Senior Portrait Series: When is the best time for your senior portrait session?

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Time goes fast!

Here we are!  Senior year is right around the corner and we really need to get a date on the calendar for a senior portrait session.  It is so easy to put this task off, but the longer we wait, the more likely we are to become stressed about fitting it in.  Summer flies by.  Fall is over in a blink. Before we know it, we are singing Christmas carols.  But, how can we commit to a date when we aren't even sure what is happening next week?  When is the best time for a senior portrait session?

Well, I have found that my calendar rules my crazy life.  If it is on my calendar, then it will happen.  So, we just need to get a date on our calendars for a senior portrait session.  But, how do we choose the best time?  That depends on many factors.  Let's see if we can narrow this down.

Identify commitments

First, we need to be realistic and look at our commitments.  If the Senior is dedicated to sports, music, dance, 4-H, ministry, etc., then we need to determine if those schedules will interfere with finding a free evening for a senior portrait session.  This may dictate a month or even a season during which this can or cannot happen.

Madi - Class of 2016 Kyle - Class of 2016















Consider the season

Once you have determined the time of year that can work with your schedule, then think about the season of the year that is a good fit for you.  Some just love the lush green of spring.  Others want the full bloom of summer flowers.  Many people crave the rich colors of an Ohio fall.  I have had Seniors who just love a crisp winter with its fresh snow and stark landscapes.  Remember that your choice of season dictates wardrobe.  It also determines the start time for our session.  The optimal time for gorgeous portraits is within the two hours before sunset.  In the late spring and summer, my start times are usually 6:30 in the evening, or so.  If we are scheduling into late fall, we would need to start around 4:00 in the afternoon.  Work and school schedules might need to be adjusted.

Kendra - Class of 2016 Marisa - Class of 2016
















My next recommendation is for you to consider all of the other things on your calendar that could affect the Senior's appearance at that time.  For example, I have had Seniors scheduled for a portrait session immediately after a beach vacation.  They thought they used enough sunscreen, but that red glow just couldn't be hidden.  Another mother was appalled when her Senior shaved his head in preparation for a swim meet.   I can do a lot of things in post production, but putting hair on that shaved head was not an option.

Consider the inevitability of change

One thing that is so difficult to anticipate is how much a senior in high school might change in the course of the school year.  Portraits taken in June may not even resemble this evolved individual walking across the stage at commencement the following May.  Change is inevitable, but whether it is a factor that concerns you is a personal decision.  There have been many extremely successful portrait sessions taking place in April and May of the senior year.  Some people are not comfortable with a tight time frame like that, but it is an option.

Maddie Mikey - Class of 2016
















We live in is a factor

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that weather is a huge factor in scheduling a portrait session.  Yes, we live in Ohio.  For this reason, I intentionally schedule in some wiggle room on my calendar to accommodate for necessary weather adjustments.  As your session date approaches, I will be watching the forecast and making some possible alternative plans if I anticipate the need.  I will keep in contact with you so that we can collaborate on a plan.  Despite how hard mother nature may try to thwart our plans, I have ALWAYS managed to make something work.

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So....  Let's do this!  Let's find the perfect time to celebrate being a Senior and make some portraits for you and your family to love.  

You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and smiles,






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