Meet Jared | Louisville HS | Class of 2023

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Jared is a senior in the class of 2023 at Louisville High School. We held his August senior portrait session at Zoar Historic Village. Spending the evening posing in front of a camera was certainly not on the top of Jared's list of fun things to do, but we did end up having a good time and he was actually very successful at creating great portraits.  Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-4940Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-4940 We met up near the Zoar Historic Garden where we sorted through his outfit choices and reviewed the special things we wanted to feature and how we were going to do that. We established where we were going to use each wardrobe piece and in what order. I absolutely loved that this was a family affair. It really is an experience that can create fond memories as part of the adventure that is senior year.  Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5015Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5015 Jared's first look was to feature his letterman's jacket and band t-shirt. This doorway offered an opportunity to create some color harmony and an interesting shape to serve as a frame. This beautiful pine tree serves as a strong anchor in the middle of the garden. It is also a wonderful shaded spot to create portraits. Jared fell right into the posing prompts perfectly.

Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5079Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5079 Jared, who is also known by his Esports handle Yeetgod, would be described by friends as a planner and gamer. He likes to take his time making decisions. This is a lost art among so many. I love that he knows this about himself.  Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5152Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5152 Jared's second look is this great flannel over a white t-shirt. I specifically had this interesting gray wood background in mind for this flannel. I love these portraits! The steps with the sandstone were perfect, too. Jared had some great encouragement from his sister to generate these very natural and authentic expressions. Absolutely perfect!  Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5171Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5171 Along with his involvement in band and Esports, Jared is into Marvel movies. He enjoys hanging out with his friends, especially if chicken tenders and fries are involved. His favorite vacation spot would be at a beach, specifically Myrtle or Hilton Head.    Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5238Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5238 This was the point in the evening when we planned to move on to the nearby covered bridge. We continued to capture some portraits in the same flannel before moving on to the Esports jersey. I loved the addition of the hat for a little different feel.  Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5280Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5280 Jared plans to attend a 4-year university next year. As he moves on, he knows that he will miss seeing some of his friends everyday. There are some classes that he will not miss. Needless to say, Jared will most certainly continue to bring his fun personality, contemplative demeanor, infectious smile, and multiple talents to enrich whatever environment he chooses.  Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5307Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5307 Jared, I am so honored to be your senior portrait photographer. I will be excited to follow you and your future as you move on to whatever you choose for yourself. I have no doubt that you will have a great story to tell.  Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5346Jared-Callan-Lsvl-2023-5346 What did Jared have to say about his senior portrait session?

"I liked that Laura isn’t pushy. I am not a fan of pictures but I did this for my Mom. Laura made it as simple and as comfortable as she could. Also my sister was there making me laugh to get the “best” facial expressions. I liked the ones with my Esports jersey. Gaming has always been a huge part of who I am. My advice to others is to bring a family member who makes you laugh and be yourself. Laura does the rest."


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