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Kyle's August Senior Portrait Session

Kyle is a Senior in the Class of 2024 at Jackson High School in Massillon, Ohio. We held his senior portrait session on August 2 so that we would have the luxury of a summer schedule, but still have access to his football gear. We held the first part of his session at Gervasi Vineyard and then spent the second half of his session creating sports portraits at the Jackson High School baseball field and then the football stadium.

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-2983Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-2983 After an initial impression of Kyle, you expect that he is your average awesome Senior who has his act together and is fun to be around. It doesn't take long to realize that he is "all that and a bag of chips" as they say." There is nothing average about this guy. He is so kind, very intelligent, hard-working, a dedicated and talented athlete, and absolutely adored by everyone. I felt so honored that he and his family trusted me with his senior portrait session.

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3021Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3021 We started Kyle's senior portrait session at Gervasi Vineyard where he arrived in a very smart yet casual white button down and shorts. Coming off of a day of football practices, I was impressed that he had any energy left for smiles, but he did not disappoint. We worked around the pond area a bit and were off to a great start.

The Second Segment of Kyle's Session in Blue

Kyle's second outfit worked so well in the architectural spaces at Gervasi because the blue was a very pleasing contrast to the earth tones in our backgrounds. He was so fun to work with and was open to trying all of my posing ideas. He has such a great smile!

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3075Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3075 Kyle is a very busy guy! He plays baseball and football for Jackson and he plays basketball in a church league. He volunteers weekly at Amherst Elementary where he works in two first grade classrooms. Working with Kyle is the reward for a few students who need extra support. He is also in the National Honor Society, Federal League Leadership group, Football Council, and he was one of the captains of the football team this year.

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3138Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3138 Some other interesting things about Kyle is that he enjoys golfing and playing video games. Also, he follows a legacy of Jackson football players. His Grandfather, Dad, and Uncles all played football for Jackson, as well. There just might be something to it that Kyle was born on St. Patrick's Day!

Kyle's Third Outfit - Looking Fine in Flannel

What is it about flannel that I love so much? Kyle's next outfit is this great gray flannel over the navy blue t-shirt. This is such a great combination. We found so many settings for this look and all of them look fabulous. 

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3207Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3207 It is no surprise that Kyle's friends describe him as energetic, fun to be around, athletic, and hard-working. And, Kyle has some really fun "favorites" that he shared. He loves ham with cheesy potatoes, as well as Twizzlers. He likes to vacation at Hilton Head. His favorite teams are the Steelers and Guardians. His favorite movies are the ones in the Rocky series. His favorite shows are Cobra Kai, Outer Banks and Suits. It is no surprise that his favorite sports are baseball and football.

Moving on to the Jackson Baseball Field

As we made the short drive from Gervasi to the Jackson baseball field, I was going over all of the shots I wanted to capture in my head. So, when we arrived, we jumped right in and started capturing some of my favorites. I really love that we got the great mural in the dugout as a background. 

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3241Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3241 Much of Kyle's time is spent in this space so it was important to capture some different angles. He knows that he will miss these times. He will also miss hanging out with his friends and the iconic Friday Night Lights. He will not miss an early first period class or the summer two-a-day practices for football. 

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024--13Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024--13 Kyle is excited about the next chapter of his life that includes him attending Walsh University and playing baseball there. He plans to live on campus. He is considering either education or business as possible majors.


Ending our Session at the Jackson Football Stadium

When we arrived at the football stadium, we had to wait for the practicing team to exit the field, so that gave Kyle a chance to gather some equipment for us to use in the portraits. I made note of how accommodating the coaches were to ensure that Kyle had everything he needed for his football portraits. It was obvious that they think a lot of Kyle and appreciate his dedication to the team.

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3380Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3380 Kyle really wanted to be sure to include the scoreboard in the background and the ones with his letterman's jacket with the scoreboard are among his favorites. I decided to have a little fun in photoshop with one of his football pictures, too. This was a great way for us to end his session.

Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3404Kyle-Benson-Jackson-2024-3404 Kyle, I am so honored that you trusted me with your senior portrait session. I admire you so much for the kind of person that you strive to be and you do it so well. I wish you all the best and can't wait to see how you and your talents touch the world.


What did Kyle have to say about his senior portrait session?

"I chose Laura Esposito Photography because my Mom and Laura worked together several years ago and she liked her work. Laura made it quick and easy and I loved the pictures she was able to capture. She was accommodating to my busy schedule. I also loved the great ideas Laura had for the sports pictures I wanted to capture. She was able to include all of my interests and valued my opinions. Some of my favorites are the sunsetting baseball one and all the sports shots. I loved the sitting on the steps and leaning on the wall at Gervasi. My advice to others is to make sure to share your ideas because she will incorporate those. Also, ask her opinion for shots, too. When the pictures are happening, it is hard to know how amazing they will turn out, but trust the process."  -Kyle


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