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Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0571Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0571 Charlie is a senior in the class of 2023 at Louisville High School and we held his September senior portrait session at the campus of Mount Union, the Field of Dreams baseball field, and at the football stadium. Charlie's session was a little something extra special for several reasons. Charlie and his family are familiar to me because we live in the same neighborhood and I have had the pleasure of watching him grow up from a distance. But, more than that, Charlie is just Charlie. Those who know him understand what that statement means. Anyone who knows Charlie, and there are many, can't say his name without smiling. He is held in such high regard and holds a place in many hearts because of the sincerely amazing young man he has become. Needless to say, my mission as his photographer was to capture all of that in a way that is unassumingly "Charlie."

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0608Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0608 Once we found each other in the parking lot at Mount Union where we started his session, we discussed his outfit options and made a plan for the evening. Charlie is accomplished in several sports and we wanted to showcase that in a meaningful way. So, I knew that our non-sport segment of the session needed to be concise and accomplish our goals efficiently. 

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0640Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0640 We started the session in a great casual flannel jacket with the classic white t-shirt underneath. I love this timeless look and Charlie wore it so well. Like most guys, Charlie doesn't relish his time in front of a camera. Nonetheless, with effective posing and prompts, he sure looked like a natural.

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0592Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0592 I already mentioned that Charlie is athletic. He is a valuable varsity player on the baseball, football, and basketball teams. His talents go way beyond athleticism. He is also the President of Student Council, in the National Honor Society and the Rotary. 

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0747Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0747 Charlie's second outfit was a little more formal with a subdued gray button down and khaki pants. This outfit has a way of looking sharp and smart in a very subtle way... just like Charlie. We used some architectural elements to compliment this look. We even captured some great expressions. 

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0763Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0763 Charlie's friends would describe him as friendly, positive and motivated. I feel that this goes without saying when you recognize his accomplishments. It is rare for so much success to be accompanied by such a good heart. I know that his parents are so proud, as they should be. 

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0799Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0799 Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0829Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-0829 Charlie loves and finds success in many sports, but baseball is the one for which he is most passionate. So, capturing some meaningful portraits at the Field of Dreams was a necessary part of his session.

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1048Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1048 Charlie was helpful in showing me parts of the field that he would like to see in the backgrounds. It was a fun and lucrative collaboration. Anytime I can incorporate an interesting sky to add some drama, it is a win!

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-0986Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-0986 Charlie can appreciate humor. That is evident in his movie and television preferences. His favorite movie is Grown Ups and his favorite show is The Office.

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1096Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1096 Charlie is also the quarterback on the football team. That position requires athletic skill, to be sure, but it also demands intelligence, quick thinking, ability to read a situation, and building leadership and trust in your teammates. It is no wonder he was tapped for this job. 

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1123Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1123 Our time at the stadium helped us to capture football-specific portraits, but we also used the opportunity to showcase Charile's dedication to his three sports: baseball, football, and basketball. We did so with the jerseys and equipment from all three.

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1198Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1198 There is something special about having the stadium lights on that adds an element of drama. I can't help but think that one day, he will look back on these portraits with some nostalgia and smile.  

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1159Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1159 Charlie knows that he will miss his friends and teachers as he leaves high school, but he is excited to move forward to find a career that he will enjoy. He would like to play baseball in college and major in Political Science/Pre-Law. 

Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1234Charlie-Roberts-Lsvl-2023-sports-1234 Charlie, I am so honored that you allowed me to be your senior portrait photographer and to capture this very special time in your life. I don't think you will ever adopt a flashy persona, but I have no doubt that you will be making a positive impact in your quiet and understated way. 

What did Charlie have to say about his senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura because she made it easy for me to get out of my comfort zone to take pictures that I would not normally take. Laura made the stressful senior portrait session a very pleasant experience and I ended up having a lot of fun. My favorite portraits came from the football stadium. I like these pictures because I spent a lot of time at the stadium and the pictures capture that. My advice to other seniors is to let loose and have fun. Laura knows best! You only do it once."


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