Meet Emilee | Hoover High School | Class of 2022

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Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1853Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1853 Emily is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Hoover High School and we held her October senior portrait session at Quail Hollow Park in Hartville. She and her bright and shiny personality met me in the parking lot to create our plan for the evening. She made some great color choices for this lovely October backdrop and we jumped in to start creating portraits. With that endearing smile and her easy-going demeanor, I knew this was going to be a fun session.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1894Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1894 It is no surprise that Emilee's friends describe her as kind-hearted, strong, independent, and active. As we moved on to Emilee's second outfit, I had to capture those shoes. So cute! I always love it when the wind cooperates and gives us a little movement in the right direction for a flattering frame to her face.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1935Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1935 That beautiful smile was coming so naturally in every shot. That made me happy because it meant that we had established a level of comfort that is conducive to authentic portraits. She stands out so beautifully in this lush arbor with a little backlighting.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1973Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-1-1973 We moved on to Emilee's third outfit just in time for the perfect angle of light to be hitting the field where we planned to capture her in this soft flannel. I wanted to create an ethereal atmosphere as if she were enjoying a warm sun bath. This pose and her lovely soft smile completed the look. 

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2052Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2052 Some other fun details about Emilee are that her favorite show is Chicago PD and she likes shopping at Hollister. She likes to drink coffee and vacation in California.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2060Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2060 Emilee plans to attend Akron University where she will pursue her nursing degree. She says that she will not miss high school as she is ready to further her career as a nurse and take care of as many people as she can. She is ready to start a new chapter in her life and to live everyday to the fullest. That sounds like a fabulous plan!

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2070Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2070 We were ready to wind down our session, so Emilee changed into her final outfit. This blanket scarf is so beautiful. Not only is it incredibly soft, but it inspired lots of cute poses as we really had fun with it.

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2095Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2095 What did Emilee have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I'm glad I chose Laura for the amazing locations and the fun experience. It was different in a good way. It truly showed the image of how I am. Laura was so kind and made me feel so good about myself. She picked the best outfits and really made my session unique to the image I wanted to show."

Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2172Emilee-Wallace-Hoover-2022-2-2172 Emilee, you are an absolute delight! The nursing profession will be so fortunate to have you. You will be touching so many lives. That reassuring smile will be part of your healing touch. I wish you all the best as you embark on this next chapter and live everyday to its fullest.




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