Meet Ava | NC Hoover HS | Class of 2021

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Today's blog post takes us back to Quail Hollow Park in Hartville where I got to work with Ava, a senior in the class of 2021 at North Canton Hoover High School.  I was so excited for Ava's senior portrait session because I already had a sense of her style and the direction we were headed for her portraits.  When she arrived and we worked out our plan for the evening with regard to outfits and locations, I knew we were in for some fabulous outcomes.  We wasted no time getting started and embraced this lovely fall look.




Ava's friends would describe her as funny, kind-hearted, easy-going, personable, independent, outgoing, and caring.  I felt all of that in our short time together and I think it really came out in our next set of portraits.  After changing into the next outfit that we had chosen, we headed to the field because I knew that the sun was at the desired angle for these shots.  Oh my goodness, did we have fun out there!





I think that we could have spent all evening in the field, but we had more outfits and more locations in mind.  Those field portraits were among her favorites, but Ava had many favorites that make her so fun.  She likes all types of music, including Country, Indie, R&B and Classic Rock.  She prefers TV shows over movies, and some particular favorites include One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, and The Office.  She loves sushi, fruit, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Chinese, Greek and salads.  Some stores of interest are Shein, Aerie, American Eagle, Gymshark, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Brandy Melville.  But, we were out to create more favorite portraits, so here is how we made use of the garden.




Ava has a great variety of interest.  She likes learning Greek which is part of her heritage.  She is also involved in learning American Sign Language and the medical program at North Canton Hoover High School.  Since we wanted to get variety in her portraits, we made another outfit change and captured some great backlit portraits in a new setting.






We were starting to lose light, but we had one more outfit that we wanted to work into the portrait session, so we made the change and headed to a new area of the park.  This look is just beautiful on Ava, too!


Ava plans to attend Kent State Stark for one or two years before transferring to the Kent Main Campus in the nursing program.  She would like to get her BSN to become a nurse practitioner.  Her plan is to travel for a couple of months once she gets her RN license so that she can take her BSN classes on line.  Ava, your sense of adventure and beautiful heart are such a great combination that will serve you and those around you so well.  I wish you all good things as you embark on this exciting new chapter.  

Love and Smiles,



What did Ava have to say about her senior portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I liked the quality of the photos and the different setting of places to take the pictures.  I loved the scenes and different outfits I chose so that I was able to express myself and was able to do my own thing.  I really enjoyed my session and Laura was very flexible with everything I wanted.


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