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     I am thrilled to introduce Peyton, who is a senior at RG Drage but calls Louisville High School his home school.  Peyton is a talented young man who is bursting with personality.  Just look at that smile; it is contagious!  Part of the reason for that big smile is that he is wearing his favorite Marvel shirt.  When Peyton and his family pulled into Silver Park on that Wednesday evening in June, it was this radiant smile that greeted me.  It certainly set the tone for a fun portrait session.

Peyton - Class of 2020      Having Peyton's parents along for the session was so helpful.  Not only did Peyton's dad become an expert at holding the light reflector, but both of his parents knew exactly what to do to elicit great smiles and expressions.  Apparently, there were all kinds of things happening behind me.  I know that "The Office" was referenced on occasion and always did the trick to make those eyes super expressive.

Peyton - Class of 2020      As much as I love Payton's smile, we did try to create some variety in his portraits with other expressions.  One thing that I noticed about Peyton is that his eyes always look sincere.  That certainly fits with the fact that Peyton volunteers at Akron Children's Hospital for various events.  He has also helped at the Akron Race Series.  Peyton shared that his youngest brother is non-verbal with autism and Peyton likes to find ways to interact with him.  He just likes to spend time with him.  Ahhh... so that is where those caring eyes come from... his big compassionate heart.  No wonder his friends describe him as quiet and nice.

Peyton - Class of 2020      Senior year is a huge milestone in one's life.  It marks the end of a very significant chapter and indicates a transition into adult life.  It requires the senior to make decisions that impact the trajectory of his or her life.  Peyton's mom had the brilliant idea to bring Peyton's school picture from Kindergarten to include in a portrait.  It is such a powerful visual reminder of how Peyton's school journey has come full circle.  His mom may be reaching for the tissues on this one.

Peyton - Class of 2020

     It's a JEEP thing!  And we had so much fun capturing that.  Peyton's dad had it all cleaned up and portrait ready.  These are among Peyton's favorite portraits because they were so much fun to create.  In addition to Marvel movies (especially involving Iron Man and Captain America), Peyton likes 80's music, Rockne's, grilled cheese with french fries, and shopping at Target or Amazon.  He enjoys drawing and illustrating, and working with Adobe products.  He likes to hang out with family and friends, playing Uno, miniature golf and go-karting.  

Peyton - Class of 2020

     Peyton is certainly ahead of the game as he is currently enrolled at The University of Akron.  He will graduate high school with an associate degree in Technical Sciences.  He intends to continue college to pursue a degree in Graphic Design/Communications.  He hasn't settled on his college of choice, yet.  I'm sure wherever he goes, he will shine in many ways.  That smile is a good place to start.

     Peyton, it has been such a pleasure working with you and your family.  I'm excited to see where you choose to share your talents.


What did Peyton have to say about his portrait session?

"I was surprised at how much fun I had.  I don't really like having my picture taken, but this was different and it was fun.  I liked that we used my Marvel shirt.  I also like the pictures with my Dad's Jeep just because they were fun."


You make the memories; I help you cherish them.

Love and Smiles,



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