Water: My emotional and spiritual connection to H2O

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Our vast universe contains the perpetual motion of the Milky Way Galaxy where a beautiful marbled blue planet orbits around a blazing sun.  On that planet is a layer of salt water interrupted by the occasional land mass.  Within those land masses can be found various puddles of fresh water with tributaries of water leading into them and out of them.  On one particular afternoon in one of those little bodies of fresh water could be found a single kayak suspended on its surface.  The subtle movement of this water and a gentle breeze caused that kayak and the searching soul within it to drift ever so slowly.  The occupant of the tiny vessel sat motionless with eyes closed in order to heighten the other senses and become fully immersed in the experience of becoming one with the water. There was a sense of buoyancy and abandon as everything about her position in the universe was at the mercy of the natural elements.  The rustle and clapping of feathers against each other and the wind revealed the presence of other creatures enjoying the same moment in the same space.  Random slaps on the water's surface would take her by surprise and generate an awareness of the many creatures below and around the sleek little boat that was invading their home.  Could they feel the minuscule changes in current and wind?  Did her oar in the water cause them to take notice?  Was she casting a shadow on some underwater vegetation creating a disruption in its photosynthetic quest?  Exactly where does she fit into this ecosystem and will her impact be positive or negative?  And, how is it that she is so incredibly blessed to be here in this time and place to enjoy this moment, full of appreciation and awe? ---------- And that is where the prayer begins.  The raw rendering of the heart with no filter and no curtain, but only a pure conversation with God that is full of thanksgiving and a purposeful quiet to invite him in... and to listen.

This is a description of how I chose to spend my birthday last week.  These moments of self-discovery, self-preservation, spiritual growth, whatever you want to call them, are absolutely priceless to me.  This was my gift to myself.  I have been blessed to find the value in these moments, but creating them for myself is not always easy.  Through the years, I have learned that one common element can feed my soul like nothing else, and that is water.  The science person in me must clarify that water is actually a compound and not an element, but it is chemically the most amazing compound in the world.  Like every other living being, I need water to live, but I have found that I TRULY need water to TRULY live.  


When things start to unravel or I feel that I need to center myself, I seek out water to quench my thirst for wholeness.  Yes, I love a nice cool glass of water as much as the next person, but I mean I seek to be in the presence of "natural water."  My definition of natural water is water that is found in streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.  Consequently, "fake water" is water that is found in swimming pools and aquariums which can be pleasing, but does not generate the deep connections that bring me peace.  

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I have also found that there is a direct correlation between the size of the body of water and its healing properties.  I gain happiness from the water flowing in a little creek along the hiking path, but even more from a river or lake.  Furthermore, nothing compares to the power of the ocean.  I find the most direct connection to the revelation of God's ever presence in the ocean.  The day I first saw the ocean in real life was the day that I got a glimpse of heaven.  Its immense vastness has the power to both take a life and to help me put mine back together.  It continually reshapes the shoreline as it reshapes me to better fit my current life and my role in it.  As a vast carbon sink and global circulatory system, it tries to heal the Earth from humanity's assault as it has healed my heart from loss of loved ones and a loss of identity.  Every time I return to the ocean, it is there waiting for me with waves reaching out to greet me and welcome me home.

Canadian Wildlife Federation Bloghttp://blog.cwf-fcf.org/index.php/en/8-quotes-that-illustrate-why-water-is-life/

As a lifetime Ohioan, my visits to the ocean are sporadic, but that has not kept me from enjoying water.  A recollection of our hobbies through the years demonstrates that water is a recurring theme.  We spent many years boating, camping, waterskiing and wake boarding.  

Our early skiing and wake boarding days.

Then, we moved on to fishing.  My husband and I were a competitive bass fishing team for twelve years.  Having a line in the water generated a whole new way of connecting with water and the amazing creatures that inhabit it.

Our days of bass tournament fishing.Go Team Triton!

It is hard to find a family picture of us that does not have water in the background.

Family portraits through the years

Even my "selfies" and quick snapshots involve water.  The connection is real!

Happy shots

So, part of the instruction manual for myself explains the procedure for performing a reboot, recharge, revive, or whatever might be needed to restore peace.  Step one of that procedure is to find water, natural water.  In extreme cases, a trip to the beach is in order as the beach can fill you up using every sense as a point of entry.  It saddens me to think that some people never get to experience the miracle of communing with the ocean, just as much as I mourn for those who take it for granted.  This understanding of self, like the ocean, brings both power and peace into my existence.  It allows me to find and fulfill my purpose. I just need to keep seeking out water and listening as He speaks.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



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