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Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1073Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1073 Meet Kassidea, a Senior at Perry High School in the Class of 2022 who stole my heart from our very first meeting. Kassidea brings a light and joy with her that just makes everything better. I felt this during our entire senior portrait session together. All you have to do is take a look at her beautiful portraits and feel that warmth that she conveys. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1138Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-1-1138 We started Kassidea's session at the Canton Garden Center on a lovely early August afternoon and found the various flowers to be the perfect setting. After capturing several portraits that we both loved, we made a wardrobe change for a different look that ended up being a favorite.

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1194Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1194 Kassidea is very involved and shares her talents with many groups including The Chapel of Green Student Ministry and is a Chapel of Green Kids Ministry Teen Helper. At Perry High School, she is involved in National Honor Society, the Cross Country Team and Yearbook and serves as a Link Leader, Jungle Leader, and Best Buddies Officer. Somehow, she finds time to be dedicated to the Canton Ballet & Company where she has been a member for 12 years and has been a pianist for 11 years. But wait, there's more! Kassidea has the perfect personality to be a server at Chick-fil-A. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1213Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-2-1213 We made another outfit change and decided to go wading in the stream to capture these lovely portraits. I just love how she stands out so perfectly in these rich cool tones.


Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1302Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1302 When we made out way to this fun waterfall, we decided to get back into a previous outfit because we both really did love it. Those blue eyes and smile certainly fit her personality. Kassidea's friends would describe her as outgoing, always smiling, energetic, friendly and fun. She likes to make people feel better about themselves, and I quickly recognized this quality in her.

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1371Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1371 Some things that Kassidea loves include homemade mashed potatoes and ice cream. She likes shopping at Marshalls and Target and vacationing in the Smokey Mountains. She likes reading mysteries and holocaust survivor autobiographies. NCIS, American Ninja Warrior, and suspense movies are preferred for screen time. 


Kassidea will miss the football games and hanging out with her high school friends. Moving on to college will allow her to take classes related to her profession, and she is excited for that. She plans to attend Walsh University or Kent State University to major in an area that will allow her to use her skills to help people in a very personal and direct way. Some of her options include physical therapy, dental hygienist, or early childhood education. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-4-1439Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-4-1439 We watched out time carefully because we had an appointment for time in the Canton Palace Theater. This is a very special place for Kassidea, having spent 12 years in the Canton Ballet. I really wanted to capture the impact of how it feels to perform on that stage, so I had a vision for this portrait above. I sooooo love the results!

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1467Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1467 I am not that familiar with all of the available spaces in the Palace Theater, but Kassidea is, and she made a request to capture a picture in this pink room by the tall window. She said that she always love this window. Oh yes! We made some minor furniture movements and went to town capturing more beautiful portraits. 

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1512Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1512 Kassidea was full of great ideas and wanted to capture the image that you see below. I just love her ideas!!!

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1561Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-B&W-1561 Who doesn't want to see her name in lights?! What a special way to honor this milestone. I love this so much!

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1568Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1568 Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1590Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-5-1590

Somehow, this crazy busy girl manages to run cross country and we actually had to schedule a separate session to capture these. I'm so happy that we got to create portraits of all sides of Kassidea.

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4821Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4821 Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4860Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-7-4860












What did Kassidea have to say about her senior portrait session?

"Laura spent a lot of time with me and had so many different creative ideas! She was in no rush and complimented you on every pose and picture you took! My favorite memory was when we spent a lot of time in a room at the Palace Theater that I have loved since I was 4 years old to get some great pictures! My favorite portraits were in the creek where there was a waterfall behind me and I was sitting on a rock in the creek. I loved my blue outfit because she took pictures of me in this outfit in front of a background that made it stand out! I loved my ballet pictures because ballet was a huge part of my life since I was four years old so it brought back so many memories.

For future seniors, I would recommend to have a variety of outfits with different patterns and colors! Don't be afraid or nervous because Laura is so sweet and loves taking pictures that are special to you!!"

Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1278Kassidea-Briggs-Perry-2022-3-1278 Oh, Kassidea! I am such a huge fan. It was my honor to be your photographer and I can't wait to follow your successes and cheer you on along the way!





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