Meet Mackenzie | Class of 2019 | Perry High School

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I remember the afternoon of Monday, October 29th quite well.  I had spent my day checking the weather app in anticipation of the senior portrait session that I had scheduled to start at 4:00 PM.  I know how much preparation is involved for high school senior girls before coming to the session, so I want to be sure that it really is going to happen.  I was sitting in the parking lot in downtown Canton, creating my mental game plan for which parts of town we would be using and chatting with Mackenzie's mom until she arrived with her dad.  When they did join us and Mackenzie popped out of the car, I knew we were in for a great evening together.  Mackenzie, part of the Class of 2019 at Perry High School, presented her beautiful smile and unpretentious, fun-loving spirit.  I no longer fretted about the weather because I knew we would be creating some fabulous portraits together.

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Confidence despite clouds

As we got started in Mackenzie's first outfit, I was amazed at how easily that smile sparkled.  Her choice of color was absolutely perfect for bringing out her glowing complexion and radiant hair.  The overcast skies filtered the sun for us, so we had endless options for portrait settings.  We certainly took advantage.  At every turn, we found another great spot to "stick her" and we were getting some great variety right from the beginning.

We were off to such a successful start, we decided that we better do a wardrobe change before we got too carried away.  Have you ever had that one piece of clothing that just made you so happy?  Well, that is the case for Mackenzie with this fun striped sweater that you see below.  She shared a great story with me about how she acquired this valuable piece and she literally bounced with excitement once she had it on.  There was no containing the smiles while she was posing in this sweater.  Mackenzie said that all of the portraits of her in this sweater are her favorites.  I think many of them are my favorite, too, just because her smile is so genuine.  

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Portraits with personality

Eventually, Mackenzie reluctantly changed out of the happy sweater and into the fun red dress-denim jacket combo.  I was really seeing her personality shine at this point.  Mackenzie is such a dynamic young lady, and I was determined that we would show that.  She is very active and accomplished in marching band, percussion ensemble, symphonic winds, choir, french club, and youth group at her church.  When she has any time outside of those endeavors, she likes hanging out with friends, baking and playing piano.  Her friends would describe her as funny and passionate.  That passion is going to be evident when we get to the portraits with her snare drum.

My goal for the portraits below was to show some variety in Mackenzie's magnetic and deep personality.  Our progress was impeded as it started to rain.  We actually persevered and pushed on through.  We had such great momentum going, we pretended the rain didn't exist.  One benefit of the rain is that it made the bricks on the median of the street brighter and shiny.  The walking portraits below were so much fun to capture.  I remember a lot of laughing as we were strolling along in the middle of the street downtown.

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Portraits with passion

As I learned more about Mackenzie, I gained an even greater appreciation for just how "cool" she really is.  Yes, I used that outdated word, but I'm old and that is the perfect description.  Her absolute favorite movie is Wreck-It Ralph.  She loves Panera (my personal favorite) and likes shopping at Forever 21.  Are you ready for this?  She also enjoys Def Leppard, Queen, and U2.  Oh yeah!

So, I mentioned Mackenzie's passion earlier.  Well, here it is in the portraits below.  We took cover in a parking garage for these portraits, and she totally owned this part of the session.  I knew that we were losing light quickly, so I tried to work efficiently.  I distinctly remember doing a lot of gasping and freaking out as I was checking the back of my camera to see what we were capturing.  Mackenzie is totally in her element here.  We actually ended the session with the fabulous portrait below with the street lights in the background.  Seriously...... how do you get any better than that?  

Mackenzie | Class of 2019

Well, Mackenzie, it has been such an honor to work with you and to help you create some gorgeous portraits.  I'm thrilled that we were successful in showing the real you and just how beautiful you are.  I know that you hope to be attending The Ohio State University next year and I will be cheering you on in whatever direction you decide to follow.  Your gifts are numerous and meant to be shared.  Thank you for sharing them with me.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



What did Mackenzie have to say about her portrait session?

"I liked how well my colorful sweater and dress "popped" in the pictures.  The pictures of me in the colorful sweater were my favorite.  I was a little surprised at exactly how frizzy the unexpected rain made my hair... shocking to say the least.  Yes, I would send my friends to Laura Esposito Photography for their portrait sessions."





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