Meet Marie | Louisville High School | Class of 2024

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Marie's Louisville High School Senior Portrait Session

Marie is a Senior in the Class of 2024 at Louisville High School (Ohio). We held her August Senior Portrait Session at Gervasi Vineyards in North Canton, Ohio and Home Again Flowers in Hartville, Ohio. Marie came to me with her mom a few weeks before for her pre-session consultation with a vision about what she wanted her portraits to look like. I learned that Marie loves the color pink and that she loves wildflowers. I also learned that she is so sweet and beautiful and that I was going to love working with her!

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6078Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6078 After looking at several sample galleries and listening to what she absolutely loved, we determined that Gervasi would be a great location for us to start. We also knew that it was really important to Marie to use a flower field of some sort. So, in the coming weeks, both Marie's mom and I visited several flower fields and we determined that Home Again Flowers in Hartville had the look that she was going for. You will see that this was a very good choice. 

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6189Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6189

Meeting up at Gervasi to start the Senior Portrait Session

It was a beautiful sunny Monday when I met up with Marie and her mom at Gervasi where we had planned to start her session. Just as we had planned, Marie was wearing the bright pink top and jeans with her hair and make-up looking stunning. We reviewed our plans for the evening and laid out her outfits so that I could be sure to watch the clock and make our changes when needed. We wanted to catch the sunset at the flower field, so timing was crucial.

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6253Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6253 We had so many backgrounds that we wanted to use in this first outfit. We loved the flowers, greenery and architecture. I could have continued all day in this space, but we had plans, so we had to be selective and get the very best. It was both fun and reassuring to show Marie the back of the camera and see that she was loving the portraits we were creating.

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6302Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6302 Marie's friends would describe her as outgoing, thoughtful and loving. This is no surprise to me because I see these qualities in her, too. At school, she is active in Spirit Club, French Club, Spanish Club, Jo's Girls, and the Pre-Med Club. She likes to do contemporary and lyrical dancing, as well.

Marie's Second Outfit for her Session - Her Powder Blue Ruffled Dress

Watching the clock, we determined that it was time to move on to her soft powder blue dress. I love this look on Marie, too. It is light and flowy and perfect for portraits with some movement. We had discussed this at her pre-session consultation and it was a fabulous choice. 

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6361Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6361 We decided to use the stone arch and the area around the pavilion to create some interesting backgrounds. The vineyard as a background created a lovely look, too. Marie made it so fun for me to create these portraits. She was so open and willing to try whatever I suggested. 

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6408Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6408

Marie's Third Outfit - A Classic Clean and Crisp White Dress

It was time for us to move on to the white dress, so we made the change. I was equally enthralled by this look, as well. Fortunately, we had purposely saved some special spots for this dress. I knew it would pop so beautifully in front of those gorgeous massive front doors. I also wanted to use the bridge as we finished up at Gervasi.

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6430Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6430

Moving on to our Second Senior Session Location - Home Again Flowers

Anytime we plan more than one location, we have to figure travel time into the evening. Having done so, we knew it was time to make the short drive to Hartville so that we could catch the Home Again Flowers field at its peak angles of sunshine. When creating portraits in a field of flowers, it is important that the outfit does not compete with the environment. That is why her white dress was so ideal. She can still be the focus and pop in the contrasting white while keeping a very clean, crisp look. 

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6600Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6600 The setting sun is a fickle element. The sky changes so quickly. If you see what you like, capture that shot immediately because it will look entirely different in a minute or two. Knowing that, we had to work fast. I loved the glow behind her. It had such a warm and ethereal feel. Of course, Marie was absolutely perfect as she followed posing prompts and expression cues.

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6548Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6548 The close-ups on that adorable face are among my favorites, too. Those bright and sunny flowers hint to Marie's bright and sunny personality. They are the perfect compliment. 

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024- We continued to create beautiful portraits with a moodier feel as the sun continued to sink lower on the horizon. The richer colors in this setting make her pop even more out of the frame. Absolutely stunning!!!

Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6645Marie Stefanick-Lsvl-2024-6645

Marie's Plans Beyond Louisville High School

After graduating from Louisville High School, Marie plans to become a Registered Nurse. She would like to attend either Kent State University or Aultman College of Nursing in the BSN Program. Even though she is going to miss some of her teachers who impacted her greatly, she is excited for this next adventure. 

Marie, your sweetness is going to make you such a compassionate nurse. I so appreciate you and that you trusted me with your senior portraits! I wish you all the best as you pursue such a noble profession. 

What did Marie have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I liked the quality of the pictures and the angles. I loved how outgoing and kind Laura was. My favorite pictures are the ones in the flower field in my white dress. My advice is to be open to new ideas and have fun with it!" - Marie


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