Meet Olivia | Glenoak HS | Class of 2021

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It was imperative to create a one-of-a-kind session for this one-of-a-kind senior, Olivia, who is in the class of 2021 at Glenoak High School.  Olivia, who also goes by Liv, would be described by her friends as friendly, caring, and bold.  To clarify, Olivia's bold is the type that allows her to bring rejuvenation and life to any situation.  She is the one who might help you to see things in a new way, or to bring interest to the mundane.  She has a way of seeing a big picture outside of herself in a very down-to-earth kind of way.  Her inspired energy was infused in every portrait that made me love them even more.  Our first set of portraits at the Canton Garden Center include her adorable dog and this was certainly a fun way to start.




As much as I adore those portraits, I really did love some of the others that we captured of just Olivia in this outfit.





As you can see, we really were having a good time.  That continued as we made an outfit change and opted for a carefree look in this adorable dress.  Those bare feet just begged to be in water, and I knew Olivia would be up for anything.  She loves the outdoors and loves to try new things, so asking her to wade in the stream just seemed like the thing to do.  The results were fabulous!





Upon our emergence from the water, Olivia spotted a rock that was calling her name, and it happened to have the most gorgeous background.  That is where our fun continued.  Along with cooking as a hobby, Olivia loves taking care of her plants and fish.  So, all of this just seemed to fit together.



These portraits above are among Olivia's favorites.  Some other favorites would include that she is a fan of the music groups Khruangbin and Glass Animals along with the movie Nacho Libre.  She absolutely loves Indian food and feels that Bombay Sitar is the best Indian restaurant in Ohio.  

Since we had another portrait session destination in our plan, we decided to leave Canton Garden Center and move on to the Veteran's Memorial Park near Glenoak High School.  Along with an outfit change, we created a whole new look.  




Olivia is part of the Sports Medicine Career Tech Program at Glenoak High School and she absolutely loves it.  Being part of the Sports Medicine Team that offers service at the Glenoak sporting events was such a significant aspect of her high school career, that we really needed to capture it in a special way.  Using the Glenoak Stadium as our setting for these portraits seemed appropriate.  I think these images have special meaning to Olivia because they embody something that is such a part of who she is.





With this education, experience and passion, Olivia would like to get a certificate through the AMCA and work somewhere in the health care field temporarily until she is more clear about her long-term goals.  Whatever those goals might be, I know that Olivia will follow her heart and that her commitment and passion will make her a success.  Olivia, it is so inspiring just to be with you.  I loved all of your energy that you brought to the session and that I had the opportunity to engage with you.  I wish you all good things as you move on to your next adventure.

Love and Smiles,



What did Olivia have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I loved how Laura went with my ideas and visions I had.  I liked how she modified things and suggested poses to have the best image.  I loved that it was unique to me.  I think Laura is wonderful at what she does."


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