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Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8180Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8180 Rylie is a senior in the class of 2023 at Louisville High School and her July senior portrait session at Gervasi was a true celebration of all things Rylie. I must disclose that we (my family) have been friends with Rylie's family since the 80's so Rylie holds a very special place in my heart. There are so many things that make Rylie a fascinating and amazing individual and I was determined to reveal all of that in her senior portrait session. 

Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8193Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8193 We had literally been talking about Rylie's senior portrait session for years, so we had plenty of time to collaborate and plan. When we arrived at Gervasi on that beautiful July evening, we established our plan for where we wanted to use each outfit and how to work in some of her props. Then, we got right down to business and started creating the amazing portraits that I was certain we would see. 

Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8201Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8201 Her first outfit was a fresh and fun floral top and shorts what worked so well in that space around the pavilion and vineyard with some warm backlighting and soft background. One of the really cool things about Rylie is that she is very interested in criminal profiling as a part of forensic psychology. This is what she plans to study after high school. We found a fun way to showcase that with a sleuthing magnifying glass and one of Rylie's crime books that she probably has memorized at this point. Yes, there was plenty of laughter through this series!


Rylie's second outfit is this stunning blue dress that she had picked out and shared with me months in advance. Her grandma had a hand in making this dress happen and I am so thankful because she looks so beautiful in it. I love anything that has some movement and drapey sleeves. 


It is kind of surreal for seniors to think about leaving high school. Rylie knows that she will miss the support that she got from specific teachers. Nonetheless, she is very excited to start a new chapter of her life. She was once told that happy people only wish to go forward. I would expect this sort of wisdom from Rylie. I am excited for her to move forward, too.

Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8375Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8375 Rylie's third outfit is this fabulous white jumpsuit. The crochet texture on the bodice and light crepe of the fabric allows it to have that crisp, clean look with some subtle interest. And, Rylie wears it so well! I love how she pops out of the setting around the flowers and the vintage truck.

Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8419Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8419 We moved down to the Still House to take advantage of the different setting. This produced some of my all-time favorite images! I may have teared up a bit when I realized that she looks like she could be in her 20's in some of these pictures. But, it was important to me to capture all sides of Rylie.

Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8459Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8459 Rylie has a love for biking and paddle boarding. With her bike joining our session, we were able to capture this sporty and outdoorsy side of Rylie that I love so much. A change in hairstyle helped to complete the look. Those of us who know her would say, "This is so Rylie!" I will never get tired of seeing that infectious smile.

Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8548Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8548 One major perk of working with Rylie is knowing that I will continue to have a relationship with her and her family. I will be watching and cheering every step of the way as she moves on to her next chapter. I love you Rylie! These portraits just warm my heart every time I look at them!

Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8598Rylie-Sanderbeck-Lsvl-2023-8598 What did Rylie have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography for my senior portraits because we have the amazing pleasure of having the Esposito family as friends. If you want a photographer who pours her heart and soul into every portrait, Laura is for you! I loved that it was so much fun! I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Every portrait was carefully planned out. Some of my favorite portraits are the ones that feature the arch and the water, as well as the ones in the white romper. My advice to other seniors is to be true to yourself! Show the things that make you who you are."      -Rylie 





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