Meet Destini | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School

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      It is such a treat for me to feature Destini who is a Senior in the Class of 2020 at Louisville High School.  I wear a continuous smile as I write about Destini because the time I got to spend with her and her parents was both heartwarming and energizing.  Destini is one of those girls who has absolutely no idea how gorgeous she really is.  She probably thought I was crazy as I was gasping at every image we captured.  As I share our experience and her portraits, you will recognize the source of my excitement.

      We met one lovely Monday evening at Gervasi Vineyard in Canton where I was met with a warm greeting by all.  We discussed all of Destini's fabulous wardrobe options and I made a plan for locations for each outfit.  We identified our goals and priorities for the session and got down to business.  I could sense a little apprehension from Destini as we got started.  Remember, she isn't aware of her level of "stunning."  Just being the sole subject in front of the camera can be a little unnerving.  All it took was a few shots to get warmed up and a few reassuring peeks at the back of the camera to see that confidence come to the surface and shine.  

Destini | Class of 2020

      It was so easy to just keep capturing one amazing portrait after another.   We had to remind ourselves to take time to change into the next outfit.  I was so anxious for this next outfit because I had decided that we would use the area around the pavilion as our setting.  The sun was at the perfect angle for the soft light I was after and the results did not disappoint.  I loved the effortless elegance we were able to achieve with these portraits.  Destini is flawless... and ohhhh... those gorgeous eyes!

      Again, it was hard to tear ourselves away from this spot, but thankfully we moved on to the next set of portraits.  In this outfit, we found a flirty and feminine look that seemed so fitting for Destini.  This is such a great color on her.  We almost didn't use this outfit, but when I started thinking about the backgrounds we wanted to use, I knew it would be perfect.

Destini | Class of 2020

      It was time for a really fun and playful look so we embraced some bright color and Converse.  I was all about the bold pop of yellow and Destini as all about the shoes.  So, we took full advantage of both by choosing these perfect settings to highlight these elements.  I love that she looks so comfortable in this outfit.

Destini | Class of 2020

      We really switched gears as we moved on to something a little more formal and fancy.  This dress is such a lovely complement to Destini's natural beauty.  She wears the dress; it doesn't wear her.  My favorite part is that we opted for the barefoot look which was the perfect way to keep it true to Destini's personality and style.  Adding your own personal touches and breaking the rules to fit your style is key to creating portraits that are perfectly YOU.

Destini | Class of 2020

      So we have established that Destini is simply beautiful with absolutely no pretense.  She is fun and feminine and elegant.  But, make no mistake, she has a fierce and competitive side.  Soccer is one of her passions and we captured some of that here.  

Destini | Class of 2020

      Destini's athleticism isn't isolated to the soccer field.  Years of dedication and training have led to the success she has found in gymnastics.  We were fortunate enough to be granted some time in the YMCA to use their equipment for her portraits.  As you can imagine, the background was quite busy, so we used the magic of flash to eliminate that clutter and keep the focus on Destini and her passion for the sport.  Gymnastics is incredibly physical in every sense, but it requires enduring mental strength.  That is the part that I wanted to capture in these first few images.

Destini | Class of 2020

      Beyond the physical and mental demands of gymnastics, there is a flair and finesse that sets one gymnast apart from another.  This becomes the personality of the gymnast.  Destini as all of that and more which defines her as a gymnast.  She has the hardware to prove it.

Destini | Class of 2020

      In addition to soccer and gymnastics, Destini is involved in high school track, National Honor Society and Key Club.  She likes doing things outdoors such as hiking, running and bike riding.  She enjoys watching Netflix and Grey's Anatomy, as well as spending time with her friends who would describe her as funny, energetic, outgoing and caring.   She likes eating at Olive Garden and shopping at American Eagle, Hollister, and Dick's Sporting Goods.  Her plans include attending college in order to study pediatric or neonatal nursing.  

      Whatever Destini decides to do, you can be that she will do it with determination and grace.  Destini, you have brightened my days and capturing you in portraits has been such a treat.  I can't wait to see how you share your talents.


*What did Destini have to say about her portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because some of my friends had gotten their pictures done here and I liked how theirs turned out.  I liked the flexibility of the session and how I was able to make it to the different locations that I wanted to.  The sports portraits were my favorite."


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,





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