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Peyton's Senior Portrait Session

Peyton is a Senior in the Class of 2024 at Louisville High School. We held her senior portrait session on a beautiful early August evening. All elements were poised for a fabulous session. We had a super sweet, talented and beautiful Senior, wonderful weather, lovely settings, super cute outfits, kind and helpful parents, and a plan!

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3490Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3490

Peyton's Pre-session Consultation

Our plan was created at Peyton's pre-session consultation where I learned more about Peyton and what she had in mind for her senior portrait session. We determined that we wanted to include golf and her pigs in the session since those things are important to her. We also discussed the best locations to capture these portraits and determined that we would start out at the Alliance Country Club for the golf pictures and then use their home and farm for the rest of our time. I learned that we would have access to their pond, the sunflower patch, a covered bridge, and the barn. All of this made me giddy with anticipation! 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3533Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3533

Golf Portraits at Alliance Country Club

Upon arriving at Alliance Country Club, I found Peyton looking fabulous in her Louisville Leopards golf uniform with her golf bag. Her parents had commandeered a couple of golf carts so that we could get around more efficiently. Having used this course for portraits in the past, I already knew of several spots that I wanted for us to stop. It is a wonderful thing when we can mix all of our ideas and come up with some really special portraits. It makes me so happy to know that one of the images of her in the golf cart is being proudly displayed on her dad's desk at work. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3580Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3580 Along with being part of the Golf team, Peyton is also active in 4-H with her pigs as projects. At school, she is on the student council and in the Spirit Club and National Honor Society. At church, she is an alter server. When she isn't busy with school or one of these commitments, she likes working out and hanging out with friends. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3566Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3566

Portraits in Her Green Jumpsuit

Realizing that it was time to move on, we made the short drive to Peyton's home where she changed into this flattering green jumpsuit. This color is so perfect on her. The stone steps and landscaping wall made for the perfect backdrop for this series of portraits. Absolutely every angle was a winner!

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3615Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3615

Peyton's friends describe her as passionate, outgoing and enthusiastic. She knows that she is really going to miss all of these friends after graduation. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3670Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3670

Moving on to Peyton's Favorite Outfit

Peyton's next outfit is her favorite and for good reason! This blue is so vibrant and pairing it with the white jeans makes it pop even more. I loved the distressed white of the silo and I thought it would create some color harmony with her jeans, so we started here. She really is a natural at this. I so appreciate that she embraced every pose. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3683Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3683 We also used the pond as a distant backdrop and it really worked here. This was a great time to bring in her letterman's jacket, too. I liked how it looked with the white jeans. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3703Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3703 Peyton's favorite singer is Taylor Swift and her favorite color is purple. She loves eating chocolate ice cream and chicken. Her favorite tv show is Friends. She likes to shop at Target and vacation at the beach.

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3715Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3715

Pictures in the Sunflower Patch

When I heard that Peyton's family had their own sunflower patch, I was incredibly excited. Peyton changed into this colorful plaid top that is just the smartest choice for these portraits. These are in the favorites category for Peyton's mom. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3734Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3734

Peyton is going to Tiffin University

For the next set of portraits, we wanted to capture Peyton in her Tiffin University t-shirt. At this time, Peyton wasn't sure if she would be attending Tiffin or not. It was something that was hoped for and in the category of "probably but not for sure" so we handled these portraits delicately. I was careful not to let any slip and be shared until it became official. I am soooo happy for her because I know that this is what she wanted. And, I'm thrilled that we got such great portraits to make that announcement. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3761Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3761 The covered bridge was such a great structure with its rustic look and all of the foliage around it. As we were walking back to the house, I noticed the hillside with the yellow flowers and decided to capture some portraits of her with this setting, too. I liked how the yellow flowers tied in with the yellow "Tiffin" on her shirt. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3773Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3773

Portraits with Her Pigs

It is amazing how quickly the evening passes. We knew that we better get down to the barn to capture some portraits with her pigs. Peyton has been very successful showing her pigs and at this time, the Stark County Fair was just around the corner. Peyton has been working with them all year and I so appreciate how well she can handle them.

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3813Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3813 For these portraits, Peyton changed into this pretty orange print dress that looked great with her tan. Pigs do not pose, so I followed them around capturing great angles as I would see them. Peyton was skillful at keeping them moving and coming toward me so that I could get some wonderful shots. It was so fun to see her in her element. 

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3862Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3862 After getting the pigs back into their enclosure safely, we created a few more portraits around the farm with the daylight that we had left. I love knowing that she has portraits in this place that is so special to her.

Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3915Peyton Biery-Lsvl-2024-3915 Peyton, you are such an impressive senior! I admire what you do and how you carry yourself doing it. I am a huge fan and I will be excited to cheer you on as you continue to make your beautiful mark on the world.

What did Peyton have to say about her senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura because I loved the way she edits photos to make them look very natural. I liked how Laura had poses for me and I didn’t have to stress too much about that. She made me look very natural in every picture, and I also like how she got several facial expressions with each picture. My favorite photos from the session were the ones of me in my blue body suit and white jeans. I also liked the pictures we took with my pigs because they were very special to me. My advice to others is to have fun with it, and to have a wide variety of outfits to do with different backgrounds."


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