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January 21, 2021  •  1 Comment

It is Morgan's turn to be featured, and there is much to talk about!  Morgan, who sometimes goes by Mo, is a senior in the class of 2021 at Hoover High School in North Canton.  She is sweet and kind and enjoys baking, painting and shopping at places like Hollister, Pacsun and Aerie.  She likes Disney movies, Harry Styles, and Taylor Swift.  Her favorite food is brownies (of course!) and she likes Texas Roadhouse.  So, all of this sounds fairly typical.  Let me tell you... Morgan is anything but typical!

Curtain CallCurtain Call For that reason, I knew we had to do something big.  Morgan is a completely dedicated dancer and has accomplished things that she is too humble to share.  Morgan's mom was able to secure access to the Palace Theater in Canton where Morgan has spent much of her time on the stage.  In order to show that, we created this composite of Morgan in several poses on the stage along with a close up of her in mid bow.  I call it "Curtain Call" and with a little bit of magic in Photoshop, we get to see several examples of her fabulous grace and stage presence in the place that holds so much history and great memories.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2672Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2672 What amazing performer doesn't dream to see her name in lights on the marquee?  This was made possible by her mom who had a vision and I just loved capturing it!

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--2Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--2 Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2699Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-1c-2699

After using up every single minute we had available to us at the Palace, we moved on to McKinley Monument in Canton to capture a few more shots to feature Morgan in dance mode.  We exchanged the formal tutu for this gorgeous dance ensemble that just begged for movement and backlighting.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--9Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--9 Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--6Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-2--6

I think that any dedicated dancer holds a special attachment to their ever growing collection of worn point shoes.  It would have taken the rest of the session time to lay out all of her past shoes, but we included several to convey the idea.  

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--4Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--4 We switched gears and headed to the Canton Garden Center that is part of Monument Park.  So many settings inspired a multitude of great portraits to show Morgan as the girl who is more than just a dancer.  That smile and those beautiful eyes are so captivating.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--13Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-3--13 Here we have another outfit change for some variety, but still that consistent easy smile that lights up a room.  That smile will be so greatly missed by her family when she goes off to school to study dance.  And, I'm sure Morgan will miss her involvement with the Canton Ballet Company and Jazz Company.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4a--6Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4a--6 It is true that I don't know when to quit.  We had one more outfit to feature so our last few shots were actually in the dark.  I must say that I like the result.  Using the parking lot light as a halo backlight and my off-camera flash did the trick to finish out our session together.

Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4b--4Morgan-Lineweaver-NCHoover-2021-4b--4 Morgan, you are an amazing young lady!  I would love to get to see you in action on stage one day.  Whether you are on or off the stage, you are dazzling all of us with your beauty that comes from within.  Best wishes to you always!

Love and Smiles,



What did Morgan have to say about her portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because my brother went to Laura for his and they turned out amazing!  I loved all of the location and outfit changes that we had.  I think the ones in my white dress at the Monument are my favorite.  The session was special and unique because of the locations and dance related photos.  It was all great!


Kathy Lineweaver(non-registered)
Thank you, Laura, for capturing my daughter’s love and passion for dance and her sweet, warm personality.
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