Meet Dillon | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School

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Meet Dillon, the Senior Feature of this blog post.  Dillon's first name is Charles, but everyone knows that smiling face and fun personality as Dillon, his middle name.  Dillon is a Senior at Louisville High School where he plays football and baseball, as we will see later in the blog.  It was the intense schedule of a dedicated football player that required us to set our portrait session in November.  After Mother Nature demanded some rescheduling, we actually managed to hold our session on a gorgeous fall day.  

I met Dillon, his mom, and girlfriend in the parking lot of Silver Park on that sunny afternoon.  When Dillon showed up with his winning smile, great attitude, and a dedicated support team, I knew we were in for a successful session.  The portraits that you see below were our very first captures, and there was apparently no warming up needed.  Dillon rocked his session from the very first click.

Dillon | Class of 2019 As we moved on to part two of our session, I wanted to try to show some variety, as Dillon is anything but boring!  He plays YMCA basketball, likes golfing and playing video games, bowling, and tennis.  He likes hanging out with his girlfriend and friends, as well as watching NFL and college football.  Some favorite movies include Star Wars, Stepbrothers, Waterboy and Shawshank Redemption.  Chinese is his favorite kind of food, but also likes eating at A1 Japan, Jersey Mikes and Chipotle.  I think that is what makes Dillon so likable.  He can be happy in just about any situation. Dillon | Class of 2019 Once we finished capturing Dillon's amazing portraits, we were ready to move on and feature one of his passions, baseball.  I was thrilled to have sun and blue skies so that we could create that amazing shadow silhouette image that you see below.  I love how comfortable Dillon looks on the baseball field.  You can tell he has put in the time to get to that level.

Dillon | Class of 2019

November in Ohio means early sunsets, so we were careful to watch our time spent at Silver Park.  After all, we still had football portraits to take at the Louisville Stadium.  Football is Dillon's true passion, so I knew that these football portraits would be a priority.  He even plans to play in college which is an indication of just how dedicated he is to the sport.  

When we arrived at the stadium, I could sense a change in Dillon.  It could have been the fact that the temperature dropped about ten degrees, but I am quite certain that the intensity I saw in his eyes was all about his passion for the sport shining through.  No matter what crazy idea I had for a pose, he was all in; and, he totally nailed every pose!  Just look at those portraits below.  I love every one and there are so many more in his gallery that I didn't have room to include.  I'm pretty pumped that Dillon told me the images taken at the stadium were his favorite portraits, too.  Mission accomplished!

Dillon | Class of 2019

I am always trying to challenge myself and to push my creativity, so generating these composite portraits like you see below has become my little extra that I like to add when the session allows for it.  We had discussed that we wanted a football portrait from behind to show the back of the jersey, and I love the spread arms that kind of create a "larger than life" presence.  As I shared the sneak peek on the back of the camera, I knew that this capture was a favorite.  So, using it in a composite was my challenge.  I ended up loving the final result, but it took a few attempts to get this final portrait.  So worth the effort!

Dillon | Class of 2019

So, Dillon, thank you for a fabulous session.  Even through the mud and the cold, I absolutely loved your session and the portraits we created.  I wish you all the best as you move on to college to study business and continue to play football.  You certainly have what it takes to be successful and happy.  I will be here to cheer you on every step of the way.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



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