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     It is my distinct pleasure to introduce Nathan, a senior in the Class of 2020 at Louisville High School.  Nathan's interest and future commitment to aeronautics made our location choice obvious.  We are so fortunate to have the MAPS Air Museum nearby and it served as the perfect backdrop for the start of our portrait session.  Nathan plans to attend Kent State University to pursue a degree in Aeronautics and Engineering, Flight Technology in order to support his intended career as a pilot.  Let's just say that the smiles came very naturally in this environment.  We were both inspired by this setting and its energy propelled us into a very productive and exciting portrait session.       


     Friends would describe Nathan as being a funny and loyal friend.  Other adults who work with Nathan would agree with that, but would add a sense of admiration for his quiet confidence that comes from a sincere heart.  Nathan has an unusual level of maturity that makes him acutely aware of his impact on everyone around him, and seeks to make that impact as positive as it can be.

Nathan      As most seniors can attest, Nathan has come a long way.  I love the nostalgia that can be appreciated in the first portrait above.  His proud mom holds all of this close to her heart and she still sees that little guy in the eyes of this handsome young man that we see today.


     As I mentioned before, Nathan has a commitment to leave his mark in a positive way.  He has participated in church youth mission trips and volunteered in community organizations.  His work in Boy Scouts led to his achievement of the Eagle Scout Award.  The ticket booth that you see above is the much-appreciated fruit of that effort.


     Every player who dons the blue and white to take the field under the Friday night lights understands the long and rich tradition that is Louisville Leopard football.  Nathan even included that sense of tradition by including a portrait from his very first experience as a Little Leopard football player.  Once again, he has come so far.  


     Any true Louisville Leopard feels a responsibility as a team member to give 100% and that often means digging deeper than you ever thought you could.  Nathan takes that to heart through commitment, teamwork, and sacrifice.  That is what we were trying to portray in the portrait series above.  We even used some "sweat in a bottle" to pull this off.  Our setting was a fully-lit locker room, but some magic with lighting can create a much moodier feel.


     Hanohano.....  that is the Hawaiian word for "honor" and seems to be a fitting word to wrap up our feature on Nathan.  Nathan's heritage is Hawiian and the concept of "honor" works both ways for him.  I see Nathan honor traditions, other people, and the desire to leave his mark in a positive way.  I also see Nathan being deserving of honor, and I hope that is what I was able to accomplish here in his blog feature.

     Nathan's well-rounded interests include camping, space science, computer science and Legos..... because you are never too old for Legos.  He enjoys adventure and comedy movies and likes the author Michael Vey.  Some favorites on YouTube include Generation Tech, Linus Tech, NileRed, and Peterstripol.  In addition to football, Nathan was also a valuable member of the track team.

     Nathan, you are such a gift to all of us and I wish you the best.  

Love and Smiles,



*What did Nathan have to say about his Senior Portrait Experience?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because she was an awesome teacher.  I thought the fake sweat was cool!  Some of my favorite portraits are from the MAPS Air Museum.  I absolutely enjoyed going to MAPS and being able to take pictures in our team locker room and on the field was fun.  It surprised me that Laura was able to make me look good in the pictures.  I would send my friends to Laura because she helped me feel very comfortable during the photo session.


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