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Elinor's August Senior Portrait Session

Elinor is a Senior in the Class of 2024 at Medina High School and we held her August senior portrait session on a Monday morning at Gervasi Vineyard. I have known Elinor for several years because I have had the pleasure of working with her extended family in family portrait sessions in the past, so I was anticipating her Senior Portrait Experience with joyful expectation. 


Planning Elinor's Senior Portrait Session

I really must start by explaining the value in her pre-session consultation. Elinor and her mom arrived with a very clear vision for what she wanted to accomplish in her senior portrait session. She had outfit ideas that we refined and even came up with a plan for the order of outfits and locations for each. We both left that meeting super excited and very confident in our plan for her session. 


The Beauty of a Morning Senior Portrait Session

Elinor's senior portrait session was unique for many reasons, and one of those is the fact that we held her session in the morning. The weather forecast for her session date was showing rain in the afternoon after a beautiful morning. So, we adjusted and met bright and early at 7:00 AM. I am one of those crazy morning people, so, I was full of energy and ready to go. I was so impressed that Elinor was, too! 


Starting the Portrait Session in Formal Attire

As per our plan, Elinor started in this gorgeous blue formal dress. The rich color just begged to be featured in front of the massive wood doors of the Bistro, so that is where we started. Then, we moved on to her lovely white dress.


Elinor's Love of Family

One of the many things that I admire Elinor for is her love of family. It was her desire to capture pictures with her family with the full understanding that it would take time away from her individual pictures. As a matter of fact, Elinor names her mom as the person she really looks up to. "She is always looking out for others, but not in a helicopter parent kind of way. She is a listening ear, a prayer partner, and an overall amazing woman." -Elinor



When Elinor goes off to college, she knows that she is really going to miss being at home. She has a brother who will be in the first grade and she is sad that she will not be around for his milestones. She actually wanted some special pictures with him, and these are among her favorites. 


Creating the Classy Violin Senior Portraits

Playing the violin is one of Elinor's many talents. We wanted to highlight that part of her life and WOW, we found some beautiful ways to do that! Changing into this elegant dark green formal dress was so perfect. These are among her favorites, too... and mine!

Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024--13Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024--13 Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-4689Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-4689

Elinor is a High-Performing High School Senior

As expected, Elinor is a very busy young lady. She is actively involved in the Summit Choral Society’s Performance Choir, the Medina High School Orchestra, as well as the Youth Group and Worship Team at her church. She also loves learning American Sign Language.


Capturing Elinor's Fun and Trendy Side in Portraits

After showing the classy and elegant side of Elinor, we used her next outfit to show a very fun and trendy look in this red romper. Somehow it makes her blue eyes just pop! The bare feet are so perfect for this.

Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-4839Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-4839 Elinor's friends would describe her as loyal, organized, attentive, and studious. No wonder she is so loved and accomplished. 


Elinor made it count with her wardrobe choice.

The next outfit that Elinor planned helped to show her playful side with this meaningful t-shirt and white denim skirt. Her shirt appropriately declares the infamous quote by Bilbo Baggins, "quite ready for another adventure." Here is another brilliant tidbit from her session: they had the lenses removed from her glasses so that we did not have to deal with glare! She was able to keep her contacts in and still have a different look with her glasses on. Genius!


Showing her Love of Literature in Portraits

As the sun was getting higher in the sky, we knew we had to move on to her last outfit which is this darling black jumper. Something about the simplicity of this square neckline is just ideal for Elinor. We used this time to feature her love of literature. She is particularly fond of science fiction and fantasy. Her favorite music is Indie Folk Christian and she likes to vacation at Lake Anna in Virginia. 

Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-4985Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-4985 Elinor plans to pursue a degree in accounting at a four-year Christian college. She is excited for all of the "lasts" and "firsts" of going to college. 


Ending the Senior Portrait Session with some Headshots

Elinor anticipates the need for headshots for future auditions, so we ended our session with some great portraits in a style for that application. I absolutely LOVE these! The simple black mock turtleneck was ideal for this look.

Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-5040-3Elinor-Varner-Medina-2024-5040-3 Elinor, I can't thank you enough for trusting me with your senior portrait session! I so appreciate you coming to me from Medina and for embracing my process. You are something very special and I can't wait to see how you make your mark on the world.

What did Elinor have to say about her senior portrait session?

"We chose Laura because we have worked with her for family photos before and loved her! I loved how relaxed Laura made it! I was concerned that we would just be running from one spot to the next snapping photos and never pausing to breathe. Laura was amazing at slowing everything down, but still getting in all the shots we have talked about. Please, take advantage of Laura’s offer to meet before your session!! I was so much more relaxed because I knew that Laura had seen my outfits and knew what I was planning on my props being."  -Elinor


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