The Power of Your Photo Moments App: Your portraits are meant to be shared!

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Loving your portraits on the go

        Let's face it, we are a mobile society and that is not going to change.  So, once you have access to your gallery of portraits, you will want access to them no matter where you are.  Looking at them over and over will bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.  You will want to show them to everyone you encounter and everyone you don't encounter by sharing on your social media.  What better way to use your time waiting for an appointment or for your child to finish practice than to scroll through your portraits and try to decide which ones are your favorites?  All of these things are possible with the Photo Moments app that is available to all of my portrait clients.

                   Download the fee app to your iPhone or Android Device

        Photo Moments is a free download and is available for both iPhone and Android users.  Once you download the app, you just need to click on the unique link that I will email to you.  Your gallery of portraits will automatically be available to you in the app.  You will only be able to see the galleries that I make available to you.
Once you add a link, I will be listed as your photographer.

        Once you have a gallery linked, you will see my logo pop up when you open the app.  Then, swiping up will allow you to see all of your linked galleries.  If we have been working together for a while, you may have several linked galleries here.  Although this is a new service, it is also available to my clients who already have portrait galleries on my website.  If you are a previous client, just send me an email to let me know that you would like to have access to your galleries through the app and I will send you your link(s). 

When you swipe up, you will see all of the galleries that you have linked.

        When you select the gallery that you want to view, the gallery will open and you will be able to scroll through all of your portraits.  

When you select a gallery, you will see all of your images.

        When you select a portrait, you will see it appear larger by itself.  The buttons below the image allow you to work with the image in the same way that you can from a computer.  

        The little heart can be selected in order to add that portrait to your FAVORITES.  That is super helpful!  Many clients like using the FAVORITES when they are trying to narrow down which portraits to order.  The FAVORITES is especially powerful in that you are able to share your FAVORITES with me.  Sharing your FAVORITES with me will be extremely helpful when we are creating your album or photo book.  This will be an easy way for you to tell me which images you want me to include in your album.  How convenient that this app will allow you to work on your FAVORITES collection from anyplace you have service on your phone.

When you select one image, you can mark it as a favorite, download it, play a slideshow, or share the image.

        The SHARE button is the really quick and easy way to share your portraits on social media.  Notice the image below.  You can share immediately to Facebook and Instagram.  I LOVE this feature!  No more saving the image to my phone before sharing.  This feature alone makes the app super valuable!

Sharing to social media has never been easier!

        The three little stacked horizontal lines that you see at the upper right corner of the app include some additional features.  Notice that you have a settings button to allow you to manage some preferences within the app.

There are other helpful options in the upper right menu.

        The third option in this menu is to VIEW FAVORITES.  Selecting this option will allow you to see all of the images that you have chosen as a FAVORITE.  If you need to cull down your selections, you can remove images from this set.  One fabulous feature is that your FAVORITES list will be saved to your account so that you can access it from your phone or your computer.  Changes made on your phone will be seen on your computer and vice versa. 

Selecting "Favorites" will show you all of the ones that you have already marked with a heart.

        The fourth selection in the menu will allow you to learn more about me.

You can learn more about me, your photographer.

        The last selection from the menu will allow you to email me.  This is great for when you have your selections in your FAVORITES group complete and you are ready for me to work on your album, if you want to schedule your ordering session, if you are ready to schedule another session, or if you have any question at all!

You can quickly contact me with questions or to schedule your next portrait session.

        I am thrilled to make the Photo Moments App available to my clients.  This is just another way I am working very hard to improve your experience of working with me.  I want nothing more than for you to love your portraits and to have fun with them.  I think this app can help to enhance that experience.

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them!

Love and Smiles,




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