Five Ways a Quality Headshot Will Help Your Business

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Corporate Headshots

In today's digital world, the on-line presence of your business is a necessity.  The quality of that presence certainly contributes to how your business measures up to the competition.  For many entrepreneurs and those offering services, you are your business.  People choose to work with you because of who you are and the experience that you offer.  As the identity of your business, you need a visual presence digitally and in print.  You need a quality professional headshot.


Other than the obvious and essential purpose of establishing you as the face of your business, a professional headshot can do so much more to bolster the success of your business.  Obviously, you as a business owner hold the task of bringing the sincerity and integrity of what you offer to your brand.  If you are doing that, then your headshot can support and enhance those efforts in a visual and static medium.

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1.  Set the Tone

Imagine walking into an establishment and receiving a warm greeting with a heartfelt "hello" and a sincere smile.  You are immediately associating positive feelings with that place of business.  Your barriers are starting to crumble and your negative thoughts are dissipating.  You are better prepared to engage in meaningful dialog and begin a relationship.  A purposeful headshot can actually help you to do all of that in a digital or print format.  Let your headshot create that inviting welcome to your business.


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2.  Establish Credibility

Once you have set a positive tone, you want to give potential clients more reasons to work with you.  Showing that you can dress the part and hold yourself in a confident and professional manner will go a long way to establishing your credibility.  Then, you can talk the talk and walk the walk.  The mere presence of a professional looking headshot indicates that you take your position seriously and potential clients should take you seriously, too.


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2.  Instill Confidence

Although instilling confidence is very similar to establishing credibility, there is a subtle difference.  For a potential client to have confidence in you and your business, you must not only know what you are doing, but you must do it with a level of integrity that makes you worthy of their business.  You must be sincere in order to be trusted, and you must be trusted in order to earn a partnership with your client.


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4.  Spark the Memory of a Previous Client

How often we hear, "I can't remember his/her name, but if I saw his/her face...."  Many of us are visual learners and face recognition is a strong memory that our brains retain.  If a client had a good experience working with you in the past, they may want to reach out to you in the future.  Returning clients are the absolute best!  The more information that you can give them to help them find you again, the better.  Help them identify you as the wonderful person who helped solve their problem in the past and the person that they want to call for that same experience.  Seeing your professional headshot will not only serve to identify you, but also trigger a recall of the positive emotions they had while working with you.

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5.  Offer Human Connection

No matter how you serve your clients, making a human connection with them is paramount.  That is probably the grandest understatement for 2020 that can be proclaimed.  When your initial introduction is one sided and through digital or print media, making a human connection is not innate.  A professional headshot can actually initiate that human connection.  A warm smile and clear, bright eye contact can be very inviting.  This is the face that will be in your client's imagination as they are speaking with you on the phone or emailing you to make an inquiry.  Give them a reason to reach out.

So, make the investment in yourself and in your business to create a quality, professional headshot.  Let that headshot work for you in the places where you are not able to be at all times.  Stand behind that headshot with all of the sincerity and integrity that make your clients love you.  The process is easy and I dare say, FUN!  I would love to collaborate with you!


Love and Smiles,







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