Meet Cole | Class of 2020 | Marlington High School

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      My senior portrait session with Cole was my first opportunity to meet him, but the impression was lasting.  I will be revealing the how and why as I get to tell you all about Cole who is a senior in the class of 2020 at Marlington High School.  I had the pleasure of meeting Cole with is parents and sister in the parking lot of the University of Mount Union Visitor's Center.  With his piercing blue eyes, tall stature, and great sense of style, I knew I was in for a successful session.  

      One thing that I sensed immediately from Cole was his confidence.  I got the feeling that even if he wan't entirely sure about a situation, you would never sense his apprehension.  That sort of "cool as a cucumber" aura was what I was after from the start because that comes through so powerfully in a portrait.  He proved to be a pro at this as you can see from our first portraits shown below.

Cole | Class of 2020

       Since Cole had such a great selection of clothes on hand, we wanted to be sure to include them all, so we stopped for a quick change.  He wears this refined casual look so well.  Oh, those eyes!  I get the sense that they don't miss a thing.  I feel like Cole is constantly taking in his surroundings and assessing every detail.  I think his perceptive nature will serve him well as he intends to pursue a degree in electrical engineering at Akron University.

Cole | Class of 2020

      We decided we needed a new look so a change in location was necessary.  The backdrop for the portraits below is an absolute favorite of mine and we managed to use it while the angle of light was just perfect.  I can tell that Cole has two very different sides.  I see the side that knows how to have fun and can make it contagious.  I also see the side that is all business and determined to achieve a goal.  I could catch both of those personas simply by adding that winning smile.  

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole's wardrobe was fabulous, especially since he looks so good in blue.  The next shirt was the one I was most excited about.  I wanted to take full advantage of the trendiness of this shirt, so we used the locations that you see below.  Cole has a way of looking so with it and together but appears to achieve that with absolutely no effort.  

      Our next location was the Marlington soccer field.  This is when it really started to get fun.  Just slipping into the jersey caused Cole's energy level to skyrocket.    I was immediately drawn in to the excitement that Cole brings to the sport and to his portraits.

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole is not one to sit still if there is a soccer ball around.  The action is where it's at, and we used the magic of flash to freeze some pretty spectacular motion.  If I hadn't been so focused on my camera and capturing the shot, I would have been lifting my jaw from the ground.  Where I see probable bodily injury and pain, Cole sees opportunity and challenge.  His lack of fear is what has allowed him to master these moves and the sport.

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole's gallery would just not be complete without a powerful composite to fully represent Cole.  Here we have that relaxed confidence paired with the explosive skill that defines Cole.  It really was a treat for me to showcase Cole and all that makes him uniquely Cole.

Cole | Class of 2020

      Cole enjoys hanging out with friends who would describe him as easy to get along with.  He likes Marvel movies and eating steak.  I feel that he is destined for success at Akron University in electrical engineering because he certainly has what it takes.  I will be anxious to join his cheering section as he makes his mark.


*What did Cole have to say about his portrait session with Laura Esposito Photography?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she was local and I liked the pictures that she had done for others.  Laura was easy to work with and put everyone at ease.  My favorite portraits were the ones in front of the door on the steps at Mount Union and the composite with my soccer picture.  Laura was great and we even referred her to my friend who used her, too."


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,



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