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Josie's September portrait session had already been rescheduled to avoid rain once and we really wanted to avoid another delay.  Despite the heavy cloud cover and wind, Josie was up for the task.  We had decided to meet at The Quarry as this is a location where Josie spends much time on the golf course.  As soon as she hopped out of her car with her bright smile, killer outfit, and determined attitude, I knew I was in for a great session, despite the weather. 

We were not certain what the skies had in store for us, and I knew the blue and white striped outfit she was currently wearing would look great with the waterfall setting, so we decided to make that our first stop.  The heavy cloud cover was a blessing in that seeking out shade was not necessary.  I typically use this spot later in the evening when the low angle of the sun creates enough shade to capture a great portrait.  The ground was rather squishy around the beautiful waterscape, so we worked carefully and the very first shots are below.  Talk about a great start!

I was already loving this girl's spirit, but when she suggested that she sit up in the actual waterfall for some shots, I knew she would be game for anything!  The water was cold and it was quite breezy, but she never let it show.  My camera shutter and flow of excited gasps were both uncontrollable.  Check out some of the results below.

Despite the discomfort of being wet and cold from the waist down, Josie was still up for a few more shots that I had envisioned for this location.  She looks cool as a cucumber.  Did I mention that I love this girl?  Josie said that these portraits above and below are her favorites.  She deserves the credit for braving the rough conditions to make them absolutely amazing.

After being ecstatic with these portraits, we went back up to the club house where Josie was able to change into her next outfit.  We were literally and figuratively just warming up.  When she came out in the beautiful flowered flowing top, I was anxious to capture a softer side of Josie.  Of course, it decided to start misting a little bit, but we just kept on capturing one great portrait after another.  We stayed close to the building so that we could have a little cover, and the stone of the building made for a beautiful background. Thankfully, our perseverance paid off and the mist dissipated so that we could continue to work our way around to the open space in the back of the building.  I was still playing off the feminine flare of her outfit and that beautiful hair that just kept getting prettier no matter what the weather was throwing her way.   Having gained some confidence in the weather, we ventured a little further and I found some perfect landscapes to capture Josie's beautiful smile and eyes.  Oh, those eyes are just gorgeous!  We let the wind work to our advantage and captured some of my favorite portraits below. And now, we get to move on to showcase Josie's passion.  Josie enjoys playing golf competitively on the varsity golf team and as a pastime.  How perfect that this sport can be enjoyed for the rest of her life.  Josie's friends describe her as a caring person with a great sense of humor.  It is no surprise that some of Josie's teammates happened to be at the golf course that day and were cheering her on through her portrait session.  I can imagine that this same camaraderie is something special among these girls.  Notice how Josie shines on the course.

This beautiful and talented young lady likes pizza and shopping on Amazon.  Her all-time favorite music group is Nirvana and she loves the movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape.  In addition to golf, Josie likes hanging out with friends.  She hopes to attend Kent State where she can pursue a nursing degree.  One of the things that Josie liked best about her portrait session is that it was so quick and easy to do.  Remember, this is coming from the girl who was sitting in freezing water at the beginning!  No doubt, with this positive attitude, Josie will will be successful no matter where life's path takes her.  I will be watching and cheering you on all the way!  Thank you for allowing Laura Esposito Photography to capture your senior portraits.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,







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