Thank you for a great 2017 - Progress in 2017 leads to a plan for growth in 2018.

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This was a huge year for Laura Esposito Photography as it marked the beginning of my full-time dedication to running my business.  In a previous blog, I discuss the circumstances that led to this decision that put myself on a path to the most challenging and rewarding career endeavor.  I started by enrolling myself in a year-long business class through Professional Photographers of America.  I invested in a new camera with higher resolution and better performance in a variety of light conditions.  I upgraded my accessories and computer software, and even created a studio space.  I spent time in various training workshops and courses to improve my skills, especially in wedding photography and photoshop. I reworked my website so that I could offer the most desirable products, and built a supply of samples to help my clients make more informed decisions when making a purchase.  


Despite all of my efforts, it was my fabulous clients who made 2017 a truly great year for Laura Esposito Photography.  Reflecting on all of the people who entrusted me with preserving their memories has been humbling.  Below is a tribute to all of my special clients.  Come with me as we take a walk down memory lane.


My roots and my specialty are high school senior portraits, so I will start by showcasing these amazing young people.  They are as unique as their portraits and I was energized by every single session. 

Senior Girls

Senor Boys


Senior Girls

Senior Boys

Family portraits are so special to me, because FAMILY is so special to me.  Any opportunity that allows me to preserve special memories within a family is such a blessing.  I worked with some very dear families this year and their portraits are a reflection of that.

Family Portraits


Children's portraits are equally cherished as they grow up and change so quickly.  With the addition of my studio this year, I was able to capture some specialty portraits despite the weather.  This was rather appreciated as many families wanted something specifically for their Christmas cards.  I also expanded my services and designed cards for clients this year.  That was a fun way to use my creativity and help my clients save some precious time around the holidays.

Children's Portraits

After my various equipment upgrades and investing in my education and training, I found myself excited to tackle wedding photography.  This year, I was honored to work with two wonderful couples as they tied the knot in 2017.  My most sincere best wishes go to Kaitlyn and Aaron and Samantha and Steve as they start their lives as married couples.  I have no doubts that they will continue to grow together.  I'm hoping to get the call one day for a baby or family portrait session!

Wedding Portraits


One of the funnest things about my job is that I never know what kind of request might be made.  Sometimes, events require a professional photographer to properly document the occasion.  This year, I was thrilled to take portraits for Louisville and Marlington's Proms, for Saint Joseph's First Communion, for Louisville's Girls Tennis Senior Night, and for the Palette2Palate charity event for the Stark County Hunger Task Force.


A new venture for me has been to work in the corporate realm.  Product photography certainly broadened my horizons and I have made some exciting new connections.  Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #94 enlisted my services for some great projects, including a four-generation portrait featuring four generations of Cramer men who were/are Local #94 Members.  My photoshop skills came in handy for that one.  I put my studio to good use to generate the images for the Ultimate Bucket Caddy.  My husband will no longer wash a car without one.  I was thrilled when school board candidates solicited my services for publicity portraits.  The most rewarding job has been working with the wonderful crew at the Whole Latte Love Cafe.  A smile remained on my face for a very long time after that portrait session.  I owe much credit and thanks to a dear friend, Diane Adams, who is a graphic designer and helped to make many of these connections for me.



As I look to 2018, I am excited about some new directions where I would like to expand.  I dabbled enough to know that I like these new ventures, and I am making plans to take some additional classes in order to sharpen my skills.  I have always had a pet, and I am not ashamed to admit that my pets are always family.  Growing up on a farm while showing horses makes me sensitive to the bond that one can have with their fur babies.  Our family dog is truly my baby and I spoil her like crazy.  Needless to say, pet photography seems like a natural fit.  

This fall, I tried something new and had a BFF Session for my daughter and her very good friend.  I understand that high school seniors have such great friendships, and that they know how limited their time together might be.  Often, best friends part ways after high school as they go off to different colleges, enlist in the military, or simply find different paths in life.  The BFF Portrait Session is an opportunity for these friends to create some fun professional portraits to treasure when their friend is no longer by their side every day.  I am hopeful that other high school seniors will recognize the value in such a session and ask me to help them to preserve this moment in time together.

Family Lifestyle Portraits are gaining in popularity, and it may seem quite simple to just snap some pictures, a professional lifestyle portrait is much more complicated.  That candid, "in-the-moment" look actually requires preparation and skill.  I intend to work on this genre so that I can add it to my family portrait repertoire and really give my clients the variety they desire.

New Ventures


Another new skill that I have been practicing and hope to expand is the creation of a collage/montage.  This is a reflection of one of the classes that I enjoyed this past year.  I have taken the concept and made it my own.  The process is extremely time-consuming, but I intend to make the collage/montage an optional add-on for any portrait session.  One of my very special clients ordered their montage in a large metal wall art and it looks absolutely amazing.  



This reflection on 2017 has reminded me how fortunate I am to be able to do what I truly love.  I have found my passion.  Being your portrait photographer has given me meaning and purpose.  To all of my past, present and future clients, I am eternally grateful for your trust and for giving me the opportunity to create beautiful and priceless portraits for you.  I am ready to leap into 2018 with continued excitement and dedication to being the best portrait photographer that I can be.  But, don't worry; I will never forget that it is really all about you.  I'm just here to document all that is special.

Laura Esposito, Photographer

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



It’s so fun seeing a taste of all your work in one spot. I feel like your pictures help tell a story and give a glimps into the personality of each person. Love your work.
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