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Ryan, a senior in the Class of 2021 at Louisville High School, is the feature of the blog, today.   Ryan's session had a lot of variety as we visited Silver Park, Glamorgan Castle and the tennis courts of Louisville High School.  A more appropriate location might have a chemistry lab since that is his passion.  Truly, chemistry is all around us in every environment, so it really didn't matter..... that stuff that has mass and volume.  LOL  (I'm sure Ryan will get this and maybe think I'm funny.)

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-1--4Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-1--4 As you can see from these portraits with that easy smile, Ryan is about as easy-going as they come.  Thank goodness for that, because he is a busy guy.  He is involved in Tennis, National Honor Society, Science Club, Key Club and volunteers at the Louisville Community Cupboard.  This all fits with the words that Ryan's friends would use to describe him.... smart, trustworthy and nice.  

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-2--6Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-2--6 After capturing several great portraits at Silver Park, we moved on down the street to Glamorgan Castle for a different look.  These distinguished looks fit well with Ryan's plans to attend the Ohio State University, Ohio University or University of Toledo to major in chemical engineering.  Ryan isn't afraid of a challenge.  In addition to the expected affinity for war movies and metal music, books about chemistry rank right up there in the favorites category.  Some other favorites for Ryan include steak and shopping on eBay.

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-3--9Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-3--9 The Glamorgan Castle served as a perfect backdrop for the pink polo shirt and he certainly pulls this off in an impressive way.  This was part of our last set at the Castle before we moved on to the tennis courts at Louisville High School. 

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-4--6Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-4--6 By the time we got to the tennis courts, the sun we getting low, but we made that work to our advantage.  How appropriate to see the Leopard blue sky cooperating with our objective.

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--10Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--10 These are actually among Ryan's favorite portraits.  I have to agree.  These are awesome!  

Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--8Ryan-Knebl-Lsvl-2021-5--8 Ryan, you have no idea how much I appreciate your witty sense of humor and your love of science.  Both of those traits will take you far and I will be here to cheer you on.  Best wishes to you always!

Love and Smiles,



What did Ryan have to say about his senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because Laura took my brothers' pictures and she did an awesome job. I liked Laura’s different ideas for settings and poses.
I liked how at ease I felt when Laura was taking my pictures.



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