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Meet Arabella, a North Canton Hoover Senior

Arabella is a Senior in the Class of 2024 at North Canton Hoover High School. We held her November Senior Portrait Session at Quail Hollow Park in Harville, Ohio. It was soooo cold, but Arabella brought the warmth of her smile and bubbly personality to create some amazing portraits! 


Arabella's Pre-session Consultation

When Arabella came for her pre-session consultation, I could tell immediately that her session was going to be fun, because Arabella is kind of the definition of fun. We discussed her outfit ideas and the fact that she embodies several styles, so we pulled together some great outfits to showcase multiple looks. She also shared her love and dedication to cheerleading and planned to make that part of her session, as well. After looking at some sample galleries, Arabella thought that Quail Hollow would be the best location to capture her personality.


Meeting Arabella at Quail Hollow in Hartville, Ohio

As Arabella pulled into the parking lot at Quail Hollow Park in Harville, Ohio, I was thrilled to see that both of her parents came along for the experience. Her parents truly added to the fun and I always love it when a family sees the value in enjoying this milestone together. 

Her parents and I were all bundled up because it was such a cold afternoon. I don't remember exactly what the temperature was that day, but I looked it up and the low for the day was 27 degrees. I don't think it was quite that cold yet, but the wind sure didn't help. Nonetheless, Arabella came bouncing out of the car in her cute casual outfit with her gorgeous curls bouncing and a smile on her face. We reviewed our goals for the senior portrait session and went through her outfit choices again to finalize the order in which we wanted to use them. Then, we got down to business.

Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6016Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6016 We started near the stone arch and the smiles came so easily. We moved on to use the area in the garden with the arbor. Thankfully, there was still a good amount of pretty green foliage to make it appear warmer and full of life. 


Portraits in her North Canton Hoover Vikings Letterman's Jacket

Arabella's heavy North Canton Hoover Vikings Letterman's Jacket was a welcome addition to her outfit. The letterman's jacket is such a great way to represent your identity as a senior. The information on the back and front is all part of the story, so I love anytime we can use a reflection to show both at the same time. That was our goal here, and these are among Arabella's favorite portraits.

Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6086Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6086 As you can see from her jacket, Arabella is a busy Senior. She is involved in Hoover's school newspaper, The Viking Views. She is a varsity cheerleader, an All-Star cheerleader at Blue Storm Athletics, and she even coaches at Blue Storm Athletics! She has been cheering her entire life and she has the perfect skill-set and personality for that.


Portraits in the Field at Quail Hollow

Our next series of portraits was the ultimate test and Arabella passed with flying colors. She was willing to create some beautiful portraits out in the open field in this super cute dress that offered no protection from the cold. She doesn't even look miserable! How does she do that? All I know is that I so appreciate her willingness to go for it because these portraits are just stunning.

Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6155Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6155 Arabella is more than cheerleading and newspaper staff. She loves reading books. Her favorite series include The Naturals and the Throne of Glass books. 


Senior Portraits in Flannel 

Arabella was happy to change into her next outfit which included a warm flannel that just looked so perfect in this fall setting. Fall at Quail Hollow is so lovely so we used this as a backdrop for most of these portraits. Her amazing personality continues to shine.

Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6364Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6364 After graduating from Hoover, Arabella plans to attend Walsh University in North Canton, Ohio. She know she is going to miss seeing her friends everyday in the hallway and hanging out in the newspaper room. But, she is excited to start the STUNT Program at Walsh.


Cheer Pictures with a Twist

With Arabella's lifetime commitment to cheer, we had to include some pictures in her brand new uniform. We didn't want to get the usual poses that she has captured so many times already. So, we took a different approach with a more natural look. It was truly sooooo cold at this point. She is an absolute rockstar for keeping that smile and looking so amazing for these last portraits. 

Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6442Arabella-Keim-Hoover-2024-6442 Arabella, you are such a talented and sweet senior who is just a bright light in every room. I am so fortunate to be your photographer and I wish you all the best at Walsh!

What did Arabella have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because my mom originally told me about her and some of my friends had their pictures done by her. I really liked that I was able to be myself and have fun! I loved the glass that reflected back when we were at my session! My advice to other seniors is to just have fun and be yourself?" - Arabella


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