Meet Emily | Louisville High School | Class of 2022

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I'm so excited to introduce and highlight Emily, a Senior at Louisville High School in the Class of 2022. We held Emily's senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyards and everything was absolutely perfect! I have had the pleasure of working with Emily's family for her sisters' senior portrait sessions, so it was really fun to go into the session already knowing so much about each other. Those two sisters, along with their amazing mom, were so helpful to make the session successful and fun.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-1-3655Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-1-3655 Once we met up and looked through Emily's great outfit options, it quickly became clear that this was going to be something special. Every outfit was trendy and adorable, and more importantly, fit Emily ideally in every way. We started with these great flared jeans and white top. Finding this reflection opportunity gave us a lovely result.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2a-3739Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2a-3739 We made an outfit change to this casual and carefree dress. I knew that the vineyard was the perfect spot for this and wanted to incorporate some movement. 

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3790Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3790 Working with Emily is always a pleasure, because she is just an amazing person. She is talented, smart, and has a heart for service. Emily plays soccer at Louisville and has lettered all four years. She is involved in Key Club, NHS, and Jo's Girls where she serves as a mentor to younger students. She is also on student council and is the president of her senior class. She is part of Hope Squad which is a suicide prevention club and was picked by her peers to help others when they might be struggling. And... she is just a really fun person.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3853Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-2-3853 All of those qualities about Emily explain why her friends describe her as organized, funny, kind, respectful, approachable, and a true "people-person." Another interesting fact about Emily is that she loves to put puzzles together which is a passion instilled by her Nana. She also loves being organized and clean. This was apparent by the level of organization in her outfits and accessories that she brought to her session.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3903Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3903 This next outfit was a favorite of Emily's and mine. These great colors look so good on her, and worked in so many settings. Some other favorites of Emily's are Adam Sandler movies because she thinks he is hilarious. She likes country and rap music depending on her mood. She likes watching random YouTube videos and shopping. She loves shopping at Dry Goods, American Eagle, Pac Sun, Hollister, and several other stores. One day, Emily would love to travel to Australia because she really wants to go to their zoo.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3965Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-3965 Emily knows that she is going to miss seeing all of her friends when this senior year is over. She will also miss the fact that the classes are easy and being in those classes with people that she has known forever. She will be excited to leave the drama and her small town for bigger things. 

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-4004Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-3-4004 It is so wise that Emily's family uses this opportunity to capture a picture of the three sisters together. I love them all and I love this portrait! Emily expects that she will likely follow in her sisters' footsteps and attend John Carroll University. She would like to become a dentist, so she will probably major in chemistry and see how it goes from there. 

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4050Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4050 As we moved on to Emily's last outfit, we also moved on down to the Still House area of Gervasi because I knew that this fabulous black and white outfit would be perfect here. We had taken a lot of pictures at this point, but Emily still gave me her all and that warm smile.

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4074Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4074 What did Emily have to say about her portrait session?

"I loved how natural it was. None of the photos looked awkward even though the pose may feel like it... they weren't. I loved how I could just talk to Laura because she is so nice and caring and she thinks of the perfect places to capture the perfect photo. She has very helpful input and suggestions when it comes to your outfits or the place you want to take your photos. I loved how every single one of my photos turned out and I enjoyed getting my picture taken, which is very rare. My advice is just don't be stiff because the more fun you have, the better your photos will turn out. I had a great time working with Laura and I love seeing everyone's photos that are posted!"

Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4092Emily-Kirby-Lsvl-2022-4-4092 Emily, I always love working with your family! You made this so fun for me. I am always impressed by all that you do and the young lady you have become. I wish you all good things in your future and I can't wait to follow your future which is bound to be so bright!



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