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It was a gorgeous sunny day for my portrait session with Troy and I was very excited for this session and excited to meet Troy.  Although Troy and I have both been actively involved with Pegasus Equine Therapy Farm for years, we had never had the opportunity to meet.  Friday is my volunteer day and Troy rides on another day, so this was our first meeting.  Troy’s mom had told me so many great things about Troy prior to our meeting, that I knew we were going to hit it off.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8718Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021 Holding the session at Pegasus was the perfect plan because we got to include Annie in the session.  Annie is such a fabulous horse and she and Troy have quite the connection.  She appreciated the chance to munch on some grass, so she was a willing participant.  I love that we even managed to showcase Troy's love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with his shirt.  Some other favorites include Toy Story, Shrek and Nemo.  

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8773Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8773

Another absolutely fascinating quality about Troy is his ability to complete 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzles.  This framed Noah's Ark puzzle is a beautiful representation of this skill.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--3Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--3

We even managed to catch Troy in action.  You can see that he is totally in the zone while engrossed in this endeavor.  Can you believe that he actually starts from the inside and works his way out to the edges?  No searching for edge pieces first.  It boggles my mind!  And how can you beat that feeling of accomplishment that comes from inserting the final piece?  I was thrilled to share and capture one of those moments.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8811Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8811 Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--6Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--6

Troy's Mom says that he is described as smart, handsome and spoiled.  I had to chuckle at the "spoiled" descriptor, but then I remembered that he has a favorite car.  If I had a yellow Corvette, I think it would be my favorite car, too!  These were some really fun portraits to capture, and Troy was happy to pose for these, indeed.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--7Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--7 Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--9Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--9

Troy has some definite favorite things like going to the Hallmark Store with is mom, or eating at Cal's Restaurant in Garrettsville.  He particularly likes Chicken in the form of legs, tenders or nuggets and pita pizza.  He also loves his dog.  I'm sure Troy gets a lot love back from that sweet face.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8924Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8924

Troy is a busy guy!  In addition to riding Annie at Pegasus, Troy is in the All-Star Training Club for basketball, Challenger Baseball, and SuperKids SoapBox Derby.  After graduating from Southeast High School, Troy will be attending Maplewood for two years where they have a hospitality program.

Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--11Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021--11 Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8959Troy-Roberts-SE HS-2021-8959

It was very obvious to me that Troy is surrounded by a lot of love and has a lot of love to give.  I was so honored that they trusted me with capturing Troy's senior portraits.  Thank you for the opportunity and for the relationship!  You have stolen my heart.

Love and Smiles,


What did Troy's mom have to say about Laura Esposito Photography?

Laura was recommended to me by someone at Pegasus.  She understands special needs and works with their abilities.  I liked how personal the session was and how she takes her time and makes the best of the situation.  Troy was very comfortable and that made Mom happy.  My favorite portraits were the ones with Annie and his puzzles.  Laura was extremely successful in making the session special.  I was also happy with the extremely fast service.  I couldn't believe how quickly I got to see the proofs and then the finished photos.  Thank you for understanding what I meant by photos and portraits.  It made a difference with Troy and me.  Thank you !!!


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