Meet Anne | GlenOak HS | Class of 2021

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This talented and vibrant young lady is Anne who is a high school senior in the Class of 2021 at Glenoak High School.  Having worked with Anne's older sister in the past, I was super excited for Anne's session. We decided to meet at the Canton Garden Center where we started our session together. Knowing that our goals included featuring Anne's dedication to dance, we jumped right in and started creating beautiful portraits immediately. Seeing that bright smile told me that I was in for a really fun session.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1--4Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1--4 Anne is described by her friends as funny, nice, caring and one who looks out for others. Our time together illustrated the accuracy of those descriptors. Anne is a big fan of Star Wars with a particular affinity for Chewbacca. She likes to listen to AJR and Location is her favorite song. Steak is a preferred meal and SMOKE the Burger Joint rates high as a place to dine. Some favorite places to shop include Aerie and Box Lunch.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1-7142Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-1-7142 We certainly captured variety as Anne brought such a great assortment of outfits to offer very different looks. She is a busy girl. Her involvement includes the Glenoak High School Colorguard/Dance Team, the Glenoak High School Dance Program, and the Teaching Foundation. In addition to dance, her creativity extends to arts and crafts. She enjoys outside activities and bike riding, as well. So, her portraits needed to be as diverse as she is.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2--5Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2--5 After many portraits were successfully captured, we changed things up to focus on her dance. Apparently dancing is part of the family, as we had created dance portraits for Anne's older sister during her senior portrait session. But, Anne is not her older sister, so it was important that her dance portraits be unique to Anne. Obviously, much dedication and discipline are required for Anne to achieve her level of dance, but Anne's approach is a little more carefree in its expression. That was much of our inspiration as we moved forward.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7277Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7277 We did have to let loose and have some fun with these. I love the personality coming through!


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7252Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-2-7252 Being in high school during the corona virus pandemic means missing out on many things, including prom. So, we made sure that we at least included the dress in a big way. I think that Anne looks absolutely stunning in this color, and the movement in the skirt was fabulous. Here are just a few of the many great portraits of beautiful Anne in her dress.




Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-4--14Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-4--14 Getting back to dance— Anne's dance style feels full of energy and life yet elegant and purposeful. The dance outfit that you see below inspired some really fun portraits.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7501Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7501 As we were nearing the end of our portrait session together, we just decided to pull out all of the stops and see what we could do. When you get someone as flexible as Anne, you bend and snap. Well, Anne bends and I snap.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7517Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5-7517 Yes, we were getting a bit slap-happy, but we had fun.


Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5--4Anne-Hinnebusch-GO-2021-5--4 Anne would like to attend California University of Pennsylvania to pursue a degree in education. She would like to teach math to 3rd through 12th graders. Anne, I so appreciate you and all that you brought to the session. You and your positive energy will be such a blessing to so many in your future. Best wishes to you as you live it to the fullest.

Love and Smiles,



What did Anne have to say about her senior portrait session?

I liked that my senior portrait session was really fun and very comfortable! She always helped to get a smile on my face! The prom dress photos were a lot of fun and it was so amazing in pictures. I also love the red body suit and white tutu part of the session. I had a great time and she made my session special to me and unique to me and different than my sister's but just as great!



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