Meet Hanna | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School

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It was a lovely October afternoon when I parked in the lot of Canton Garden Center and started assessing my light and locating the fall colors.  I was excited to see Hanna again.  Having known Hanna as a middle school student, I could still envision her with her hair up in a ponytail and wearing her athletic apparel and a smile.  So, when this stunning young woman stepped out of the car, my jaw dropped.  I could still see that very down-to-earth, sweet girl with a a drive and focus for success, yet balanced by an appreciation for having fun.  Some new qualities that I detected were self confidence and a greater understanding of just who she is and what she wants to become.  Those qualities enhance the outer beauty which is already there.

Hanna | Class of 2019

We started our session when the sun was still rather high, so we took advantage of the gorgeous filtered sun backdrop.  We were just getting started, and Hanna immediately nailed all of my posing cues.  Hanna is not one to readily jump in front of the camera, so I was blown away with how relaxed and natural she looks in every shot.  That smile is captivating!

Hanna | Class of 2019

Hanna's second outfit was a winner, too.  By this time, the sun was a little lower and we had more options with more shade available.  I had her all over the place, but Hanna was always game for whatever I wanted to try.  Hanna's mom and sister were great cheerleaders, and it was fun to have them along for the session.  

Hanna | Class of 2019

Hanna's mom mentioned a favorite weeping willow tree that she remembered, and I was so happy that she made the suggestion.  We had so much fun with this dreamy setting.  I think these are some of my favorite portraits because you really get a sense of Hanna's lighthearted spirit and why her friends love hanging out with her.   Hanna's friends would describe her as fun, honest, and loving.  Can't you just tell that is true from her portraits?  

Hanna | Class of 2019

As we reluctantly left the tree that was so much fun, we drove on over to the McKinley Monument where we were able to capture some different looks.  I knew we had captured many portraits of that beautiful smile, so I wanted to be sure to show a little of Hanna's quieter side.  She is just as stunning with that soft smile that you see above.  By this time, we were getting that beautiful warm glow from the setting sun, and I loved how it reflected off the white stone of the monument.  That window of opportunity is so small, but our timing was perfect to capture these portraits.

Hanna | Class of 2019

It was so kind of Hanna's coach to be willing to meet us at the gym so that we could capture Hanna in her true element.  Hanna's two main interests are camping with her family and basketball.  She is also busy with Key Club, Spanish Club, and National Honor Society, but basketball brings out that fire in her soul.  She really shines on the court because she has high expectations for herself and pushes herself through hard work.  The real key is that Hanna embraces the "team" concept of her game so that she is the ultimate asset.  As you can see, she is truly happy in this environment, but we also tried to capture some of that fierce competitor that boils from deep within.  

Hanna | Class of 2019

I love creating these composites where I try to tell a story to reveal a little more about what makes this senior special.  Combining the athletic intensity with a more relaxed Hanna conveys her depth.  

Needless to say, I had a blast working with Hanna and her family.  Hanna's favorite portraits are the ones we took in the gym.  I was not surprised!  I do hope that she can see just how beautiful she is in all of the portraits.  At this time, Hanna would like to see herself attending Ohio State University next year.  She certainly has what it takes to make that a reality.  Wherever life takes her, I wish her all the best and will be part of her fan club.  You've got this, Hanna!  I have a feeling that we haven't even begun to see what you are made of.  

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,




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