Meet Ella | Lake High School | Class of 2024

December 27, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Ella is a senior in the Class of 2024 at Lake High School in Hartville, Ohio. We held her senior portrait session on a gorgeous fall day in late October when the trees were at their peak cloaked in beautiful warm and vibrant colors.

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5171Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5171 When I met with Ella and her mom at their pre-session consultation, we discussed Ella's vision for her senior portrait session. Based on her fun retro vibe and planned outfits, we knew that Quail Hollow Park was the perfect location to create her portraits. Quail Hollow is one of Ella's favorite places and she knows the trails quite well. Needless to say, her session was "so Ella" in every way and I absolutely loved it!

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5222Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5222 When I met up with Ella and her mom at the park, Ella was all ready to go in her first outfit that we had planned to use. With those fabulous John Lennon style sunglasses and guitar in hand, we headed off to start creating portraits. 

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5255Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5255 I was positively giddy as all of the elements came together. Ella's expressions were matching the emotion of the images so perfectly to tell her story. The color harmony was truly ethereal. I may have done a happy dance or two.

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5297Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5297 Ella is more than a guitar playing senior with great fashion sense. She uses her musical talent to sing as part of the Worship Team at RiverTree Lake Christian Church. She is also active in Theater and Drama Club. As a fully diversified senior, she is involved in Model UN and French Club. She even runs Cross Country.

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5333Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5333 Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5386Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5386 We did eventually leave the bed of leaves and make our way to the arbor and stone structures that are such key features at Quail Hollow. The overcast skies made it so easy to work in that space. The sky was like one huge soft box of filtered light. Add my expertise with the off-camera flash and we had such a glorious time. 

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5469Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5469 We moved on to Ella's second outfit, a perfectly feminine white dress. This crisp, simple, and airy piece pairs perfectly with the more rugged denim jacket. This isn't just any denim jacket. Ella purchased this denim jacket while shopping in France! The white Dr. Martens finished off this ensemble so perfectly!

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5553Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5553 We used one of my favorite nooks for this outfit and moved on to the group of bushes that autumn had turned perfectly pink for a dreamy background. Of course, we ended up in the field for some fun action shots. Nestling her into the deep browns of the field created one of my favorite portraits.

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5576Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5576 Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5696Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5696 Ella's friends would describe her as someone who empowers others. She is also funny, kind and charming. She has the cutest outfits, is usually hungry, and loves chai. 

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5725Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5725 At this point in the session, it was time to show a more casual and playful side to Ella. Once again, she had the perfect outfit for the job. It takes just the right person to pull off this deep green corduroy jumpsuit, and Ella is absolutely that person! Add the black tank and converse and we have the perfect ensemble for some fun.

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5759Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5759 We kinda had to bring back the sunglasses and revisit the leaves because this outfit would give it a whole different look. The rock steps ended up being one of my absolute favorite settings. 

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5789Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5789 As you might guess, Ella has some really intriguing interests. She loves thrift stores. She also enjoys classic books and poetry. Some favorite places to visit are the beach and San Sebastian, Spain

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5849Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5849 Ella's final look rounded out her session perfectly. This adorable denim jumper with the deep green turtleneck was slightly sophisticated yet fresh and young at the same time. Switching the hair to an updo was such a smart choice. 

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5909Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5909 Working around the manor house was a great setting for this look. I love anytime we can capture some reflection shots, too. 

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5931Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5931 I'm sure the reality of senior year is setting in. Ella knows that she will miss the friends that she won't get to see every day. She definitely plans to attend college, but hasn't determined exactly where that will be quite yet. 

Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5889Ella-Warth-Lake-2024-5889 Ella, you made my job as your photographer so easy and fun! Thank you for trusting me with your senior portrait session!

What did Ella have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography" because I loved her pictures on her website. They made me think that was exactly what I wanted for mine. I loved that we took the pictures in one of my very favorite place, Quail Hollow. I also had input with poses and backgrounds. It totally represented who I am. My favorite ones are the ones with my guitar in the leaves and the ones by the fountain and the pink bush. My advice to other seniors is to just be yourself and Laura will capture it. :) " 


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