Meet Kennedy | Canton Central Catholic HS | Class of 2021

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We get to focus on Kennedy, a senior in the class of 2021 at Central Catholic High School, and there is soooo much to share!  Kennedy and her mom had invested much time in preparation for her session, so I knew that we had much to accomplish in our time together.  As we looked through Kennedy's adorable outfits and discussed our various settings, we choreographed our evening to be as efficient as possible.  Our session location of Zoar Historic Village was absolutely perfect to find the variety we were after.  

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--3Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--3 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--7Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--7 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--9Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-1--9



Kennedy and I jumped right in, and I knew immediately that we would be having a lot of fun together and capturing some amazing portraits!  Her captivating smile and zest for fun brought her portraits to life.  Devising makeup and hair creations are among Kennedy's hobbies, so her sense of style is spot on.  Kennedy will be taking the state board to get her cosmetology license upon graduation.  She plans to work at a salon helping people to look and feel beautiful.  I think she is going to be a huge success!    


The fun certainly continued as we moved on to the covered bridge.  These are among Kennedy's favorite portraits.  That beautiful lace jacket had such great movement making the action shots engaging.  Including her adorable puppy made me so happy.  OMG... Melt my heart!

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--3Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--3 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--6Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-2--6 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3736Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3736


Kennedy says that her friends would describe her as sassy, outspoken, energetic and fun.  I think that all of those qualities are showing up in her portraits.  I still wanted to portray another side to her with this rustic moodier setting.  Of course, Kennedy gave the perfect expression to get exactly what I was after.


Then, we were off to the garden.  If you have never visited the Historic Garden in the Village of Zoar, you are missing out!  The gardeners must work really hard to maintain such an exquisite display.  Kennedy and I took full advantage of its beauty to create some gorgeous portraits.  What a perfect complement to Kennedy's beauty.  That floppy hat was such a great prop for this setting.

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3850Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3850 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3843Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3843 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3862Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-3-3862

Kennedy is involved in speech and debate, as well as cheerleading.  Some of her favorite ways to spend her free time include watching Riverdale, Supernatural, and Vampire Diaries, and listening to Ariana Grande.  If it is money to spend, then Sephora, Ulta, and Versona would be top picks.  Throw in Texas Roadhouse as the restaurant and Kennedy is set.


Despite the setting sun, Kennedy had one last outfit that we wanted to squeeze in, so I worked my magic with lighting and we made these happen.  I like the contrast with the feel of what we had previously captured.  We had a little 70's vibe going as we were channeling Farrah Fawcett.  Hello cheekbones! 

Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4-Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4- Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--4Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--4 Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--6Kennedy-Harris-CCHS-2021-4--6

Kennedy, it was such a pleasure to get to know you and to work with you and your mom to create some gorgeous portraits!  I'm sure your puppy is much bigger now and that you are getting even more prepared for your future in cosmetology.  You will be such a wonderful catalyst for those hoping to find their beauty.  I wish you all the best and will always be cheering you on.

Love and Smiles,


What did Kennedy have to say about her portrait session?

Because Laura gave information and suggestions on everything from colors and locations, it made preparing fro the session so much easier.  Laura's willingness to go where we wanted and excitement over ideas made the session so fun!  She took our dreams to the next level!


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