Meet Madison | Class of 2020 | Louisville High School

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      I am honored to get to introduce Madison, who also goes my Maddie. She is a very active senior in the class of 2020 at Louisville High School.  One important thing to understand about Madison is that if you are lucky enough to spend some time with her, you will be happy just because she is there.  She kind of has this sphere of positivity that she brings with her and you can't help but to feel lifted in her presence.  

      Needless to say, when Madison and her family met me in the parking lot of the Canton Garden Center that evening, all of that contagious pleasantness launched us into a fabulous portrait session.  As we inventoried Madison's outfits that she had brought with her, I was reassured that we were definitely at the perfect location.  Her first outfit with its great flowing sleeves and ethereal fabric was ideal for the glorious light that filters through the trees at the location that you see below.  This warm backlighting accentuated her already glowing smile.

Madison | Class of 2020

      I was really excited for our next outfit because Madison had the genius idea to bring a floppy hat.  You know I was all about that hat, and we sure had some fun with it.  Madison said that these were among her favorite portraits, and I absolutely agree!  She looked positively enchanting as we placed her among the flowers.

Madison | Class of 2020

      Madison is a whole lot more than beauty and charm.  She is one accomplished young lady.  She plays lacrosse, and is active in the Jo's Girls mentoring group, Key Club and National Honor Society.  She even has the distinction of being an Aultman Ambassador.  All of that happens while maintaining high performance in her rigorous coursework.  All of that success comes from a certain level of maturity and polish that really comes through in the portraits below.  

Madison | Class of 2020

      With all of the effort that is required to be so accomplished, Madison still has time to foster great friendships.  She enjoys the time that she gets to hang out with family and friends on the weekend.  These friends would describe Madison as loving, patient, responsible and caring.  No wonder she is so revered among her peers.

Madison | Class of 2020

      As the evening and the session were drawing to a close, we wanted to change it up a bit.  This called for a move up to the McKinley Monument and a little trendier outfit.  I love the chunky heels with these jeans.  I wanted to find a way to show the fierce side of Madison and I think the shot at the top of these steps is quite powerful.  As much as we have established that Madison is as sweet as can be, she is also incredibly driven.  She plans to attend John Carroll University where she will major in biochemistry on a pre-medicine path.  Talk about rigor and competition!  There is no doubt that she has what it takes.  

Madison | Class of 2020

      As one would expect from such a well-rounded lady, Madison enjoys reading.  One of her favorites is The Great Gatsby.  John Green is one of her favorite authors.  She likes Chinese food and shopping at American Eagle and Madewell.  She enjoys time with family as I had the privilege to witness.  It was so nice that her whole family, including her two younger sisters, were able to join in the session.  They were so fun and supportive as they helped her with outfits and accessories.  Madison has a whole team of advocates cheering her on.  I am certainly among that group.  

      Madison, you are an absolute pleasure and inspiration.  You are destined for great things and I am so thankful that you chose me to capture your beautiful senior portraits.


*What did Madison have to say about her senior portrait session with Laura Esposito Photography?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I had seen some of your photos from last year's seniors and I thought you did an amazing job!  I loved how encouraging you were during the whole session and made the environment very comfortable and fun!  I really like the pictures surrounding the pink flowers and the pictures of me in the pink shirt.  I think that everything you did was great and made the session perfect.  You did a great job with my photos and made the session so much fun!


Preserving memories one portrait at a time.

Love and Smiles,



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