Meet Olivia | Marlington HS | Class of 2024

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Olivia is a senior in the Class of 2024 at Marlington High School and we held her senior portrait session on a beautiful October day. When I met with Olivia for her pre-session consultation, I learned that her work with livestock is very important to her, so holding her session at her grandparents' farm was the obvious choice. She also has access to a lovely pond nearby, so we added that location to our itinerary. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4767Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4767 Olivia's style is influenced by her interests in the best way possible. She is naturally beautiful, so her outfits only enhance that and help to showcase a more complete depiction of this dynamic senior. This realization was cemented for me when I arrived at her grandparents' farm and saw how spectacular she looked in her feminine and trendy black blouse with the contrasting bold turquoise jewelry. It was absolute perfection!

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4815Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4815 I can vividly remember looking at the back of my camera after my first test shot to check my light placement and gasping at the beauty staring back at me. That fueled my creativity and Olivia's confidence and we just soared from there! 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4830-2Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4830-2 After working around the barn and using the barn as a backdrop, her horse decided to join the fun. This impromptu visit made for some of my absolute favorite portraits. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4870Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4870 We reluctantly left the pasture to use some other fun spaces on the farm such as the covered bridge and pine tree grove. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4883Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4883 Olivia's friends would describe her as someone who is very outgoing. She always puts a smile on their faces. This doesn't surprise me at all because I had so much fun working with Olivia and creating her portraits. That gorgeous smile came so easily and it is infectious. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4893Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4893 When I choreograph our session, I determine at what time we should make a move from one location to another. We had reached the point in the session when we needed to move on to the pond. This move also involved an outfit change. Olivia changed into this great tan and black combo. The simplicity worked perfectly with the warm fall colors.

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4930Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4930 Olivia even brought a pretty bouquet of flowers that worked well in this setting. They added that soft pretty touch that is so Olivia. We found some creative ways to use them in some portraits. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5025Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5025 Olivia's final outfit was a favorite for her and I sure had fun using the movement in this pretty deep green dress. We used that movement to make some great walking portraits and even took advantage of the reflection in the pond to create some interest. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4989Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-4989 That fabulous smile and laugh that come so easily just never wavered and I was having too much fun with this. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5056Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5056 Keep in mind that it was late October and just wearing the dress was admirable in the cooler temperatures. In true Olivia fashion, she was willing to get in the frigid water to create some great portraits. I love these! We obviously ended the session here so that she could dry off and get warm again. 

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5098Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5098 Olivia, you are an absolute joy and I just love your portraits and the fun we had creating them. I wish you all the best as you continue to work with livestock and hope that you will forever look back on your beautiful portraits and appreciate the amazing senior that you are.

Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5143Olivia-Parker-Marlington-2024-5143 What did Olivia have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because I saw a lot of kids that I know get their pictures done by her and I fell in love with the pictures. I like how it wasn’t awkward at all. Sometimes getting your pictures done can be a little awkward but she made it so much fun. She is so easy to get along with. It felt like I’ve know her for years. Some of my favorites are the ones of me in the water. She got some of me actually laughing when I was standing in the water. It was very cold and we were all laughing."





Laura, these pictures you took were absolutely amazing. You do such a wonderful job. Thank you so much. I know Olivia had so much fun.
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