for fabulous portraits.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-2-4363Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-2-4363 Including Caleb's letterman's jacket was important because he is an accomplished contributor on both the football and baseball teams. Along with his dedication to high school football and baseball, he plays travel basketball, YMCA Basketball, is on Student Council, in Spanish Club, National Honors Society and church groups.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-2-4398Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-2-4398 When Caleb is not busy with the organized groups. he enjoys fishing and hunting. He is also a big Ohio State football fan and a fan of the Cleveland Browns. Caleb's friends describe him as smart, loyal and relaxed. What a great combination of attributes.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-2-4436Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-2-4436 We had to be careful with our time, because we had two other stops to make. We left Mount Union and headed to the Louisville High School's Field of Dreams to capture his baseball portraits. I knew that baseball was really important to Caleb, so we dedicated enough time to this location to create some real treasures. As a pitcher, the mound is a meaningful spot. How fortunate to get the beautiful sky as a backdrop.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4472Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4472 Along with baseball as a favorite thing, Caleb loves eating steak and going to Olive Garden. His favorite vacation spot is Hilton Head Island and likes watching the show Outer Banks.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4511Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4511 After high school, Caleb plans to go to college to study engineering and would also like to play baseball. He knows that he is going to miss seeing his friends and teachers everyday, but will be happy to get away from high school exams. 

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4541Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4541 I loved the series of portraits we created in the dugout like you see below. The directional light and story we can tell is priceless.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4580Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-3-4580 We finished at the baseball field and headed to our last location, the Louisville High School Football Stadium. This is another place of importance for Caleb, so these were some cherished portraits, as well.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-4-4626Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-4-4626 Bringing the letterman's jacket back out for the stadium portraits seemed appropriate and I love this casual shot with the press box in the background.

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-4-4674Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-4-4674 What did Caleb have to say about his senior portrait session?

"I liked that we got to go to a variety of locations and that she had great ideas for my portrait session along with ideas we came up with, as well. I really liked the pictures that were sports related. I took quite a few good pictures on the baseball and football fields. The lighting and scenery that were in the pictures were perfect. She really did a good job of capturing the things that were most important to me during high school. I would tell other seniors to plan ahead of time outfits and ideas for pictures and to plan on a few hours for the portrait session."

Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-4-4723Caleb-Miller-Lsvl-2022-4-4723 Caleb, you certainly started my 2022 senior season off with a win! You were so fabulous and made it fun for me. Your talents and character are really something special. I can't wait to see how you share your gifts. 


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) baseball Class of 2022 football louisville high school photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Sun, 13 Feb 2022 19:32:19 GMT
Meet Elayna | Canton South High School | Class of 2022 Elayna-Johnson-Lsvl-2022-1-3146Elayna-Johnson-Lsvl-2022-1-3146

This beautiful smile and spirit belong to Elayna, a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Canton South High School. Elayna, who also goes by Laynee, had a spectacular October senior portrait session on the beautiful property of her home and at a nearby pond. Along with her mom, Elayna had two very special and supportive friends along who helped to generate these beautiful and authentic smiles. 

Elayna-Johnson-Lsvl-2022-1-3204Elayna-Johnson-Lsvl-2022-1-3204 It became clear to me very quickly that Elayna's sweet and carefree personality, along with those adorable dimples, would be so much fun to capture. Every direction I turned became a lovely backdrop for a portrait. I felt that her second outfit was so fitting to her personality, and I liked it even better when we changed it up into her boots.

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-2-3216Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-2-3216 Somehow, I seem to get to work with some of the most inspiring and admirable high school seniors. Elayna is no exception! At school, she shares her talents in track, the Wildcat Christian Athletes (WCA), Student Leadership, Business Professionals of America (BPA), Sixth Man Mentoring, and National Technical Honors Society (NTHS). In her church, which is Canton First Church of the Nazarene, she is involved in the youth program and is a volunteer at the children's check-in.

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-2-3290Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-2-3290 When she is not busy with school and her many activities, she enjoys taking pictures. No wonder we got along so well! She also likes scrapbooking. Spending time with friends and family is important to her. 

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-3-3320Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-3-3320 We really could have remained on her property for the entire evening with so many great settings, but we decided to change into a new outfit and move on to a beautiful nearby pond. We arrived at this location in time for the perfect angle of light and created some magical portraits. This new look was so different, but still "so Laynee"!

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3368Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3368 Elayna's friends had some wonderful things to share about her. Emily describes her a someone who is "sweet to everyone and patient." She also said that she can "see the best in everyone." Alexis describes her as "thoughtful and kind-hearted." I am not surprised in the least! I found all of this to be true in the short time that we spent together. 

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3375Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3375 One of my goals for every session is to capture all sides of my Senior, and I feel like Elayna made that so easy for me. You can see the playful, sweet, and the contemplative parts of her personality and they are all beatiful.

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3432Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3432 Elayna loves country music. she enjoys baking and watching the show Outer Banks. One of her favorite Youtubers is the Labrant family. She loves going to Hilton Head in the summer with her family. 

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3478Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-4-3478 Elayna plans to attend college to explore graphic design and photography. This excites me, personally! She knows that she will miss her friends and the staff at Canton South that have influenced her in so many ways. But, she is excited to start a new journey of her life.

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-5-3545Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-5-3545 What did Elayna have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because my cousins recommended her and told my family that she does an AWESOME job! I liked how Laura was such a nice and amazing photographer and always gave me the option on where to go. The ones at the pond are some of my favorites. I also liked how the ones in the red top turned out. I would advise others to smile big and let them know that she is AWESOME!"

Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-5-3510Elayna-Johnson-CantonSouth-2022-5-3510 Elayna, I think that you are AWESOME! Spending time with you and capturing your gorgeous portraits made me so happy. I can't wait for you to pursue your passion for graphic design and photography!!! We will have to keep in touch.



(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Canton South High School Class of 2022 Northeast Ohio Photographer photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Stark County Photographer Sat, 12 Feb 2022 15:11:45 GMT
Meet Morgan | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-1-7046Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-1-7046 This bright ray of sunshine is Morgan and she is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Louisville High School. We held her September senior portrait session at Quail Hollow and that was the perfect location for the style of portraits that we intended to create. As we were going over Morgan's outfit options and choreographing our session for the evening, I knew that it was all going to come together beautifully. Her gorgeous complexion, hair and eyes were so much fun to capture. 

Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-1-7077Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-1-7077 As you can see, this trendy dress is the perfect shade of blue and we found so many amazing settings for this look. Morgan immediately became a posing expert and I was loving the results.

Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-1-7103-2Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-1-7103-2 Morgan's friends describe her as a caring person who is a good listener. I could absolutely feel that, and it is apparent when you see her with her dog, too. He was smiling for this picture!

Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-2-7179Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-2-7179 Morgan's second outfit is so perfect for this field setting. I often like to create contrast with the outfits, but in this situation, I wanted her stunning hair and eyes to pop, so I went for a color harmony with the yellows. She looks like she belongs in this glorious environment and we just got lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her.  


Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-2-7261Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-2-7261 Sometimes it is just the perfect head tilt with an expression to match that creates the most endearing portraits. I think that the tranquility of this place works for Morgan so well because she is such a fan of the beach. She says that if she could spend all of her time on the beach, she definitely would. It is one of her favorite places because its is so peaceful. Well, this isn't exactly the beach, but has the same serene vibe.

Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-2-7276Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-2-7276 I knew that Morgan was interested in a "middle-of-the-road" shot, and I also knew that there is a very small window of opportunity when you can catch the sun at the perfect angle for this lovely backlighting to happen. So, we executed a quick outfit change and made it happen. Much appreciation to Mindi for being on traffic watch. (Note that this is actually a driveway.)

Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-3-7344Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-3-7344 Morgan knows that when she leaves high school, she is going to miss being able to see all of her friends as much as she does now. However, she will be glad to not have to take classes that she doesn't necessarily want to take since her college classes will be centered around her major. She plans to attend Youngstown State to major in criminal justice and minor in psychology.

Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-3-7369Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-3-7369 What did Morgan have to say about her senior portrait session?

"Laura made it seem so personable. She made the whole experience exciting. With the many compliments she gave and how she was so excited to move on the next spot to take more pictures and how we were always laughing about something. It made the whole session fun. I liked that there were so many pictures you can take in one setting or outfit. I also liked how you can get the perfect shot with the sun behind you makes it so pretty. I would advise others to be prepared to not be able to pick a favorite picture afterwards because they will all be your favorite."

Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-3-7460Morgan-Davies-Lsvl-2022-3-7460 Morgan, I had so much fun with you! I just love your commitment to family and band. You and your portraits make me smile. I am very excited for your future and I will be happily cheering for you every step of the way.

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Louisville High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer Quail Hollow Park Senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Fri, 04 Feb 2022 18:11:17 GMT
Meet Jacklyn | Louisville High School and RG Drage Career Center | Class of 2022 Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1103Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1103 Sharing Jacklyn and her story is an absolute joy for me because I am re-living one of the funnest evenings ever! We held her October senior portrait session on the farm where she works and at a nearby pond. Both locations are happy places in my book, but it was Jacklyn who made my heart and camera sing. Jacklyn is a Senior in the Class of 2022 from Louisville High School attending RG Drage Career Center. 

We started our session with some of Jacklyn's friends of the bovine nature. It was obvious how much the girls (cows) love her. They posed for this shot with no persuasion needed. I think they appreciated that she was dressed in their likeness. But seriously... just look at Jacklyn's beaming smile. This is where she shines.

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1159Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1159 We couldn't resist capturing some portraits with some of the younger friends. This little guy was happy to oblige.

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1206Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1206 Jacklyn, who also goes my Jackie, is described by friends as caring and loyal. I think the animals pick up on that. They can tell how much Jacklyn loves working and being around them. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1256Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1256 We moved on to her second outfit which seemed like typical attire for Jacklyn. Along with her involvement in church, she is active in Future Farmers of America (FFA). This bright red Massey Ferguson tractor offered a great contrast for this portrait. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1287Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1287 I have had the honor and pleasure of holding many portrait sessions on farms. I have found the hay/straw loft to be one of the absolute best backdrops for portraits. It provides controllable directional lighting, warm tones, and fabulous textures. Plus, you can typically find varying elevations for multiple poses. But let's be real, Jacklyn can be placed in any environment and she is going to look amazing. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1321Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1321 I could have stayed at the farm all day finding new backdrops and settings, but we had an agenda that included a short drive to a beautiful pond area. We also made an outfit change into this fabulous combo and this amazing hat. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1478Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1478 OMG... I love this outfit. It really brings out the fun little bit of sass that makes her sweet personality so endearing. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1457Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1457 And, of course, we had to include her dog! Along with loving this little guy, Jacklyn loves eating mac and cheese and her favorite movie is UP. She likes to vacation in Florida and her favorite music is country. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1495Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1495 We made another outfit change and found the perfect angle on the dock to include the trees and reeds in the background. This place really is as serene as it appears. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1514Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1514 Jacklyn knows that when she leaves high school, she will miss seeing her friends everyday. She will be happy to leave the homework behind. The kind of work that she intends to pursue is with animals, of course!

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1527Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1527 This area is just a playground for a photographer as every direction I turned was another portrait begging to be captured. This open field with the backlighting displayed the perfect colors make Jacklyn stand out as the focus of attention. She is absolutely stunning! I will add a little plug here for Altar'd State. This is where Jacklyn and her mom did some shopping in preparation for the portrait session. I must say... everything was absolutely perfect!

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1576Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1576 So, what did Jacklyn have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I loved everything about my session. It was so much fun. I love all of the portraits at the pond. She really made it special. My advice to other seniors is to just do exactly what she tells you to do and your pictures will turn out amazing."

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1607Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1607 Jacklyn, I think that you are amazing and I thank you so much for choosing me to capture your fabulous senior portraits. I wish you all good things as you continue to follow your passions. It takes something special to be successful with animals, and you certainly have it. 

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 FFA Future Farmers of America Louisville High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer RG Drage Senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Thu, 03 Feb 2022 17:19:27 GMT
Meet Linnea | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-1-6139Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-1-6139 This bright and beautiful young lady is Linnea, a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Louisville High School. We held Linnea's August senior portrait session at the Canton Garden Center and Gervasi Vineyards to capture a variety of settings. As soon as we met in the parking lot and went through all of her fabulous outfit options, I knew that we were in for a great evening of portrait creation. I had specific settings in mind for each outfit and we were able to choreograph a very productive session. Beyond being enthralled with her hair, I could also tell that Linnea was going to be a lovely personality to capture.

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-1-6168Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-1-6168 I had this shallow water feature in mind for portraits in her yellow dress, but it involved her wading through some chilly water. Linnea was all in and we created some of our absolute favorite portraits in there... and had a splashing good time doing it!

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-2-6227Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-2-6227 I LOVE hats! This one that Linnea brought was just perfect with this outfit, and made our second set of portraits extra special. Linnea's friends would describe her as loyal, funny, genuine, and easy to be around. I find all of those qualities to be true and I think we captured all of that throughout the session. 

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-2-6285Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-2-6285 It is amazing how a change in expression and framing can totally change the mood of a portrait. These are spectacular.

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-2-6268Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-2-6268 We moved on to outfit number three and I felt that these soft colors needed a soft floral background. That subtle downward gaze and feminine shape completed the mood perfectly.

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-3-6307Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-3-6307 Linnea's quiet demeanor makes her well suited for jumping horses which is one of her many activities. She is also obsessed with her Mini Aussie Shepherd. I'm sure I would be, too!

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-3-6320Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-3-6320 Okay... so we pulled ourselves away from the Canton Garden Center to make the drive to Gervasi for the next set of portraits that we had planned. Take a look at the image below. Yes, all of those bodies belong to Linnea. With a little Photoshop magic, I was able to create this composite to help Linnea represent one of her absolute loves. Can you guess what that might be?

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-Composite-Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-Composite- If you guessed Mamma Mia, you would be correct. Linnea absolutely loves ABBA. We had a lot of fun pulling this off. Linnea also loves scary movies, Disney World, Box Lunch and Hot Topic. 

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-4-6362Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-4-6362 One of the things that Linnea will miss most from high school is being part of Varsity Singers. That was the reason for creating the beautiful portrait that you see above. She said that she will be happy to leave behind the drama that can come with high school.

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-4-6387Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-4-6387 As we made another outfit change, I was just loving how these colors complement Linnea so beautifully. We made good use of the gorgeous surroundings so that it was Linnea who stood out and became the star that she is.


"Laughter... sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight." - unknown

I find laughter to be such a beautiful window to the soul. Linnea certainly reinforces this belief. Her laughter is infectious and capturing it helps to capture all of what makes her so special.

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-4-6468Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-4-6468 We made one last outfit change as we were chasing the sun. Again, the hat was such a whimsical addition to this outfit, even if she is just holding it. But, don't let this quiet demeanor that you see in this portrait mislead you. Linnea plans to attend Kent State University's main campus where she intends to study computer science with a minor in forensics. Her goal it to work for the FBI. 

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-5-6486Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-5-6486 So, what did Linnea have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I loved how nice Laura was and all of the options that she gave me! My favorites were from the Canton Garden Center with my yellow dress and the ones with the black hat! I also loved the Mamma Mia shoot. She absolutely made the session special and unique to me. My advice to other seniors would be to just sign up with her and trust her! She is amazing!"

Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-5-6542Linnea-Kieffer-Lsvl-2022-5-6542 Linnea, I think that you are amazing! That is why we had so much fun and created so many stunning portraits. I am so excited to see where you go in this next chapter of your life. I will be cheering you on every step of the way. 


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Louisville High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Wed, 02 Feb 2022 14:13:45 GMT
Meet Corynne | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-1-2435Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-1-2435 Corynne is a senior in the Class of 2022 at Louisville High School and we held her senior portrait session in downtown Canton and at the Louisville High School Stadium. I'm not really even sure where to begin trying to describe the awesomeness that was Corynne's portrait session. I guess it all started in the parking lot where we decided to meet. I had a chance to talk with Corynne and see her outfit options and immediately, I was picking up her infectious vibe and knew that we had to come up with some really cool portrait ideas. 

It was crazy because we turned the corner and found this colorful mural with a message that could be Corynne's anthem. Just look at that smile! We were off to an amazing start.

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-1-2490Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-1-2490 As we worked through our posing flow, I was getting the absolute best variety of expressions and I loved every one. If you look above and below, you will see what I mean. Her gallery was growing fast because I couldn't bring myself to delete any of these treasures. 

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-1-2495Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-1-2495 As we moved on to Corynne's second outfit, I was learning more about this talented senior. She is in Band, Drama Club, Spanish Club, and Academic Challenge. She also plays the guitar. It is no surprise that friends would describe her as fun-loving, caring, funny, and a true people-person.

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2522Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2522 Corynne's favorite movie is The Lion King. She loves Billie Eilish. Her favorite animal is the orca and her favorite color is yellow. That is to match her bright and shiny personality!

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2584Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2584 Corynne was so fun to work with because she seemed to really appreciate the artistic flair that I was going for. When I saw this fabulous glow reflecting in the windows, I just had to use this spot. She brought it to life!

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2608Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2608 When Corynne leaves high school, she knows that she is going to miss being part of the band and spending countless hours with her friends. She will be happy to leave behind the stress and sleepless nights cramming for tests or finishing homework at the last minute. Corynne would like to attend Kent State University with an undecided major, but an exploratory in psychology. 

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2628Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-2-2628 We made one last outfit change and made good use of the newly created area downtown known as Centennial Plaza. The leading lines of this white structure made me so happy as we created this amazing portrait. 

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-3-2645Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-3-2645 Downtown Canton offers a variety of murals and interesting spaces to create all kinds of moods. The one you see below has wonderful grainy colors to contrast with the blue in her outfit.

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-3-2663Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-3-2663 The mural below has an entirely different feel with all of the colors! It was fun to make the face in the mural like another subject in my portrait as if he was staring right at Corryne. 

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-3-2697Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-3-2697 It was clear to me that marching band was incredibly important to Corynne, so we had arranged to use the stadium for the last set of portraits. "Big Blue" was abiding there at the time, so it served as the perfect backdrop for a portrait. 
Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2730Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2730 I am always looking for interesting things to shoot through and the angled braces under the bleachers offered great angles for this capture. They perfectly frame her arms and draw you in to Corynne as the focal point of the portrait. 

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2756Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2756 Having the lights on makes it extra special and offers a way to let you know where you are without creating a busy background. We were both pretty excited about what we were creating here!

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2802Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2802 What did Corynne have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I loved Laura's energy and she knew how to make it fun. Exploring downtown Canton and seeing all of the beautiful artwork around was really cool. I loved the ones in my band uniform at the stadium. I think those ones really captured me in my element. I would advise others to be open to different ideas and to be creative."

Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2813Corynne-Evans-Lsvl-2022-4-2813 Corynne, thank you for being open to different ideas and for embarking on the creative journey with me. You were such an inspiration and gave me an opportunity to stretch my limits and to really have fun with your portraits and you! I wish you all good things and I will be cheering you on as you move into your next chapter.

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) band band pictures Class of 2022 Louisville High School marching band photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Tue, 01 Feb 2022 22:02:51 GMT
Meet Clay | Canton South High School | Class of 2022 Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-1-9624Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-1-9624 Getting to highlight Clay and relive our portrait session together is such a delight! Clayton, who goes by Clay, is a senior in the class of 2022 at Canton South High School. We held his September senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyards and the Canton South baseball field. Having known Clay and his family for years, I anticipated some fabulous portraits, but even I wasn't expecting it to be this spectacular. As we met up that evening and I had a chance to see his wardrobe, we discussed our plan. It was then that I knew our visions were perfectly in line and it was going to be magical!

Clay-Mitchel-CS-2023-Composite-Clay-Mitchel-CS-2023-Composite- Clay is many things, and we wanted to capture all of it. He is serving as a Student Officer in the role of Treasurer, he is involved in Bleacher Creatures, Aultman Ambassadors and Student Leadership. And.... he is a long-time baseball player. Baseball is huge for Clay, so the picture that you see above was a little something special that we wanted to create. 

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-2-9738Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-2-9738 Clay's friends would describe him as outgoing and hardworking. I would have to add that he is fun and incredibly kind. He likes to listen to a lot of rap music and loves to travel. So, adding the shades to a few pics just seemed like the thing to do. And, I loved the results!

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-3-9778Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-3-9778 Something interesting about Clay is that he loves to meal prep. He likes baking and cooking, too. What a delicious way to be creative!

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-3-9794Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-3-9794 Clay enjoys many activities outdoors and he is into lifting. You can certainly tell there is something going on... I mean... check out these guns!

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-3-9854Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-3-9854 As we moved from place to place and outfit to outfit, Clay was great at giving input to the portrait creation process. The setting that you see below was all his idea, and this shot became a favorite for both of us. 

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-4-9883Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-4-9883 The flannel was our last outfit that we had planned for the grounds of Gervasi, so we made it count. Give me some lovely glowing backlight and I will be in heaven creating portraits. 

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-5-9929Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-5-9929 We left the beauty of Gervasi and headed to familiar ground for Clay... the Canton South baseball field. Clay has actually already signed a letter of intent to attend and play baseball for the Allegany College of Maryland. Connecting his current home baseball field with this proudly worn shirt depicting his future home was integral to tell that story.

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-9983Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-9983 Clay knows that when he leaves high school, he will miss being able to spend a lot of time with his friends. Nonetheless, he is excited to leave the area for a little bit to explore more of what the world has to offer.

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0026Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0026 We got lucky and the sky was particularly cooperative that night, so we used that spectacular backdrop. This is where the creative use of my off-camera flash and some intentional camera settings can help to create some drama.

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0031-2Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0031-2 I like to use the dugout for several baseball portraits because so much of the game is "played" here from a mental standpoint. I love this casual and comfortable shot that you see below.

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0072Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0072 I also love the intensity of this shot that you see below. What a fabulous jawline!

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0081Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0081 What did Clay have to say about his senior portrait session?

"Laura has always been a very nice and outgoing lady and I truly enjoy being around her energy. I liked everything about the session, but mostly I liked just being my true self and my style. I would advise others to be sure to show your style."

Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0103Clay-Mitchell-CantonS-2022-6-0103 Clay, I am such a fan! You and your portraits are so fabulous. I just can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I will be cheering you on as you make your mark on the world. We need you!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) baseball baseball pictures Canton South High School Class of 2022 photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Tue, 01 Feb 2022 19:56:39 GMT
Meet Emily | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-1-3606Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-1-3606

I'm so excited to introduce and highlight Emily, a Senior at Louisville High School in the Class of 2022. We held Emily's senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyards and everything was absolutely perfect! I have had the pleasure of working with Emily's family for her sisters' senior portrait sessions, so it was really fun to go into the session already knowing so much about each other. Those two sisters, along with their amazing mom, were so helpful to make the session successful and fun.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-1-3655Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-1-3655 Once we met up and looked through Emily's great outfit options, it quickly became clear that this was going to be something special. Every outfit was trendy and adorable, and more importantly, fit Emily ideally in every way. We started with these great flared jeans and white top. Finding this reflection opportunity gave us a lovely result.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2a-3739Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2a-3739 We made an outfit change to this casual and carefree dress. I knew that the vineyard was the perfect spot for this and wanted to incorporate some movement. 

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3790Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3790 Working with Emily is always a pleasure, because she is just an amazing person. She is talented, smart, and has a heart for service. Emily plays soccer at Louisville and has lettered all four years. She is involved in Key Club, NHS, and Jo's Girls where she serves as a mentor to younger students. She is also on student council and is the president of her senior class. She is part of Hope Squad which is a suicide prevention club and was picked by her peers to help others when they might be struggling. And... she is just a really fun person.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3853Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3853 All of those qualities about Emily explain why her friends describe her as organized, funny, kind, respectful, approachable, and a true "people-person." Another interesting fact about Emily is that she loves to put puzzles together which is a passion instilled by her Nana. She also loves being organized and clean. This was apparent by the level of organization in her outfits and accessories that she brought to her session.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3903Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3903 This next outfit was a favorite of Emily's and mine. These great colors look so good on her, and worked in so many settings. Some other favorites of Emily's are Adam Sandler movies because she thinks he is hilarious. She likes country and rap music depending on her mood. She likes watching random YouTube videos and shopping. She loves shopping at Dry Goods, American Eagle, Pac Sun, Hollister, and several other stores. One day, Emily would love to travel to Australia because she really wants to go to their zoo.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3965Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3965 Emily knows that she is going to miss seeing all of her friends when this senior year is over. She will also miss the fact that the classes are easy and being in those classes with people that she has known forever. She will be excited to leave the drama and her small town for bigger things. 

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-4004Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-4004 It is so wise that Emily's family uses this opportunity to capture a picture of the three sisters together. I love them all and I love this portrait! Emily expects that she will likely follow in her sisters' footsteps and attend John Carroll University. She would like to become a dentist, so she will probably major in chemistry and see how it goes from there. 

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4050Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4050 As we moved on to Emily's last outfit, we also moved on down to the Still House area of Gervasi because I knew that this fabulous black and white outfit would be perfect here. We had taken a lot of pictures at this point, but Emily still gave me her all and that warm smile.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4074Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4074 What did Emily have to say about her portrait session?

"I loved how natural it was. None of the photos looked awkward even though the pose may feel like it... they weren't. I loved how I could just talk to Laura because she is so nice and caring and she thinks of the perfect places to capture the perfect photo. She has very helpful input and suggestions when it comes to your outfits or the place you want to take your photos. I loved how every single one of my photos turned out and I enjoyed getting my picture taken, which is very rare. My advice is just don't be stiff because the more fun you have, the better your photos will turn out. I had a great time working with Laura and I love seeing everyone's photos that are posted!"

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4092Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4092 Emily, I always love working with your family! You made this so fun for me. I am always impressed by all that you do and the young lady you have become. I wish you all good things in your future and I can't wait to follow your future which is bound to be so bright!


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Gervasi Vineyard Louisville High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Thu, 27 Jan 2022 14:06:44 GMT
Meet Emma | Jackson High School | Class of 2022 Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5267Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5267 This bright smile belongs to Emma and she carried that fun energy through her entire session. Emma is a senior in the Class of 2022 at Jackson High School. We held her senior portrait session on a lovely fall day in November at the Canton Garden Center and McKinley Monument. Once we met up and reviewed her outfits, we had our evening plan mapped out. We decided to start with a casual look and set the relaxed tone from the beginning. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5316Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5316 Emma's friends describe her as being down-to-earth, honest, and easy-going with a great sense of humor. I was fortunate to see all of these qualities as I captured Emma's beautiful portraits. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5344Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5344 When it was time to move on to Emma's second outfit, I had some very special places in mind. These are among her favorite portraits. I agree that these are some of my favorites, too. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5389Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5389 Emma is in her second year of the clinical program for nursing at Jackson High School and she also works part time at a local pharmacy. She is unique in that she has studied three years of Mandarin Chinese and can speak some Korean and Japanese, too. She has a Cockatiel named Piper and likes to collect Strangelings and horse figurines. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5440Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5440 Emma likes a lot of different music including hard rock, Kpop, classic rock, and music from the 20's and from other cultures. Her favorite movies are Scary Movies and The Dirt. She loves shopping at World Market and local Korean markets. Her favorite foods are sushi and mac-n-cheese. She loved vacationing in Puerto Rico and hopes to travel more often.

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5482Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5482 Before Emma started her clinicals for nursing, she played the clarinet in Jackson's marching band known as "The Purple Army," and was a member of Jackson's Academy of Global Studies. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5489Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5489 We had the waterfall area of Monument Park in mind for Emma's third outfit. I love this look and the portraits that we created here!

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5535Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5535 Emma plans to graduate from high school with her STNA and to work part time while attending Kent State University to earn her nursing degree. Eventually, she would like to become a neonatal nurse. She knows that she will miss seeing her high school friends everyday, but will be excited to make her own schedule and maybe get to sleep in a little more.

Our last set of portraits were taken at the McKinley Monument. Climbing all of those steps was certainly worth it because these portraits are fabulous. I so love this outfit and I knew it would look great against these ornate doors. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5559Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5559 What did Emma have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because her photos were personalized and very natural looking. I liked that she made me feel comfortable and I could be myself. She allowed me to choose the setting and review the photos as they were being taken. She always asked for my opinion or input during our session. I would advise other seniors to have fun, relax and trust Laura to take a great picture during your session." 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5581Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5581 Emma, thank you so much for trusting me with your senior portraits! You made it fun for me and kept me laughing! You also created some gorgeous portraits. I wish you the very best in your future and I'm excited for your journey in nursing to continue. You will be such a blessing to your patients. 


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Jackson High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Sat, 22 Jan 2022 01:20:42 GMT
Meet Aubrie | Hoover High School | Class of 2022 It was such a pleasure for me to get to work with Aubrie and her senior portraits as they are both captivating. Aubrie, a senior in the Class of 2022 at Hoover High School, held her September senior portrait session at the University of Mount Union and Glamorgan Castle. These locations were a perfect match for her style. And... her outfits were ideal for her portraits. As soon as we met up and created our game plan for the evening, I knew that we would be creating beautiful portraits together. 

Vertical stripes are always a win, and we found the ideal setting to make the most of this adorable outfit. Aubrie immediately lit up my camera with that warm smile. Aubrie's friends would say that she is funny and easy-going. I felt that, as our session was relaxed and fun. 

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-1-8591Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-1-8591 After an outfit change into something a little more casual, we moved on to the front campus for a different look. Aubrie keeps herself busy with travel volleyball and is part of the Link Crew student leadership program. In her down time, she enjoys spending time with her dog and her friends. 

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-2-8656Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-2-8656 Aubrie likes the movie Ten Things I Hate About You and the show Gilmore Girls. She is also a Taylor Swift fan.

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-2-8680Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-2-8680 These great pictures of Aubrie around the pond area of campus are among her favorites. I loved them, too, because the relaxed setting just seemed to fit her so well. It was fun posing Aubrie because no matter how much I bent and twisted her, she looked so comfortable. 

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-2-8710Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-2-8710 It was time for our next wardrobe change and this gorgeous dress was next in our line-up. I can see why her favorite color is blue, as she looks spectacular! Adding some motion to the poses is always so fun. She makes everything look so easy.

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-3-8784Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-3-8784 One of Aubrie's favorite restaurants is Sylvesters and she really likes steak and chicken tenders. A favorite vacation spot is Cape May. As you can see, it really doesn't matter where I place her, she creates lovely portraits!

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-3-8804Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-3-8804 We moved on to another adorable dress and drove on down the street to Glamorgan Castle. I knew this sunny yellow would be a striking contrast against the blue-gray color of the stone.

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-4-8867Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-4-8867 This little nook with the ivy is a favorite spot of mine, and, of course, Aubrie did not disappoint. The covered area allows me to control my light and this is one of my favorite captures!

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-4-8903Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-4-8903 Aubrie's final outfit was fabulous choice, again. Another choice that Aubrie has to make is where she will attend college. Kent State and Ohio University are both possibilities. When Aubrie leaves high school, she knows that she will miss the football games. She will, however, be happy to avoid the early mornings for school. 


What did Aubrie have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I loved her pictures on Instagram. I liked the locations and all the different poses. I really enjoyed it. I felt like Laura really listened and made me feel very relaxed. I would advise other seniors to listen to Laura's suggestions (she has great ideas), relax, and have fun!"

Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-5-8963Aubrie-Massa-Hoover-2022-5-8963 Aubrie, thank you for trusting me with your senior portraits! You were an absolute dream to capture in portraits. I wish you all good things as you create your future and I will be excited to cheer you on.


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Hoover High School North Canton Hoover High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Fri, 21 Jan 2022 14:11:01 GMT
Meet Shaelyn | Louisville HS | Class of 2022 Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5197Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5197 I'm not sure how I get so lucky to work with such amazing seniors, but here is yet another fabulous young woman who blows my socks off. This is Shaelyn who is a senior in the class of 2022 at Louisville High School. From our preplanning, I knew that we wanted to accomplish a lot during her session, so when we met up at the University of Mount Union, we wasted no time getting down to business. Shaelyn, who also goes by Shae, was ready to embrace the process and jumped right in with a fabulous outfit and smiles to match.

Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5251Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5251 For Shae's second outfit, we decided to head in a more casual direction and created portraits to match. Among Shae's many interests, she enjoys writing and is an emerging cosplayer. She is also starting to try her hand in Sfx Makeup. So cool!

Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5303Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5303 Shae's friends would describe her as a sweet and caring person with a creative imagination and unique interests. She is selfless with a heart of gold, and a hard worker. All of these attributes make her so endearing as well as impressive.



It was time for her next outfit change and this summery casual dress was perfect for the shots around the lakes. Shae was so relaxed and game for anything I suggested. She made every setting look fabulous. 

Shae-Lsvl-2022-3-5479Shae-Lsvl-2022-3-5479 To get to know Shae a little better, it helps to know that she enjoys anime and Marvel or DC movies. I love that her taste in music is a bit all over the place. She likes Simmers and enjoys watching short animation films on YouTube. If she is reading, action and fantasy books are her favorites. Her ideal vacation spot would be the beach. 


Shae-Lsvl-2022-5-5530Shae-Lsvl-2022-5-5530 For the next set of portraits, we not only made a wardrobe change, but we moved to an entirely different location. Because Shae is so involved in the video production club at school, we wanted to capture some portraits at the stadium. Shae's work in video production has centered around the action at the stadium, so it seemed fitting to create that memory.


Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5628Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5628 We worked quickly at the stadium because we had one more very important stop to make. Anyone who knows Shae knows that she is an accomplished and dedicated swimmer on the swim team. So, ending our session at the YMCA allowed us to properly honor that commitment. She also works as a life guard which is incredibly honorable and impressive.

Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5647Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5647 One of the things that Shae will miss when she leaves high school is the feeling of accomplishment. It is what drives her to keep going and gives her purpose. I am quite sure that Shae will always find challenges that are meaningful to her and will always have another mountain to climb. She will be happy to leave behind the drama and childish ways of her high school career. That makes sense, as she is far too mature to have time for such distractions.

Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5666Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5666 Shae plans to go into communications for a major and graphic design as a minor. She feels that these areas will open up a variety of opportunities for her. Speaking of "opening up!" Just add water and Shae's smile will grow. Just look at the last image of this post. Is that not the most radiant portrait of her yet?

Shae-Lsvl-2022-6--7Shae-Lsvl-2022-6--7 What did Shae have to say about her portrait session?

"I liked that I felt comfortable with myself and it was fun to be the center of attention for a while. I loved being in the water. It felt natural for me and I was able to show off my accomplishments from over the years. I felt happy and I had fun with the photos. I would advise others to have fun with it, too. Pick places that mean something to you and pick outfits you're confident in! Bring some cool props! Just make sure you're happy with the photos." 


Shae, thank you for trusting me with this honorable job of capturing your senior portraits. Thank you for embracing the session and showing us the true Shae! You made it so fun for me and I can't wait to see what your bright future holds for you. 

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 life guard louisville high school photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits swim team swimming YMCA Thu, 13 Jan 2022 20:15:13 GMT
Meet Derek | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--5Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--5 Introducing Derek who is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Louisville High School. We held his senior portrait session on the campus of the University of Mount Union and at the baseball Field of Dreams on the campus of Louisville High School on a very hot day in late June. After meeting with Derek and his family and checking out his wardrobe, I clearly understood that we wanted to capture some variety in his casual senior portraits, but that the baseball portraits were very important for all of them. So, we allotted our time appropriately and got right to business.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--14Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--14 Derek may not be all about the pictures, but he sure did a fabulous job looking comfortable in front of the camera. His great sense of humor and our purposeful yet carefree approach made for a really fun session. We were sure to change up the looks with outfit changes and captured that amazing smile along with some of those handsome contemplative expressions.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-2--10Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-2--10 You might hear Derek referred to by his nickname, Deter, and is described by friends as someone who is always there when needed. Derek keeps himself busy with baseball, golf and YMCA basketball. He loves Chipotle and Hershey bars with almonds.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-3--8Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-3--8 Derek's dedication to baseball has a long history. I love that they brought with them a collection of hats that document his years of playing at all of the different levels that have brought him to this current level of success. They may just be a collection of hats to the disconnected viewer, but they hold memories and sentimental value to him and his parents. 

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4-7630Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4-7630 Baseball is such a mental game, and I feel that it is played out in the dugout almost as meaningfully as it is on the actual field. That is the essence that I was trying to capture with the image below. Obviously, Derek shines in this environment and makes every portrait spectacular!

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--7Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--7 I just love it when the sky participates in our session and offers up some glorious backgrounds to accentuate the statement we are trying to make. Derek and I had some great collaboration and we created some amazing portraits together. His ideas were integral in capturing all that baseball means to him.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--19Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--19 Among other positions, Derek is a pitcher and has many hours of training that have helped him to develop his craft. I asked him, with the help of his dad, to go through several pitching sequences so that I could capture various stages at different angles. I was mesmerized by his incredible stride and that every muscle is somehow participating to contribute to the energy and trajectory that is transferred to the ball. 

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7792Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7792 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7787Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7787 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7789Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7789 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7808Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7808 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7813Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7813 After high school, Derek would like to pursue a degree in environmental engineering. He says this this would help him to fulfill his desire to be his dad's boss one day. Ha ha! I love it!

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7730Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7730 What did Derek have to say about his senior portrait session?

"During my session, the temperature was HOT but Laura made the session a fun time. She was very open to try new ideas. My favorite portraits were the ones from the baseball field. Those were very fun. I would advise others to just go with your ideas but have an open mind to try anything Laura suggests. She has a great vision for all of her seniors."

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7818Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7818 Derek, thank you for making the session so fun for me! It was an honor to capture your senior portraits and to help you create some great baseball pictures that you can treasure. Best wishes to you as you move on to your next exciting chapters!


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) baseball baseball pictures Class of 2022 Louisville High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Wed, 12 Jan 2022 13:44:06 GMT
Meet Kassidea | Perry High School | Class of 2022 Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1073Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1073 Meet Kassidea, a Senior at Perry High School in the Class of 2022 who stole my heart from our very first meeting. Kassidea brings a light and joy with her that just makes everything better. I felt this during our entire senior portrait session together. All you have to do is take a look at her beautiful portraits and feel that warmth that she conveys. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1138Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1138 We started Kassidea's session at the Canton Garden Center on a lovely early August afternoon and found the various flowers to be the perfect setting. After capturing several portraits that we both loved, we made a wardrobe change for a different look that ended up being a favorite.

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1194Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1194 Kassidea is very involved and shares her talents with many groups including The Chapel of Green Student Ministry and is a Chapel of Green Kids Ministry Teen Helper. At Perry High School, she is involved in National Honor Society, the Cross Country Team and Yearbook and serves as a Link Leader, Jungle Leader, and Best Buddies Officer. Somehow, she finds time to be dedicated to the Canton Ballet & Company where she has been a member for 12 years and has been a pianist for 11 years. But wait, there's more! Kassidea has the perfect personality to be a server at Chick-fil-A. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1213Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1213 We made another outfit change and decided to go wading in the stream to capture these lovely portraits. I just love how she stands out so perfectly in these rich cool tones.


Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1302Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1302 When we made out way to this fun waterfall, we decided to get back into a previous outfit because we both really did love it. Those blue eyes and smile certainly fit her personality. Kassidea's friends would describe her as outgoing, always smiling, energetic, friendly and fun. She likes to make people feel better about themselves, and I quickly recognized this quality in her.

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1371Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1371 Some things that Kassidea loves include homemade mashed potatoes and ice cream. She likes shopping at Marshalls and Target and vacationing in the Smokey Mountains. She likes reading mysteries and holocaust survivor autobiographies. NCIS, American Ninja Warrior, and suspense movies are preferred for screen time. 


Kassidea will miss the football games and hanging out with her high school friends. Moving on to college will allow her to take classes related to her profession, and she is excited for that. She plans to attend Walsh University or Kent State University to major in an area that will allow her to use her skills to help people in a very personal and direct way. Some of her options include physical therapy, dental hygienist, or early childhood education. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-4-1439Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-4-1439 We watched out time carefully because we had an appointment for time in the Canton Palace Theater. This is a very special place for Kassidea, having spent 12 years in the Canton Ballet. I really wanted to capture the impact of how it feels to perform on that stage, so I had a vision for this portrait above. I sooooo love the results!

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1467Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1467 I am not that familiar with all of the available spaces in the Palace Theater, but Kassidea is, and she made a request to capture a picture in this pink room by the tall window. She said that she always love this window. Oh yes! We made some minor furniture movements and went to town capturing more beautiful portraits. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1512Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1512 Kassidea was full of great ideas and wanted to capture the image that you see below. I just love her ideas!!!

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1561Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1561 Who doesn't want to see her name in lights?! What a special way to honor this milestone. I love this so much!

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1568Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1568 Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1590Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1590

Somehow, this crazy busy girl manages to run cross country and we actually had to schedule a separate session to capture these. I'm so happy that we got to create portraits of all sides of Kassidea.

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4821Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4821 Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4860Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4860












What did Kassidea have to say about her senior portrait session?

"Laura spent a lot of time with me and had so many different creative ideas! She was in no rush and complimented you on every pose and picture you took! My favorite memory was when we spent a lot of time in a room at the Palace Theater that I have loved since I was 4 years old to get some great pictures! My favorite portraits were in the creek where there was a waterfall behind me and I was sitting on a rock in the creek. I loved my blue outfit because she took pictures of me in this outfit in front of a background that made it stand out! I loved my ballet pictures because ballet was a huge part of my life since I was four years old so it brought back so many memories.

For future seniors, I would recommend to have a variety of outfits with different patterns and colors! Don't be afraid or nervous because Laura is so sweet and loves taking pictures that are special to you!!"

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1278Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1278 Oh, Kassidea! I am such a huge fan. It was my honor to be your photographer and I can't wait to follow your successes and cheer you on along the way!




(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) ballet Canton Ballet Canton Garden Center Class of 2022 dancer Palace Theater Perry High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Tue, 11 Jan 2022 20:53:53 GMT
Meet Fallon | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4243Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4243

Introducing the lovely Fallon who is a Senior at Louisville High School in the Class of 2022. Fallon's senior portrait session started at Quail Hollow Park in Hartville and ended at Walsh University where she is currently a full-time student. Fallon came so prepared with her fabulous outfits and even a fresh bouquet of daisies which are so fitting for her bright and sunny personality. The image above gives you an idea of how spectacular her session started!

Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4309Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4309 It is rare when we get to create a portrait as meaningful as what we created in the image above. Fallon has a close connection with her beloved grandmother beyond just inheriting her beauty. Capturing them together creates a priceless treasure that will only grow in value for this family.

Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4362Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4362 We decided that it was time for an outfit change and we headed toward the field. Here, we took advantage of the glorious light, colors, and flowers to accentuate Fallon's beauty. It was clear that her sweet smile would make any setting ideal.

Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4402Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-1-4402 Fallon is a busy student beyond her dedication to her studies. She plays soccer year-round, is part of the Hope Squad, Key Club, a Camp Invention Counselor, National Honor Society Member, and is involved in Student Council. In Fallon's junior year of high school at her soccer banquet, she received Most Valuable Player on the team, the Phil Keene Award (for having the highest GPA on the team), First Team All Stark County, First Team All District, and her third year letter award. This year, she is the captain of the Louisville High School soccer team. Soccer is a huge part of her high school career and holds a special place in her heart.

Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-2-4509Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-2-4509 As much as we were having fun capturing portraits in the field, we realized that we had more fabulous outfits to feature. So, we did an outfit change and moved to a different part of the garden and the fabulous captures continued.

Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-3-4576Fallon-VanZant-Lsvl-2022-3-4576 Fallon's friends would describe her as outgoing. She is always trying to bring up the mood. She likes to have fun and her extroverted personality would much rather be out and about than sitting in her room.


Fallon loves shopping at TJMaxx and Marshalls. She loves new clothes and shoes and obviously has great taste in both from what we see in her portraits. Fallon loves to go shopping with her Mom and friends and finds that it helps her to develop closer relationships and bonds with them. She also enjoys going to different boutiques around the area. She loves the idea of supporting small businesses. She likes how this brings communities closer together. She also really loves Starbucks, Chipotle, Canes and Chick-fil-A.


We decided that it was time to move on to Walsh University for our last two outfits. We started around the beautiful Chapel and moved on from there. 


Since Fallon already spends her entire day at Walsh University for classes as a senior, there are still some things that she will miss when she graduates, especially her friends. She knows that they are all going off to colleges in their separate ways and it makes her sad to think about it. Her friend group is so close, and they all do not like thinking about going their separate ways. 


She will be happy to leave behind the need to sit in class for six hours a day. She realizes that in college, she will have few classes a day allowing more time to study. She will be excited to make new friendships in college and will become closer with people in the same area of study.


Speaking of her area of study, Fallon plans to pursue a degree in nursing. She will be entering Walsh next year with two years of college completed so that she can start her actual nursing program. She is so excited because she has always wanted to be a nurse. Her end goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner, so she plans to get her masters degree to do so. She has always loved helping others and knows that nursing is the perfect fit for that. 


We were quickly losing daylight, but knew we wanted to fit in one last outfit change... her Walsh University t-shirt! Thankfully, we were able to find some places to make it work. We even made the city light backdrop work for us.


What did Fallon have to say about her senior portrait session?

I love how Mrs. Esposito took her time to make sure everything was perfect in each of my portraits. She is so passionate over photography, and her portraits show that. She takes her time editing the pictures, and she tries to get the pictures back to her clients as soon as possible. She comes up with the cutest poses, and she even listened to my ideas that I had in mind and incorporated them. 

I really liked the ones in the outfit with my blue shirt and white shorts. I loved the flower fields behind me, and I thought those pictures turned out the best. I also really liked the ones with my black jeans on at Walsh University on the steps. 

I would advise others to just be yourself and try not to be nervous about how they are going to turn out. I was nervous but they all turned out amazing. Thank you again for the amazing senior session!


Fallon, I loved every minute with you! I love how much you embraced your senior session and gave me your all in every pose. I can't wait to follow you in your nursing career and cheer you on to that Nurse Practitioner goal.

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Louisville High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer Quail Hollow Park Senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Walsh University Mon, 10 Jan 2022 20:12:38 GMT
Meet Cailor | Louisville High School | Class of 2022 Cailor-Slack-Lsvl-2022-1-5711Cailor-Slack-Lsvl-2022-1-5711 This incredible senior is Cailor! She is in the class of 2022 at Louisville High School and she inspired her spectacular late August senior portrait session in downtown Canton. Cailor is as real as it gets and her down-to-earth perspective and artistic flair were sooooo much fun for me to capture. As soon as we met up and discussed her outfits and our planned locations, I knew that I was in for an amazing evening. When I look at her portraits, I feel like we see the true Cailor, and it doesn't get any more beautiful than that.
Cailor-Slack-Lsvl-2022-1-5802Cailor-Slack-Lsvl-2022-1-5802 We started capturing portraits around the area of the First Ladies's Museum where the park-like setting nestled in downtown seemed fitting. There are many aspects of Cailor to capture. She is a busy lady with involvement in marching band, lacrosse, student council, Key Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Spirit Club, and her job at Unhitched Brewing Company. 


Our second location called for an outfit change, and I think this is when we really get to see the real Cailor. Using the space inside and around the art studio was perfect as this is the kind of space where Cailor and her creativity can flourish. In addition to creating art, Cailor loves to play and make music, as well as to spend time with friends. Those friends would describe Cailor as caring, compassionate, hard-working, and determined. These qualities can be seen in Cailor often because she doesn't give up easily and actually follows through with her goals and aspirations. 



To learn a little more about Cailor, it can be helpful to look at some of her favorite things. Her favorite color is purple and she loves cheesy potatoes. Her favorite movies are Fantastic Mr. Fox and Coraline. Harry Styles is a favorite musical artist and she loves One Direction. 

Cailor-Slack-Lsvl-2022-3-5957Cailor-Slack-Lsvl-2022-3-5957 Something that Cailor will miss about high school is all of the friends that she has made and continues to make. Those memories are things that she will cherish forever. She will be happy to leave behind the school lunches. 

As we left the art studio, we changed into a different casual outfit and found some outdoor settings for more great portrait creation. I love how Cailor just looks so relaxed in every setting. I swear that just being around Cailor and her serene spirit made my breathing slow and helped me to just enjoy the moment. What an amazing effect that is! No wonder I had so much fun with her.


After high school is over, Cailor would like to go to college to study either business or architecture. After college, she would like to travel and spend time with family and friends before entering the work force. 


What did Cailor have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I liked that it was very relaxed and I didn't feel pressured to take any pictures I didn't want to. She made it very fun and carefree, just like it should be in my opinion. I really, really liked my pictures of myself in my tie-dye t-shirt. It was my favorite outfit and the setting was also very cool. The art studio we used was even better because I know the owner and I had been there previously to hang out with my dad and just look at cool art stuff. 

I think the pictures were very unique to myself and the setting grasped what I wanted in my senior pictures... me! The outfits, the settings, and the poses were very natural and made me feel very comfortable. I loved that I looked like I was actually in my natural habitat. 

I would tell other seniors to not question her poses and what she is asking you to do. I was a little wary of some of the things she was asking me to do, but when I saw the pictures it all made sense and I loved them! She does such a great job and makes her participants feel so comfortable." 


Cailor, my inspiration came from you!!! Thank you for trusting me with such an important job. I was honored to be your photographer and had soooo much fun capturing you!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) art studio portraits Canton Class of 2022 downtown Canton louisville high school Ohio photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Sat, 08 Jan 2022 22:16:33 GMT
Meet Brandon | Louisville HS | Class of 2022 Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-1-9043Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-1-9043 Meet Brandon, a Senior at Louisville High School in the Class of 2022 whose September senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyard and the Louisville Stadium was so fabulous! We met at Gervasi and came up with a game plan based on his outfits, using his car, and timing to be at the Louisville stadium for the perfect sun angle. We started with this great clean look and I loved the results!

Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-1-9122Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-1-9122 Brandon has such a great look and many expressions to capture, but that smile just lights up a room! Brandon's friends would say that he is hard working, kind, chill, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and friendly. These are qualities that I see in his portraits and help to explain why I loved spending time with him for his portrait session.

Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-2-9162Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-2-9162 Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-B&W-9173Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-B&W-9173 Something that I find so interesting about Brandon is that he likes to trade stocks. He likes to watch entrepreneurs and learn more about business and stocks. He also likes to work to make money by land/hardscaping. As if that isn't enough of a workout, Brandon also enjoys working out for the sake of working out. Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-3-9289Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-3-9289 When Brandon leaves high school, he is going to miss having fun with all of his friends and just being a teenager. He will be happy to no longer worry about his future in the same way that he does now. I hate to break it to you, Brandon, but you will always worry about your future. But, you have every reason to feel confident that yours will be bright! Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-4-9311Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-4-9311 Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-4-Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-4- It makes sense that Brandon's future plans include attending college to study business, entrepreneurship, and marketing. You certainly have what it takes to do well in these areas! Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-4-9364Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-4-9364

After capturing Brandon in several settings in various outfits at Gervasi, it was time to move on to the Louisville Stadium to capture Brandon's love of lacrosse. Getting to shoot at the stadium with the lights on is such a treat for me. I get to use my expertise in lighting to create the desired effect. Brandon even let me spray him down with my "fake sweat" to create a realistic athletic grunge look. The following 3 images were all captured in the same conditions. It's just a matter of some lighting magic. Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-5-9519Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-5-9519 Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-5-9535Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-5-9535 Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-5-9433Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-5-9433 What did Brandon have to say about his senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because we saw the quality work that she did and decided she would be best for our photos. I liked how creative Laura was and how she took the time to make sure each shot was perfect! It's hard to decide but my top picks were when I was wearing a flannel and Laura got low to capture a low angle. I also really enjoyed the photos with my car. Lastly, it was so cool to end with lacrosse photos at the stadium. Overall, the whole experience was amazing!

Laura made my experience unique because she asked for my input and we both collaborated to come up with some amazing shots! She made sure I liked the photos by showing them to me after each scene. 

For others using Laura, be ready for amazing photos and good quality work! Laura is very easy to work with and is very nice. If you have any worries, don't worry. Any problem that arises, Laura will get around it! You will be in a comfortable environment.

Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-2-9204Brandon-Ross-Lsvl-2022-2-9204 Brandon, those are the nicest compliments ever!!! The pleasure was all mine. I can't wait to see where you direct your future and I will be here to cheer you along and celebrate your successes!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Gervasi Vineyard lacrosse lacrosse pictures louisville high school photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Fri, 07 Jan 2022 20:48:13 GMT
Meet Kendal | Louisville HS | Class of 2022 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3871Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3871 Meet Kendal, a very engaged Senior at Louisville High School who had an amazing senior portrait session in late October at Zoar Historic Village. I remember how excited I was meeting up with Kendal and getting to meet her and her Mom and two adorable fur babies who will show up in portraits later. Once I saw her outfits and had a better sense of who Kendal really is, I created a game plan for our evening together and everything fell into place.  Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3902Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3902 So, Kendal is not one to remain idle for a second. She keeps herself very busy with Student Council, National Honors Society, Key Club, Hope Squad, French Club, Aultman Ambassadors, Fuel Up To Play 60, Science Club, Spirit Club, and Jo's Girls. She also volunteers at Little Leopards Football. On the athletic side of things, Kendal is active in JO Volleyball, and AAU Basketball, as well as high school volleyball and basketball. Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3962Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3962 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3977Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3977 After spending some time creating portraits in the garden and on the sandstone steps, we were ready to change it up. Kendal changed into her jeans and flannel and showed me the real Kendal. We found a great rustic building to perfectly complete the look. Kendal's friends would describe her as determined, passionate, understanding, and a good listener. That certainly seems fitting when you look at her long list of activities and accomplishments. Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4033Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4033 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4083Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4083 Getting to know Kendal is easier when you know some of her favorites. When it comes to movies, she likes anything Marvel. Her favorite singer is Luke Combs. She loves french toast and her favorite color is grey. 


Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4223Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4223 Kendal's next adorable outfit involved some flannel again, but this time in a trendy shacket. This ensemble was perfect for out next location... the covered bridge. By this point in our session together, we were getting quite comfortable and occasionally even slap-happy. But, nonetheless, the gorgeous portraits just kept happening one after another. 

Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4243Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4243 When Kendal leaves high school, she will miss the feeling of safety and being surrounded by what is familiar. She knows that saying goodbye to the people she has been with since the beginning will be an impossible task. She will, however, be happy to leave behind the stereotypes of high school and the constant feeling of needing to fit the mold of a perfect high school student. 

Kendal's dream is to become a pediatrician. She wants to major in biology or biochemistry with a minor in communications. Then, she hopes to get into medical school and work her way into the pediatrics field. Kendal certainly has the qualities to make this a reality, and oh, what lucky families will be served!

Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4305Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4305 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3999Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3999 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-4011Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-4011

















What did Kendal have to say about her portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because lots of my friends had chosen Laura and loved her and their pictures! It was great to not feel awkward, she really had a way of making things feel natural. Also, pictures for me aren't always the easiest, but Laura made it so I found a way to enjoy every second. I loved the walking scene in my black romper walking down the sidewalk, those turned out just how I wanted! I also loved all of my pictures with my puppies!

Senior pictures are scary and can be daunting but just know that Laura will make it so you don't have to worry about a thing! They will look great. Thank you so very much for your time, Laura! Beyond grateful for you! Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4410Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4410

Kendal, it was an absolute pleasure to get to work with you and your stunning portraits! I'm so proud and honored to serve as your photographer and to cheer you on in your future endeavors!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2022 Louisville High School October Portrait Session photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Zoar Historic Village Fri, 07 Jan 2022 19:35:01 GMT
Meet Bobby | Louisville HS | Class of 2023 Bobby's summer senior portrait session was small scale with big results. He may not have gone into the session with grand intentions, but he certainly delivered. Highlighting his incredible accomplishments in running was magnificent as the sun decided to cooperate.


We started our session together at the Alliance Country Club and allowed their well-manicured grounds to inspire us. I learned that Bobby's friends would describe him as kind and hardworking. I found this to be an accurate assessment. 


Along with Bobby's dedication to cross country and track, he also plays basketball and is in student council. His favorite movie is Coach Carter and he likes pop music. The Outer Banks is his preferred vacation spot and he loves Pop Tarts.


After graduation, Bobby would like to attend college to study engineering or business. He plans to run in college, as well. 


He knows that he will miss his friends and teachers, but will be happy to leave behind the repetitive routine that comes with a high school schedule.


Since running is such a big part of Bobby's life, we wanted to incorporate locations that were meaningful for this passion. 


So, Metzger Park was our next stop. Bobby has clocked countless hours on this path while training, so it seemed a fitting location.


Our final stop was the Louisville High School track. This is where records have been broken and history has been made. So many significant memories are connected to the track and cross country events. 


The image above is just a sample of his many achievements that need to be celebrated. I loved that the sun was cooperating so beautifully to truly place Bobby in that well-deserved spotlight.



What did Bobby have to say about his senior portrait session?

"I liked that it was quick and efficient. My favorite portraits were the ones at the track. I would advise others to choose more than one location, too."

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) class of 2022 cross country louisville high school photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Tue, 28 Dec 2021 21:05:39 GMT
Tips for Taking Flattering Pictures of Your Graduate Ahhh!!! The long-awaited graduation day! There is a very good chance that the day could become hectic. Getting everyone where they need to be when they need to be there in the proper attire is no easy feat. Nonetheless, it is so important that we remember the significance of this day. It is one of the days that we dream about when we hold our babies in our arms. We think about all of the challenges and accomplishments that have accumulated from kindergarten through high school. We marvel at the growth and maturity that has taken place in our graduates. We are both anxious and excited about the next steps they are ready to take. It is truly bittersweet. 

Louisville High School 2018 Graduation I have had the privilege of living this day twice as a mother of two talented and accomplished daughters. Both occasions procured many tears and the events seemed to flash before me with incomplete comprehension. When emotion combines with chaos, it is the pictures to which we cling. So, I hope that you will take lots of pictures and that you will use some of my tips to help your graduate look his or her best in these pictures.

My daughter Abby, Class of 2013

My daughter Victoria, Class of 2018

Taking Group Pictures

So many people will be bursting with pride for your graduate and capturing those loved ones in pictures with them will prove to be priceless in the future. When taking those group shots, think about layering your subjects with the graduate in the middle. Be sure to connect everyone where it looks appropriate. Vary heights and clothing patterns or colors to create interest and balance. Go for expression. The more people you have in the shot, the more "clicks" you will want to take in the hopes that one has everyone with their eyes open and a joyful smile. It isn't necessary to include legs and feet if coming in closer will allow you to appreciate those expressions more. Try to choose a background that isn't very busy but helps your subjects to stand out. Avoid backlighting if you don't have flash to compensate. Also, avoid direct sunlight as it will cast harsh shadows on the face and cause everyone to squint.

Madison's Kent Graduation 2020-5738Madison's Kent Graduation 2020-5738


Tips for Making the Gown More Flattering

The traditional cap and gown worn at graduation dates back to 12th century Europe, and have been iconic symbols of this special day. Let's be real... it is not the most flattering ensemble. Our graduates want to look their best on graduation day and that huge gown isn't exactly helpful. Even the most idealistic body type looks like the broad side of a barn in that robe. I have some strategies to help capture your graduate in pictures with the robe that they will actually love.


Leave the Gown Open

One easy tip is to simply unzip the gown and let it hang open. Doing so creates a vertical line from top to bottom and breaks up the solid expanse of material that appears larger than it is. When you can see the form of the body in that opening, the brain fills in the information that can't be seen behind the robe. The perception is one much closer to what the graduate really looks like.


Capture a Side View

Since the gown hangs straight down, a side view is much slimmer than from the front when the body is a flat plane facing the camera. Separating the feet can help to create a flattering silhouette.


Madison's Kent Graduation 2020-5907Madison's Kent Graduation 2020-5907

Twist, Bend, and Block

This tip may sound like a game, but these little tweaks can help a lot. Giving some shape to the body can help it to appear as a real body under that robe. Using something like the well-earned diploma to hold can break up the expanse of the robe. Make sure that the hands can be seen and are not covered by the robe. It can be unsettling to see the big sleeves with no hands peaking out. It reassures the mind that they are connected to the body under all of that material.



Hold the Robe Over the Shoulder

A great strategy for including the robe, but minimizing it, is to take it off and hold it over the shoulder. Now, we can see the cute outfit and that the graduate actually has a waist. I like taking the shot with the robe hanging off the far shoulder so that I see more of my graduate. 



Eliminate the Robe

Some graduates have additional regalia that identifies their accomplishments or positions held. Just featuring those items without the cap or gown can emphasize their significance and not overpower the graduate like the cap and gown tend to do.


Tips for Portraits with the Cap

Like the gown, the mortarboard is not the easiest thing to wear. It is cumbersome and does nothing to complement a hair style. It is, however, a place to connect that coveted tassel. 

Hold the Cap

One easy solution is to hold the cap rather than wear it. That gives the hands something to do. It is still part of the image but not interfering with the ability of the graduate to move and show expressions more freely.

Madison's Kent Graduation 2020-5962Madison's Kent Graduation 2020-5962

Position the Head so the Cap can Flatter the Face

For the pictures with the cap on, there are some subtle adjustments that can be made to create a more flattering look. It is all about the angles. First, think about the angle of the mortarboard. Be sure that you can see some of the under surface of the mortarboard. Those angles will actually help the shape of the face.

Secondly, be sure that the face is not tilted up too much. It is our tendency to lift our chin when we pose for pictures. That presents an angle to the camera that creates problems that aren't even there. A lifted chin causes our eyes to drop and the eyelids get lower making our eyes appear smaller than they really are. A high face angle makes our nostrils more visible and causes our neck to flow into our jawline with no definition. Instead, think about a long neck, push the face a little forward, and drop the chin a touch. This will open the eyes, minimize the nose, and create a nice jaw line. Madison above has mastered this!


Commemorate the Occasion with a Studio Portrait or Portrait Session

Another option is to capture the moment with a professional studio portrait or with a cap and gown session. The studio portrait can include variations of the regalia and utilize a variety of backdrops. A cap and gown session would be very similar to the senior portrait session but incorporate the cap and gown. These sessions are a great time to showcase the college sweatshirt or other apparel to proclaim their future plans. 

Whatever approach is taken or not taken with capturing pictures on graduation day, just be sure to enjoy every moment. Celebrate your graduate and surround yourselves with family and friends (in a Covid-friendly manner). Capture the posed and unposed pictures so that you get the whole sense of the day. And... don't forget to hop into a few pictures, yourself. You will really cherish those one day.

Congratulations Graduates!

Love and Smiles,








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Meet Kirstin | Louisville HS | Class of 2021 Kirstin is a Senior in the Class of 2021 at Louisville High School and her senior portrait session at Historic Zoar Village was beyond ideal. Not only did we create some stunning portraits that celebrate the true Kirstin, but we sure had fun doing it. Kirstin has quite the support network of family and all were part of the fun to make it happen. Between help with her beautiful dog and her fabulous wardrobe, everyone contributed to make the evening efficient and enjoyable. We started with portraits featuring her dog and moved on to capture more in the Village. How about those shoes? LOVE!!!





Kirstin is full of personality. Her friends would describe her as motivated, crazy and kind-hearted. She is involved in lifting and coaching gymnastics. Such a well-rounded senior certainly needed variety in her portraits, so we made a wardrobe change and captured some of the portraits below.



Kirstin loves being outside with her family and friends. Her favorite singer is Juice Wrld and her favorite book is Tuesdays with Morrie. These portraits below are also among her favorites and for good reason. They are fabulous!





After this wonderful set, we had another wardrobe change and headed to the garden. I loved the conservatory as a backdrop for this adorable outfit.





As we headed into our final set, we had that gorgeous golden hour sunlight to add some magic to our portraits. The results are breathtaking!




Kirstin pans to attend Baldwin Wallace where she will double major in allied health and exercise science. I'm so happy to know that she will be working with people because that bright personality and smile really must be shared. Kirstin, I know you are headed for much success and happiness, and I am excited to be here to cheer you on.

Love and Smiles,



What did Kirstin have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I love her sweet personality and she is always fun to be around. She makes you feel like the camera was made for you! I enjoyed having her so much! I loved how you could choose your spot, and she tried all types of poses!"




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Meet Sierra | Louisville HS | Class of 2021 I am so excited to get to feature Sierra, a Senior in the Class of 2021 at Louisville High School. Our senior portrait session at Zoar Historic Village had faced some obstacles including weather, but was so worth the wait! Sierra had some distinct visions for her portrait session, and I was totally on board. One of our objectives was to pay tribute to her grandfather whom she had lost to suicide. Her sweatshirt that she designed and the very special picture help to tell the story, but it is her expression and the pain in her eyes that bring the emotion to this portrait.


After focusing on such a meaningful purpose, we lightened things up a bit and found this great rustic setting to perfectly match Sierra's great sense of style. Sierra is a kind of "no nonsense" kind of girl, and can make a statement with very little fuss. I love that. Her friends would describe her as outgoing and intelligent. Both of these features make her so endearing.




I can't get enough of those eyes and those dimples. So, we decided to capture a few in the garden before we made a wardrobe change.


Sierra's next outfit really made those beautiful eyes pop. Those eyes are tuned in to see things in a clear, yet different way, as Sierra is into art. She also likes fishing and Texas Roadhouse. 




Sierra has a level of maturity and innate caring that stems from her close relationship with her mom. These two are practically twins, and getting a lovely portrait of them together was priceless.


After one more outfit change, we made our way to the covered bridge. I purposely timed our location change so that we could take advantage of the warm glow of sunlight. Sierra said that these are among her favorite portraits, and I must agree. Not to mention, this outfit is my favorite!




Sierra plans to use her talents to go to college to become a radiology technician. Sierra, any direction that life takes you will be rewarding as long as you bring your deep compassion and positive spirit. I wish you all good things and will be cheering you on with pride.

Love and Smiles,



What did Sierra have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she is amazing at what she does and made me feel very comfortable. I knew she would capture the best portraits. I loved all of the fun poses and beautiful scenery."

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Meet Alexis | Louisville HS | Class of 2021 Alexis is a senior in the class of 2021 at Louisville High School and her portrait session at Quail Hollow produced one amazing portrait after another. Just being around Alexis and her infectious smile makes you want to have fun. I knew that would be a recurring theme in our session together when I got to see her wardrobe options that she brought with her. We made use of them in the best way possible by choosing our locations carefully. Plus, we had Mom and two sisters along who were the best support team ever. Here are a few portraits from our very first set and it just kept getting better from here.




Oh, that hat! I love that hat on Alexis. It totally fits her personality. Her friends would describe her as kind, generous, and very funny. She may be quiet when you first meet Alexis, but getting to know her is rewarded by seeing her outgoing side. Alexis likes to hang out with friends, go shopping, get her nails done, and spend time with her family. After an outfit change and a trek to the field, we captured some of my all-time favorite portraits.




It isn't surprising that these are among Alexis' favorite portraits, too. Some other favorites for Alexis include movies... all comedy movies, specifically Adam Sandler movies. Her favorite TV show is One Tree Hill. Her favorite music artist right now is Morgan Wallen. Crab or homemade spaghetti are loved foods and Lululemon leggings are the most comfortable leggings of all time. Speaking of clothes, her next outfit was such a great choice for her coloring. I love this portrait!


Alexis is one of three girls in her family, and I had the pleasure of capturing a really special portrait with all three of them. I know that their mom's heart just swells with pride when she looks at these amazing girls. Having them all together and seeing their interactions makes me so happy.

Alexis-Kirby-Lsvl-2021-2-5027Alexis-Kirby-Lsvl-2021-2-5027 As we made another outfit change, we noticed the magical angle of the sun and created some lovely backlit portraits with that warm glow. We also let a little more of Alexis' personality shine through. It is certainly not all fun and games for Alexis. She may technically be a senior at Louisville High School, but she is actually a full-time student at Stark State through the College Credit Plus program. As one might expect from Alexis, she is also involved in Key Club and National Honor Society.



We finished up our session with just one more outfit as the sun was quickly leaving the sky. Her sisters even jumped into action to help with hair. The rich earthy colors are so gorgeous here.




Alexis is currently deciding between Bowling Green State University,  Ashland University, and The Ohio State University where she plans to major in marketing with a focus in fashion. Alexis will most definitely be embraced wherever she goes, and I wish her all the best as she moves on to this next exciting chapter of her life.

Love and Smiles,



What did Alexis have to say about her senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography for my senior portraits because last year she did one of my sister’s senior photos and when she got them back I knew that’s who I wanted my senior photos done by! What I liked about my session was that when I had an idea for my photos, Laura could take that idea and bring it to life! I also loved how right off the start we had the same ideas and wasted no time!! We were definitely successful in making my session special and unique! I felt like if I had an idea, Laura knew exactly what to do! The photos are very good and they are all so unique in their own way!


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Meet Anne | GlenOak HS | Class of 2021 This talented and vibrant young lady is Anne who is a high school senior in the Class of 2021 at Glenoak High School.  Having worked with Anne's older sister in the past, I was super excited for Anne's session. We decided to meet at the Canton Garden Center where we started our session together. Knowing that our goals included featuring Anne's dedication to dance, we jumped right in and started creating beautiful portraits immediately. Seeing that bright smile told me that I was in for a really fun session.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1--4Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1--4 Anne is described by her friends as funny, nice, caring and one who looks out for others. Our time together illustrated the accuracy of those descriptors. Anne is a big fan of Star Wars with a particular affinity for Chewbacca. She likes to listen to AJR and Location is her favorite song. Steak is a preferred meal and SMOKE the Burger Joint rates high as a place to dine. Some favorite places to shop include Aerie and Box Lunch.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1-7142Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1-7142 We certainly captured variety as Anne brought such a great assortment of outfits to offer very different looks. She is a busy girl. Her involvement includes the Glenoak High School Colorguard/Dance Team, the Glenoak High School Dance Program, and the Teaching Foundation. In addition to dance, her creativity extends to arts and crafts. She enjoys outside activities and bike riding, as well. So, her portraits needed to be as diverse as she is.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2--5Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2--5 After many portraits were successfully captured, we changed things up to focus on her dance. Apparently dancing is part of the family, as we had created dance portraits for Anne's older sister during her senior portrait session. But, Anne is not her older sister, so it was important that her dance portraits be unique to Anne. Obviously, much dedication and discipline are required for Anne to achieve her level of dance, but Anne's approach is a little more carefree in its expression. That was much of our inspiration as we moved forward.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7277Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7277 We did have to let loose and have some fun with these. I love the personality coming through!


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7252Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7252 Being in high school during the corona virus pandemic means missing out on many things, including prom. So, we made sure that we at least included the dress in a big way. I think that Anne looks absolutely stunning in this color, and the movement in the skirt was fabulous. Here are just a few of the many great portraits of beautiful Anne in her dress.




Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-4--14Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-4--14 Getting back to dance— Anne's dance style feels full of energy and life yet elegant and purposeful. The dance outfit that you see below inspired some really fun portraits.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7501Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7501 As we were nearing the end of our portrait session together, we just decided to pull out all of the stops and see what we could do. When you get someone as flexible as Anne, you bend and snap. Well, Anne bends and I snap.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7517Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7517 Yes, we were getting a bit slap-happy, but we had fun.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5--4Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5--4 Anne would like to attend California University of Pennsylvania to pursue a degree in education. She would like to teach math to 3rd through 12th graders. Anne, I so appreciate you and all that you brought to the session. You and your positive energy will be such a blessing to so many in your future. Best wishes to you as you live it to the fullest.

Love and Smiles,



What did Anne have to say about her senior portrait session?

I liked that my senior portrait session was really fun and very comfortable! She always helped to get a smile on my face! The prom dress photos were a lot of fun and it was so amazing in pictures. I also love the red body suit and white tutu part of the session. I had a great time and she made my session special to me and unique to me and different than my sister's but just as great!


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Meet Josh | Louisville HS | Class of 2021 Josh is a senior in the Class of 2021 at Louisville High School and we tailored a senior portrait session to perfectly capture this amazing young man. Along with an interest in video games, Josh is into history and politics. So, the Canton McKinley Monument was the perfect location for us to start his senior portrait session. These are a couple of our very first portraits that we captured.


Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-1--3Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-1--3 The portrait below of Josh with his book is one of his favorites. I remember his Mom making the comment that it looks most like how they typically see him. This might be why Josh thinks that others see him as boring, but that certainly can't be the case when you learn about some of his favorites.  When it comes to movies, Josh likes Animal House, National Lampoons Vacation, and Superbad. Some of his favorite reads would include Rober Middlekauff's The Glorious Cause and Emend Burke's Reflection on the Revolution in France. I think that his perceived association with boredom has less to do with a lack of excitement and more to do with intellectual compatibility. 

Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-1--17Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-1--17 Josh has great eclectic musical tastes. He typically listens to classic rock from the 50's to the 80's.  Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty are two stand-outs.  He also listens to some outlaw country, folk, metal, and even classical music. With his talent on guitar, Josh draws inspiration from the Great Johnny Cash. That was our inspiration for some of the portraits that you see below.



Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-2-3535Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-2-3535 In addition to a wardrobe change, we also made a location change. The campus of the University of Mount Union was an appropriate choice because Josh plans to graduate from Mount Union with a major in History and a minor in AYA education. He will work in education while working to obtain a PhD and eventually become a university professor.

Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-3-3572Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-3-3572 Josh's aspirations and intellectual interests certainly set him apart in an impressive way, but his personality couldn't be more grounded. He absolutely loves a good cheeseburger. He could eat burgers for every meal for the rest of his life and not complain. Although he spends his summers working a landscaping job, Josh doesn't really care to shop to spend his hard-earned money. If he is in the market to make a purchase, he will look for "whatever has the most monetary value and moral values."


Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-3-3607Josh-Yarnell-Lsvl-2021-3-3607 As you can see, working with Josh and his senior portraits brought me so much joy. I know that Josh is going to continue to be a source of joy to whomever will be lucky enough to cross his path. Josh, I wish you all good things as you embark on this next phase of your journey. Not even the sky is the limit for you.

Love and Smiles,



What did Josh have to say about his senior portrait session?

"Laura has a true passion for photography that is obvious as soon as the first pictures are taken. Very enjoyable time for someone who usually isn't a fan of getting their picture taken. "

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Meet Olivia | Glenoak HS | Class of 2021 It was imperative to create a one-of-a-kind session for this one-of-a-kind senior, Olivia, who is in the class of 2021 at Glenoak High School.  Olivia, who also goes by Liv, would be described by her friends as friendly, caring, and bold.  To clarify, Olivia's bold is the type that allows her to bring rejuvenation and life to any situation.  She is the one who might help you to see things in a new way, or to bring interest to the mundane.  She has a way of seeing a big picture outside of herself in a very down-to-earth kind of way.  Her inspired energy was infused in every portrait that made me love them even more.  Our first set of portraits at the Canton Garden Center include her adorable dog and this was certainly a fun way to start.




As much as I adore those portraits, I really did love some of the others that we captured of just Olivia in this outfit.





As you can see, we really were having a good time.  That continued as we made an outfit change and opted for a carefree look in this adorable dress.  Those bare feet just begged to be in water, and I knew Olivia would be up for anything.  She loves the outdoors and loves to try new things, so asking her to wade in the stream just seemed like the thing to do.  The results were fabulous!





Upon our emergence from the water, Olivia spotted a rock that was calling her name, and it happened to have the most gorgeous background.  That is where our fun continued.  Along with cooking as a hobby, Olivia loves taking care of her plants and fish.  So, all of this just seemed to fit together.



These portraits above are among Olivia's favorites.  Some other favorites would include that she is a fan of the music groups Khruangbin and Glass Animals along with the movie Nacho Libre.  She absolutely loves Indian food and feels that Bombay Sitar is the best Indian restaurant in Ohio.  

Since we had another portrait session destination in our plan, we decided to leave Canton Garden Center and move on to the Veteran's Memorial Park near Glenoak High School.  Along with an outfit change, we created a whole new look.  




Olivia is part of the Sports Medicine Career Tech Program at Glenoak High School and she absolutely loves it.  Being part of the Sports Medicine Team that offers service at the Glenoak sporting events was such a significant aspect of her high school career, that we really needed to capture it in a special way.  Using the Glenoak Stadium as our setting for these portraits seemed appropriate.  I think these images have special meaning to Olivia because they embody something that is such a part of who she is.





With this education, experience and passion, Olivia would like to get a certificate through the AMCA and work somewhere in the health care field temporarily until she is more clear about her long-term goals.  Whatever those goals might be, I know that Olivia will follow her heart and that her commitment and passion will make her a success.  Olivia, it is so inspiring just to be with you.  I loved all of your energy that you brought to the session and that I had the opportunity to engage with you.  I wish you all good things as you move on to your next adventure.

Love and Smiles,



What did Olivia have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I loved how Laura went with my ideas and visions I had.  I liked how she modified things and suggested poses to have the best image.  I loved that it was unique to me.  I think Laura is wonderful at what she does."

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Meet Ava | NC Hoover HS | Class of 2021 Today's blog post takes us back to Quail Hollow Park in Hartville where I got to work with Ava, a senior in the class of 2021 at North Canton Hoover High School.  I was so excited for Ava's senior portrait session because I already had a sense of her style and the direction we were headed for her portraits.  When she arrived and we worked out our plan for the evening with regard to outfits and locations, I knew we were in for some fabulous outcomes.  We wasted no time getting started and embraced this lovely fall look.




Ava's friends would describe her as funny, kind-hearted, easy-going, personable, independent, outgoing, and caring.  I felt all of that in our short time together and I think it really came out in our next set of portraits.  After changing into the next outfit that we had chosen, we headed to the field because I knew that the sun was at the desired angle for these shots.  Oh my goodness, did we have fun out there!





I think that we could have spent all evening in the field, but we had more outfits and more locations in mind.  Those field portraits were among her favorites, but Ava had many favorites that make her so fun.  She likes all types of music, including Country, Indie, R&B and Classic Rock.  She prefers TV shows over movies, and some particular favorites include One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and The Office.  She loves sushi, fruit, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Chinese, Greek and salads.  Some stores of interest are Shein, Aerie, American Eagle, Gymshark, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Brandy Melville.  But, we were out to create more favorite portraits, so here is how we made use of the garden.




Ava has a great variety of interest.  She likes learning Greek which is part of her heritage.  She is also involved in learning American Sign Language and the medical program at North Canton Hoover High School.  Since we wanted to get variety in her portraits, we made another outfit change and captured some great backlit portraits in a new setting.






We were starting to lose light, but we had one more outfit that we wanted to work into the portrait session, so we made the change and headed to a new area of the park.  This look is just beautiful on Ava, too!


Ava plans to attend Kent State Stark for one or two years before transferring to the Kent Main Campus in the nursing program.  She would like to get her BSN to become a nurse practitioner.  Her plan is to travel for a couple of months once she gets her RN license so that she can take her BSN classes on line.  Ava, your sense of adventure and beautiful heart are such a great combination that will serve you and those around you so well.  I wish you all good things as you embark on this exciting new chapter.  

Love and Smiles,



What did Ava have to say about her senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I liked the quality of the photos and the different setting of places to take the pictures.  I loved the scenes and different outfits I chose so that I was able to express myself and was able to do my own thing.  I really enjoyed my session and Laura was very flexible with everything I wanted.

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Meet Chloe | Glenoak HS | Class of 2021 This adorable senior from Glenoak High School in the Class of 2021 is Chloe, and she had a perfectly suited portrait session at Quail Hollow Park in Harville.  As soon as we found each other at the park and shared a warm greeting, we dove into her wardrobe and made a plan for our session together.  I could tell that I was in for a treat with those beautiful eyes and sparkly smile.  We certainly wasted no time getting down to business and capturing fabulous portraits.


Chloe-Lindsey-GO-2021-1-0272Chloe-Lindsey-GO-2021-1-0272 After a proper warm-up in the garden, we decided to use the porch area of the Manor House because I knew that this baby blue would absolutely pop against that white background.  These ended up being some of Chloe's favorite portraits.



Chloe-Lindsey-GO-2021-1-0359Chloe-Lindsey-GO-2021-1-0359 Based on the position of the sun, we knew that we wanted to make our way into the field, next.  After an outfit change, we made our way into the tall grasses.  It is no surprise that Chloe's friends would describe her as being funny, sweet and kind.  I wanted to capture that in her portraits and I think the ones in the field were especially effective at doing so.





After so much success in the field and knowing how much Chloe liked this outfit, we decided to capture more portraits around the Manor House again.  She loved that white background, and so did I.  So, we felt compelled to return for a few more.  It is true that the field and porch portraits are Chloe's favorites, and some other favorites include watching Mamma Mia, Vampire Diaries, and listening to Harry Styles.  A favorite food is her mom's lemon chicken and she likes to shop at Pacsun.



We were ready to change things up a bit, so Chloe made a wardrobe change and we headed back to the garden area for a little more variety.  These few examples show just how much fun I was having.  Chloe is just stunning!




Chloe is a busy senior.  She is involved in choir and National Honor Society.  She is also dedicated to basketball and has been a contributor to her High School Basketball Team through some very successful seasons.  It was important to capture that, and, of course, we got a little creative.





Chloe plans to attend The Ohio State University after graduation where she will have ample opportunities to share her warm personality and many talents.  Chloe, you were an absolute joy to work with and have in front of my camera.  I wish you all good things as you finish out your year and move on to the next chapter.  

Love and Smiles,



What did Chloe have to say about her senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I loved her photos.  I liked that it was fun and she made me feel comfortable.  The session was unique to me and it was great!

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Meet Abby | Louisville HS | Class of 2021 Abigail (Abby) is a senior in the class of 2021 at Louisville High School and brings with her a multitude of talents and interests to ensure a very engaging portrait session.  Add to that her sweet and fun personality, and we are really in for something special.  That is exactly what we got!  We decided to hold her portrait session in Historic Zoar Village and found a great variety of inspiration.  The images below are a testament to how well we hit the ground running.  




We even received some encouragement from passersby in vehicles on the street.  That hilarious incident inspired this smile (laugh) that you see here.


After such a successful set, we decided that we were ready for an outfit change and a short drive to the bridge.  This is where we captured some of Abby's favorite portraits.  You see, along with her interests in band and riding horses, Abby also loves playing with her dogs.  Abby's dad was kind enough to bring Mya to the session so that she could take part in the fun, too.


Abby's friends would describe her as being caring, a good listener, loyal, friendly and funny.  I wanted to be sure that all of these qualities had a chance to shine through in her portraits.  




I think that we could have stayed at the bridge all day, but we knew that we wanted to use the beautiful garden as a setting, too.  So, we headed back to the Historic Village and made another outfit change.  Speaking of outfits, I just love Abby's style.  As it turns out, she likes making selections from Shein or American Eagle.  She also likes grilled cheese and the movies Titanic and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  She is very active in band, as you will see later in the blog, as well as Hope Squad and National Honors Society.  As if that isn't enough, she is dedicated to her projects each year in 4-H.



As you can see, I so often spot another setting that I want to use and we get a little side-tracked.  I soooo loved this outfit and knew it would look fabulous on these steps.  I look at these and think, "this is just so Abby."

Okay, so now we are really going to the garden.  I just love the outfit that we saved for this spot.  The sun was hitting that gorgeous glowing angle and everything just kind of fell into place.  Well.... we did plan for it to fall into place.  We were just happy that it worked!




So, I already mentioned that Abby is dedicated to the Louisville High School Marching Band.  Well, I did not mention that she happens to be one of the drum majors.  Achieving this position is quite an accomplishment and we absolutely had to capture that!



As you can see, Abby is an absolute pleasure and I so enjoyed our time together.  She plans to go to Kent State to study psychology.  I know that any direction that life takes Abby, it will be special, indeed.  Abby, I wish you all good things and will be your biggest cheerleader as you move on to your next chapters in life.

Love and Smiles,



What did Abby have to say about her portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I really liked the portraits that Laura had completed before and I heard a lot of great things about others' sessions with her.  Normally, I don't like getting my picture taken, but Laura made it very fun and enjoyable.   Some of my favorite portraits were the ones I could take with my dog, and ones and in the garden, and the ones on the bridge.  I had a great time and love my pictures!"


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Meet Genevieve | Jackson HS | Class of 2021 My session with Genevieve, a senior in the Class of 2021 at Jackson High School, was held at Varian Orchards in East Canton which offered the perfect variety of settings to complement this dynamic young lady.  Just as the orchards are full of life and vibrance, so is Genevieve.  The weather wasn't exactly cooperative when we first arrived, so we improvised and made some inside spaces work.  These are some results of that situation, and it was most definitely a blessing.



Fortunately, the conditions improved and we made our way outside.  True to Genevieve's adventurous style, we incorporated her hat for some of my favorites.  Oh, those gorgeous eyes!  


Genevieve-Smith-Jksn-2021-1-5594Genevieve-Smith-Jksn-2021-1-5594 And now, for the vintage look.  Could her outfit be any more perfect for this rustic truck?  We really worked a variety of angles here because I truly loved everything I saw.  Sooooo fun!




I absolutely love it when my Senior comes with a vision, and that is what Genevieve did as her family found and brought this great chair to incorporate into the session.  As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly where I wanted to use it.  Add the hat, and we have something really special!  These are among Genevieve's favorite portraits, and I have to agree.





And, you can't go to an orchard without playing in the trees.


So, let's share a little more about Genevieve and then we will see why these next portraits are so appropriate.  She runs track, but loves to hang out with her friends and is always up for trying something new.  She loves hiking, taking pictures, boating, and anything else that might be exciting.  She is quite the country music fan and especially loves attending concerts at Blossom and going to Country Fest in the summer.  Her friends describe her as upbeat, always in a good mood, open-minded, and down for anything.  So..... when I suggest that she sit in the weeds and get in the water for some of her portraits, she didn't hesitate one minute.  And, yes, the results were fabulous!





Sadly, we were losing daylight, but we still had one more outfit to go.  I just loved the variety that Genevieve brought to the session.  She loves to shop at Dry Goods along with Lululemon and Levi's jeans.  Fortunately, we found some settings to make this work, and even took advantage of the evening sky for a dramatic look.  





Genevieve plans to attend Akron University or Kent State University for the first two years to complete her associates degree.  Then, she will be going to the Salem branch of Kent State University to become a radiologist or X-ray technician.  Genevieve, you are going to bring so much life and energy wherever you go. I am so thrilled that I got to capture you at this stage in your life because you are obviously going places.  I will be cheering you on every step of the way.  Best wishes to you!

Love and Smiles,



What did Genevieve have to say about her senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because my brother got his done by her and I really liked the way they turned out which was a great decision because she is so nice, upbeat, comforting, and overall just made the experience great and made me feel comfortable.  She knew exactly what angles to get to make me glow and look the way I did.  All the pictures came out great and she always had a good eye for placement and light.  Everything went great and overall was a really fun time.  I couldn't imagine it going any better than it did.



(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2021 Jackson Jackson High School Jackson HS photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Varian Orchards Fri, 05 Feb 2021 16:37:36 GMT
Meet David | Louisville HS | Class of 2021 Talent and intelligence come to mind when discussing David, a Senior in the Class of 2021 at Louisville High School, and his portrait session certainly highlighted those attributes.  We felt that the Canton McKinley Monument and park would be an appropriate setting for David's portraits since his interests include politics, geography, history, science, and linguistics.  



David is very active and successful in Speech and Debate.  He has been a qualifier at many levels and we wanted to show off the t-shirt to highlight those accomplishments.


Another defining activity for David has been his dedication to the Louisville Marching Band.  He is one of the few band members in the history of the Louisville High School Marching Band to have worn both the traditional and new uniforms.  We got a little creative as we wanted to pay tribute to both.  We also wanted to honor the band tradition that exists in the family by including his mom in the uniform style that she wore as a band member.




David's talents certainly don't end there.  We need to add tennis to the list, and we certainly captured that, as well.




The next segment of our session together focused on David's interest in politics, history, and participating in government.  Doesn't he just fit the part perfectly?




David's favorite book is Unbroken and he likes rock music, specifically Bon Jovi.  He likes home-cooked meals best.  After graduating, he plans to attend Marietta College where I am sure he will be using his many talents.

David, it was such a pleasure to get to work with you and to highlight you in your senior portraits.  I know we will be seeing great things from you.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I will be cheering you on as you go.

Love and Smiles,


What did David have to say about his senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I knew her from school and saw some of the senior portraits she had done before.  My favorite ones are the ones taken at the McKinley Monument.  The session was really about me.



(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) band Class of 2021 Louisville High School photography portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Speech and Debate tennis Wed, 03 Feb 2021 21:24:56 GMT
Meet Jocelyn | Glenoak HS | Class of 2021 I'm very excited to share the details of my fabulous senior portrait session with Jocelyn, a Senior in the Class of 2021 at Glenoak High School.  I remembered Jocelyn from having taken her older brother's senior portraits many years ago, and I was anxious to see the young lady she had grown up to become.  I was also pretty pumped about the opportunity to hold the first part of our session at the Onesto in Downtown Canton.  Thanks to the family's connections, we were able to start our session there.  




As you can see, Jocelyn has most definitely grown into a beautiful young lady, and is absolutely as sweet as they come.  She brought the PERFECT ensemble for this upscale setting, and we certainly made the most of it!  But, her next outfit was the favorite for both of us.  We just couldn't stop finding new places and poses that were so perfect.  It was soooo much fun!




For our next segment of the session, we made an outfit change and moved our operation outside.  This family had done their homework and had some murals in mind.  These murals are so colorful and fun, much like Jocelyn.  Fittingly, her friends would describe her as outgoing.  She likes watching original Netflix series and listening to all kinds of music.  She likes to shop at Pacsun, American Eagle, and Target.  She loves mac n cheese, and her favorite restaurant is BJ's Brewhouse.  So, a girl this vibrant and full of life needed a setting to match, and we certainly found it!




Jocelyn has a serious and focused side, as well.  She plans to attend Marietta College in the fall to major in biology.   So, for our next set of portraits, we took little more formal approach.  Of course, she nailed all of these looks, too.




We can't talk about Jocelyn without mentioning her dedication and accomplishments in cross-country and track and field.  We appropriately made the trip to Glenoak Stadium so that we could have the proper setting for these portraits.  The sun was low which made for a more interesting sky that we obviously made work to our advantage.





Thank you, Jocelyn, for sharing your world with me and allowing me to capture all of your awesomeness in portraits.  I wish you much happiness and success at Marietta where I know you will shine brightly.  

Love and Smiles,


What did Jocelyn have to say about her senior portrait session?

Laura Esposito Photography did my older brother's senior portraits, and my parents loved his pictures, so they knew that was exactly who needed to do mine!  My session was very fun.  I felt comfortable, and ti was very easy going!  I loved being at the Onesto in Downtown Canton and so many pretty locations.  My favorite outfit was my striped jumpsuit!  I felt that my session was very unique to me.  It was great, I wouldn't change a thing!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2021 cross-country Downtown Canton Glenoak Glenoak High School Onesto photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits track Tue, 02 Feb 2021 21:13:35 GMT
Meet Kierstin | NC Hoover HS | Class of 2021 Kierstin, at senior in the Class of 2021 at North Canton Hoover High School, is the feature of today's blog post.  She came prepared for a successful senior portrait session and that was certainly the outcome.  We had so much fun and created some gorgeous portraits.  After meeting up in the parking lot of Gervasi Vineyard, we reviewed her fabulous wardrobe and choreographed our evening.  There was no easing into the process for Kierstin.  She was ready to go and we started creating some masterpieces from the start!



Kierstin, who may also go by Kieri, finds joy and success in a variety of areas.  She has been active in volleyball at both the JV and varsity levels.  He is into make-up techniques, fashion, and thrifting, as well as animals (preferably dogs).  So, shopping at Uptown Cheapskate, Shein, and Amazon are some of her favorites.  Friends describe her as outgoing, fun, helpful and smart.  These are some of the qualities that we wanted so show in her portraits.  So, our next wardrobe change into the breezy white cotton sundress lent itself well to the setting around the vineyard and pavilion.  




We were having so much fun with this segment of the session that we continued on around the pond and archway. Kierstin's mom and dad were great help and certainly added to our fun.  I remember Kierstin actually seeming surprised to see how beautiful her portraits were looking on the back of the camera.  How do you stop when it is going so well?  


Kierstin-Norris-Hoover-2021-2-4661Kierstin-Norris-Hoover-2021-2-4661 It was time for another outfit change and this one certainly had more of a modern flair.  What a great look, for Kierstin!  We found endless possibilities for portraits and let our creativity loose with some great results.




Kierstin, I wish you all the best with you plans to attend Kent State University to major in Psychology.  May you continue to share your light wherever you go.  I always love getting to work with your lovely family.  I so appreciate you and will be anxious to cheer you on as you move on to bigger and better things.

Love and Smiles,


What did Kierstin have to say about her portrait session?

During my session, I liked the location, the ease of poses, and all of the encouragement and compliments along the way. My session was absolutely special and unique to me.  I will always send my friends your way for their portrait sessions.   







(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) class of 2021 gervasi vineyard hoover hoover high school hoover vikings north canton hoover photography portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Mon, 01 Feb 2021 21:28:21 GMT
Meet Megan | NC Hoover HS | Class of 2021 Megan is a senior in the Class of 2021 at North Canton Hoover High School and she certainly made her senior portrait session her own.  We captured so many details to capture all sides of Megan in her portraits.  Upon meeting each other on the University of Mount Union Campus in Alliance, we reviewed the outfits and props and goals for the session.  That is when I knew that this was going to be fabulous.  We start with a touching portrait of Megan holding a picture of herself holding a picture of herself.  This is just priceless!


Our next set of portraits allowed us to highlight something very near and dear to Megan's heart.  Megan has danced for about 14 years, so it has been a big part of her life.  She brought her Canton Jazz Company hoodie so that she could incorporate this.  Some actual dance pictures will happen later in the session.


Megan is currently Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper, The Viking Views.  In previous years, she was a copy editor and business manager.  We found a way to include these important roles in her portraits, as well.  As if dance and the newspaper aren't enough to keep her busy, she is also in French Club, Student Council, Link Crew, Garden Club, Bipartisan Club, and Chess Club.


Megan's friends would describe her as caring and friendly, as well as super outgoing once they get to know her.  Her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice.  Niall Horan, as well as the rest of the members from One Direction are favorite music artists.  Whenever there is a break from school, Megan will read at least one book from the series The Selection.  As you can see, Megan is a multidimensional young lady.  So, capturing multiple sides of Megan was certainly our priority.  I think that we accomplished our goal!

Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-1--6Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-1--6 Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-2-9460Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-2-9460
















Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-2-9470Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-2-9470 Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-2-9480Megan-Miller-NCHoover-2021-2-9480
















In our conversations leading up to the session, I learned that Megan loves the rain.  We talked about ways to make that part of the session and they were able to find this adorable umbrella which was the source of a lot of fun!



After another wardrobe change, we decided to lose the umbrella and focus on some flowers for inspiration.  It really didn't matter where I placed Megan, she graced the setting and created beautiful portraits!  These are actually among her favorites.




After a short drive down the road to Glamorgan Castle and an outfit change, we found some new inspiration.  I knew this lovely flowered dress would stand out beautifully at the castle, and we were not disappointed.



And now... it was time to bring out the tutu!  I am always amazed at the dedication and discipline that dancers are willing to dedicate to their craft.  The results amaze me, too!  





Megan, I just love who you are and everything about your session.  So much thought went into every segment which is why your session is so totally you!  The results are so lovely as a reflection of you, indeed.  Your love of math and plans to major in math to become a math teacher are so admirable.  I wish you all the best and will be cheering you on!

Love and Smiles,



What did Megan have to say about her senior portrait session?

I loved how natural the whole experience felt.  Nothing felt forced, and I think the portraits really capture that!  I think the portraits all really capture who I am and how I was feeling during the session.  I absolutely love all of them!


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2021 high school Hoover Hoover High School NC Hoover High School photographer portrait photographer Portrait Session portraits senior Senior Pics Senior Portrait Session Fri, 29 Jan 2021 16:14:12 GMT
Meet Kennedy | Canton Central Catholic HS | Class of 2021 We get to focus on Kennedy, a senior in the class of 2021 at Central Catholic High School, and there is soooo much to share!  Kennedy and her mom had invested much time in preparation for her session, so I knew that we had much to accomplish in our time together.  As we looked through Kennedy's adorable outfits and discussed our various settings, we choreographed our evening to be as efficient as possible.  Our session location of Zoar Historic Village was absolutely perfect to find the variety we were after.  

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--3Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--3 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--7Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--7 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--9Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--9



Kennedy and I jumped right in, and I knew immediately that we would be having a lot of fun together and capturing some amazing portraits!  Her captivating smile and zest for fun brought her portraits to life.  Devising makeup and hair creations are among Kennedy's hobbies, so her sense of style is spot on.  Kennedy will be taking the state board to get her cosmetology license upon graduation.  She plans to work at a salon helping people to look and feel beautiful.  I think she is going to be a huge success!    


The fun certainly continued as we moved on to the covered bridge.  These are among Kennedy's favorite portraits.  That beautiful lace jacket had such great movement making the action shots engaging.  Including her adorable puppy made me so happy.  OMG... Melt my heart!

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--3Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--3 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--6Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--6 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3736Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3736


Kennedy says that her friends would describe her as sassy, outspoken, energetic and fun.  I think that all of those qualities are showing up in her portraits.  I still wanted to portray another side to her with this rustic moodier setting.  Of course, Kennedy gave the perfect expression to get exactly what I was after.


Then, we were off to the garden.  If you have never visited the Historic Garden in the Village of Zoar, you are missing out!  The gardeners must work really hard to maintain such an exquisite display.  Kennedy and I took full advantage of its beauty to create some gorgeous portraits.  What a perfect complement to Kennedy's beauty.  That floppy hat was such a great prop for this setting.

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3850Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3850 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3843Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3843 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3862Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3862

Kennedy is involved in speech and debate, as well as cheerleading.  Some of her favorite ways to spend her free time include watching Riverdale, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries, and listening to Ariana Grande.  If it is money to spend, then Sephora, Ulta, and Versona would be top picks.  Throw in Texas Roadhouse as the restaurant and Kennedy is set.


Despite the setting sun, Kennedy had one last outfit that we wanted to squeeze in, so I worked my magic with lighting and we made these happen.  I like the contrast with the feel of what we had previously captured.  We had a little 70's vibe going as we were channeling Farrah Fawcett.  Hello cheekbones! 

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4-Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4- Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--4Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--4 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--6Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--6

Kennedy, it was such a pleasure to get to know you and to work with you and your mom to create some gorgeous portraits!  I'm sure your puppy is much bigger now and that you are getting even more prepared for your future in cosmetology.  You will be such a wonderful catalyst for those hoping to find their beauty.  I wish you all the best and will always be cheering you on.

Love and Smiles,


What did Kennedy have to say about her portrait session?

Because Laura gave information and suggestions on everything from colors and locations, it made preparing fro the session so much easier.  Laura's willingness to go where we wanted and excitement over ideas made the session so fun!  She took our dreams to the next level!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Central Catholic Class of 2021 photography portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Zoar Historic Village Tue, 26 Jan 2021 15:56:25 GMT
Meet Mackenzie | Tusky Valley HS | Class of 2021 It is time to focus on Mackenzie, a senior in the class of 2021 at Tusky Valley High School.  I knew this session would be a special one because it was important for Mackenzie to hold the session at her home which is the place that she loves most and with the people she loves most.  It is so complete when we can make it a family affair.  Holding the session at her home was fabulous for me, too.  I love getting to find new creativity in a new space.  The best part was that her "home" includes all of the wonderful elements that you could want in your portrait settings.  

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1-Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1- Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--2Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--2

















The portraits above feature the adorable Gibbs and Smiley.  These are among Mackenzie's favorite portraits.  We planned the first portrait with Gibbs, but Smiley decided he didn't want to miss the fun and literally photobombed the second picture.  We were all laughing so hard that it made for a great impromptu capture. Any portrait that is tied to a good memory becomes priceless!
Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--7Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--7 Mackenzie's home literally feels like a playground.  This is one of my favorite portraits by the tree swing with that gorgeous wooded area behind.  What wonderful memories have been recorded in this space.  For Mackenzie, "spending time making memories with my family and friends is really important to me.  It can be a simple campfire or a vacation.  What matters most to me is spending quality time with the people I care about."  That just melts my heart.  No wonder I warmed up to Mackenzie so quickly.

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--3Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--3 Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--5Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--5

















These relaxed shots of Mackenzie are especially comfortable because they were taken around her Grandmother's front porch.  Having Grandma "Ninnie" residing in another area of the property must have its perks!  After all, Ninnie is the one responsible for Mackenzie's nickname of "Hollywood."  Mackenzie explains that her mom had a difficult pregnancy so when Mackenzie was born, Ninnie said she was a star... hence the name Hollywood.  I love it!

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4-Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4- Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--15Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--15 Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--13Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--13 Capturing more portraits of Mackenzie was so fun because of the comical banter between her and her family.  Mackenzie shared that her friends call her "Momma Roberts" because she is always taking care of everyone in the group.  She loves to plan and make sure everyone feels included.  You may be wondering why I would include a portrait with the expression like you see in the third image above.  Well, here are Mackenzie's words: "I can't forget that anyone who knows me also will tell you that I am the queen of the "resting bitch face!"  That became a running joke during the session and I had to capture it for her.

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4--7Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4--7 Mackenzie is also an accomplished varsity volleyball player as a defensive specialist.  She really loves a good scary movie.  However, it isn't unusual to find her crying at the happy and sad parts of any movie.  She enjoys country music and her favorite books are Code Talker and Running Dream.  She loves going with her friends to wing night at Hog Heaven.  Texas Roadhouse and El Campesino are favorites, as well.  

Another fun fact about Mackenzie is that she is obsessed with buying bathing suits.  She has started quite the collection.  She particularly likes Amazon.  "You can find all of your dreams there!"  After graduation from high school, she plans to be attending college to pursue a career in the medical field.

Mackenzie truly embraced the idea that I always promote for my senior portrait sessions... to KEEP IT SIMPLE - MAKE IT FUN - and - LOVE YOUR LOOK.  Mackenzie, I am so happy to know you and your family and that you are now part of my circle.  I love how you embrace life, keep it real, and remember what matters.  Best wishes to you in all endeavors.  

Love and Smiles,


What did Mackenzie have to say about her portrait session?

"I loved that I was able to make the experience exactly what I wanted.  It was so awesome to be able to have the session at my house - capturing the place I love the most - home!  I really love the portraits by my pond.  My dog Gibbs and the photo bomb by Smiley make me smile every time I look at them.   I was surprised at how fast the time flew by in the session.  Taking pictures is not something I enjoy, however, you made me feel relaxed and extremely comfortable."

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) class of 2021 photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Tusky Valley Mon, 25 Jan 2021 19:15:03 GMT
Meet Ryan | Louisville HS | Class of 2021 Ryan, a senior in the Class of 2021 at Louisville High School, is the feature of the blog, today.   Ryan's session had a lot of variety as we visited Silver Park, Glamorgan Castle and the tennis courts of Louisville High School.  A more appropriate location might have a chemistry lab since that is his passion.  Truly, chemistry is all around us in every environment, so it really didn't matter..... that stuff that has mass and volume.  LOL  (I'm sure Ryan will get this and maybe think I'm funny.)

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-1--4Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-1--4 As you can see from these portraits with that easy smile, Ryan is about as easy-going as they come.  Thank goodness for that, because he is a busy guy.  He is involved in Tennis, National Honor Society, Science Club, Key Club and volunteers at the Louisville Community Cupboard.  This all fits with the words that Ryan's friends would use to describe him.... smart, trustworthy and nice.  

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-2--6Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-2--6 After capturing several great portraits at Silver Park, we moved on down the street to Glamorgan Castle for a different look.  These distinguished looks fit well with Ryan's plans to attend the Ohio State University, Ohio University or University of Toledo to major in chemical engineering.  Ryan isn't afraid of a challenge.  In addition to the expected affinity for war movies and metal music, books about chemistry rank right up there in the favorites category.  Some other favorites for Ryan include steak and shopping on eBay.

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-3--9Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-3--9 The Glamorgan Castle served as a perfect backdrop for the pink polo shirt and he certainly pulls this off in an impressive way.  This was part of our last set at the Castle before we moved on to the tennis courts at Louisville High School. 

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-4--6Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-4--6 By the time we got to the tennis courts, the sun we getting low, but we made that work to our advantage.  How appropriate to see the Leopard blue sky cooperating with our objective.

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--10Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--10 These are actually among Ryan's favorite portraits.  I have to agree.  These are awesome!  

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--8Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--8 Ryan, you have no idea how much I appreciate your witty sense of humor and your love of science.  Both of those traits will take you far and I will be here to cheer you on.  Best wishes to you always!

Love and Smiles,



What did Ryan have to say about his senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because Laura took my brothers' pictures and she did an awesome job. I liked Laura’s different ideas for settings and poses.
I liked how at ease I felt when Laura was taking my pictures.


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2021 Louisville High School photography portrait portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits tennis Fri, 22 Jan 2021 22:21:58 GMT
Meet Morgan | NC Hoover High School | Class of 2021 It is Morgan's turn to be featured, and there is much to talk about!  Morgan, who sometimes goes by Mo, is a senior in the class of 2021 at Hoover High School in North Canton.  She is sweet and kind and enjoys baking, painting and shopping at places like Hollister, Pacsun and Aerie.  She likes Disney movies, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift.  Her favorite food is brownies (of course!) and she likes Texas Roadhouse.  So, all of this sounds fairly typical.  Let me tell you... Morgan is anything but typical!

Curtain CallCurtain Call For that reason, I knew we had to do something big.  Morgan is a completely dedicated dancer and has accomplished things that she is too humble to share.  Morgan's mom was able to secure access to the Palace Theater in Canton where Morgan has spent much of her time on the stage.  In order to show that, we created this composite of Morgan in several poses on the stage along with a close up of her in mid bow.  I call it "Curtain Call" and with a little bit of magic in Photoshop, we get to see several examples of her fabulous grace and stage presence in the place that holds so much history and great memories.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2672Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2672 What amazing performer doesn't dream to see her name in lights on the marquee?  This was made possible by her mom who had a vision and I just loved capturing it!

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--2Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--2 Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2699Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2699

After using up every single minute we had available to us at the Palace, we moved on to McKinley Monument in Canton to capture a few more shots to feature Morgan in dance mode.  We exchanged the formal tutu for this gorgeous dance ensemble that just begged for movement and backlighting.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--9Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--9 Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--6Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--6

I think that any dedicated dancer holds a special attachment to their ever growing collection of worn point shoes.  It would have taken the rest of the session time to lay out all of her past shoes, but we included several to convey the idea.  

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--4Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--4 We switched gears and headed to the Canton Garden Center that is part of Monument Park.  So many settings inspired a multitude of great portraits to show Morgan as the girl who is more than just a dancer.  That smile and those beautiful eyes are so captivating.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--13Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--13 Here we have another outfit change for some variety, but still that consistent easy smile that lights up a room.  That smile will be so greatly missed by her family when she goes off to school to study dance.  And, I'm sure Morgan will miss her involvement with the Canton Ballet Company and Jazz Company.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4a--6Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4a--6 It is true that I don't know when to quit.  We had one more outfit to feature so our last few shots were actually in the dark.  I must say that I like the result.  Using the parking lot light as a halo backlight and my off-camera flash did the trick to finish out our session together.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4b--4Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4b--4 Morgan, you are an amazing young lady!  I would love to get to see you in action on stage one day.  Whether you are on or off the stage, you are dazzling all of us with your beauty that comes from within.  Best wishes to you always!

Love and Smiles,



What did Morgan have to say about her portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because my brother went to Laura for his and they turned out amazing!  I loved all of the location and outfit changes that we had.  I think the ones in my white dress at the Monument are my favorite.  The session was special and unique because of the locations and dance related photos.  It was all great!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Canton Garden Center Class of 2021 Dance Portraits Hoover High School McKinley Monument North Canton Hoover High School Palace Theater photography portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Thu, 21 Jan 2021 17:38:06 GMT
Meet Jon | Louisville High School | Class of 2021 Jon, a senior at Louisville High School, is the feature of today's blog and I loved getting to re-live his session.  Jon was the master of seizing the opportunity to make the portrait session his own, and he did it in such a fun way.  We decided to meet at Silver Park in Alliance where we started off with some casual shots of Jon sporting his love of Ohio State, where he may be attending next year to study accounting.  (It is between Ohio State and Bowling Green right now.)

Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-1--10Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-1--10 Jon is known for many things, including his fashionable shirts and socks.  The socks are a bit of an obsession, but we will get to that later.  His great sense of style is just a reflection on his magnetic personality.  Friends would describe Jon as funny, trustworthy, and a leader.  Those descriptors are not surprising at all!

Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-2--2Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-2--2 Along with video games and Legos, Jon is passionate about basketball...  

Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-3--13Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-3--13 ...and baseball.  He is also on the Louisville Bowling Team.  He likes Fast and Furious movies, Community and pop music - Top 40.  When it comes to food, pizza is a top choice, and shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods is a good time.

Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-4--9Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-4--9 Moving on to Glamorgan Castle

So......  let's get back to Jon's fabulous sense of style.  Jon is certainly a bit of a Renaissance man.  Not only is he athletically skilled in various sports, but he is a musician specializing in the trumpet.  This portrait below was my attempt to help show some of this variety because I wanted it to look different than the lighthearted images we had already captured.  Jon nailed it!

Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-6-B&W-2Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-6-B&W-2 That musical talent on the trumpet is appreciated by all when shared in the Louisville High School Marching Band.  This is yet another example of Jon's level of commitment and talent.  Not to mention, that smile is recognized by everyone lucky enough to have a connection to Jon.

Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-5--15Jon-Mong-Lsvl-2021-5--15 Okay..... let's get back to the cool socks.  How fun is this?  Jon has acquired quite the sock collection and we found a fun way to show a little of that here.  I mention we are showing "a little" of that here because this is only a small sampling of the complete collection.  I know it is hard to take your eyes away from Jon's smile, but if you happen to run into him, look down and check out his socks.  


Jon, I so appreciate you and the fun we had together!  You are most certainly destined for great things and I will be here to cheer you on.

Love and Smiles,



What did Jon have to say about his session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I like the pictures of my friends that I had seen.  She is nice.  She didn't rush the session so I got all the pictures I wanted.  She made me feel comfortable and put me at ease.  My favorite ones were the ones at the end at the Castle.

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) band baseball Class of 2021 Louisville High School photography portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits trumpet Thu, 21 Jan 2021 15:00:41 GMT
Meet Troy | Southeast High School | Class of 2021  

It was a gorgeous sunny day for my portrait session with Troy and I was very excited for this session and excited to meet Troy.  Although Troy and I have both been actively involved with Pegasus Equine Therapy Farm for years, we had never had the opportunity to meet.  Friday is my volunteer day and Troy rides on another day, so this was our first meeting.  Troy’s mom had told me so many great things about Troy prior to our meeting, that I knew we were going to hit it off.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8718Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021 Holding the session at Pegasus was the perfect plan because we got to include Annie in the session.  Annie is such a fabulous horse and she and Troy have quite the connection.  She appreciated the chance to munch on some grass, so she was a willing participant.  I love that we even managed to showcase Troy's love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with his shirt.  Some other favorites include Toy Story, Shrek and Nemo.  

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8773Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8773

Another absolutely fascinating quality about Troy is his ability to complete 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzles.  This framed Noah's Ark puzzle is a beautiful representation of this skill.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--3Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--3

We even managed to catch Troy in action.  You can see that he is totally in the zone while engrossed in this endeavor.  Can you believe that he actually starts from the inside and works his way out to the edges?  No searching for edge pieces first.  It boggles my mind!  And how can you beat that feeling of accomplishment that comes from inserting the final piece?  I was thrilled to share and capture one of those moments.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8811Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8811 Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--6Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--6

Troy's Mom says that he is described as smart, handsome and spoiled.  I had to chuckle at the "spoiled" descriptor, but then I remembered that he has a favorite car.  If I had a yellow Corvette, I think it would be my favorite car, too!  These were some really fun portraits to capture, and Troy was happy to pose for these, indeed.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--7Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--7 Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--9Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--9

Troy has some definite favorite things like going to the Hallmark Store with is mom, or eating at Cal's Restaurant in Garrettsville.  He particularly likes Chicken in the form of legs, tenders or nuggets and pita pizza.  He also loves his dog.  I'm sure Troy gets a lot love back from that sweet face.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8924Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8924

Troy is a busy guy!  In addition to riding Annie at Pegasus, Troy is in the All-Star Training Club for basketball, Challenger Baseball, and SuperKids SoapBox Derby.  After graduating from Southeast High School, Troy will be attending Maplewood for two years where they have a hospitality program.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--11Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--11 Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8959Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8959

It was very obvious to me that Troy is surrounded by a lot of love and has a lot of love to give.  I was so honored that they trusted me with capturing Troy's senior portraits.  Thank you for the opportunity and for the relationship!  You have stolen my heart.

Love and Smiles,


What did Troy's mom have to say about Laura Esposito Photography?

Laura was recommended to me by someone at Pegasus.  She understands special needs and works with their abilities.  I liked how personal the session was and how she takes her time and makes the best of the situation.  Troy was very comfortable and that made Mom happy.  My favorite portraits were the ones with Annie and his puzzles.  Laura was extremely successful in making the session special.  I was also happy with the extremely fast service.  I couldn't believe how quickly I got to see the proofs and then the finished photos.  Thank you for understanding what I meant by photos and portraits.  It made a difference with Troy and me.  Thank you !!!

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2021 Horse Portraits photography portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Special Needs Wed, 20 Jan 2021 16:00:07 GMT
Five Ways a Quality Headshot Will Help Your Business Corporate Headshots

In today's digital world, the on-line presence of your business is a necessity.  The quality of that presence certainly contributes to how your business measures up to the competition.  For many entrepreneurs and those offering services, you are your business.  People choose to work with you because of who you are and the experience that you offer.  As the identity of your business, you need a visual presence digitally and in print.  You need a quality professional headshot.


Other than the obvious and essential purpose of establishing you as the face of your business, a professional headshot can do so much more to bolster the success of your business.  Obviously, you as a business owner hold the task of bringing the sincerity and integrity of what you offer to your brand.  If you are doing that, then your headshot can support and enhance those efforts in a visual and static medium.

7 x 5 in7 x 5 in

1.  Set the Tone

Imagine walking into an establishment and receiving a warm greeting with a heartfelt "hello" and a sincere smile.  You are immediately associating positive feelings with that place of business.  Your barriers are starting to crumble and your negative thoughts are dissipating.  You are better prepared to engage in meaningful dialog and begin a relationship.  A purposeful headshot can actually help you to do all of that in a digital or print format.  Let your headshot create that inviting welcome to your business.


7 x 5 in copy copy-27 x 5 in copy copy-2

2.  Establish Credibility

Once you have set a positive tone, you want to give potential clients more reasons to work with you.  Showing that you can dress the part and hold yourself in a confident and professional manner will go a long way to establishing your credibility.  Then, you can talk the talk and walk the walk.  The mere presence of a professional looking headshot indicates that you take your position seriously and potential clients should take you seriously, too.


7 x 5 in copy copy7 x 5 in copy copy

2.  Instill Confidence

Although instilling confidence is very similar to establishing credibility, there is a subtle difference.  For a potential client to have confidence in you and your business, you must not only know what you are doing, but you must do it with a level of integrity that makes you worthy of their business.  You must be sincere in order to be trusted, and you must be trusted in order to earn a partnership with your client.


7 x 5 in copy7 x 5 in copy

4.  Spark the Memory of a Previous Client

How often we hear, "I can't remember his/her name, but if I saw his/her face...."  Many of us are visual learners and face recognition is a strong memory that our brains retain.  If a client had a good experience working with you in the past, they may want to reach out to you in the future.  Returning clients are the absolute best!  The more information that you can give them to help them find you again, the better.  Help them identify you as the wonderful person who helped solve their problem in the past and the person that they want to call for that same experience.  Seeing your professional headshot will not only serve to identify you, but also trigger a recall of the positive emotions they had while working with you.

7 x 5 in copy copy copy7 x 5 in copy copy copy

5.  Offer Human Connection

No matter how you serve your clients, making a human connection with them is paramount.  That is probably the grandest understatement for 2020 that can be proclaimed.  When your initial introduction is one sided and through digital or print media, making a human connection is not innate.  A professional headshot can actually initiate that human connection.  A warm smile and clear, bright eye contact can be very inviting.  This is the face that will be in your client's imagination as they are speaking with you on the phone or emailing you to make an inquiry.  Give them a reason to reach out.

So, make the investment in yourself and in your business to create a quality, professional headshot.  Let that headshot work for you in the places where you are not able to be at all times.  Stand behind that headshot with all of the sincerity and integrity that make your clients love you.  The process is easy and I dare say, FUN!  I would love to collaborate with you!


Love and Smiles,






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Meet Noah | Pickerington High School Central | Class of 2020 I am so happy to feature Noah on the blog.  Noah is part of the graduating class of 2020 from Pickerington High School Central.  Along with the rest of the class of 2020, Noah did not have a normal end to his high school career.  As a matter of fact, we had to change his portrait session date several times in order to follow the ever changing conditions with both COVID-19 and the weather.  It was certainly worth the wait!!!  

Untitled-4Noah As you can see above, we had a fabulous start to our session.  Noah dedicated much of his high school career to band and it was important for us to be able to feature that.  I am so thankful that his mom was able to ensure that he had access to his uniform.  I have worked with enough band students through the years to appreciate the dedication that both students and parents give to the band program in order to ensure its success.  Noah's love of music and willingness to serve extends to his church community where he is part of the Youth Praise Band and the Adult Praise Band.

Untitled-5Noah As we settled into the next segment of our session together, I was moved by how Noah is such a perfect combination of his parents.  You see, Noah's mom, Kelly, is a dear friend of mine with a friendship that goes back to freshman year in High School, extends through our wedding days when we stood up for each other, and continues today despite our geographic distance.  All of the intelligence, empathy, kindness, and fun that I found in my friend, I also find in her son.  

Untitled-6Noah Noah is among many graduating seniors who aspire to become an official Ohio State Buckeye and that dream is coming true.  Noah plans to major in Psychology, and I have a feeling that music will continue to be part of his repertoire.  He certainly wears the scarlet and gray well.

Untitled-7Noah Of course we had to showcase the sophisticated side of Noah.  Can this young man wear a suit, or what?  Noah's friends would describe him as caring, well thought out, and friendly.  This suit says to add handsome and professional to that list.  I knew that this gated garden area of Inniswood Metro Garden in Westerville would be the perfect setting for these stunning portraits.  Noah was kind enough to let me gush as I was taking them.  

Untitled-8Noah We finished our session with some great parting shots in this inspiring setting.  Right now, Noah enjoys video games, playing music and spending time with friends.  He likes eating steak, burritos and pizza.  Some favorite movies include Star Wars and Indiana Jones, while his music interests include Crowder and for King and Country.  The beauty of this stage in life is that no one truly knows what the future holds for Noah.  There is every reason to believe that his future is going to be pretty fabulous, and his influence will create a positive landscape wherever he lands.  

It was my sincere pleasure to get to work with you, Noah.  I'm so happy that your mom will keep me informed about all that you are doing.  I will certainly be cheering for you!

Love and Smiles,



*What did Noah have to say about his portrait session with Laura Esposito Photography?

I liked that my portrait session was a good time and actually went quickly.  Some of my favorite photos were the ones in my band uniform and the ones with the suit jacket.  

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) band Class of 2020 photography Pickerington High School Central portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Tue, 30 Jun 2020 19:08:39 GMT
Meet Nathan | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School    


     It is my distinct pleasure to introduce Nathan, a senior in the Class of 2020 at Louisville High School.  Nathan's interest and future commitment to aeronautics made our location choice obvious.  We are so fortunate to have the MAPS Air Museum nearby and it served as the perfect backdrop for the start of our portrait session.  Nathan plans to attend Kent State University to pursue a degree in Aeronautics and Engineering, Flight Technology in order to support his intended career as a pilot.  Let's just say that the smiles came very naturally in this environment.  We were both inspired by this setting and its energy propelled us into a very productive and exciting portrait session.       


     Friends would describe Nathan as being a funny and loyal friend.  Other adults who work with Nathan would agree with that, but would add a sense of admiration for his quiet confidence that comes from a sincere heart.  Nathan has an unusual level of maturity that makes him acutely aware of his impact on everyone around him, and seeks to make that impact as positive as it can be.

Nathan      As most seniors can attest, Nathan has come a long way.  I love the nostalgia that can be appreciated in the first portrait above.  His proud mom holds all of this close to her heart and she still sees that little guy in the eyes of this handsome young man that we see today.


     As I mentioned before, Nathan has a commitment to leave his mark in a positive way.  He has participated in church youth mission trips and volunteered in community organizations.  His work in Boy Scouts led to his achievement of the Eagle Scout Award.  The ticket booth that you see above is the much-appreciated fruit of that effort.


     Every player who dons the blue and white to take the field under the Friday night lights understands the long and rich tradition that is Louisville Leopard football.  Nathan even included that sense of tradition by including a portrait from his very first experience as a Little Leopard football player.  Once again, he has come so far.  


     Any true Louisville Leopard feels a responsibility as a team member to give 100% and that often means digging deeper than you ever thought you could.  Nathan takes that to heart through commitment, teamwork, and sacrifice.  That is what we were trying to portray in the portrait series above.  We even used some "sweat in a bottle" to pull this off.  Our setting was a fully-lit locker room, but some magic with lighting can create a much moodier feel.


     Hanohano.....  that is the Hawaiian word for "honor" and seems to be a fitting word to wrap up our feature on Nathan.  Nathan's heritage is Hawiian and the concept of "honor" works both ways for him.  I see Nathan honor traditions, other people, and the desire to leave his mark in a positive way.  I also see Nathan being deserving of honor, and I hope that is what I was able to accomplish here in his blog feature.

     Nathan's well-rounded interests include camping, space science, computer science and Legos..... because you are never too old for Legos.  He enjoys adventure and comedy movies and likes the author Michael Vey.  Some favorites on YouTube include Generation Tech, Linus Tech, NileRed, and Peterstripol.  In addition to football, Nathan was also a valuable member of the track team.

     Nathan, you are such a gift to all of us and I wish you the best.  

Love and Smiles,



*What did Nathan have to say about his Senior Portrait Experience?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she was an awesome teacher.  I thought the fake sweat was cool!  Some of my favorite portraits are from the MAPS Air Museum.  I absolutely enjoyed going to MAPS and being able to take pictures in our team locker room and on the field was fun.  It surprised me that Laura was able to make me look good in the pictures.  I would send my friends to Laura because she helped me feel very comfortable during the photo session.

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) airplane portraits Class of 2020 high school football louisville high school photography portrait session portraits professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Mon, 18 May 2020 19:38:24 GMT
Graduation Announcements for the Class of 2020: Honoring your senior during a pandemic As if navigating your high school senior's graduation year isn't difficult enough, now you have to make all of this happen in the presence of COVID-19.  Well, pandemic or not, your high school senior is graduating and they deserve to be acknowledged and honored.  Let's explore some options and see how we might share that information in a beautiful graduation announcement.  

At this time, many high schools have announced their alternative to a typical graduation ceremony.  Since it would not be wise to pack a venue with hundreds of people, high schools are creating virtual graduations.  Thanks to the power of the internet, family and friends may "attend" the ceremony from their homes.  This information can be shared on the announcement. 


Option 1:  Carry on... but with a fairly late graduation party planned.

We have come to expect that today's environment requires us to be flexible.  It is so difficult to predict what sort of restrictions or recommendations we might be advised to follow at any given time.  Some families have decided to continue with party plans, but to push that party date out to a later time.  This announcement can have the more traditional wording as seen below.



Option 2:  Push the celebration out even farther as a send-off party.

Perhaps, you want to have the party, but you want to push that party date out as far as you can.  Then, the party can be more of a "send-off" as it is so close to when the senior may be moving on to their post-graduation plans.  Then, your announcement approach could look like the example below.



Option 3:  Celebrate with a virtual party on line.

One thing that has come from our experience as we make accommodations during this time is our ingenuity.  I am amazed at what can be accomplished through the various on-line platforms.  Maybe your family would prefer some sort of on-line celebration.  This could be particularly helpful if many of your family and friends are not geographically close.  If that is the route you choose to follow, your announcement could be worded as you see below.



Option 4:  Alert your family and friends that the party information will be coming at a later date.

As we already mentioned, the restrictions and recommendations for how we conduct ourselves is ever-changing.  You may not feel that you have enough information at this time to officially plan a party, but you do not want to commit to having no party.  It would be perfectly acceptable to honor your high school senior by sending an announcement that indicates that the information regarding a celebration will coming in the future.  This way, you are sending an announcement at the appropriate time to acknowledge your senior's milestone, and you are informing family and friends that the party plans have not been finalized.  The reality is that all of us are living with so much uncertainty, everyone will be understanding and willing to accommodate.  Your announcement could indicate that as shown below.



Option 5:  Forego having a gathering, but still honor your high school senior's accomplishment.

A final option to consider with absolutely no shame is to forego a party altogether.  If you and your senior feel that the stress and uncertainty surrounding an actual party is simply not worth the effort, then, by all means, do not have a party.  The absence of a party does not mean that your senior is not worthy of recognition and honor.  I can't imagine that anyone would question that decision in our current situation.  Tasteful wording for such an approach can be seen below.



I sincerely hope that whatever approach is best for your situation, that you can follow that path with confidence and peace in your heart.  Your family and friends will want to show your senior just how special they are, so do send an announcement to let them know how that can happen.  This is the time for understanding, flexibility, innovation, and kindness.  I am so incredibly proud of all of my Seniors in the Class of 2020.  I hope that I can continue to honor you and your accomplishments.

Love and Smiles,


*Please note that any information that has been included on these sample graduation announcements is not accurate.  I fabricated the information for the purpose of providing an example.  If anyone knows where Happy Street is located, let me know.  I think we should all move there.  :-)

(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2020 graduation announcements photography portraits professional professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Sun, 26 Apr 2020 17:10:15 GMT
COVID-19 as the Disruptive Classmate: How our high school seniors have been affected 58D18035-A226-4405-BB2B-4DD0D8F8C571_1_201_a58D18035-A226-4405-BB2B-4DD0D8F8C571_1_201_a

My daily walk has become quite a highlight for me as it is one activity that I can safely leave the house to enjoy.  The other day, I rounded the corner and caught sight of the spirit rock that is part of the landscape of our neighborhood high school.  The sight actually caused me to catch my breath as its latest layer of paint is in reference to COVID-19.  

Andrew Marissa Peyton













Don't get me wrong, the reference to the refreshing Mexican brew is not lost on me, but the idea that the evil monster that is this pandemic should take over as the focus of the school community is heartbreaking.  That rock is supposed to be highlighting all of the aspirations and achievements of the students, not the culprit that pillaged their school year.

Haley Quinten Tapanga













Then it occurred to me.  That virus, whether it has ever physically existed in the building or not, is a palpable presence calling attention to itself, much like a disruptive student in the classroom.  As a former teacher, I have had many experiences with these types of students.  The "corona student" is the one who absolutely must be the center of attention, even if that means the rest of the class is miserable.  We can all remember that "corona student" or maybe we were the "corona student."  The one who keeps everyone else in for recess... The one who causes silent lunch periods... The one who prevents the class from getting to go outside on the first warm day of spring... The one who requires social distancing... The one who prevents hanging out with friends...  The one who shut down the restaurants and movie theaters...  The one who ended all sporting events...  The one who cancelled the spring musical...  The one who ruined prom...  The one who prevented any study abroad or mission trips...  The one who interfered with graduation...  The one who prevented college visits...  The one who placed an internet connection between the teacher and student...  The one who put our families in financial strife...  The one who put first responders and health care workers in harms way...  The one who put fear in our hearts and tears of disappointment in our eyes.  That is the "corona student" and it is the most REAL part of the 2019-2020 school year.

Andrew Madison Carter













So, it is here.  Now what?

Well, like any disruptive student, you find a way to make the best of it, and even generate something positive.  I must admit that most of the disruptive students I have encountered have held a special place in my heart.  There is always an underlying reason for a behavior.  Once we could establish a team approach, we could make progress and work toward a common goal.  

Brooke Cole Lia












Hmmmm..... isn't that what we are doing here, in Ohio?   We are experiencing a team approach of epic proportions, one that is a matter of life or death for many.  We are being asked to make sacrifices for a greater good.  We are shifting our focus from a self-centered, intrinsic view to one of community.  We are practicing empathy and appreciating our interconnectedness like we have never done before.  Could this disruptive "corona student" be teaching us some lessons that our students may have never fully grasped within the confines of a school setting?

Nathan Elizabeth Avery













As I look so often at the portraits of my amazing seniors in the class of 2020, I feel sadness for them.  I feel sadness because my thoughts immediately go to all that they are missing as their coveted senior year has been so rudely interrupted.  But then I look deeper and I let my memory take me back to the time I got to spend with them during their Senior Portrait Experiences.  Each one touched me and gave me such hope for the future.  These are brilliant, talented, caring, motivated, innovative, and resilient individuals.  They are not going to let this experience scar them.  They are going to take its lessons and employ them to create a world that is kinder, more sustainable, healthier, more prepared, and collaborative.  They will forever be marked with this pandemic, but hopefully in a constructive manner that allows them to more fully discern their priorities and beliefs.  This doesn't have to have a tragic ending.  There can be a silver lining, and if ever there has been a group of individuals up for the task, it is most certainly the seniors in the class of 2020.

Destini Brooke Emma













I ask you to please keep these deserving seniors in your thoughts and prayers as they attempt to navigate a very unusual transition from high school into their next endeavors.  Seniors, remember that we are all cheering for you and will not forget your sacrifices.  You make us proud.


Love and Smiles,


(Laura Esposito Photography, LLC) Class of 2020 coronavirus COVID-19 photography portrait session portraits professional professional photographer senior photography senior pictures senior portraits Fri, 17 Apr 2020 10:58:06 GMT
Our Need for Social Connection: Why your portraits are even more valuable right now Do you need a hug right now?  I would give anything to be able to hug my daughter, parents, siblings, friends... basically everyone I love who is not living in my house right now.  That need for social connection is inherent in all of us.  When we are not able to make those connections in a physical sense, we need to find other avenues that can help us to feel close.  Often, pictures come to our rescue as a tangible tool that can take us back to that time when we were together.  They can invoke the emotional connection that we feel and create a sense of their presence. 

During this time of crisis, I have opened myself up to new sources of information and resources.  Watching Governor DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton give their briefings have become a daily ritual and my podcast library has doubled.  While expanding my horizons, I have embraced some valuable lessons from Gretchen Rubin.  In case you are not familiar, Gretchen Rubin is an accomplished author, speaker, blogger, podcaster and explorer of human nature.  One of her most recognized books is The Happiness Project.  

One of Gretchen's blog posts that particularly intrigued me was from January 16, 2013, long before our world was disrupted by COVID-19.  The title of the entry is 7 Reasons Why Photographs Can Boost Your Happiness and I am struck by how applicable her perspective is on today's situation.  Her blog post is linked to the title, and I think it is worth your time to read.


So, it isn't surprising that in the midst of a task, I find myself taking a mental vacation to scroll through some of my favorite portraits.  I can use my Photo Moments app on my phone or visit my website on my laptop and allow those faces that I love so much to fill my vision and warm my heart.  I find myself breathing a little slower and smiling a little brighter.

I do not intend to restate Gretchen's astute observations as I could never explain the connection of photographs to happiness as well as she does.  However, I will remind you that your own gallery on my website is still there for you to share and enjoy.  The Photo Moments App is available to you, and if you would like for me to resend you your customized link, just let me know.  If you need to find your gallery on my website, just find the search bar in the footer of my website and search for your gallery name.  

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 2.14.43 PMScreen Shot 2020-03-31 at 2.14.43 PM

I encourage you to use your app to share your beautiful images with family and friends as they will surely gain happiness from your kind effort.  If you desire to use full resolution digital forms of your images for digital scrapbooking, as a screen saver or desktop picture, or to print them on your own, you can purchase a print license release at any time.  This gives you the legal right to use your images in these ways and makes them downloadable from your gallery.  Just let me know and we can make that happen remotely.

As much as I wish I could take away the threat of COVID-19, I can offer my love and support to all of you.  I am happy to help you connect with your loved ones through your images.  I hope that you take advantage of the joy that they can bring and appreciate how their value has so greatly increased. 

Take care of each other and stay healthy.  I can't wait for the opportunity to work with all of you again.

Putting the people you love in portraits to preserve your priceless memories.

Love and Smiles,







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Meet Cole | Class of 2020 | Marlington High School       My senior portrait session with Cole was my first opportunity to meet him, but the impression was lasting.  I will be revealing the how and why as I get to tell you all about Cole who is a senior in the class of 2020 at Marlington High School.  I had the pleasure of meeting Cole with is parents and sister in the parking lot of the University of Mount Union Visitor's Center.  With his piercing blue eyes, tall stature, and great sense of style, I knew I was in for a successful session.  

      One thing that I sensed immediately from Cole was his confidence.  I got the feeling that even if he wan't entirely sure about a situation, you would never sense his apprehension.  That sort of "cool as a cucumber" aura was what I was after from the start because that comes through so powerfully in a portrait.  He proved to be a pro at this as you can see from our first portraits shown below.

Cole | Class of 2020

       Since Cole had such a great selection of clothes on hand, we wanted to be sure to include them all, so we stopped for a quick change.  He wears this refined casual look so well.  Oh, those eyes!  I get the sense that they don't miss a thing.  I feel like Cole is constantly taking in his surroundings and assessing every detail.  I think his perceptive nature will serve him well as he intends to pursue a degree in electrical engineering at Akron University.

Cole | Class of 2020

      We decided we needed a new look so a change in location was necessary.  The backdrop for the portraits below is an absolute favorite of mine and we managed to use it while the angle of light was just perfect.  I can tell that Cole has two very different sides.  I see the side that knows how to have fun and can make it contagious.  I also see the side that is all business and determined to achieve a goal.  I could catch both of those personas simply by adding that winning smile.  

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole's wardrobe was fabulous, especially since he looks so good in blue.  The next shirt was the one I was most excited about.  I wanted to take full advantage of the trendiness of this shirt, so we used the locations that you see below.  Cole has a way of looking so with it and together but appears to achieve that with absolutely no effort.  

      Our next location was the Marlington soccer field.  This is when it really started to get fun.  Just slipping into the jersey caused Cole's energy level to skyrocket.    I was immediately drawn in to the excitement that Cole brings to the sport and to his portraits.

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole is not one to sit still if there is a soccer ball around.  The action is where it's at, and we used the magic of flash to freeze some pretty spectacular motion.  If I hadn't been so focused on my camera and capturing the shot, I would have been lifting my jaw from the ground.  Where I see probable bodily injury and pain, Cole sees opportunity and challenge.  His lack of fear is what has allowed him to master these moves and the sport.

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole's gallery would just not be complete without a powerful composite to fully represent Cole.  Here we have that relaxed confidence paired with the explosive skill that defines Cole.  It really was a treat for me to showcase Cole and all that makes him uniquely Cole.

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole enjoys hanging out with friends who would describe him as easy to get along with.  He likes Marvel movies and eating steak.  I feel that he is destined for success at Akron University in electrical engineering because he certainly has what it takes.  I will be anxious to join his cheering section as he makes his mark.


*What did Cole have to say about his portrait session with Laura Esposito Photography?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she was local and I liked the pictures that she had done for others.  Laura was easy to work with and put everyone at ease.  My favorite portraits were the ones in front of the door on the steps at Mount Union and the composite with my soccer picture.  Laura was great and we even referred her to my friend who used her, too."


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,


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Meet Madison | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School       I am honored to get to introduce Madison, who also goes my Maddie. She is a very active senior in the class of 2020 at Louisville High School.  One important thing to understand about Madison is that if you are lucky enough to spend some time with her, you will be happy just because she is there.  She kind of has this sphere of positivity that she brings with her and you can't help but to feel lifted in her presence.  

      Needless to say, when Madison and her family met me in the parking lot of the Canton Garden Center that evening, all of that contagious pleasantness launched us into a fabulous portrait session.  As we inventoried Madison's outfits that she had brought with her, I was reassured that we were definitely at the perfect location.  Her first outfit with its great flowing sleeves and ethereal fabric was ideal for the glorious light that filters through the trees at the location that you see below.  This warm backlighting accentuated her already glowing smile.

Madison | Class of 2020

      I was really excited for our next outfit because Madison had the genius idea to bring a floppy hat.  You know I was all about that hat, and we sure had some fun with it.  Madison said that these were among her favorite portraits, and I absolutely agree!  She looked positively enchanting as we placed her among the flowers.

Madison | Class of 2020

      Madison is a whole lot more than beauty and charm.  She is one accomplished young lady.  She plays lacrosse, and is active in the Jo's Girls mentoring group, Key Club and National Honor Society.  She even has the distinction of being an Aultman Ambassador.  All of that happens while maintaining high performance in her rigorous coursework.  All of that success comes from a certain level of maturity and polish that really comes through in the portraits below.  

Madison | Class of 2020

      With all of the effort that is required to be so accomplished, Madison still has time to foster great friendships.  She enjoys the time that she gets to hang out with family and friends on the weekend.  These friends would describe Madison as loving, patient, responsible and caring.  No wonder she is so revered among her peers.

Madison | Class of 2020

      As the evening and the session were drawing to a close, we wanted to change it up a bit.  This called for a move up to the McKinley Monument and a little trendier outfit.  I love the chunky heels with these jeans.  I wanted to find a way to show the fierce side of Madison and I think the shot at the top of these steps is quite powerful.  As much as we have established that Madison is as sweet as can be, she is also incredibly driven.  She plans to attend John Carroll University where she will major in biochemistry on a pre-medicine path.  Talk about rigor and competition!  There is no doubt that she has what it takes.  

Madison | Class of 2020

      As one would expect from such a well-rounded lady, Madison enjoys reading.  One of her favorites is The Great Gatsby.  John Green is one of her favorite authors.  She likes Chinese food and shopping at American Eagle and Madewell.  She enjoys time with family as I had the privilege to witness.  It was so nice that her whole family, including her two younger sisters, were able to join in the session.  They were so fun and supportive as they helped her with outfits and accessories.  Madison has a whole team of advocates cheering her on.  I am certainly among that group.  

      Madison, you are an absolute pleasure and inspiration.  You are destined for great things and I am so thankful that you chose me to capture your beautiful senior portraits.


*What did Madison have to say about her senior portrait session with Laura Esposito Photography?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I had seen some of your photos from last year's seniors and I thought you did an amazing job!  I loved how encouraging you were during the whole session and made the environment very comfortable and fun!  I really like the pictures surrounding the pink flowers and the pictures of me in the pink shirt.  I think that everything you did was great and made the session perfect.  You did a great job with my photos and made the session so much fun!


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,


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Meet Destini | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School       It is such a treat for me to feature Destini who is a Senior in the Class of 2020 at Louisville High School.  I wear a continuous smile as I write about Destini because the time I got to spend with her and her parents was both heartwarming and energizing.  Destini is one of those girls who has absolutely no idea how gorgeous she really is.  She probably thought I was crazy as I was gasping at every image we captured.  As I share our experience and her portraits, you will recognize the source of my excitement.

      We met one lovely Monday evening at Gervasi Vineyard in Canton where I was met with a warm greeting by all.  We discussed all of Destini's fabulous wardrobe options and I made a plan for locations for each outfit.  We identified our goals and priorities for the session and got down to business.  I could sense a little apprehension from Destini as we got started.  Remember, she isn't aware of her level of "stunning."  Just being the sole subject in front of the camera can be a little unnerving.  All it took was a few shots to get warmed up and a few reassuring peeks at the back of the camera to see that confidence come to the surface and shine.  

Destini | Class of 2020

      It was so easy to just keep capturing one amazing portrait after another.   We had to remind ourselves to take time to change into the next outfit.  I was so anxious for this next outfit because I had decided that we would use the area around the pavilion as our setting.  The sun was at the perfect angle for the soft light I was after and the results did not disappoint.  I loved the effortless elegance we were able to achieve with these portraits.  Destini is flawless... and ohhhh... those gorgeous eyes!

      Again, it was hard to tear ourselves away from this spot, but thankfully we moved on to the next set of portraits.  In this outfit, we found a flirty and feminine look that seemed so fitting for Destini.  This is such a great color on her.  We almost didn't use this outfit, but when I started thinking about the backgrounds we wanted to use, I knew it would be perfect.

Destini | Class of 2020

      It was time for a really fun and playful look so we embraced some bright color and Converse.  I was all about the bold pop of yellow and Destini as all about the shoes.  So, we took full advantage of both by choosing these perfect settings to highlight these elements.  I love that she looks so comfortable in this outfit.

Destini | Class of 2020

      We really switched gears as we moved on to something a little more formal and fancy.  This dress is such a lovely complement to Destini's natural beauty.  She wears the dress; it doesn't wear her.  My favorite part is that we opted for the barefoot look which was the perfect way to keep it true to Destini's personality and style.  Adding your own personal touches and breaking the rules to fit your style is key to creating portraits that are perfectly YOU.

Destini | Class of 2020

      So we have established that Destini is simply beautiful with absolutely no pretense.  She is fun and feminine and elegant.  But, make no mistake, she has a fierce and competitive side.  Soccer is one of her passions and we captured some of that here.  

Destini | Class of 2020

      Destini's athleticism isn't isolated to the soccer field.  Years of dedication and training have led to the success she has found in gymnastics.  We were fortunate enough to be granted some time in the YMCA to use their equipment for her portraits.  As you can imagine, the background was quite busy, so we used the magic of flash to eliminate that clutter and keep the focus on Destini and her passion for the sport.  Gymnastics is incredibly physical in every sense, but it requires enduring mental strength.  That is the part that I wanted to capture in these first few images.

Destini | Class of 2020

      Beyond the physical and mental demands of gymnastics, there is a flair and finesse that sets one gymnast apart from another.  This becomes the personality of the gymnast.  Destini as all of that and more which defines her as a gymnast.  She has the hardware to prove it.

Destini | Class of 2020

      In addition to soccer and gymnastics, Destini is involved in high school track, National Honor Society and Key Club.  She likes doing things outdoors such as hiking, running and bike riding.  She enjoys watching Netflix and Grey's Anatomy, as well as spending time with her friends who would describe her as funny, energetic, outgoing and caring.   She likes eating at Olive Garden and shopping at American Eagle, Hollister, and Dick's Sporting Goods.  Her plans include attending college in order to study pediatric or neonatal nursing.  

      Whatever Destini decides to do, you can be that she will do it with determination and grace.  Destini, you have brightened my days and capturing you in portraits has been such a treat.  I can't wait to see how you share your talents.


*What did Destini have to say about her portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because some of my friends had gotten their pictures done here and I liked how theirs turned out.  I liked the flexibility of the session and how I was able to make it to the different locations that I wanted to.  The sports portraits were my favorite."


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,




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Meet Quinten | Class of 2020 | Marlington High School       Allow me to introduce Quinten, a Senior in the Class of 2020 at Marlington High School.  Quinten, who also goes by "Q," captured my heart from the minute he stepped out of the car.  We met at Silver Park in Alliance and started by checking out his great wardrobe choices to make a plan.  We set out with a casual rugged look that was perfect in various park settings.  It was when I started working with Quinten on posing and he flashed me that winning smile that I knew I was in for a fabulous evening!

Quinten | Class of 2020

      After a lot of gushing and some amazing portraits captured, we decided to move on to the campus of Mount Union where I had some specific locations in mind for the next look which was a little trendier.  Of course Quinten, his mom, and I are chatting the whole time and I came to learn the significance of Quinten's tattoo.  Ever since Quinten was a little guy, his mom would always tell him that she "loved him to the moon and back."  As a tribute to this unconditional love between mother and son, Mom has "I love you" on her arm and Quinten's arm finishes the sentiment.  Of course we are going to make that part of Quinten's portrait story!  I felt that Mom really needed to be part of it, too.  The picture of them both is one that will be especially treasured.  

Quinten | Class of 2020

     As you can see, Quinten could truly be a model for Hollister.  But, beyond his great sense of style and fabulous hair, it is his eyes that are so captivating.  Whether they are sparkling paired with a smile or serious and introspective, there is a depth there that reveals just how amazing this guy really is.  There was a point in the evening when we realized that we had lost something amidst the shuffle from one location to another.  At this point, it had gotten dark which made our search a bit of a challenge.  It was Quinten who saved the day.  He sprung into action and put his athleticism to work as he literally ran the entire campus to retrieve the missing piece.  It wasn't just his immediate willingness to create a solution that impressed me so much... or even the fact that he sprinted the entire campus and without breaking a sweat... it was how he did it.  I saw him become the adult in the situation.  He offered reassurance, a sense of calm confidence, and a sense of responsibility that he was going to make sure everything was okay.  My heart became even softer for this guy.

Quinten | Class of 2020

      I may be emphasizing some of the endearing softer characteristics about Quinten, but make no mistake... there is a fierce side.  Just add a soccer ball and it is all business.  That is the side that we had so much fun capturing with the magic of additive light.  And just look at that sky!  God was helping us out and creating a perfect backdrop for us.  Quinten and I agree that these are among our favorites!

Quinten | Class of 2020

      We had decided ahead of time that we wanted to create a composite to show two sides of Quinten: the casual and trendy guy whose friends describe as funny, outspoken, and creative, as well as the fierce athlete who is dedicated to his sport.  We accomplished that with the portrait you see below.  I just love making these and creating the impact of being larger than life.  We also used some fancy lighting techniques to create his contemplative portrait in his warm-up gear.  His mom wanted this look since this is how she sees him coming and going on a daily basis.  That is certainly the goal.  Yes, we want the portraits that create impact and make you say, "WOW," but we also want the portraits that allow Mom and Dad to say, "Now, that's my son."

Quinten | Class of 2020

      Without a doubt, Quinten's portrait session was an absolute pleasure for me.  I loved my time with Quinten and his mom, and his portraits turned out fabulous.  In addition to playing soccer year round, Quinten enjoys running 5Ks, hanging out with friends, hunting and fishing.  No wonder we get along so well.  His food choices would include Chick-fil-A, Red Robin and pizza.  As you can see, he likes Hollister and wears it so well.  You can add Abercrombie and Fitch and Nike to that list.  At the time of our session, Quinten had not yet chosen a college, but has interest in architecture and biology.  Of course, he would like to be playing soccer in college.  

      Quinten, you really do have it all and the sky is the limit for you.  I will be cheering you on no matter where life leads you.  Thank you for allowing me to capture this very special time in your life.


*What did Quinten have to say about his portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because my friend Cole had his done with her and his mom really liked her.  I didn't realize how fun it can be to take photos.  I like the first ones we did at Silver Park and the soccer pics at Mount Union the best.  I was surprised that I was so comfortable getting my picture taken.  I wouldn't change anything at all.  I enjoyed it a lot and thank you so much.


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,


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Meet Brooke | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School      I am so honored to take this opportunity to gush on this beautiful and talented bundle of positivity.  Brooke is part of the graduating class of 2020 from Louisville High School where she shares her talents in the "Pride of Louisville" marching band.  I was anxiously anticipating our portrait session together because I have fond memories of watching Brooke perform with the Powell Dance and Singing Center where my own daughter performed many years ago.  The Brooke that I met at the stadium was a lovely matured version of the little girl that I remembered, but still with that spark in her eye and quiet confidence that I so love.  Starting our session at the stadium allowed us to use the iconic band bus as the perfect backdrop.

Brooke | Class of 2020

      Our next stop was Quail Hollow Park in beautiful Hartville where we found the ideal settings for the rest of the session.  After looking at the great outfits Brooke chose to bring, we made a plan for locations and line-up and got down to business.  This soft and stylish vest was the perfect color to complement Brooke's glowing skin tones.  The trail through the woods created the ideal backdrop to show off Brooke's radiance.

Brooke | Class of 2020

      We had hit the point in the evening when I recognized that the sun was in the ideal position to bring this field to life.  In discussing her session, I learned that Brooke had a vision for using a field for some calm and carefree portraits.  She even brought the perfect outfit.  We certainly achieved our goal!  These are some of Brooke's favorite portraits.  There are so many other breathtaking images from this setting in her gallery.

Brooke | Class of 2020

      Next segment...... the guitar.  I immediately understood the value of this guitar as Brooke reverently removed it from the case.  This was a very special gift from her parents and, rightfully, a prized possession.  But, it was more than the uniqueness and craftsmanship in this guitar.  Its value really lies in what it allows Brooke to do and where it can take her.  Music has always been a big part of Brooke's life, and she intends to keep it that way.  She is even considering a career in music therapy.  Ultimately, these portraits reveal so much about Brooke and her story would never be complete without them.

Brooke | Class of 2020

      What can be said about a girl and her dog?  A whole lot if you look at these portraits.  Oh, the connection these two have!  Brooke's cousin was so incredibly kind to bring her furry friend near the end of our session so that he could be part of the experience.  Brookes smile became more exuberant and the fun meter went through the w(r)oof.  These are priceless!

Brooke | Class of 2020

      At this point, we were losing daylight, but had one more outfit that we wanted to include.  We actually used the changing light to create some drama and a different feel with the magic of added light.  I think that it actually enhances our ability to show Brooke's focused and professional side.

Brooke | Class of 2020

      It is obvious that we captured a wide variety of beautiful portraits to tell Brooke's story, and we had so much fun in the process.  In addition to being part of the Powell Dance and Singing Center and in the color guard, Brooke shares her talents in the prestigious group of Varsity Singers.  As we know, she loves music and the guitar, but also likes reading (especially mysteries) and watching drama or comedy movies.  She enjoys hanging out with friends and relaxing, too.  Those friends would describe Brooke as loyal, trustworthy and even a little quirky, which is why they love her.  To round out her interests, we have to include punk rock and gamers on Youtube.  If she is going out, she would enjoy Steak n Shake or someplace with pasta.  A stop at Hot Topic or Hollister would be much enjoyed, as well.

      Brooke, you know it was my pleasure to tell your story in portraits.  I hope you remember how much fun we had and how much you inspired me to create your gorgeous images.  You have an incredibly bright future and I can't wait to watch it unfold.


*What did Brooke have to say about her portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I liked the way others' photos turned out and I knew her daughter.  I liked that she was super nice, accommodating, and made it about my senior experience.  I really loved the pictures of the dress in the field.  I was surprised at how fast the time went by.


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,


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Preparing for Your Family Portrait Session: Choosing Wardrobe Colors Preparing for your family's portrait session involves making many decisions, and choosing the colors of your family's wardrobe is certainly an important detail.  The goal of this blog post is to help you make purposeful preparations that will result in portraits you truly love.  

Color Palettes

Choosing a Color Palette

Use the following considerations to help narrow down your options.

1.  Are there certain colors that you feel compliment your hair, skin and eyes?  These can help you look your best.
2.  Where might these portraits be displayed?  If you intend to hang this portrait in a specific room, then avoid colors that would clash with the color scheme of that room.  Also, consider if this room is formal or casual, as that should be reflected in the wardrobe, as well.
3.  Do you want these portraits to represent this time of year?  
4.  Avoid all black or all white.  The absence of color is not complementary to skin tones.
5.  Choose a color palette that will allow you to coordinate everyone in the portrait.  You don't want to be matchy-matchy, but the colors should blend nicely together.  Avoid having too many patterns that will compete.  
6.  I think it is fun to have a pop of color.  For example, grays and blues become more interesting with a pop of yellow or red.  Consider shades of blue and tan with a pop of coral or pink.  Maybe you would like shades of tan and green with a pop of gold, rust or burgundy.  
That pop can come in the form of a scarf, jewelry, shirt collar, shirt, vest..... whatever.
7.  Try laying the outfits out on the bed next to each other to see if you like the look.  
8.  If you have time, hop on Pinterest and look up "what to wear for a family portrait session" and you will find some ideas.  
9.  Most importantly, just be sure that what you are wearing is a true reflection of who you are.  Don't choose something that you would never normally wear.  The people who love you most want to see the real you.


Should we all match?

My personal preference is to avoid matching too much.  I happen to like variety as it adds interest.  It is much easier to layer individuals in a portrait when the colors complement each other, but are not the same.  Below are some samples of varying degrees of matching.  You can determine what your preference would be.  Once you know what sort of look appeals to you, I am happy to offer advice.



The samples below represent portraits with a monochromatic color scheme.  Many who are not comfortable determining what colors may look good together like to take the safe route and stick with one or two colors for the group.  This is fine if everyone in the group looks good in that color, and this color will allow you to hang this portrait in a room with a similar color scheme.  Varying the shades will allow me to layer the members so that they still show up as individuals.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

A Color Family with a Pop

In the portraits below, the family members are dressed in colors within a color family that blends well.  Notice that an occasional pop of color helps to add interest.  It is taking a monochromatic color scheme and adding an additional color for variety.  Because everyone still has some element that matches someone else, the look maintains its harmony.

A Color Family with a Pop

A Harmonious Color Palette

The colors used in the portraits below include even more variety, yet the colors work well together.  Mixing warm and cool colors provides balance for your eyes and helps to insure that the portrait will coordinate in many settings.  This is a nice way to allow for individuals to wear a color that is complementary to their skin, hair and eye tones, yet still create a pleasing look when next to the other members in the portrait.

Harmonious Color Palette

Mismatching with Intention

The colors in the portraits below may not appear to have been planned, but the results are so pleasing to the eye.  In each portrait, the colors chosen complement the others well.  There may be similar themes such a khaki pants or linen shirts that help to create harmony.  One strategy is allow one print item to help determine the other color choices.  Again, mixing cool and warm colors provides balance for the eye and helps to bring skin tones to a natural radiance.  

Mismatching with Intention

Make it Your Own

Please remember that this is your family and these are your portraits.  You get to decide what kind of wardrobe would be most pleasing to you.  I am simply here to offer guidance as much or as little as you wish.  

You make the memories; I help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



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Meet Brooke | Class of 2020 | Glenoak High School      In this blog post, I have the pleasure of introducing you to Brooke who is a senior at Glenoak High School in the class of 2020.  I was so excited for Brooke's session because I remember loving my session with her older sister Emilee in the class of 2018.  I also knew that Brooke was a dancer, and I have found that dancers just have a way of turning any pose into a work of art.  They are also able to contort themselves into any pose I can dream up.  With an endless set of posing possibilities, my creative energy goes into overdrive and I literally become giddy.

     As we met in downtown Canton for the first time, I was dazzled by her smile and enamored by all of her outfits that she had chosen for the session.  We decided to start in the area around the Saxton McKinley House where I quickly learned that working with Brooke was going to be a dream.  Every portrait was declared a "favorite" as we moved from one setting to the next.  It quickly became apparent that Brooke and I had the same vision for her portrait session and I think we were equally ecstatic by what we were capturing.

Brooke | Class of 2020            It helps to have an older sister who already possesses all of the regalia to be worn on graduation day.  What a treasure to have such fabulous portraits of Brooke in cap and gown to truly commemorate this special milestone in her life.

Brooke | Class of 2020

     We decided that a wardrobe change was in order and found this adorable little nook for our next set of portraits.  By this point, Brooke and I were getting quite comfortable working together and I just love the variety of expressions that we have, here.  

Brooke | Class of 2020

     Brooke is outgoing, energetic and funny, so I wanted to be sure to let those qualities shine in her portraits.  Finding these fun locations and varying the posing and expressions allows us to show all of the beautiful sides to Brooke.  And I must say... I was ALL ABOUT THOSE RED SHOES!  Aren't they just the perfect POP of color on those black steps?  LOVE!!!

Brooke | Class of 2020

     So, I wanted to really feature those shoes and use them to tell Brooke's story.  She is very active in dance, as well as color guard;  but it was clear that dance has been a very big part of her life.  I really wanted to create a statement piece that would show the casual and fun Brooke with the intensity and devotion that she feels for dance.  I think that was accomplished in the composite that you see below.  Oh, my heart!

Brooke | Class of 2020

     Again, with Brooke, it was so easy to tell her story.  I just love that she brought shoes from the many years past and what a perfect way to establish that history.  The little pink pair in her hands are her first ballet shoes and they kinda get me choked up.

Brooke | Class of 2020

     I happened to notice that the sun was at that gorgeous low angle to allow for some dramatic backlighting and...  HELLO... you know we used that!  That first silhouette shot is absolutely breathtaking.  Just look at that beautiful graceful outline of her hand.  She is just stunning.  The other images with some flash added are fun to juxtapose her lovely form against the darkening cityscape. 

Brooke | Class of 2020

     We switched it up a little by changing from the formal ballerina tutu into a more modern look with the leotard and skirt.  It made for some fun inspiration to use light creatively to really put her in the spotlight.

Brooke | Class of 2020

     Then, we got serious and out came the off-camera flash to create some absolutely stunning portraits.  With careful placement, we were able to accentuate the beautiful lines that Brooke so effortlessly makes with her body.  These just may be some of my favorite portraits EVER.  Brooke must have been having fun with me because she was game to keep shooting.  I think I was gushing out loud after each click of my shutter.

Brooke | Class of 2020

     We reluctantly decided to end the session with a little edgier look.  I absolutely love the sass and attitude that Brooke gave me when I asked for it.  Needless to say, I don't remember the ride home.  I only remember whipping my memory card into my card reader and anxiously watching as each image downloaded.  I got to enjoy the session all over again.

Brooke | Class of 2020

     Getting to work with Brooke and her mom (and dad for a while) that evening was sooooo much fun!  I feel like she just let me play and push my limits, for which I was thankful.  Besides her love of dance and color guard, Brook likes to shop and hang out with friends.  You might find her at American Eagle or eating at Wasabi.  Showing some diversity, she likes the rapper Jon Bellion and The Lion King.  She plans to attend college.  Both Ashland University and the University of Akron are possibilities.  Wherever Brooke goes, she will bring her beautiful light, let her talents shine, and make all things special.  I wish you all good things, Brooke!  You are beautiful inside and out, and it was the greatest pleasure to work with you!


*What did Brooke have to say about her portrait session?

"We chose Laura because she did my sister's senior photos and after seeing the quality of the photos and her ability to capture my sister's vision, I knew she had to do mine!  She worked very well with my vision and did everything that I wanted and more.  She paid lots of attention to detail.  The parking garage portraits and all of the dance photos are my favorites.  I was surprised that when I received my final photos, I was very amazed with the editing, especially on my dance photos!  And when we first arrived, we had the same vision, so I knew it would be amazing.  Everything about the session was fantastic!"


You make the memories; I help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



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Meet Peyton | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School      I am thrilled to introduce Peyton, who is a senior at RG Drage but calls Louisville High School his home school.  Peyton is a talented young man who is bursting with personality.  Just look at that smile; it is contagious!  Part of the reason for that big smile is that he is wearing his favorite Marvel shirt.  When Peyton and his family pulled into Silver Park on that Wednesday evening in June, it was this radiant smile that greeted me.  It certainly set the tone for a fun portrait session.

Peyton - Class of 2020      Having Peyton's parents along for the session was so helpful.  Not only did Peyton's dad become an expert at holding the light reflector, but both of his parents knew exactly what to do to elicit great smiles and expressions.  Apparently, there were all kinds of things happening behind me.  I know that "The Office" was referenced on occasion and always did the trick to make those eyes super expressive.

Peyton - Class of 2020      As much as I love Payton's smile, we did try to create some variety in his portraits with other expressions.  One thing that I noticed about Peyton is that his eyes always look sincere.  That certainly fits with the fact that Peyton volunteers at Akron Children's Hospital for various events.  He has also helped at the Akron Race Series.  Peyton shared that his youngest brother is non-verbal with autism and Peyton likes to find ways to interact with him.  He just likes to spend time with him.  Ahhh... so that is where those caring eyes come from... his big compassionate heart.  No wonder his friends describe him as quiet and nice.

Peyton - Class of 2020      Senior year is a huge milestone in one's life.  It marks the end of a very significant chapter and indicates a transition into adult life.  It requires the senior to make decisions that impact the trajectory of his or her life.  Peyton's mom had the brilliant idea to bring Peyton's school picture from Kindergarten to include in a portrait.  It is such a powerful visual reminder of how Peyton's school journey has come full circle.  His mom may be reaching for the tissues on this one.

Peyton - Class of 2020

     It's a JEEP thing!  And we had so much fun capturing that.  Peyton's dad had it all cleaned up and portrait ready.  These are among Peyton's favorite portraits because they were so much fun to create.  In addition to Marvel movies (especially involving Iron Man and Captain America), Peyton likes 80's music, Rockne's, grilled cheese with french fries, and shopping at Target or Amazon.  He enjoys drawing and illustrating, and working with Adobe products.  He likes to hang out with family and friends, playing Uno, miniature golf and go-karting.  

Peyton - Class of 2020

     Peyton is certainly ahead of the game as he is currently enrolled at The University of Akron.  He will graduate high school with an associate degree in Technical Sciences.  He intends to continue college to pursue a degree in Graphic Design/Communications.  He hasn't settled on his college of choice, yet.  I'm sure wherever he goes, he will shine in many ways.  That smile is a good place to start.

     Peyton, it has been such a pleasure working with you and your family.  I'm excited to see where you choose to share your talents.


What did Peyton have to say about his portrait session?

"I was surprised at how much fun I had.  I don't really like having my picture taken, but this was different and it was fun.  I liked that we used my Marvel shirt.  I also like the pictures with my Dad's Jeep just because they were fun."


You make the memories; I help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,


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Meet Andrew | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School      Andrew, a senior at Louisville High School in the class of 2020 who also goes by "Figs," totally rocked his senior portrait session.  I'm not sure that he realized how amazing his portraits were turning out as the evening progressed, but I knew we were capturing some winners.  When Andrew and his mom arrived at Gervasi on that July evening, we discussed all of his possible clothing choices that he brought and came up with a game plan.  I was thrilled that he had so many options in blue because I wanted to really feature those eyes.  We decided to start with a casual look.  No matter where I placed Andrew, I was just loving what I was seeing in my viewfinder.  Here are just a few of those first shots.

Andrew | Class of 2020

     Our next move was to step it up a bit and out came the suit.  And, yes, Andrew can wear that suit.  It was fun to create some sophisticated portraits and really get some variety.  I feel like these portraits should be in a magazine.  I think he may have surprised himself when he saw the results.  Fortunately, by this point in the session, Andrew had become accustomed to my expletives that come from behind the camera.  I'm sure I was squealing with excitement about these portraits.

Andrew | Class of 2020      We had been watching the clock closely because we had other plans for the session and we were chasing the sun.  We loaded up and moved on to Louisville High School so that we could get some portraits where Andrew has spent his high school career.  After all, we were commemorating this significant time in Andrew's life and using the high school as a setting seemed appropriate.  The July heat wasn't exactly conducive to wearing a wool letterman's jacket, but Andrew looked cool as a cucumber for these portraits.  (Notice those blue eyes!)

Andrew | Class of 2020      Our next stop was the Field of Dreams where Andrew spends a lot of his time as a varsity baseball player for the Louisville Leopards.  It was important to show Andrew in this environment where his passion for the sport could shine through.  I could immediately notice a change in Andrew as we entered this domain.  His maturity and dedication came though as he took charge of the situation with a confidence that made for fabulous portraits.  I loved his ideas for locations and angles.  We made a great team!  Andrew's friends would describe him as a good teammate and a hard worker.  I think those are perfect descriptors. 

Andrew | Class of 2020      Once the sun was very close to the horizon, I knew it was time to ramp up the intensity and bring out the off-camera flash.  I wanted to create some dramatic portraits to show Andrew in action, but not the usual action you might catch during a game situation.  I wanted action that included a clear view of facial expressions and also isolated Andrew so that the focus was entirely on him.  I think we achieved our goal.  The funny part is that Andrew had no idea what was happening in the camera.  As far as he knew, he was swinging his bat and my flash was firing.  He did't quite understand why I was gushing over the portraits and barely containing my excitement.  Once I showed him the back of the camera for a little sneak peek, he was pleasantly surprised.  

Andrew | Class of 2020

     In addition to baseball, Andrew enjoys landscaping.  He likes to hang out with friends, play video games, listen to music, go swimming, and play basketball.  He likes the movies Grown Ups, Book of Eli, and any war movies.  His music preferences would be mostly hip hop and rap (not country) and he likes to watch Dude Perfect.  Steak and Shake is a favorite restaurant and he likes to shop at Nike.  Andrew's plans for the future include attending college to major in Business Management/Marketing.

     Andrew, I have a feeling that you just might surprise yourself with what the future holds for you, just like you were surprised by your fabulous portraits.  I see your quiet dedication.  You may choose to run under the radar, but once you find your place, you are going to make your mark.  And, I will be excited to cheer you on.  Thanks so much for trusting me with your senior portraits.  I enjoyed every minute of capturing you in the spotlight.


What did Andrew have to say about his portrait session?

"I had Laura as a teacher and she was one of my favorites.  I enjoyed her class.  She did some of my fellow teammates pictures and they looked really good.  I liked Laura's enthusiasm and it was a beautiful day with some really good locations.  My favorite portraits are the casuals ones and the baseball ones.  I was surprised at how quickly the time flew.  I don't like to take pictures and Laura made me feel comfortable while she was taking them.  I would for sure send my friends to Laura for their portrait sessions."


You make the memories; I help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,




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Meet Craig | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School I am excited to introduce you to Craig who is a pretty amazing high school senior in the class of 2019 from Louisville High School.  You may hear family and friends call him CJ, but everyone calls him a friend.  He is just one of those guys who can get along with everyone, and for good reason.  Friends would describe Craig as smart and athletic, but it would be the caring and thoughtful qualities that win you over.  These were also the reasons I was so excited for his senior portrait session.  Well... that, and the fact that we were taking his portraits at Berlin Lake on his boat!  I was downright giddy at the thought.

A Traditional Start to the Session

When I arrived at their cabin, Craig's mom was in the driveway to greet me and we discussed how happy we were that we had postponed his session by one day.  As in typical Ohio spring fashion, the previous day was a mix of sunshine and storms with some rather gusty winds.  Waiting one day gave us some nicely filtered sunshine and a significantly calmer atmosphere.  Craig greeted me with a smile that I was excited to capture in portraits and showed me his fabulous wardrobe choices.  We discussed our plan for the evening and set it into motion.

We decided to start with his most formal look and I was quite captivated with both his smiling and serious poses.  This was a good way for Craig to get used to my excited expletives from behind the camera.  He just looked great no matter where I placed him.  Ahhh... and just look at this warm light!

Craig | Class of 2019

Going for the Stylish Renegade Look

So, I'm all about the nice polished look that we achieved above, but I was really excited for the next outfit.  I may have labeled this section the "stylish renegade look," but the words that were really in my head were the "badass look."  I knew that this bridge would be the perfect spot to pull it off!  I'm pretty sure that Craig heard the words "holy crap" come from behind my camera several times.  It was hard to contain my excitement.  He gave me everything I was asking for and more to achieve these amazing shots.  I will say that the semi trucks flying by made my heart stop a few times, but it was so worth it!

Craig | Class of 2019

I wasn't quite done with this fabulous look, so we captured a few shots away from the bridge and without the sunglasses so that you can see those intense eyes.  Of course we had to include the letterman's jacket.  Track has been a big part of Craig's high school career, so we wanted to document that.

Craig | Class of 2019

Bring on the Boat and Board

And now, for the portion of the session that I was most anticipating!  When Craig changed into his board shorts and vest, it was clear to me that this was his comfort zone.  Hopping into the boat and revving the engine to a start sparked something in him that I was excited to capture in portraits.  I wanted to show both the intensity of the sport and the sheer joy that it brings him.  This is his passion.  You can see that below.  I think it may have been our discussion of him landing his 360 (that would be a complete spin in the air) that generated the authentic smiles you see below.

Craig | Class of 2019

I could have continued taking his portraits all evening in this setting.  Wakeboarding is a bit of a culture and I wanted to show as many sides of that as I could.  Craig's dedication and work ethic fit into that culture.  Becoming one with your board takes a lot of time on the water.  Choosing the right board is crucial, and Craig seems to have a great partnership with his Hyperlite.  

Craig | Class of 2019

Looking at the Bigger Picture

Let's talk about this sweet boat!  This will be his second season riding behind this beauty.  It is a Moomba and it is decked out.  That tower is a must to maximize hang time, and where else would you mount those speakers?  

So, we had a hard time getting any serious pictures because we were laughing so hard. You see, Craig's dad is actually crouched down between the steering wheel and drivers seat.  He was getting really good a driving the boat from the floor.  We would occasionally see a little head pop up to reposition the boat and we would lose it.  I give him a ton of credit, because he placed that boat exactly where I needed it to get the shots.  This would not have happened without his expert driving.  

Nonetheless, seeing Craig in this environment taught me so much about him and I admire him even more.  I was also thankful that the sun decided to bless us with that lovely glow in the background.  I jokingly told Craig that I was hoping for some action shots.  Considering that the water temperature was maybe 50 degrees, I knew that would not be an option.

Craig | Class of 2019

Craig is an active guy.  When he isn't on the lake, he is busy with track, the YMCA Men's Basketball League, National Honor Society, STEM Club and Spanish Club.  In addition to wake boarding, he enjoys fishing, golf, basketball and video games.  He pretty much likes to do anything outdoors.  His music preferences include Queen, Billy Joel, Journey and much of the 80's and 90's Rock.  Avengers Endgame is a favorite movie.  He loves Oreos and likes to eat at Olive Garden.

In addition to being talented and good-hearted, Craig is a successful student thanks to innate intelligence and a strong work ethic.  He is playing to his strengths with his plan to attend the University of Akron to pursue a degree in engineering.  

Craig, I think you already know that I had soooo much fun with you and your family during your session.  You were amazing, as your portraits show.  I will enjoy watching your future unfold to see all of the good that lies ahead.  Best wishes to you and thank you so much for trusting me with your senior portraits!

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,


What did Craig have to say about his senior portrait session with Laura Esposito Photography?

We chose Laura Esposito Photography because of her reputation and the posted pictures of my friends were great.  I liked that she was so flexible with fitting the session to what I wanted to do.  My favorite portraits are the ones with the wakeboard and boat.  I was surprised at how fast the session went.  She did a great job.

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Meet Justin | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School It is my pleasure to introduce Justin, known by some as JB, who is a member of the class of 2019 from Louisville High School.  Just when I thought I had met all of the cream of the crop from the class of 2019, I was blown away by yet another fabulous young man.  I had actually known Justin as a middle school student, and regarded him highly at that time.  Some things get even better with age, and Justin falls into this category.

The Session Begins

As I met Justin and his mom in the parking lot of Silver Park, I was taken by surprise by the maturity and confidence that had developed in Justin over time.  It was so good to reconnect!  We checked out his wardrobe options and came up with a plan.  We were ready to go!

Justin arrived wearing this smart looking shirt that was the perfect color for the settings below.  Despite my usual bouncing around and chatter behind the camera that I had warned him about, he was extremely relaxed in front of the camera.  I find that pretty amazing for the very beginning of the session.  I was thrilled that we were even able to get such fabulous expression from the get-go.  I appreciate that his Mom helped to generate some smiles with me.  We did laugh quite a bit as is typical for one of my portrait sessions.

Justin | Class of 2019

Adding Some Drama

The next segment of our portrait session resulted in some amazing portraits with a little different intensity.  Justin stepped it up a bit with this sharp black and khaki combo.  I typically advise against too much black, but it works here as it really helps to set him apart from the background.   

I chose the locations for this outfit carefully as I wanted to play up the neutral tones.  In the first portrait below, I chose a covered porch where I knew I could get some warm directional light.  The subtle play of light on the black shirt helps to keep the attention on Justin's face and that wonderful expression.  On the bridge and the steps, I was looking to find some continuity in the browns with some darker accents that would make him look like he belongs in that setting.  These portraits are harmonious and they don't tempt your eye to roam, but keep it coming right back to Justin.

Justin | Class of 2019

Time for a Change in Location

When I chatted with Justin and his mom at the beginning of our session, it became apparent to me that getting some great baseball portraits was a high priority.  Justin loves baseball.  He loves playing baseball.  He loves practicing baseball.  He has dedicated much time and effort to baseball.  There is a recurring theme here.  So, I made sure that we left Silver Park in plenty of time to drive to the Louisville Baseball Field of Dreams for the remainder of our session.    

Justin | Class of 2019

Oh my!  Do you see that?  Check out the intensity and focus in those eyes!  Ahhhh!  I was going a little crazy when I was taking these.  His expression matched perfectly with the effect I was going for here.  Justin's mom immediately said how much she loved these.  I think Justin did, too, but he is too modest to say so.

Allow me to set the stage.  There were two baseball players on the field at this moment practicing pitching and hitting.  It felt like we were working in a war zone.  I was really wishing for a helmet as baseballs were screaming through the air.  We survived and the pair on the field was even kind enough to take a little break so that we could get some other angles on the field without being in harm's way.  Justin said that the only thing that surprised him about the session is that we didn't get hit by a baseball.

Putting a Lid on It.

To create an even more authentic look, we had to add the ball cap.  He had several to choose from, and I think it's funny that we all agreed on this one in Carolina blue without a doubt.  I wanted to mix up the expressions a little bit, and I love the variety that we got.  It was important to include this bat, as well.  The bat has a story.  It was acquired on a family vacation to Cooperstown, New York and has been a favorite ever since.  Unfortunately, it may have seen its last days in rotation as it is now sporting a crack, but you can bet it will still be cherished.  Oh, the stories it could tell!

Justin | Class of 2019

Getting Creative with Flash

As we were creating portraits together, I happened to notice that the sky was giving us a bit of a show.  In order to preserve that fabulous backdrop and put it to use for us, I pulled out the flash and started making some magic.  The portraits below were taken in the same location and time as the ones above.  We just used a different technique.  I think both Justin and his mom were surprised to see the back of the camera with these results.

Justin | Class of 2019

I think the one with the light post is especially fun because it creates a sea of blue.  How convenient that the color for the Louisville Leopards is blue.  I feel so good knowing that we captured Justin in his element and doing what motivates him.

Justin likes to hang out with his friends who would describe him as passionate, hard-working, and humorous.  I think we can see all of these qualities in his portraits.  He's a pretty easy-to-please guys, as he likes all genres of movies (except horror) and all genres of music.  When it comes to food, pizza please!  If he is shopping, he's probably on  

All of these talents and traits for success will be following Justin to Stark State and Kent State where he will be pursuing a degree in Sports Management.  Somehow, I am not surprised!

Justin, you are a fabulous young man, and I had so much fun creating your portraits with you!  I will be anxious to follow your future successes and will be listening for your name in the news on ESPN.  


You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,


What did Justin have to say about his portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she did a fantastic job with my sister's senior portraits!  I like that the session was laid back and fun.  I really like the portraits at the baseball field.  You did a wonderful job with everything!  I will definitely send my friends your way for their portrait sessions.  I want to thank you for going above and beyond during the session!"



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Senior Portrait Series: Location, location, location It is okay if you don't know

Don't you just love that question, "Where do you see yourself in five years?"  Some of us have an automatic answer and others really have to stop to think about it.  Some of us know exactly what we want, while others are just trying to manage the events of today.  I have found that the question of "Where do you see yourself for your senior portrait session?" often renders the same range of responses.  Some have a clear vision for the setting they desire, and others have no idea.  The purpose of today's blog is to offer some "direction" for choosing a location for your senior session.

Show me the light!

While many may be automatically focused on the backdrops and landscapes that can be found in various locations, my first consideration is LIGHT.  The amount of ambient light that is available and the opportunities for it to be reflected or absorbed are crucial to my ability to function as a portrait photographer.  Soft variations in light with much access to shaded areas will allow for the variation in portraits that I intend to provide.  This is another reason I work within the two hours before sunset.  Wide open spaces are fine for some shots from a distance, if the sun is at a very low angle, or if it is overcast.  Most of our work must be in shade with ambient light spilling in.


Joey - Class of 2015

What does this mean for a location?  It means that we need cover of some sort.  Trees, buildings, or structures that are tall or with overhangs are going to offer those shaded spaces.  Pavilions, gazebos, porches, breezeways, barns, sheds, parking decks, stacks of straw bales, and retaining walls can all offer refuge from direct sun.  Once we find these areas, we can get creative in how we utilize them.


Spencer - Class of 2015

Let's mix it up!

Now that we are looking for locations with shade and ambient light, we can think about variety.  One of my goals in a portrait session is to offer you many different types of portraits.  You are a multidimensional individual with many different sides and I intend to allow those to be expressed.   Sure, we can do close-ups and distance shots, serious and smiling expressions, looking off into the distance and looking at the camera angles.  But, if every one of those portraits includes the same tree, where is the fun in that?  I like some variety in vegetation, variety in architecture, variety in elevations, variety in color.  We want to have fun with this!  

Cora - Class of 2015 Scott - Class of 2015















When thinking about location, it is imperative to consider the personality of the senior and determine what might be the best fit.  The earthiness of a farm setting might be perfect for one individual, but the edginess of a metropolitan area is most fitting for another.  The whimsy of a playground may bring out the playfulness of a lighthearted senior, but an upscale shopping complex may allow another to express his/her style.  Since our seniors have many layers to their personalities, multiple locations can be used if carefully orchestrated.


Gretchen - Class of 2015

Being considerate

The obvious consideration, and sometimes limiting, is access to desired locations.  We may need to request permission to use specific areas.  Busy times should be avoided so that other patrons or visitors are not impeding our progress.  Always being respectful of the properties and other people is a must.  I have experienced such gracious cooperation from people when they recognize that our intentions are sincere and that we understand their needs.


Alex - Class of 2015

Having said that, let's think about the types of locations that we may want to consider.  Again, we need to assess the ability to gain access, and times when our presence would be least disruptive, yet within the two hours before sunset.  That is where it can get tricky.

Marco - Class of 2015



Some locations where I have found success include local and state parks if they aren't too busy.  Schools, stadiums, tracks, and high school fields can provide settings to highlight your high school career.  Family farms are perfect because there are so many textures and structures to offer variety, and we typically have the whole place to ourselves.  College campuses are usually well-maintained and offer much variety.  Golf courses can be beautiful, but you should have knowledge of where you are permitted.  Wineries and vineyards are a gorgeous setting, but may require permission.  Metropolitan areas can be surprisingly effective, but be prepared to watch for traffic and pedestrians.  For some seniors, there may be locations that have special significance and could provide portraits with deeper meaning and purpose.  I am all about customizing the experience and making this portrait session truly yours!


Victoria - Class of 2015


You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and smiles,




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Senior Portrait Series: When is the best time for your senior portrait session? Time goes fast!

Here we are!  Senior year is right around the corner and we really need to get a date on the calendar for a senior portrait session.  It is so easy to put this task off, but the longer we wait, the more likely we are to become stressed about fitting it in.  Summer flies by.  Fall is over in a blink. Before we know it, we are singing Christmas carols.  But, how can we commit to a date when we aren't even sure what is happening next week?  When is the best time for a senior portrait session?

Well, I have found that my calendar rules my crazy life.  If it is on my calendar, then it will happen.  So, we just need to get a date on our calendars for a senior portrait session.  But, how do we choose the best time?  That depends on many factors.  Let's see if we can narrow this down.

Identify commitments

First, we need to be realistic and look at our commitments.  If the Senior is dedicated to sports, music, dance, 4-H, ministry, etc., then we need to determine if those schedules will interfere with finding a free evening for a senior portrait session.  This may dictate a month or even a season during which this can or cannot happen.

Madi - Class of 2016 Kyle - Class of 2016















Consider the season

Once you have determined the time of year that can work with your schedule, then think about the season of the year that is a good fit for you.  Some just love the lush green of spring.  Others want the full bloom of summer flowers.  Many people crave the rich colors of an Ohio fall.  I have had Seniors who just love a crisp winter with its fresh snow and stark landscapes.  Remember that your choice of season dictates wardrobe.  It also determines the start time for our session.  The optimal time for gorgeous portraits is within the two hours before sunset.  In the late spring and summer, my start times are usually 6:30 in the evening, or so.  If we are scheduling into late fall, we would need to start around 4:00 in the afternoon.  Work and school schedules might need to be adjusted.

Kendra - Class of 2016 Marisa - Class of 2016
















My next recommendation is for you to consider all of the other things on your calendar that could affect the Senior's appearance at that time.  For example, I have had Seniors scheduled for a portrait session immediately after a beach vacation.  They thought they used enough sunscreen, but that red glow just couldn't be hidden.  Another mother was appalled when her Senior shaved his head in preparation for a swim meet.   I can do a lot of things in post production, but putting hair on that shaved head was not an option.

Consider the inevitability of change

One thing that is so difficult to anticipate is how much a senior in high school might change in the course of the school year.  Portraits taken in June may not even resemble this evolved individual walking across the stage at commencement the following May.  Change is inevitable, but whether it is a factor that concerns you is a personal decision.  There have been many extremely successful portrait sessions taking place in April and May of the senior year.  Some people are not comfortable with a tight time frame like that, but it is an option.

Maddie Mikey - Class of 2016
















We live in is a factor

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that weather is a huge factor in scheduling a portrait session.  Yes, we live in Ohio.  For this reason, I intentionally schedule in some wiggle room on my calendar to accommodate for necessary weather adjustments.  As your session date approaches, I will be watching the forecast and making some possible alternative plans if I anticipate the need.  I will keep in contact with you so that we can collaborate on a plan.  Despite how hard mother nature may try to thwart our plans, I have ALWAYS managed to make something work.

Rachel - Class of 2016 Kyle - Class of 2016
















So....  Let's do this!  Let's find the perfect time to celebrate being a Senior and make some portraits for you and your family to love.  

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and smiles,





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Portraits = Cherished Memories: How to Manage and Store Your Photos We have all had the experience of coming across that old shoe box tucked away in a far corner of a closet, under the bed, or in a cedar chest, that is filled with faded photographs of cherished memories.  We can spend hours as a family digging through this time capsule, carefully handling the bent corners as we look on the back of each photo, hoping to find a date, or maybe even a name to help identify the slightly familiar faces on the front.  We look at the surrounding objects for clues and marvel at how times have changed.  

Then, we get to the more recent photos, and even amaze our younger family members with stories about how we actually had to take film to be developed and didn't know what the pictures might look like for days.  We find similarities from one generation to the next, and feel our hearts fill with memories of those who no longer grace the images in our current cameras.  These are the times when we can pause and realize what has really been important in our lives.  The parts of each picture that bring the biggest smiles and tugs at the heart are the people and their stories.  Some of the best narratives from my family's past were shared because of the nostalgia emanating from a single photograph.

So, one has to wonder, how will our future generations have an opportunity to sift through the sands of time in the form of documented images?  Will there still be shoe boxes full of faded photographs?  How often do we bother printing our photos, today?  How many images are stored in your phone right now that have no guarantee of ever being seen by anyone but you?  Many of us take more pictures than we have time to manage and archive appropriately.  This is why I feel it is so important to establish a system to save your precious memories with minimal effort.

Alexis and Kyler: 2012 Alexis and Kyler 2013











There are many options out there for saving your digital images.  Some people have been diligent and actually placed images in folders, labeled them, and stored them on flash drives or burned them on CDs.  Kudos to all of you!  Most people are like me, who let them sit wherever I saved them when the image was taken or downloaded.  Yes, I am diligent about organizing and saving my portrait images for my clients, but I don't have time to manage my personal images in the same way.

Savannah and Landon 2015 Savanah and Landon 2013












There are several things to consider when deciding which method is best for you.  Think about the amount of storage you might need.  Image files can be large, depending on the source.  Some services allow for a certain amount of storage, free of charge.  I enjoyed this luxury for about six months and quickly had to upgrade to a higher memory plan at a cost to accommodate my growing number of image files.  Most services allow for large amounts of memory at minimal cost.  If you are prone to capturing video of special moments that you want to preserve, then additional storage will be a must.

Gabriella and Anthony 2015 Gabriella and Anthony 2013











Other major considerations are convenience and accessibility.  Will you need to take time to upload images periodically?  Is there an automated method for uploads to happen?  Do you need to assign identifiers such as dates and/or locations for ease of later searches, or can this be automated, as well?  Can you access these images from your home computer, your phone, your tablet?  Can you share some or all of your images with others?  Can you allow others to have access to your collection and add to it?  Can you post these images directly to Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest?  How you use your digital images will depend on which of these aspects are important to you.

As a professional photographer, I did the research and found Zenfolio to be the best fit for my needs.  I have been using Zenfolio for over eight years and I have been so thankful that I made that decision.  However, Zenfolio is rather expensive if you are just wanting to store, access, and share your photos.  Zenfolio is designed for the professional photographer who can utilize the many business tools that are built into the service as a business hosting website.

For my personal photos, I have found Dropbox to be the best fit for my needs.  I take lots of photos (shocker, right?) so I do pay a minimal fee for the additional storage.  I love that there is a companion app for my phone that allows me to access everything in my Dropbox from any device.  My favorite feature is that I can enable automatic uploading of any and all pictures taken on my phone.  The reality is that I take pictures for my business with my trusty Nikon, but I take everything else on my phone.  As much as I would like to claim that I would be diligent and manually save those iPhone pic treasures, I most likely will forget.  The automatic upload feature ensures that those images in my iPhone photo library are safely archived in my Dropbox photo library.  This allows me to delete photos from my phone to free up valuable storage space.  I can still access all of them through the Dropbox app on my phone, or any other computer.  In addition to photos and videos, I can store any other files and manage them in the same way.

Obviously, Dropbox is just one of many options that serve the same function in a similar way.  This article from Fortune, The best photo storage services to suit your needs, highlights the ones that I consider to be the best options. I have tried some of the others on their list, but ended up moving everything to Dropbox for the reasons I already stated above.

So, let us imagine that future again.  Your future generations are gathered around a laptop or smart TV and scrolling through thumbnails of images from the past.  With any luck, they are organized by date, and maybe even have some key words as identifiers of people and places.  They might even be organized in folders and labeled with titles of events.  Certainly, there will be peels of laughter and tears welling up from memories that have stamped our minds and our hearts.  The most important element here is that the sources and documentation of these memories are preserved and cherished.

Keep making memories and cherishing them.  Remember that I am here to serve you when you would like professional portraits of those you cherish most.

Love and smiles,


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Why invest in professional senior portraits? It isn't about the pictures; it is about YOU! Hello to all of you finishing up your junior year.  Oh, I'm sure you have the days and hours counted down to the moment you can officially call yourselves SENIORS!  Do you realize how intense your senior year can be?  You have so much excitement ahead; and, unfortunately, you will probably be dealing with some stress.  So, why should you add to that stress by making professional senior portraits a priority?  Because investing in your professional senior portrait session will provide you with so much more than just pictures.  Let's explore some of those reasons for making senior portraits a priority.


Well, for one reason, you deserve it!  How many times in your life will you have an opportunity to star in your own photo shoot?  For once, this really is all about you.  This is your chance to showcase yourself.  Express your originality!  Make the portrait session uniquely yours.  See just how amazing you look through the lens of a professional.  All of us can use a little confidence boost, especially when we are preparing to transition out into the world.

Helen Helen














Another really important reason is because it will make Mom happy.  If not Mom, then someone out there is going to be gushing over your portraits.  Hey, let them gush.  They are just so anxious to treasure a stunning portrait of you that is not a selfie.  You know they are probably sharing any photo of you they can get their hands on, so why not give them the opportunity to share ones that you know showcase you at your best?  You didn't have much control over your baby pictures, but these senior portraits are a reflection of you, here and now.


A more practical reason for investing in senior portraits is that you will be needing a professional quality headshot.  This is a great time to capture that portrait that will be sure to impress on your LinkedIn page.  Many scholarship applications require headshots.  The local paper may be requesting a headshot so that they can recognize your accomplishments.  That image of you on your phone with the words on your shirt appearing backwards just won't cut it.  You are a talented and bright individual.  Give them a portrait that portrays these qualities.

















As much as you may not want to face this reality, you really are going to move on in a new direction.  The chances are very good that you will no longer be surrounded by your current circle of friends.  Having some quality portraits to share can give you and your friends something to hold on to.  Of course, you can go back through your Facebook or Instagram histories, but there is something special about actual pictures that can be treasured.

Graduation Announcements Graduating from high school is a very good reason to celebrate.  Preparing for your graduation party can be so much fun, and a big part of that is designing your graduation announcement.  Creating a completely original, custom-designed graduation announcement is one of the services that I offer.  Just imagine how thrilled your family and friends would be to see this in their mailbox.  These will probably end up in frames rather than the trash.

Katie Hunter














So, what is my favorite reason for having a professional senior portrait session?  It is so much FUN!  Oh, my goodness!  You get to choose your location, and what outfits you want to wear, and what props to include, and try a variety of poses and expressions.  We get creative and crazy and serious and intense.  You will have a blast seeing yourself along the way and helping to create the experience.  Your input is crucial.  My job is to help you capture the essence of you, to show you how amazing you are.  And, if Mom cries in the process, I have tissues.  

Zachary MacKenzie














And, the portrait session is just the beginning.  Once your finished portraits are made available and you start to share, you will be blushing as everyone is gushing over your amazing portraits.  Your gallery will be available on my website, and you will have a mobile app that makes viewing and sharing your portraits convenient from your phone.  Like I said before, let them gush.  It really is all part of the fun.

I wish all of you Soon-to-Be Seniors the best of luck.  This really is such an exciting time for you.  I hope that I have made a compelling case for the importance of a professional senior portrait session.  And, if I am privileged to be your photographer and magic maker, then we will both be having fun!

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,





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The Power of Your Photo Moments App: Your portraits are meant to be shared! Loving your portraits on the go

        Let's face it, we are a mobile society and that is not going to change.  So, once you have access to your gallery of portraits, you will want access to them no matter where you are.  Looking at them over and over will bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.  You will want to show them to everyone you encounter and everyone you don't encounter by sharing on your social media.  What better way to use your time waiting for an appointment or for your child to finish practice than to scroll through your portraits and try to decide which ones are your favorites?  All of these things are possible with the Photo Moments app that is available to all of my portrait clients.

                   Download the fee app to your iPhone or Android Device

        Photo Moments is a free download and is available for both iPhone and Android users.  Once you download the app, you just need to click on the unique link that I will email to you.  Your gallery of portraits will automatically be available to you in the app.  You will only be able to see the galleries that I make available to you.
Once you add a link, I will be listed as your photographer.

        Once you have a gallery linked, you will see my logo pop up when you open the app.  Then, swiping up will allow you to see all of your linked galleries.  If we have been working together for a while, you may have several linked galleries here.  Although this is a new service, it is also available to my clients who already have portrait galleries on my website.  If you are a previous client, just send me an email to let me know that you would like to have access to your galleries through the app and I will send you your link(s). 

When you swipe up, you will see all of the galleries that you have linked.

        When you select the gallery that you want to view, the gallery will open and you will be able to scroll through all of your portraits.  

When you select a gallery, you will see all of your images.

        When you select a portrait, you will see it appear larger by itself.  The buttons below the image allow you to work with the image in the same way that you can from a computer.  

        The little heart can be selected in order to add that portrait to your FAVORITES.  That is super helpful!  Many clients like using the FAVORITES when they are trying to narrow down which portraits to order.  The FAVORITES is especially powerful in that you are able to share your FAVORITES with me.  Sharing your FAVORITES with me will be extremely helpful when we are creating your album or photo book.  This will be an easy way for you to tell me which images you want me to include in your album.  How convenient that this app will allow you to work on your FAVORITES collection from anyplace you have service on your phone.

When you select one image, you can mark it as a favorite, download it, play a slideshow, or share the image.

        The SHARE button is the really quick and easy way to share your portraits on social media.  Notice the image below.  You can share immediately to Facebook and Instagram.  I LOVE this feature!  No more saving the image to my phone before sharing.  This feature alone makes the app super valuable!

Sharing to social media has never been easier!

        The three little stacked horizontal lines that you see at the upper right corner of the app include some additional features.  Notice that you have a settings button to allow you to manage some preferences within the app.

There are other helpful options in the upper right menu.

        The third option in this menu is to VIEW FAVORITES.  Selecting this option will allow you to see all of the images that you have chosen as a FAVORITE.  If you need to cull down your selections, you can remove images from this set.  One fabulous feature is that your FAVORITES list will be saved to your account so that you can access it from your phone or your computer.  Changes made on your phone will be seen on your computer and vice versa. 

Selecting "Favorites" will show you all of the ones that you have already marked with a heart.

        The fourth selection in the menu will allow you to learn more about me.

You can learn more about me, your photographer.

        The last selection from the menu will allow you to email me.  This is great for when you have your selections in your FAVORITES group complete and you are ready for me to work on your album, if you want to schedule your ordering session, if you are ready to schedule another session, or if you have any question at all!

You can quickly contact me with questions or to schedule your next portrait session.

        I am thrilled to make the Photo Moments App available to my clients.  This is just another way I am working very hard to improve your experience of working with me.  I want nothing more than for you to love your portraits and to have fun with them.  I think this app can help to enhance that experience.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them!

Love and Smiles,



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Meet Mackenzie | Class of 2019 | Perry High School I remember the afternoon of Monday, October 29th quite well.  I had spent my day checking the weather app in anticipation of the senior portrait session that I had scheduled to start at 4:00 PM.  I know how much preparation is involved for high school senior girls before coming to the session, so I want to be sure that it really is going to happen.  I was sitting in the parking lot in downtown Canton, creating my mental game plan for which parts of town we would be using and chatting with Mackenzie's mom until she arrived with her dad.  When they did join us and Mackenzie popped out of the car, I knew we were in for a great evening together.  Mackenzie, part of the Class of 2019 at Perry High School, presented her beautiful smile and unpretentious, fun-loving spirit.  I no longer fretted about the weather because I knew we would be creating some fabulous portraits together.

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Confidence despite clouds

As we got started in Mackenzie's first outfit, I was amazed at how easily that smile sparkled.  Her choice of color was absolutely perfect for bringing out her glowing complexion and radiant hair.  The overcast skies filtered the sun for us, so we had endless options for portrait settings.  We certainly took advantage.  At every turn, we found another great spot to "stick her" and we were getting some great variety right from the beginning.

We were off to such a successful start, we decided that we better do a wardrobe change before we got too carried away.  Have you ever had that one piece of clothing that just made you so happy?  Well, that is the case for Mackenzie with this fun striped sweater that you see below.  She shared a great story with me about how she acquired this valuable piece and she literally bounced with excitement once she had it on.  There was no containing the smiles while she was posing in this sweater.  Mackenzie said that all of the portraits of her in this sweater are her favorites.  I think many of them are my favorite, too, just because her smile is so genuine.  

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Portraits with personality

Eventually, Mackenzie reluctantly changed out of the happy sweater and into the fun red dress-denim jacket combo.  I was really seeing her personality shine at this point.  Mackenzie is such a dynamic young lady, and I was determined that we would show that.  She is very active and accomplished in marching band, percussion ensemble, symphonic winds, choir, french club, and youth group at her church.  When she has any time outside of those endeavors, she likes hanging out with friends, baking and playing piano.  Her friends would describe her as funny and passionate.  That passion is going to be evident when we get to the portraits with her snare drum.

My goal for the portraits below was to show some variety in Mackenzie's magnetic and deep personality.  Our progress was impeded as it started to rain.  We actually persevered and pushed on through.  We had such great momentum going, we pretended the rain didn't exist.  One benefit of the rain is that it made the bricks on the median of the street brighter and shiny.  The walking portraits below were so much fun to capture.  I remember a lot of laughing as we were strolling along in the middle of the street downtown.

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Portraits with passion

As I learned more about Mackenzie, I gained an even greater appreciation for just how "cool" she really is.  Yes, I used that outdated word, but I'm old and that is the perfect description.  Her absolute favorite movie is Wreck-It Ralph.  She loves Panera (my personal favorite) and likes shopping at Forever 21.  Are you ready for this?  She also enjoys Def Leppard, Queen, and U2.  Oh yeah!

So, I mentioned Mackenzie's passion earlier.  Well, here it is in the portraits below.  We took cover in a parking garage for these portraits, and she totally owned this part of the session.  I knew that we were losing light quickly, so I tried to work efficiently.  I distinctly remember doing a lot of gasping and freaking out as I was checking the back of my camera to see what we were capturing.  Mackenzie is totally in her element here.  We actually ended the session with the fabulous portrait below with the street lights in the background.  Seriously...... how do you get any better than that?  

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Well, Mackenzie, it has been such an honor to work with you and to help you create some gorgeous portraits.  I'm thrilled that we were successful in showing the real you and just how beautiful you are.  I know that you hope to be attending The Ohio State University next year and I will be cheering you on in whatever direction you decide to follow.  Your gifts are numerous and meant to be shared.  Thank you for sharing them with me.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



What did Mackenzie have to say about her portrait session?

"I liked how well my colorful sweater and dress "popped" in the pictures.  The pictures of me in the colorful sweater were my favorite.  I was a little surprised at exactly how frizzy the unexpected rain made my hair... shocking to say the least.  Yes, I would send my friends to Laura Esposito Photography for their portrait sessions."




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Meet MaKenna | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School It is my pleasure to introduce MaKenna who is a member of the class of 2019 from Louisville High School.  Her senior portrait session was highly anticipated, as I remembered MaKenna and her family so fondly.  I had visited our chosen location, Quail Hollow in Hartville, and knew that we would be hitting the gardens at peak bloom.  I also remembered that MaKenna was one of the sweetest people I had ever met, and was anxious to show that in her portraits.

The Session Begins

As I met MaKenna and her mom in the parking lot, I was thrilled to see that MaKenna had grown in the confidence of her kindness and brought that same genuine smile and warm eyes that I remembered.  As we examined her wardrobe options, we came up with a plan for which outfits to use in which locations.  I devised an order based on what I expected from the sun's angles at the different locations throughout the session.  We were ready to go!

Anytime I start working with my Senior, I like to explain my process so that they know what to expect.  Typically, a couple of shots are needed to get warmed up and fall into a level of comfort with my method of running around and babbling like a crazy person behind the camera.  Not true for MaKenna!  The portraits of MaKenna on the path in the woods that are shown below are truly the very first shots.  When I looked at the back of my camera, my jaw dropped.  How anyone can be that poised and radiant in front of the camera right from the get-go is beyond me.  Let's just say, I was bursting with excitement because I knew that the session was only going to get better.

MaKenna | Class of 2019

Let's talk for a minute about her fabulous wardrobe choice.  I love how the soft sweater drapes so beautifully.  It is simple, soft, and a solid color.  The patterned texture adds just enough interest without being a distraction.  Notice how it allows her complexion to shine and really makes a nice soft contrast with the lush greens.  It is the perfect complement to that lovely soft smile that is such a signature of MaKenna.


Adding a Modern Flair

The next segment of our portrait session resulted in some amazing portraits that are actually among MaKenna's favorites.  MaKenna brought this fabulous dress that is such a fun contrast to the sweater above.  I typically advise against such a busy pattern, but it works because of the simplicity of the structure of the dress, itself.  The colors complement MaKenna's warm skin tones and gorgeous brown hair and eyes.  Notice that she wears the dress; the dress does not wear her.  Because the dress does not cinch at the waist, I was careful to use poses that still gave her shape and created these beautiful feminine lines.  

Posing MaKenna was like poetry in motion.  I swear she was reading my mind and created these stunning outcomes that you see below.  You see, MaKenna is a dancer.  I have found that dancers have the most amazing body awareness and grace.  Asking a dancer to walk through a field becomes a graceful stroll where every step is a work of art.  She mentioned that she liked how I pushed her out of her comfort zone to get such great portraits.  I have to say that she faked her comfort beautifully.  What amazing results.

MaKenna | Class of 2019

When Sisters Are Best Friends

I know that I keep raving that MaKenna is an absolute sweetheart.  Well, witnessing the bond that she has with her sister is further evidence of her sweetness.  MaKenna's sister Riley arrived at Quail Hollow when we were part-way through the portrait session.  Oh, if you could have seen MaKenna's face light up when she saw Riley in the car approaching us.  Once together, they immediately started gushing about how the other looked so pretty.  We showed Riley some of the portraits we had taken already, and she was everything a supportive sister should be.  Makenna took much comfort in Riley's approval and I could almost see her shoulders relax once she had the assurance from her sister that all was going perfectly.  Capturing these portraits of them together was very special to MaKenna, and I know these are such treasures to their parents.  By the way... kudos to these parents for raising this amazing pair of girls!

MaKenna | Class of 2019

Moving on with Confidence

As we continued on with our session, I was amazed to see this new boost of confidence in MaKenna that emanated from her sister's presence and how that confidence translated into her portraits.  In the series that you see below, I felt like we had elevated the connection to a higher level, and the results are incredible.  MaKenna's friends would describe her as caring, funny, loyal and with a great sense of humor.  I see all of those qualities in her, but I also see a depth of character that adds credibility to all of her other wonderful traits.

MaKenna | Class of 2019

Adding Beauty to the Garden

This next series of portraits are also among MaKenna's favorites, and for good reason.  We had been working around the outskirts of the inviting blooms of that garden all afternoon, but I knew I had to wait for the sun to be in the perfect location for these portraits to look as gorgeous as they do.  It was certainly worth the wait.  I wanted a very carefree look here, so we even did some hair adjustments and decided to forgo the part.  One of MaKenna's favorite places to shop is American Eagle, and I feel like these portraits could be part of their catalog.  

MaKenna | Class of 2019

We decided to make these last few shots a little playful, so we did some spinning to get this great portrait below.  These portraits just feel so relaxed and fresh.  It was such a great way to wrap it up.  It seems fitting that MaKenna likes country music and a favorite movie is Forever My Girl.  She also loves Italian food.  Pizza and Olive Garden are first choices.  No wonder we get along so well.  

MaKenna | Class of 2019

MaKenna brightened my life and I was only with her for an evening.  I can imagine the impact that she has on her family and friends who are blessed with her in their lives.  She plans to attend Stark State College where she will be studying in the Dental Hygiene Program.  Can't you just imagine how fortunate her patients will feel to have her working with them?  They will be sharing her dental hygiene work with the world because she will send them away with a smile on their face.  

MaKenna, thank you for trusting me with your senior portraits.  You have touched my life and shown me such a hopeful future.  I wish all good things for you as you make your beautiful mark on the world.  

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,


What did MaKenna have to say about her portrait session?

"I liked that it was very organized.  Laura had creative ideas and pushed me out of my comfort zone.  I love all of my portraits, however some of my favorites are of me in my dress, sitting in the middle of the road, and the ones in the flower garden.  I was surprised by how much fun I had."



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Meet Daniel | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School Excitement for the Session

I really do get excited about every portrait session.  I prepare myself by taking what I know and making a preliminary plan for the shots I want to capture.  That was no different for Daniel's portrait session.  Daniel is a senior at Louisville High School.  His session was going to be my first for the Class of 2019, so I was extremely anxious to get back to shooting high school seniors.  That excitement was fueled by the fact that we were holding his session on their family farm.  (Farms are my favorite!)  Furthermore, knowing Daniel's family from church made me fully aware that I was placing an amazing young man in front of my lens.  

As I drove down the long lane to their beautiful home, my eyes were busy scanning the landscape for portrait opportunities, and I was already choreographing the order in which I wanted to move from place to place.  I also spotted a blue chair on their front porch that was just begging to be included in the session.  Then, I was warmly greeted by Daniel and his mom, and we discussed our visions, determined our favorite wardrobe options, and finalized our plan.  

The Session Begins

Do you see that smile in the first portrait below?  That is "so Daniel" in every way.  That is the smile you get upon meeting Daniel.  It says so much about him: warm, hospitable, fun-loving, and confident without a hint of arrogance.  

Daniel | Class of 2019

So, this first series of portraits is evidence that we commenced with a strong opening round.  That fabulous rustic background is a barn that I passed on my way in. The mere sight of it caused all kinds of light bulbs to flash in my brain.  Seeing Daniel in his first clothing choice confirmed my plan for this to be our first stop.  That Ohio afternoon was producing a light sprinkle of rain, and the barn offered a little bit of cover.  It also seemed to be the perfect spot to highlight that beautiful guitar that I get to hear him play in church.  I'm telling you, this guy is talented!  Check out that blue chair below.  Is that perfect, or what?  

The best part came when I got to show Daniel and his mom the back of camera so that they could see just what I was capturing.  We all agreed that these portraits were going to be pretty amazing. The ones with his guitar are among his favorites.   And we were just getting started!  Daniel was so willing to accommodate my every request and gave me such great feedback as we worked.  Together, we were able to build his session to effectively tell his story.

Daniel | Class of 2019

Making a Statement and Finding Meaning

In case you haven't figured it out yet, Daniel is a bit of a modern day Renaissance Man.  He is active at Louisville High School on the swim team, in drama club, in National Honor Society, and at our St. Joseph, Maximo Parish as a music minister and lector.  His friends would describe him as charismatic, adventurous, personable, and as a good listener.  I also know that Daniel is very introspective and his spiritual life is important to him.  So much so, that he has a favorite Bible verse that has become somewhat of a mantra for how he lives his life.  "Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go." -Joshua 1:9.  We had talked about the idea of including this verse in a portrait that would be a beautiful reminder of just what that means for Daniel, and how it has, and will continue, to shape the way he lives his life.  I set up the portraits that you see below with this in mind.  Daniel walks confidently into the future with is talents in hand, knowing that God is walking with him every step of the way.  What a wonderful way to embark on life's journey.  It says a lot about why Daniel is such an inspiration.

Daniel | Class of 2019

Mixing it Up

We were ready to simplify things a little bit, so we lost the flannel and settled on the blue on blue look.  Absolutely perfect with those blue eyes!  On my drive down their lane, I had spotted a rock pile high up on a hill.  Again, neurons were flashing about the possibilities.  The sprinkles had now subsided, and we were grateful for the overcast sky to beautifully filter the sun and to frame Daniel with that soft blue texture.  Daniel's zest for life makes him ready to take on just about anything.  This "power shot" of him standing on the rocks seems to say just that.  I really do love the second portrait below where Daniel is framed by the branches and has the whole world displayed before him.  The lush greens feel so nurturing.

Daniel | Class of 2019

Daniel is anything but one-dimensional.  He's not even two- or three-dimensional.  He enjoys and appreciates variety.  Just take a look at some of his favorites.  When it comes to movies, Star Wars and Step Brothers rate pretty high along with shows like The Office and Friends.  His great taste in music includes Billy Joel, Chris Stapleton and the Zac Brown Band.  When reading, he has enjoyed The Grapes of Wrath and books of the Harry Potter series.  Consequently, it was important to capture variety in Daniel's portraits.  So, it was time to bring out the electric guitar.  We also changed up the color scheme and setting.  I loved the colors and texture in this barn siding for the series of portraits below.  I also wanted to capture something a little edgier with the electric guitar.  That was my goal for the portrait on the right.  The angle and lighting here played well off of his chiseled features.  The black and white version of this is one of my favorites, too.

Daniel | Class of 2019

Although Daniel's talents lie in many areas, music is a dominant theme.  His passion for music has motivated him to play a variety of instruments, with the guitar and piano being his specialties.  He finds fulfillment in participating in performing arts in school.  According to Daniel, "there's nothing like having a crowd of hundreds engaged with you!"  That powerful statement indicates his passion.  If we had to narrow down that passion into something more specific, it would be his piano.  

Portraying his Passion

During our planning in the weeks prior to Daniel's portrait session, I was made aware of the baby grand piano that was his pride and joy.  Our conversation upon my arrival included an introduction to the beautiful instrument.  I saw that it had a room of its own and its value to Daniel was obvious.  I knew that I had to make these portraits extra special.

Both Daniel and I made several changes to accomplish this objective.  Daniel certainly did his part by changing into some formal attire and adding the sophisticated spectacles.  I found my lighting and played with reflections to show Daniel's spirit reflected in his journey with the piano.  In order to capture some authentic portraits that would evoke emotion, I asked Daniel to play for me.  I wanted to witness Daniel entering that other world that invites him in when he plays.  The black and white portrait below is so fabulous.  I feel that Daniel doesn't even know that we are there.  I think we accomplished our goal, as he told me these were his favorites.

Daniel | Class of 2019

Some Final Thoughts

Daniel likes spending time with family and friends.  You might find him at his favorite restaurant, Baker's Cafe, or browsing around Sweetwater Music, Guitar Center, or even at Dick's Sporting Goods.  He plans to attend The Ohio State University to explore his interests in Communications or Business.  He will certainly have a long list of activities and accomplishments to adorn his application.  But, some of the best things about Daniel can't be listed on a resume.  Daniel has a servant's heart.  If someone is struggling with a door, he is the first one to jump up to assist.  If there is someone looking a little down, Daniel springs into action to bring them some light.  If it is obvious that a leader is needed, he rises to the occasion.  He does these things not for his own recognition, but for the greater good.  These are the qualities that will make him a success in all the ways that matter.

Daniel, I am humbled that you have sung my praises as your photographer.  It has been my sincere pleasure to work with you and your family.  I will be cheering you on as I watch your journey in whatever directions God leads you.  

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



What did Daniel have to say about his portrait session?

We were referred to Laura Esposito Photography from countless friends who had great experiences.
Laura Esposito was full of numerous creative ideas and made the session a very enjoyable experience!
Her positive energy was contagious, and in the end, we couldn’t have been happier with the results.

My favorite pictures include those taken with the piano, as well as those with the red flannel and acoustic guitar.  
I was surprised at how easily and effectively Laura Esposito could understand our requests and make those results incredible.




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Meet Marissa | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School Marissa is a senior in the class of 2019 at Louisville High School, and her Silver Park portrait session was memorable, indeed.  Sometimes, things just come together perfectly, and that was certainly the case for Marissa's senior portrait session.  I remember when we scheduled her session for the end of October, we were worried that there wouldn't be much color left on the trees.  As it turns out, we hit the peak color of the season and we totally took advantage of every opportunity to use it.  I remember the first things we said to each other after our greeting was that we totally lucked out with the perfect day for a portrait session.  It only got better from there.

The Lacrosse Portion of our Session

As a senior at Louisville High School, Marissa is a busy girl.  In addition to rigorous coursework including CC+ classes at Stark State University, Marissa brings her A-game to the lacrosse team.  Her intense contributions are needed on the field, but I can only imagine how valuable Marissa must be to the morale of the team and camaraderie among the team members.  Marissa's friends describe her as the perfect mixture of silly and goofy with loyal and trustworthy.  No wonder she is loved by all.  

Marissa | Class of 2019

Time for Furry Fun

The more you get to know Marissa, the more apparent it becomes that behind that beautiful smile is a heart of gold.  That comes in handy when she works at a nursing home and sees such value in spending time with family and friends.  I believe that a kind heart is revealed in relationships with animals, and it warmed my heart to see her loving on her dog.  There were certainly no forced smiles here.

Marissa | Class of 2019

Hello Fall Color

So, as soon as I saw Marissa and her red dress, I knew that I wanted to take her to this upper wooded area of Silver Park that was rich with fall color.  The low angle of the sun was just perfect to frame her beautifully within this warm and lush landscape.  As much as I love her smile, the portrait of her below with the soft expression is one of my absolute favorites.  Nonetheless, the whimsical shots of her walking seem to show the real Marissa.  The real Marissa likes shopping at places like Dick's Sporting Goods and Target.  She absolutely loves Chick-fil-a.  (Who doesn't?)  When it comes to movies, Marissa enjoys chick flicks, Hallmark Holiday movies, and comedies.  Another thing that we have in common is that she likes country music.

Marissa | Class of 2019

New Location and New Colors

When I saw Marissa's next outfit, I knew that Glamorgan Castle had the perfect colors and textures to create a whole new look.  Marissa has the perfect adventurous spirit for a portrait session with me.  She was up for anything.  I told her several times that the pose "feels weird, but looks great."  She became a believer after looking at the back of the camera.  She said that she especially loved the portraits at the castle and the ones in her red dress.  

Marissa | Class of 2019

Adding Another Flower to the Garden

Don't you just love how Marissa can take the formality of the gorgeous dress below and bring her own version of whimsy and fun to own this look?  I knew that the collection of red maple leaves that littered the back garden would be ideal to complement her last outfit.  I just love how much Marissa embraced every portion of our session together.  Her positive energy is so contagious.  We laughed a lot and I enjoyed every minute of our time together.  

Marissa | Class of 2019

Moving on Up

Marissa makes me smile and fills me with hope for the future.  Marissa is going to make this world a better place.  She is considering a career in nursing and I would not be surprised at all if she studies abroad.  Her healing heart and helping hands will take her far.  Thank you, Marissa, for choosing Laura Esposito Photography.  I can't wait to see what your future holds and where your talents will take you.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,


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Meet Hanna | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School It was a lovely October afternoon when I parked in the lot of Canton Garden Center and started assessing my light and locating the fall colors.  I was excited to see Hanna again.  Having known Hanna as a middle school student, I could still envision her with her hair up in a ponytail and wearing her athletic apparel and a smile.  So, when this stunning young woman stepped out of the car, my jaw dropped.  I could still see that very down-to-earth, sweet girl with a a drive and focus for success, yet balanced by an appreciation for having fun.  Some new qualities that I detected were self confidence and a greater understanding of just who she is and what she wants to become.  Those qualities enhance the outer beauty which is already there.

Hanna | Class of 2019

We started our session when the sun was still rather high, so we took advantage of the gorgeous filtered sun backdrop.  We were just getting started, and Hanna immediately nailed all of my posing cues.  Hanna is not one to readily jump in front of the camera, so I was blown away with how relaxed and natural she looks in every shot.  That smile is captivating!

Hanna | Class of 2019

Hanna's second outfit was a winner, too.  By this time, the sun was a little lower and we had more options with more shade available.  I had her all over the place, but Hanna was always game for whatever I wanted to try.  Hanna's mom and sister were great cheerleaders, and it was fun to have them along for the session.  

Hanna | Class of 2019

Hanna's mom mentioned a favorite weeping willow tree that she remembered, and I was so happy that she made the suggestion.  We had so much fun with this dreamy setting.  I think these are some of my favorite portraits because you really get a sense of Hanna's lighthearted spirit and why her friends love hanging out with her.   Hanna's friends would describe her as fun, honest, and loving.  Can't you just tell that is true from her portraits?  

Hanna | Class of 2019

As we reluctantly left the tree that was so much fun, we drove on over to the McKinley Monument where we were able to capture some different looks.  I knew we had captured many portraits of that beautiful smile, so I wanted to be sure to show a little of Hanna's quieter side.  She is just as stunning with that soft smile that you see above.  By this time, we were getting that beautiful warm glow from the setting sun, and I loved how it reflected off the white stone of the monument.  That window of opportunity is so small, but our timing was perfect to capture these portraits.

Hanna | Class of 2019

It was so kind of Hanna's coach to be willing to meet us at the gym so that we could capture Hanna in her true element.  Hanna's two main interests are camping with her family and basketball.  She is also busy with Key Club, Spanish Club, and National Honor Society, but basketball brings out that fire in her soul.  She really shines on the court because she has high expectations for herself and pushes herself through hard work.  The real key is that Hanna embraces the "team" concept of her game so that she is the ultimate asset.  As you can see, she is truly happy in this environment, but we also tried to capture some of that fierce competitor that boils from deep within.  

Hanna | Class of 2019

I love creating these composites where I try to tell a story to reveal a little more about what makes this senior special.  Combining the athletic intensity with a more relaxed Hanna conveys her depth.  

Needless to say, I had a blast working with Hanna and her family.  Hanna's favorite portraits are the ones we took in the gym.  I was not surprised!  I do hope that she can see just how beautiful she is in all of the portraits.  At this time, Hanna would like to see herself attending Ohio State University next year.  She certainly has what it takes to make that a reality.  Wherever life takes her, I wish her all the best and will be part of her fan club.  You've got this, Hanna!  I have a feeling that we haven't even begun to see what you are made of.  

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



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Reflecting on 2018: The Year of Gratitude for Laura Esposito Photography Today is December 31, 2018.  Another year has come and gone, and I feel the need to try to make some sense of where I am today, how I got here, and where am I headed.  Isn't that what welcoming a new year is about?  It forces us to reflect.  Like many, I get busy with my day-to-day activities and don't take the time to step back and look at the big picture.  So, I am doing that today.  

As I was preparing my images for today's blog, I took a very meaningful walk down memory lane.  The overwhelming sensation that filled my heart and mind was one of gratitude.  As a solopreneur, it is easy to feel that constant apprehension about each decision that is made.  Have I allocated my budget correctly?  Are my marketing efforts going to reap any rewards?  Have I priced my services at a level that will even pay the bills?  Which educational opportunities will yield the most growth?  How can I better serve my clients so that they will love their experience?  What else can I be doing to improve my SEO?  Is there a valuable networking opportunity that I'm missing?  The list of concerns goes on and on.  

From Quote Master: Let me get back to that theme of gratitude.  True to form, I tend to loose myself in the anxiety of an unpredictable business.  So many times, I would feel that cloud of doubt hovering over me as I would fear that the next month would not generate enough portrait sessions to remain sustainable.  Every single time I became overwhelmed, I did what got me through so many situations in the past.  I would pray.  I would place my concerns in God's capable hands, and every single time, I would be rewarded with a phone call, email, or text that held a precious inquiry about using my services.  And, every single time, I would look up and say, "I know that was you, God!  Thank you for rewarding my faith."  

But, my gratitude runs much deeper than the relief of being able to pay the bills.  The deepest source of that gratitude is for the many opportunities to meet and work with the most amazing people.  Listening to the news can be incredibly depressing, as it seems that there is no goodness left in the world.  Somehow, all goodness seems to come my way in the form of beautiful hearts and brilliant minds that appreciate what I can help them to achieve in the form of pictures.  In order to truly meet their needs, it is necessary to find my way into their visions and purpose and to learn about their values.  This is where the true beauty lies.  Yes, I make every effort to work effectively with lighting and angles and composition and everything else that makes for a fabulous portrait; but, the real essence of the final product is in the emotions generated by the image.  When the portrait speaks to the heart as well as the eyes, I have done my job.

Class of 2018

The existence of Laura Esposito Photography came about through Senior Portrait Photography, and that first love has never faded.  My love of High School Senior Photography has been covered in previous blog posts, and the intensity of that dedication grows every year.  The images you see above are Seniors from the Class of 2018 who chose to have their portrait sessions in the spring.  As you can see, spring pictures are a great option.  Portrait sessions in April and May are timely for graduation.  Just look at those beautiful smiles.  I feel very confident that they are doing quite well this year.

Class of 2019

The Class of 2019 is certainly an impressive group!  The amazing young people you see above and below represent the current senior class, and I am hoping to see many more in the spring.  I just love the variety as each Senior is so unique.  There is even much variety within each gallery.  That is one of my goals for each portrait session, and I have seen growth over the past year.  Gratitude fills my heart that I have been able to get to know each of these amazing young people.  I feel very confident in our future with these brilliant minds and kind hearts leading the way.

Class of 2019

I'm not sure about you, but I just can't look at the portraits below without smiling.  The innocence, honesty, and zest for life that is found in the eyes of a child makes capturing portraits of emotion inevitable.  It is almost as if you know the personality of each little person as my style is one that encourages genuine expressions.  I am so grateful for every parent who chose to trust me with capturing this cherished time with their most precious gifts.