Meet Halley | Louisville HS | Class of 2023

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Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3589Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3589 Halley is a senior in the class of 2023 at Louisville High School and her October senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyards was quite magical. It was such a beautiful evening and Halley planned her outfits so well. We met up with each other in the parking lot and went through her fabulous options. It was easy to create a vision for where we wanted to use each of them to achieve a variety of looks. A special shout out to Sheiyah Style Boutique in Berlin, Ohio for helping Halley to create these beautiful ensembles. 

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3642Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3642 Halley's first outfit is this super cute and trendy shacket in these soft blues that complement Halley's glowing complexion and that gorgeous hair. The pond seemed to be the perfect setting for this casual look, and Halley certainly dazzled the look with her smile. 

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3602Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3602 Halley's friends would describe her as someone who is outgoing, funny and energetic. No wonder I enjoyed our time together so much. She also likes to bake in her spare time. I'm sure her family encourages this creative expression!

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3659Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3659 Halley's second outfit is this lovely soft green/blue casual dress. the boots elevate this look to being totally on trend and the fall colors worked so well as a background. We had a little fun in the cascading foliage of the weeping willow trees to create some of my favorite portraits of Halley.

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3681Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3681 Halley is a busy girl. She is active in marching band, concert band, National Honor Society, Key Club, and the Lady Leopard Mentors. She also plays on an AAU basketball team. We wanted to include an element of basketball that she loves without the whole "on the court" look. I really love the casual approach that we took.

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3777Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3777 Halley included a really special element in her senior portraits by inviting her cousin to be included a few of them. These portraits are just priceless. Since they are both graduating in 2023, we documented that for their entire family to celebrate.

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3748Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3748 Halley's fourth outfit is this beautiful fall sweater and stylish felt hat. The white flowers on the tan provide a little extra pop of contrast without creating distraction. How adorable is that hat on her?!

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3804Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3804 Halley's good taste goes beyond fashion. Her favorite movie is The Notebook and her favorite music artist is Lana del ray. Her favorite stores to shop are Aerie and Urban Outfitters. Sheiyah Style Boutique is one to add to her list, as well.

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3832Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3832 Our fifth look for Halley was this simple and beautiful white dress. I swear she was her own source of warm light, so placing her in the rich colors of the arch worked perfectly. She is absolutely stunning!

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3897Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3897 As Halley leaves high school, she knows that she is going to miss her friends and teachers. She will be happy that she will no longer be obligated to start her day so early. She is planning to attend Capital University to study pre-occupational therapy, and hopefully attend grad school to get a higher degree in occupational therapy.

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3939Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-3939 Our final look for the evening is this flattering long black print dress. To better feature this look, we moved on down to the area around the Still House. We found some warm fall colors to use as a backdrop. We also took advantage of the evening lights adorning the trees as they came alive just as we were wrapping up. 

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-4037Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-4037 Halley, you are an absolute joy and creating your senior portraits was such a treat for me! Thank you for trusting me with such an important job. Your future is most definitely bright and I will be excited to cheer you on.

Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-4044Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-4044 Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-4080Halley-Weaver-Lsvl-2023-4080 What did Halley have to say about her senior portrait session?

"We chose Laura Esposito Photography because she did my older sister's senior portraits and they turned out amazing! Laura was very encouraging and supportive! She was also very helpful on how to pose. I loved the ones in my blue coat as well as the ones in my black dress. I also really liked the ones in the black chair. My advice to other seniors is to not be nervous. Just go with the flow. Laura will be there to help you with whatever you need!"      -Halley



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