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It is time to focus on Mackenzie, a senior in the class of 2021 at Tusky Valley High School.  I knew this session would be a special one because it was important for Mackenzie to hold the session at her home which is the place that she loves most and with the people she loves most.  It is so complete when we can make it a family affair.  Holding the session at her home was fabulous for me, too.  I love getting to find new creativity in a new space.  The best part was that her "home" includes all of the wonderful elements that you could want in your portrait settings.  

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1-Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1- Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--2Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--2

















The portraits above feature the adorable Gibbs and Smiley.  These are among Mackenzie's favorite portraits.  We planned the first portrait with Gibbs, but Smiley decided he didn't want to miss the fun and literally photobombed the second picture.  We were all laughing so hard that it made for a great impromptu capture. Any portrait that is tied to a good memory becomes priceless!
Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--7Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-1--7 Mackenzie's home literally feels like a playground.  This is one of my favorite portraits by the tree swing with that gorgeous wooded area behind.  What wonderful memories have been recorded in this space.  For Mackenzie, "spending time making memories with my family and friends is really important to me.  It can be a simple campfire or a vacation.  What matters most to me is spending quality time with the people I care about."  That just melts my heart.  No wonder I warmed up to Mackenzie so quickly.

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--3Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--3 Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--5Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--5

















These relaxed shots of Mackenzie are especially comfortable because they were taken around her Grandmother's front porch.  Having Grandma "Ninnie" residing in another area of the property must have its perks!  After all, Ninnie is the one responsible for Mackenzie's nickname of "Hollywood."  Mackenzie explains that her mom had a difficult pregnancy so when Mackenzie was born, Ninnie said she was a star... hence the name Hollywood.  I love it!

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4-Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4- Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--15Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--15 Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--13Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-2--13 Capturing more portraits of Mackenzie was so fun because of the comical banter between her and her family.  Mackenzie shared that her friends call her "Momma Roberts" because she is always taking care of everyone in the group.  She loves to plan and make sure everyone feels included.  You may be wondering why I would include a portrait with the expression like you see in the third image above.  Well, here are Mackenzie's words: "I can't forget that anyone who knows me also will tell you that I am the queen of the "resting bitch face!"  That became a running joke during the session and I had to capture it for her.

Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4--7Mackenzie-Roberts-TV-2021-4--7 Mackenzie is also an accomplished varsity volleyball player as a defensive specialist.  She really loves a good scary movie.  However, it isn't unusual to find her crying at the happy and sad parts of any movie.  She enjoys country music and her favorite books are Code Talker and Running Dream.  She loves going with her friends to wing night at Hog Heaven.  Texas Roadhouse and El Campesino are favorites, as well.  

Another fun fact about Mackenzie is that she is obsessed with buying bathing suits.  She has started quite the collection.  She particularly likes Amazon.  "You can find all of your dreams there!"  After graduation from high school, she plans to be attending college to pursue a career in the medical field.

Mackenzie truly embraced the idea that I always promote for my senior portrait sessions... to KEEP IT SIMPLE - MAKE IT FUN - and - LOVE YOUR LOOK.  Mackenzie, I am so happy to know you and your family and that you are now part of my circle.  I love how you embrace life, keep it real, and remember what matters.  Best wishes to you in all endeavors.  

Love and Smiles,


What did Mackenzie have to say about her portrait session?

"I loved that I was able to make the experience exactly what I wanted.  It was so awesome to be able to have the session at my house - capturing the place I love the most - home!  I really love the portraits by my pond.  My dog Gibbs and the photo bomb by Smiley make me smile every time I look at them.   I was surprised at how fast the time flew by in the session.  Taking pictures is not something I enjoy, however, you made me feel relaxed and extremely comfortable."


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