Meet Lisa | Louisville High School | Class of 2023

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Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2076Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2076 Lisa is a senior in the class of 2023 at Louisville High School and we held her July senior portrait session at the beautiful Gervasi Vineyards. When we found each other in the parking lot, I was met with this beautiful smile and I determined immediately that we were in for a successful evening together.

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2021Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2021 Our first task was to sort through her outfits and I was so pleased to see that her choices were spot on. What made her wardrobe selections so perfect was the variety and consistency. Lisa had variety in types of outfits and colors, but every outfit was consistent with her personality. I could tell that she was very comfortable in each piece and they helped her to express her personality.

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2114Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2114 Lisa's first outfit of choice was this classic crisp white sundress. It allowed her to pop against the colorful Gervasi backgrounds. We made use of the steps, the pond, the arch and the stone wall. You would never guess by the quality of gorgeous portraits that we were just getting started. Lisa and her warm smile were so naturally beautiful in every portrait.

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2151Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2151 Lisa is a talented and busy senior, indeed. She expresses her athletic side on the basketball team. She has a heart for service which makes her involvement in Key Club appropriate. She also serves as a mentor to middle school students in Jo's Girls. I'm sure Lisa is perfectly approachable and empathetic to the younger girls who have so much to learn from her. 

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2158Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2158 I remember taking these pictures of Lisa here at the stone wall with pond behind and audibly gasping because these images are so pretty. I think her expression includes some stifled laughter because I just can't contain myself sometimes.

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2209Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2209 Lisa's second outfit was headed in a more casual direction with the distressed jeans, but the coordinating top has all of the elements that are true to Lisa. We incorporated some casual poses to work with this look. Of course, she made these look amazing, too.

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2277Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2277 I had already mentioned that Lisa's talents are varied. Let's build on that idea. This girl can sing! She was part of Susan Powell's Dance and Sing Center for six years. Here, she gained experience, skills, and confidence to perform for audiences and in competition settings. 

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2297Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2297 Lisa's third outfit is a second dress, but this one is in a soft blue print. Again, this is so Lisa. We used that soft blue to help her pop in the portraits with the antique truck, in front of the massive wood doors, and on the black iron steps. Another winner, indeed!

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2330Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2330 It is no surprise that Lisa's friends would describe her as quiet, loyal, and trustworthy. She certainly has a way of bringing both calmness and fun to a situation. These qualities will serve her well all through life.

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2348Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2348 Lisa's final outfit was my favorite and hers. The pastel striped top perfectly paired with the white ankle pants was the perfect combination of modern edge and softness. I think the warm colors help her lovely complexion to glow even more.

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2500Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2500 We used the space around the Still House for al little different vibe for this outfit and I think it was a wise move. Lisa's family actually chose to feature one of these in an acrylic block and it is STUNNING!

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2453Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2453 Like every senior, Lisa expects to have some mixed emotions about leaving high school. She knows that she will miss seeing her friends every day. However, she will be happy to leave behind the unnecessary drama that some people create. 

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2431Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2431 As she moves on after high school, Lisa plans to attend college to major in education. She certainly has the skills to be a wonderful influence on students. 

Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2525Lisa-Popa-Lsvl-2023-2525 Lisa, you are an absolute joy and I love working with you and your beautiful portraits! I wish you all the best as you move on to make your mark on the world. I will be here to cheer you on!

What did Lisa have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura because I saw her pictures on Instagram and I really liked the way that they turned out! I liked that Laura constantly told me that I looked pretty while she was taking photos of me. I also liked how easy she was to work with! My advice that I would give to other Seniors is to relax and not be nervous because Laura makes you feel comfortable."      -Lisa


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