Meet Shaelyn | Louisville HS | Class of 2022

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Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5197Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5197 I'm not sure how I get so lucky to work with such amazing seniors, but here is yet another fabulous young woman who blows my socks off. This is Shaelyn who is a senior in the class of 2022 at Louisville High School. From our preplanning, I knew that we wanted to accomplish a lot during her session, so when we met up at the University of Mount Union, we wasted no time getting down to business. Shaelyn, who also goes by Shae, was ready to embrace the process and jumped right in with a fabulous outfit and smiles to match.

Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5251Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5251 For Shae's second outfit, we decided to head in a more casual direction and created portraits to match. Among Shae's many interests, she enjoys writing and is an emerging cosplayer. She is also starting to try her hand in Sfx Makeup. So cool!

Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5303Shae-Lsvl-2022-1-5303 Shae's friends would describe her as a sweet and caring person with a creative imagination and unique interests. She is selfless with a heart of gold, and a hard worker. All of these attributes make her so endearing as well as impressive.



It was time for her next outfit change and this summery casual dress was perfect for the shots around the lakes. Shae was so relaxed and game for anything I suggested. She made every setting look fabulous. 

Shae-Lsvl-2022-3-5479Shae-Lsvl-2022-3-5479 To get to know Shae a little better, it helps to know that she enjoys anime and Marvel or DC movies. I love that her taste in music is a bit all over the place. She likes Simmers and enjoys watching short animation films on YouTube. If she is reading, action and fantasy books are her favorites. Her ideal vacation spot would be the beach. 


Shae-Lsvl-2022-5-5530Shae-Lsvl-2022-5-5530 For the next set of portraits, we not only made a wardrobe change, but we moved to an entirely different location. Because Shae is so involved in the video production club at school, we wanted to capture some portraits at the stadium. Shae's work in video production has centered around the action at the stadium, so it seemed fitting to create that memory.


Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5628Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5628 We worked quickly at the stadium because we had one more very important stop to make. Anyone who knows Shae knows that she is an accomplished and dedicated swimmer on the swim team. So, ending our session at the YMCA allowed us to properly honor that commitment. She also works as a life guard which is incredibly honorable and impressive.

Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5647Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5647 One of the things that Shae will miss when she leaves high school is the feeling of accomplishment. It is what drives her to keep going and gives her purpose. I am quite sure that Shae will always find challenges that are meaningful to her and will always have another mountain to climb. She will be happy to leave behind the drama and childish ways of her high school career. That makes sense, as she is far too mature to have time for such distractions.

Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5666Shae-Lsvl-2022-6-5666 Shae plans to go into communications for a major and graphic design as a minor. She feels that these areas will open up a variety of opportunities for her. Speaking of "opening up!" Just add water and Shae's smile will grow. Just look at the last image of this post. Is that not the most radiant portrait of her yet?

Shae-Lsvl-2022-6--7Shae-Lsvl-2022-6--7 What did Shae have to say about her portrait session?

"I liked that I felt comfortable with myself and it was fun to be the center of attention for a while. I loved being in the water. It felt natural for me and I was able to show off my accomplishments from over the years. I felt happy and I had fun with the photos. I would advise others to have fun with it, too. Pick places that mean something to you and pick outfits you're confident in! Bring some cool props! Just make sure you're happy with the photos." 


Shae, thank you for trusting me with this honorable job of capturing your senior portraits. Thank you for embracing the session and showing us the true Shae! You made it so fun for me and I can't wait to see what your bright future holds for you. 


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