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Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3871Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3871 Meet Kendal, a very engaged Senior at Louisville High School who had an amazing senior portrait session in late October at Zoar Historic Village. I remember how excited I was meeting up with Kendal and getting to meet her and her Mom and two adorable fur babies who will show up in portraits later. Once I saw her outfits and had a better sense of who Kendal really is, I created a game plan for our evening together and everything fell into place.  Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3902Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3902 So, Kendal is not one to remain idle for a second. She keeps herself very busy with Student Council, National Honors Society, Key Club, Hope Squad, French Club, Aultman Ambassadors, Fuel Up To Play 60, Science Club, Spirit Club, and Jo's Girls. She also volunteers at Little Leopards Football. On the athletic side of things, Kendal is active in JO Volleyball, and AAU Basketball, as well as high school volleyball and basketball. Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3962Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3962 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3977Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3977 After spending some time creating portraits in the garden and on the sandstone steps, we were ready to change it up. Kendal changed into her jeans and flannel and showed me the real Kendal. We found a great rustic building to perfectly complete the look. Kendal's friends would describe her as determined, passionate, understanding, and a good listener. That certainly seems fitting when you look at her long list of activities and accomplishments. Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4033Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4033 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4083Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4083 Getting to know Kendal is easier when you know some of her favorites. When it comes to movies, she likes anything Marvel. Her favorite singer is Luke Combs. She loves french toast and her favorite color is grey. 


Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4223Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-2-4223 Kendal's next adorable outfit involved some flannel again, but this time in a trendy shacket. This ensemble was perfect for out next location... the covered bridge. By this point in our session together, we were getting quite comfortable and occasionally even slap-happy. But, nonetheless, the gorgeous portraits just kept happening one after another. 

Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4243Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4243 When Kendal leaves high school, she will miss the feeling of safety and being surrounded by what is familiar. She knows that saying goodbye to the people she has been with since the beginning will be an impossible task. She will, however, be happy to leave behind the stereotypes of high school and the constant feeling of needing to fit the mold of a perfect high school student. 

Kendal's dream is to become a pediatrician. She wants to major in biology or biochemistry with a minor in communications. Then, she hopes to get into medical school and work her way into the pediatrics field. Kendal certainly has the qualities to make this a reality, and oh, what lucky families will be served!

Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4305Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4305 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3999Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-3999 Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-4011Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-1-4011

















What did Kendal have to say about her portrait session?

I chose Laura Esposito Photography because lots of my friends had chosen Laura and loved her and their pictures! It was great to not feel awkward, she really had a way of making things feel natural. Also, pictures for me aren't always the easiest, but Laura made it so I found a way to enjoy every second. I loved the walking scene in my black romper walking down the sidewalk, those turned out just how I wanted! I also loved all of my pictures with my puppies!

Senior pictures are scary and can be daunting but just know that Laura will make it so you don't have to worry about a thing! They will look great. Thank you so very much for your time, Laura! Beyond grateful for you! Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4410Kendal-Loy-Lsvl-2022-3-4410

Kendal, it was an absolute pleasure to get to work with you and your stunning portraits! I'm so proud and honored to serve as your photographer and to cheer you on in your future endeavors!


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