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Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9048Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9048 Peyton is a Senior in the Class of 2022 at West Branch High School. We held her fabulous July senior portrait session at Zoar Historic Village where we found absolutely perfect settings for her portraits. I met up with Peyton and her mom near the Zoar Hotel and her very real and sweet personality reflected in her outfit choices telling me that we were in for a fun evening. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9072Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9072 She arrived in this beautiful white dress and I knew that it would look fabulous against the sandstone of this building. I also realized how much I loved Peyton's genuine expressions and that winning smile. I'm sure that smile is appreciated by everyone at Copeland Oaks nursing home where she has worked for the past two years. Somehow, she manages to maintain a 3.9 GPA while taking college classes. That is dedication.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9138Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9138 Peyton's friends would describe her as someone who is outgoing and always willing to drop everything to help them. They would say that she is hard-working and driven. Apparently, this smile is always on her face which is manifested in her kindness and optimism. She will always try to make the best out of every situation.  

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9200Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9200 This second outfit worked perfectly in the rustic shed setting and it just matched her gorgeous eyes perfectly! I just love the color harmony in the image below. Those sparkling eyes seem to dance.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9160Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-1-9160 Peyton's third outfit was another flattering dress and the colorful garden served at the ideal location. The image below is one of my all-time favorites! Peyton shared some of her favorites, including country music. She likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also loves to travel, especially to Turks and Caicos. How fabulous that she even got her scuba diving license a few years ago! If not scuba diving on vacation, she loves to just sit on the beach and lay in the sun. Anything to do with the ocean and the sun makes her happy.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9227Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9227 After high school, Peyton is going to miss seeing her friends everyday. She will cherish the memories they have made and will keep them with her forever. She is also going to miss all of the sporting events, as her favorite part of high school was football season. They were blessed to have an extra long football season due to the the team making it far in the playoffs. Those were nights that she will never forget. She is also going to miss all of the dances where she would get all dressed up to dance the night away with her friends. She will be happy to leave behind all of the stress that comes with difficult classes. It was a small price to pay for all of the great memories that she made in high school.

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9280Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9280 Peyton's fourth outfit was this more casual navy dress and the garden proved to be a lovely backdrop again. The texture of lavender is wonderful to make the lovely Peyton stand out. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9325Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9325 The Navy dress with these golden flowers seems fitting as Peyton plans to attend Kent State University's Salem branch to major in nursing. After that, she would like to continue her education to become an anesthesiologist. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9301Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-2-9301 Petyton's final wrap dress was so adorable and the rich dark green color was great for the covered bridge location. We really did capture some great variety. 

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9447Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9447 What did Peyton have to say about her senior portrait session?

"Laura made this experience so much fun. From the location to making me feel confident and helping me have fun with the process. She has an eye for picking all the perfect spots for pictures. For example, there was an old shed that most people would walk right by, but she had a vision and I loved how it turned out. She really just helped me have fun and take a bunch of fun portraits that captured what I was looking for. I loved the portraits in the white dress. I felt elegant and it was a great start to our session. Laura made me feel beautiful and listened to what I wanted to do. She was constantly hyping me up and making me laugh. It truly was a fun experience with amazing results. I would tell other seniors to just tell her what you want out of your session. She is great at listening and making your session what you want it to be. And, have fun! You only get one senior portrait shoot, so make the most of it!"

Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9421Peyton-Bell-WB-2022-3-9421 Peyton, that is the sweetest description, ever! Your session was over-the-top fun for me because you are such a gem. You totally embraced the experience and brought so much life to every portrait. I have a feeling that is just your personality, which means that you are going to go far and have such a positive impact wherever you go. I wish you all the best and I can't wait to see how you share your gifts.



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