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January 12, 2022  •  1 Comment

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--5Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--5 Introducing Derek who is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Louisville High School. We held his senior portrait session on the campus of the University of Mount Union and at the baseball Field of Dreams on the campus of Louisville High School on a very hot day in late June. After meeting with Derek and his family and checking out his wardrobe, I clearly understood that we wanted to capture some variety in his casual senior portraits, but that the baseball portraits were very important for all of them. So, we allotted our time appropriately and got right to business.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--14Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-1--14 Derek may not be all about the pictures, but he sure did a fabulous job looking comfortable in front of the camera. His great sense of humor and our purposeful yet carefree approach made for a really fun session. We were sure to change up the looks with outfit changes and captured that amazing smile along with some of those handsome contemplative expressions.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-2--10Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-2--10 You might hear Derek referred to by his nickname, Deter, and is described by friends as someone who is always there when needed. Derek keeps himself busy with baseball, golf and YMCA basketball. He loves Chipotle and Hershey bars with almonds.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-3--8Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-3--8 Derek's dedication to baseball has a long history. I love that they brought with them a collection of hats that document his years of playing at all of the different levels that have brought him to this current level of success. They may just be a collection of hats to the disconnected viewer, but they hold memories and sentimental value to him and his parents. 

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4-7630Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4-7630 Baseball is such a mental game, and I feel that it is played out in the dugout almost as meaningfully as it is on the actual field. That is the essence that I was trying to capture with the image below. Obviously, Derek shines in this environment and makes every portrait spectacular!

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--7Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--7 I just love it when the sky participates in our session and offers up some glorious backgrounds to accentuate the statement we are trying to make. Derek and I had some great collaboration and we created some amazing portraits together. His ideas were integral in capturing all that baseball means to him.

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--19Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-4--19 Among other positions, Derek is a pitcher and has many hours of training that have helped him to develop his craft. I asked him, with the help of his dad, to go through several pitching sequences so that I could capture various stages at different angles. I was mesmerized by his incredible stride and that every muscle is somehow participating to contribute to the energy and trajectory that is transferred to the ball. 

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7792Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7792 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7787Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7787 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7789Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7789 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7808Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7808 Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7813Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7813 After high school, Derek would like to pursue a degree in environmental engineering. He says this this would help him to fulfill his desire to be his dad's boss one day. Ha ha! I love it!

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7730Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7730 What did Derek have to say about his senior portrait session?

"During my session, the temperature was HOT but Laura made the session a fun time. She was very open to try new ideas. My favorite portraits were the ones from the baseball field. Those were very fun. I would advise others to just go with your ideas but have an open mind to try anything Laura suggests. She has a great vision for all of her seniors."

Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7818Derek-Lizer-Lsvl-2022-5-7818 Derek, thank you for making the session so fun for me! It was an honor to capture your senior portraits and to help you create some great baseball pictures that you can treasure. Best wishes to you as you move on to your next exciting chapters!



Jodi Sproul(non-registered)
These are phenomenal! What a great job. I especially love the photo on the field at sunset.
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