Meet Justin | Class of 2019 | Louisville High School

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It is my pleasure to introduce Justin, known by some as JB, who is a member of the class of 2019 from Louisville High School.  Just when I thought I had met all of the cream of the crop from the class of 2019, I was blown away by yet another fabulous young man.  I had actually known Justin as a middle school student, and regarded him highly at that time.  Some things get even better with age, and Justin falls into this category.

The Session Begins

As I met Justin and his mom in the parking lot of Silver Park, I was taken by surprise by the maturity and confidence that had developed in Justin over time.  It was so good to reconnect!  We checked out his wardrobe options and came up with a plan.  We were ready to go!

Justin arrived wearing this smart looking shirt that was the perfect color for the settings below.  Despite my usual bouncing around and chatter behind the camera that I had warned him about, he was extremely relaxed in front of the camera.  I find that pretty amazing for the very beginning of the session.  I was thrilled that we were even able to get such fabulous expression from the get-go.  I appreciate that his Mom helped to generate some smiles with me.  We did laugh quite a bit as is typical for one of my portrait sessions.

Justin | Class of 2019

Adding Some Drama

The next segment of our portrait session resulted in some amazing portraits with a little different intensity.  Justin stepped it up a bit with this sharp black and khaki combo.  I typically advise against too much black, but it works here as it really helps to set him apart from the background.   

I chose the locations for this outfit carefully as I wanted to play up the neutral tones.  In the first portrait below, I chose a covered porch where I knew I could get some warm directional light.  The subtle play of light on the black shirt helps to keep the attention on Justin's face and that wonderful expression.  On the bridge and the steps, I was looking to find some continuity in the browns with some darker accents that would make him look like he belongs in that setting.  These portraits are harmonious and they don't tempt your eye to roam, but keep it coming right back to Justin.

Justin | Class of 2019

Time for a Change in Location

When I chatted with Justin and his mom at the beginning of our session, it became apparent to me that getting some great baseball portraits was a high priority.  Justin loves baseball.  He loves playing baseball.  He loves practicing baseball.  He has dedicated much time and effort to baseball.  There is a recurring theme here.  So, I made sure that we left Silver Park in plenty of time to drive to the Louisville Baseball Field of Dreams for the remainder of our session.    

Justin | Class of 2019

Oh my!  Do you see that?  Check out the intensity and focus in those eyes!  Ahhhh!  I was going a little crazy when I was taking these.  His expression matched perfectly with the effect I was going for here.  Justin's mom immediately said how much she loved these.  I think Justin did, too, but he is too modest to say so.

Allow me to set the stage.  There were two baseball players on the field at this moment practicing pitching and hitting.  It felt like we were working in a war zone.  I was really wishing for a helmet as baseballs were screaming through the air.  We survived and the pair on the field was even kind enough to take a little break so that we could get some other angles on the field without being in harm's way.  Justin said that the only thing that surprised him about the session is that we didn't get hit by a baseball.

Putting a Lid on It.

To create an even more authentic look, we had to add the ball cap.  He had several to choose from, and I think it's funny that we all agreed on this one in Carolina blue without a doubt.  I wanted to mix up the expressions a little bit, and I love the variety that we got.  It was important to include this bat, as well.  The bat has a story.  It was acquired on a family vacation to Cooperstown, New York and has been a favorite ever since.  Unfortunately, it may have seen its last days in rotation as it is now sporting a crack, but you can bet it will still be cherished.  Oh, the stories it could tell!

Justin | Class of 2019

Getting Creative with Flash

As we were creating portraits together, I happened to notice that the sky was giving us a bit of a show.  In order to preserve that fabulous backdrop and put it to use for us, I pulled out the flash and started making some magic.  The portraits below were taken in the same location and time as the ones above.  We just used a different technique.  I think both Justin and his mom were surprised to see the back of the camera with these results.

Justin | Class of 2019

I think the one with the light post is especially fun because it creates a sea of blue.  How convenient that the color for the Louisville Leopards is blue.  I feel so good knowing that we captured Justin in his element and doing what motivates him.

Justin likes to hang out with his friends who would describe him as passionate, hard-working, and humorous.  I think we can see all of these qualities in his portraits.  He's a pretty easy-to-please guys, as he likes all genres of movies (except horror) and all genres of music.  When it comes to food, pizza please!  If he is shopping, he's probably on  

All of these talents and traits for success will be following Justin to Stark State and Kent State where he will be pursuing a degree in Sports Management.  Somehow, I am not surprised!

Justin, you are a fabulous young man, and I had so much fun creating your portraits with you!  I will be anxious to follow your future successes and will be listening for your name in the news on ESPN.  


You make the memories; I will help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,


What did Justin have to say about his portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she did a fantastic job with my sister's senior portraits!  I like that the session was laid back and fun.  I really like the portraits at the baseball field.  You did a wonderful job with everything!  I will definitely send my friends your way for their portrait sessions.  I want to thank you for going above and beyond during the session!"




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