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Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8804Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8804 Emma is a senior in the class of 2023 at Louisville High School and we held her September senior portrait session at the campus of Mount Union and at Glamorgan Castle in Alliance. It actually took us two attempts to make her session happen, but it was soooo worth the wait! Despite a forecast showing 15% precipitation on her original portrait session date, we met up at Mount Union and it was pouring rain. The radar did not indicate that it was leaving anytime soon, so we compared schedules and chose a second date. That second date provided beautiful sunshine and ideal temperatures, so we were not the least upset by the inconvenience. 

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8731Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8731 Our collaboration on outfits and settings was absolute perfection. We decided to start with this trendy peplum top and super sharp white skinny jeans. The minimalist black heels were the perfect complement. I knew this outfit would be best showcased in the arbor areas and that lush background and warm backlight really made Emma shine. 

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8726Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8726 Emma shines plenty all on her own. She is one busy girl! Some of her activities include drama club, science club, history club, the Hope Squad, spirit club and National Honors Society. She is also in the Aultman Ambassadors Program. As if that isn't enough, she works at St. Joseph Nursing Home and used to be a manager at Ermannos Pizza.

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8857Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8857 Emma moved on to her second outfit which offered a soft beautiful casual look that was totally on trend. I love variety, so I was excited that this outfit was so different from the first. We decided that the area around the pond would be a great setting for this look, and it certainly proved to be true. 

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8884Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8884 Emma's friends would describe her as someone who is motivated, helpful, and a good listener. That sounds like an accurate description indeed. One of the things that Emma will miss when she leaves high school is the relationships that she has made with friends and teachers. One thing that she will be happy to leave behind is a "community who makes students feel less important for not playing sports. Grades are important too!"

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8955Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-8955 We eventually decided to move on down the road to Glamorgan Castle when I knew we would be hitting that backlighting above the castle for some magical portraits. This was the perfect location to feature Emma in this beautiful blue dress. Again, I am obsessed with flowing fabrics so I was loving this. Everything just came together to make these some of my all-time favorite portraits. She is absolutely stunning!

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9018Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9018 To create a more complete description of Emma, we can mention some of her favorite things. In the category of television shows, she likes Greys Anatomy, Friends, and New Girl. Her favorite music artist is Taylor Swift and she loves the book Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. She loves to vacation in New York City and enjoys shopping at Target.

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9121Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9121 As our evening together was winding down, we moved on to Emma's final outfit. She looks so lovely in this soft pink top. The patio garden was such a fabulous setting for this look. She certainly belongs among the flowers. I was loving this so much!

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9175Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9175 Undoubtedly, Emma's future will be bright. as of now, she has applied to the University of Minnesota, New York University, Ohio State University, and the University of Mount Union. She is currently deciding if she wants to work in the medical field or education. Either profession will be a good fit.

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9154Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9154 Emma, you certainly added a bright spot to my season and I am so excited for all that you have to offer and how you will choose to share your gifts. I wish you all the best and will be among your fans cheering you on.

Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9195Emma-Jackson-Lsvl-2023-9195 What did Emma have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura because she took several of my friends' pictures last year and I loved them! I liked that Laura constantly made me feel pretty while taking my pictures. I also liked that she would take a few to make sure I liked them before taking more, and she was super personable when we had to reschedule due to the weather! My favorite pictures were the ones on the bench at Mount Union and any of me wearing the pink top with white jeans. Some advice I have is to bring more outfits than you think you need. I brought four and it was enough, but I also showed Laura all of my outfits before to make sure she liked them all and it allowed her to think of some poses that would look good with those specific pieces."        -Emma








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