Meet Emily | Glenoak High School | Class of 2022

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Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8072Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8072 Emily is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at Glenoak High School and we held her September senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyards. Once we had a chance to meet in the parking lot and create our plan for the evening, I was chomping at the bit to get her in front of my camera. We started in the vineyard and moved to the pavilion where I knew her outfit would pop. We were immediately off to a fabulous start. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8107Emily-Collins-GO-2022-1-8107 Emily is absolutely as sweet as she looks in her portraits. Her friends describe her as very cheerful, happy and fun. She is also loving and caring towards others. These qualities are most certainly appreciated by the customers at Burger King where she works. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8220Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8220 Through our conversation, it became clear that Emily's involvement in band is very important to her. So, capturing portraits with her saxophone was a priority. I didn't want to provide her with the typical band portrait that she probably gets taken every year. I wanted some images that show the joy she experiences when playing her sax. I remember a lot of laughing during these portraits and I love the results.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8228Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8228 True to Emily's personality, she decided to pull her hair up for a few shots. Just like that, no brush or comb... up goes the hair and it looks fabulous.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8308Emily-Collins-GO-2022-3-8308 These pictures with her sax are some of her favorites. Some other favorites include pasta and pop/rap music. She also loves Vans shoes and American Eagle.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-4-8364Emily-Collins-GO-2022-4-8364 One thing that was so fun with Emily is that she could deliver a variety of expressions and they all created fabulous portraits. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8422Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8422 We moved on to Emily's third outfit and WOW, this is her color! This blue brings out her eyes and, as a complementary color, makes her hair pop. This is why she can be placed among these beautiful flowers and still command attention as the subject of the portrait. 

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8442Emily-Collins-GO-2022-5-8442 Emily's final outfit was saved for last for a reason. With this monochrome palette, she makes a beautiful statement in this predominantly black and white setting near the Still House. Some full-body shots were a must here because I was loving the boots!

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8462Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8462 Emily plans to attend the University of Akron to major in accounting. She is going to miss all of her underclassmen friends and the entire band, as they are like one big family. She is going to miss being with that family for all of the Friday night football games. She will be happy to leave behind the busy hallways and annoying people.

Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8507Emily-Collins-GO-2022-6-8507 What did Emily have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I liked all of the different poses and outfits I had. It was very creative and I loved it! I really liked the ones that I got to hold my sax in and the ones with my romper on. I would advise others to just be yourself and get ready to smile a lot! Laura is a very creative photographer and I enjoyed our session!"


Emily, I really enjoyed our session together, too! You were an absolute dream for me to work with. I am very excited for you to start this next chapter in your life and I wish all good things for you. You certainly have what it takes to make your dreams come true.


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