Meet Jake | Glenoak High School Senior | Class of 2024

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Jake's Senior Portrait Session

Jake is a Senior in the Class of 2024 at Glenoak High School. We held his senior portrait session on a late October evening in downtown Canton. Considering Jake's interests and distinctive style (which I loved!), we knew that this urban setting would be perfect for Jake's senior portraits. 

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4253Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4253 As we met at our designated meeting spot, we took a look at all of Jake's outfits and got a feel for what was most important for us to capture. Jake's wardrobe was a compromise mixing what he wanted with what Mom wanted and we made sure that all were satisfied. Then, we got down to business and started creating Jake's portraits.


Flannel for the Win

We stared out with Jake in this black flannel paired with the deep red shirt. I just loved this combination, especially when we add the flair of Jake's accessories. Having worked at Spencers, Jake has a whole repertoire of super cool jewelry that really gives his outfits personality. That is what it's all about when creating a portrait. 

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4279Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4279 The first series of portraits are taken in one of my favorite alley alcoves that is a must-stop for me whenever I am in downtown Canton. The textures and colors along with some nice filtered light are so ideal. 


Jake and his dad play in a pinball league every week which I find so interesting. He is really into retro games like that. He also loves to draw and play music on his electric guitar. Jake's cats are very important to him, too.

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4376Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4376 From the alley, we moved along to some of my favorite doorways that offer so much interest. I so appreciated that we got some serious and smiling expressions so that Jake has some variety in his gallery. I know that taking pictures is not exactly Jake's favorite thing to do, but he certainly embraced the process and I so love the results!

Capturing Jake's Style

Jake's second outfit is definitely more his style. I loved the colors and contrast we had going on. I also think that his accessories totally make it. I had this black wall in mind for this outfit and I think it really works. 

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4487Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4487 Jake's friends describe him as caring, understanding, supportive and considerate. They also say he can be a bit forgetful, which means these are true friends being honest. I love that.

I also had in mind these murals that I felt would be a great backdrop for this outfit. We made our way down a couple of blocks to this area and these are some of my favorites. 

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4576Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4576 Speaking of favorites, Jake's favorite movie is Scream. He likes heavy metal and 1990's music. Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold are his favorite artists. He loves Mexican and Japanese food. His favorite animal would be cats, of course!

Portraits at the Canton McKinley Monument

As planned, we loaded up and made the short drive to Canton McKinley Monument where we planned to end our session. For this portion of the session, Jake changed into his last outfit. He looks so smart in this three quarter zip with the dark green underneath. Again, his accessories made it totally Jake. I must confess that I was a bit obsessed with his green Dr. Martens. 

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4609Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4609 We started with some pictures on the steps before making the 108 step climb to the top. Seriously... check out the boots! 

Then, we headed to the top where we made use of that beautiful door. We also played a little with light and worked in some gorgeous fall color. 

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4642Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4642 Jake really admires his dad. He describes him as successful, understanding, supportive, social and kind. He says that he just really loves to be around him and that he is such a great dad. That makes me so happy to hear.

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4687Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4687 We finished out the session with just a couple more shots in front of the doors. I think this smile came easily because Jake knew that we were done! LOL We actually had him laughing and I was able to capture my favorite expression. 

Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4715Jake-Sigler-GO-2024-4715 Jake, you were so fun for me to work with! I love your style and I think that your interests are so cool. You definitely have a lot to offer the world and I am anxious to see how you choose to share your talents.

What did Jake have to say about his senior portrait session?

"Well my mom chose Laura but I'm glad she picked Laura Esposito because she was really nice and understanding and flexible with requests. I liked being downtown in my outfit the most, it was definitely more me than the other outfits that were picked out for me. My advice to other seniors is don't be afraid to give requests and opinions to the photographer. I really was a better experience than I was expecting."    -Jake


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