Meet Kaitlyn | Louisville High School | Class of 2023

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Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1560-2Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1560-2 Kaitlyn is a senior in the class of 2023 at Louisville High School and we held her July senior portrait session at Quail Hollow Park in Hartville and in downtown Louisville. Kaitlyn put so much effort into preparing for her session. She created a perfect collection of outfits that had amazing variety that perfectly showcased her fun personality. 

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1606Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1606 As soon as I met Kaitlyn and her mom in the parking lot at Quail Hollow, I knew that Kaitlyn was ready and willing to try whatever I had in mind for her portraits. I could tell that she had a vision and it was my goal to fulfill that for her. We studied each outfit and decided on the best way to showcase each look. I had in mind exactly where I wanted to capture each of these ensembles to maximize their impact.

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1587-2Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1587-2 We certainly got off to a great start with this exotic leopard print camisole and skinny jeans. The black wedge sandals were the perfect compliment. We decided to use the areas around the manor house so that Kaitlyn and her outfit could really pop.

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1658Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1658 Kaitlyn's second outfit is an absolute favorite of mine! This feminine blush dress is so gorgeous on her. The white cowboy boots and the straw hat totally put this over the top. I wanted to emphasize the softness of this look, so we made use of the lush summer field with that warm glow of sunshine. I was absolutely gasping while we were capturing these.

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1752Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1752 Kaitlyn made my evening so fun. It is not surprising that her friends would describe her as outgoing, funny, and bold. They see her as a trendsetter, and she does it so well. Kaitlyn is on the track team where I'm sure her endearing personality is appreciated.

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1784Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1784 I just love an outfit with some movement. So, of course, I took the opportunity to get some shots if Kaitlyn in action and what a great series we created. These are just breathtaking! 

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1824Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1824 Kaitlyn's third outfit was another soft look, but this baby blue patterned dress just begged to be photographed in the garden. She makes such a lovely addition to the flowers that are already blooming there.

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1867Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1867 Katilyn's fourth outfit is this sophisticated, yet fun blue halter and print pants. The sideswiped ponytail was a fabulous choice. I so appreciate that her glowing tan is line-free! Kudos to you, Kaitlyn! 

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1884Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1884 This is the point in the evening when we planned to make the short drive to downtown Louisville where we decided to capture Kaitlyn in her fifth outfit which was soooo perfect for her! I loved the hot pink satin top with the ruching and the super sharp black skinny jeans. But, can we take a minute to appreciate those shoes? Love, love, love!!! 

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1911Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1911 I was so thrilled that we timed our arrival in Louisville perfectly to capture that evening glow of sunshine that reflects off the buildings in the background. It really was a beautiful setting that was worthy of Kaitlyn's stunning look. It makes for a busy background, but Kaitlyn remains the focus in these portraits with that show-stopping look.

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1934Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1934 Kaitlyn loves to travel, especially to the beach. She also loves animals. She is actually a Starbucks Junior which certainly conditions a love of coffee. She is a big fan of Chipotle, too.

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1972-2Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-1972-2 Kaitlyn's fifth and final outfit is this casual and sporty look in the white t-shirt, distressed cut-off jean shorts, white Converse, and the New York Yankees ball cap. How fun is this? Thanks to Unhitched Brewery, we had the warm glow of their outdoor lighting to add some interest to the background. 

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-2002Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-2002 As Kaitlyn moves on after graduation, she knows that she will miss the family-like feeling of being with classmates who have been together since preschool. She will be happy to leave behind such early mornings. She plans to go into nursing with a goal of owning her own medical spa one day. 

Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-2008Kaitlyn-Biear-Lsvl-2023-2008 Kaitlyn, I remember your session so well because I had so much fun with you! You had a vision and a goal for your portraits and collaborating with you to bring them to life was such a thrill. I wish you all good things as you move on to the next chapter where I'm sure you will find your perfect place.

What did Kaitlyn have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito photography because of the amazing reputation and the flawle ss examples of your work. I liked how at ease I was after weeks of being nervous beforehand. It was amazing feeling like I was in such a good hands and not having anxiety that my pictures would not turn out great. I loved everything at Quail Hollow and also downtown Louisville. My advice to others is not to stress... Laura's got you!"      -Kaitlyn


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