Meet Jacklyn | Louisville High School and RG Drage Career Center | Class of 2022

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Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1103Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1103 Sharing Jacklyn and her story is an absolute joy for me because I am re-living one of the funnest evenings ever! We held her October senior portrait session on the farm where she works and at a nearby pond. Both locations are happy places in my book, but it was Jacklyn who made my heart and camera sing. Jacklyn is a Senior in the Class of 2022 from Louisville High School attending RG Drage Career Center. 

We started our session with some of Jacklyn's friends of the bovine nature. It was obvious how much the girls (cows) love her. They posed for this shot with no persuasion needed. I think they appreciated that she was dressed in their likeness. But seriously... just look at Jacklyn's beaming smile. This is where she shines.

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1159Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1159 We couldn't resist capturing some portraits with some of the younger friends. This little guy was happy to oblige.

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1206Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-1-1206 Jacklyn, who also goes my Jackie, is described by friends as caring and loyal. I think the animals pick up on that. They can tell how much Jacklyn loves working and being around them. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1256Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1256 We moved on to her second outfit which seemed like typical attire for Jacklyn. Along with her involvement in church, she is active in Future Farmers of America (FFA). This bright red Massey Ferguson tractor offered a great contrast for this portrait. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1287Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1287 I have had the honor and pleasure of holding many portrait sessions on farms. I have found the hay/straw loft to be one of the absolute best backdrops for portraits. It provides controllable directional lighting, warm tones, and fabulous textures. Plus, you can typically find varying elevations for multiple poses. But let's be real, Jacklyn can be placed in any environment and she is going to look amazing. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1321Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-2-1321 I could have stayed at the farm all day finding new backdrops and settings, but we had an agenda that included a short drive to a beautiful pond area. We also made an outfit change into this fabulous combo and this amazing hat. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1478Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1478 OMG... I love this outfit. It really brings out the fun little bit of sass that makes her sweet personality so endearing. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1457Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1457 And, of course, we had to include her dog! Along with loving this little guy, Jacklyn loves eating mac and cheese and her favorite movie is UP. She likes to vacation in Florida and her favorite music is country. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1495Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-3-1495 We made another outfit change and found the perfect angle on the dock to include the trees and reeds in the background. This place really is as serene as it appears. 

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1514Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1514 Jacklyn knows that when she leaves high school, she will miss seeing her friends everyday. She will be happy to leave the homework behind. The kind of work that she intends to pursue is with animals, of course!

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1527Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1527 This area is just a playground for a photographer as every direction I turned was another portrait begging to be captured. This open field with the backlighting displayed the perfect colors make Jacklyn stand out as the focus of attention. She is absolutely stunning! I will add a little plug here for Altar'd State. This is where Jacklyn and her mom did some shopping in preparation for the portrait session. I must say... everything was absolutely perfect!

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1576Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1576 So, what did Jacklyn have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I loved everything about my session. It was so much fun. I love all of the portraits at the pond. She really made it special. My advice to other seniors is to just do exactly what she tells you to do and your pictures will turn out amazing."

Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1607Jacklyn-Rossow-Lsvl-2022-4-1607 Jacklyn, I think that you are amazing and I thank you so much for choosing me to capture your fabulous senior portraits. I wish you all good things as you continue to follow your passions. It takes something special to be successful with animals, and you certainly have it. 


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