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Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5267Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5267 This bright smile belongs to Emma and she carried that fun energy through her entire session. Emma is a senior in the Class of 2022 at Jackson High School. We held her senior portrait session on a lovely fall day in November at the Canton Garden Center and McKinley Monument. Once we met up and reviewed her outfits, we had our evening plan mapped out. We decided to start with a casual look and set the relaxed tone from the beginning. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5316Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-1-5316 Emma's friends describe her as being down-to-earth, honest, and easy-going with a great sense of humor. I was fortunate to see all of these qualities as I captured Emma's beautiful portraits. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5344Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5344 When it was time to move on to Emma's second outfit, I had some very special places in mind. These are among her favorite portraits. I agree that these are some of my favorites, too. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5389Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5389 Emma is in her second year of the clinical program for nursing at Jackson High School and she also works part time at a local pharmacy. She is unique in that she has studied three years of Mandarin Chinese and can speak some Korean and Japanese, too. She has a Cockatiel named Piper and likes to collect Strangelings and horse figurines. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5440Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5440 Emma likes a lot of different music including hard rock, Kpop, classic rock, and music from the 20's and from other cultures. Her favorite movies are Scary Movies and The Dirt. She loves shopping at World Market and local Korean markets. Her favorite foods are sushi and mac-n-cheese. She loved vacationing in Puerto Rico and hopes to travel more often.

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5482Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-2-5482 Before Emma started her clinicals for nursing, she played the clarinet in Jackson's marching band known as "The Purple Army," and was a member of Jackson's Academy of Global Studies. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5489Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5489 We had the waterfall area of Monument Park in mind for Emma's third outfit. I love this look and the portraits that we created here!

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5535Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-3-5535 Emma plans to graduate from high school with her STNA and to work part time while attending Kent State University to earn her nursing degree. Eventually, she would like to become a neonatal nurse. She knows that she will miss seeing her high school friends everyday, but will be excited to make her own schedule and maybe get to sleep in a little more.

Our last set of portraits were taken at the McKinley Monument. Climbing all of those steps was certainly worth it because these portraits are fabulous. I so love this outfit and I knew it would look great against these ornate doors. 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5559Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5559 What did Emma have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because her photos were personalized and very natural looking. I liked that she made me feel comfortable and I could be myself. She allowed me to choose the setting and review the photos as they were being taken. She always asked for my opinion or input during our session. I would advise other seniors to have fun, relax and trust Laura to take a great picture during your session." 

Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5581Emma-Harhay-Jackson-2022-4-5581 Emma, thank you so much for trusting me with your senior portraits! You made it fun for me and kept me laughing! You also created some gorgeous portraits. I wish you the very best in your future and I'm excited for your journey in nursing to continue. You will be such a blessing to your patients. 



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